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  1. 22hoursstraight

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I loved OOT but I think TP furthered the gameplay of series as well as brought a much longer adventure into the series that why i like it more but OOT has a special place in my heart.
  2. 22hoursstraight

    Majora's Mask Love It? Hate It? Love-Hate?

    I can honestly say that i loved the game very much, but when it started to hassle me after you start going out into the world i started to hate it because of the confusion but it is one of my favorite Zelda games
  3. 22hoursstraight

    Twilight Princess Wii Twilight Princess.cannot Find the Last Hidden Skill Wolf?

    Eventually in the game u will fight multiple enemies in this hidden village. Afterwards he will be revealed if u have already been there, backtrack to the town if u remember how to get there and find the last skill that way.
  4. 22hoursstraight

    I Have One Question

    So I have this plan to beat Skyward Sword in one night. I really need some opinions on if it is possible to complete it. I have tried one time before, but I didn't really plan it out so what do you think? 22hoursstraight:)
  5. 22hoursstraight

    General Modern Future Zelda Games

    It has come to my attention that the Zelda series has been fairly consistent with the temples. The order of going from start to mini boss to gaining an item and then going to the big boss.. Do you think the zelda series would benefit by varying the temples orders or not? 22hoursstraight:)
  6. 22hoursstraight

    A Different Perspective

    Do you think that it is possible to have a Zelda game that you can play from the evil side. I would think that put a great perspective on what the evil people in Zelda actually do to make the world Link lives in. What are your thoughts 22hoursstraight:)
  7. 22hoursstraight

    Majora's Mask Gameplay

    I for one thought that Majora's Mask's gameplay was super fun having to go and find all of those masks. Should the Zelda series incorporate this idea in a new game? What are your thoughts? 22hoursstraight:)
  8. 22hoursstraight

    Graphics of the World of Zelda

    To be honest I agree with Mugen they are completely different in graphical design. It's not that one is better than the other there on opposite sides of a graphical scale. Cartoon-----------------------Realistic. What you should say is that you prefer realistic graphics opposed to cartoon graphics
  9. 22hoursstraight

    General Modern Snow Day

    Which Zelda game should I play all day?... I have a snow day so I'm not sure what to pick. 22hoursstraight:)
  10. 22hoursstraight

    Game Over Screen

    I tend to get really depressed when I see the game over screen. How do you guys feel about it? 22hourstraight:)
  11. 22hoursstraight

    A Zelda Movie?

    I would think that they would need to find a way to ie in all of the adventures
  12. 22hoursstraight


    It's a type electronic music but its different in that it has a drop and stuff listen to it on youtube
  13. 22hoursstraight

    General Modern Wii U

    Do you think that Nintendo should produce all other console Zelda games for Wii U? Because the graphics that come with the Wii U are astonishing and I think the other console Zelda games would look fanatastic with the system.
  14. 22hoursstraight


    yea I enjoy non mainstream Skrillex songs, I think that it has a good beat, but the point of it is to have a ton of mixed up beats.
  15. 22hoursstraight


    I personally think that dubstep requires way more skill than what other perceive what do you guys think?
  16. 22hoursstraight

    OoT-N64 Bosses

    What is your favorite boss to fight in OOT?
  17. 22hoursstraight

    General Modern Zelda Story Lines

    Which zelda games has the best story line?.. I'm caught between OOT TP and MM... how do they compare to other games that have come out on the Wii console? What are your thoughts? 22hoursstraight:)
  18. 22hoursstraight

    8bit Zelda Games

    I find that the classic 8 bit Zelda games are really the hardest of the games produced by the Zelda series. I would really like to try and beat them without a guide is there anyway to figure these games out? It seems like progress is going no where.
  19. 22hoursstraight

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    Favorite Type of Music What is you favorite type of music?
  20. 22hoursstraight

    Least Annoying Helper

    Fi, Midna, Navi all kind of help but Navi points out the obvious Midna points out some of the obvious things, but actually provides some help and Fi calculates probability of where people are and whether you are going to die or not. Who is the most annoying? Who is the least annoying...
  21. 22hoursstraight

    Run of the Mill Enemies in Zelda Games

    Krazy4Krash i think that counts
  22. 22hoursstraight

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time

    I agree with both of you as far as a challenge aspect of gaming.. no doubt Majora and Twilight amped of the challenge parts of the zelda series. But I do agree that OOT did a fantastic job with having different races of creatures i think that the Zelda games should try and head back to their base.
  23. 22hoursstraight

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi Annoying?

    she is very annoying
  24. 22hoursstraight

    Run of the Mill Enemies in Zelda Games

    Why do you never see any of the enemies fight amongst themselves.. not like bosses but like keese fighting or re-deads? 22hoursstraight:)
  25. 22hoursstraight

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time

    I personally believe the OOT is one of the best games of all time.... And although I have enjoyed the console games following I think that it is the best Zelda game (of the consoles because i have only briefly played the handhelds and 8bits) So can any Zelda game really top OOT? 22hoursstraight:)
  26. 22hoursstraight

    Just a Thought

    its a joke of coarse Zelda has the triforce of wisdom
  27. 22hoursstraight

    Just a Thought

    :) Do Zelda players have the Triforce of wisdom, instead of Zelda? 22hoursstraight:)
  28. 22hoursstraight

    All Night Skyward Sword

    :)So my friend and I are gonna attempt to beat Skyward Sword in one night.. I have already beaten Twilight Princess in 22 hours, hense my name.. but do you think it's possible. What are your thoughts? 22hoursstraight:)
  29. 22hoursstraight

    Majora's Mask What's So Great About Majoras Mask? (Just Wondering)

    it is definitely not a copy of OOT at all there is a completely different story line and way to get through the game. i mean yea there are plenty of similar characters in both games but they are completely different
  30. 22hoursstraight

    The Zelda 25th Anniversary Cd

    :) The cd that come with the Skyward sword pack with the golden wiimote is the coolest thing ive ever heard... What are ur thoughts? 22hoursstraight:)
  31. 22hoursstraight


    Does anyone else feel bothered by the wiimote on the side of screen of Skyward sword?:( 22hoursstraight:)
  32. 22hoursstraight

    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    I thin it's impossible to not like this game the graphics are unreal compared to the previous games. In all honesty if you were thinking of rejecting a Zelda game for its differences than hate Wind Waker(still a great game) because it was way beyond out of place for Zelda animation and story...
  33. 22hoursstraight

    I Have This Idea.. for a Great Console Zelda Game

    :) Okay I have thought about this ultimate Zelda game. Like a super adventure game. Where a character like Midna or Phi that leads Link through a multi- dimensional Zelda game. Where Link would fight the harder bosses and each time you would clear a certain area of each previous Zelda game you...
  34. 22hoursstraight

    New Zelda Game?

    The Next Zelda Game :) Alrighty Skyward sword has been released, what do you think is their next option for the Zelda series? Should they go back to classic Ganadorf is the source of all evil. Or continue on a path of new enemies to overcome? Or maybe a combination of the two? What are your...
  35. 22hoursstraight

    Zelda Story!

    Well i would definitely start with the Ocarina of introduction to the Triforce, considering that it provides the basis for all of the stories in the later games. Maybe try and follow timeline of the Zelda games, instead of the scattered nature of how they released the games. Also, I would maybe...
  36. 22hoursstraight

    Show Us Your Zelda Collection

    Very lucky with that D.S. pack I have been trying to get a hold of that pack for awhile...it bothers me that I do not have one
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