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  1. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Is Breath of the Wild a good foundation for the future of Zelda?

    Eh, people loved to gush how game changing and good Ocarina was and how it gave them twee memories of being lil' wee tykes barely old enough to hold a controller, easily forgetting that fans of the even older Zeldas had those same twee memories. The difference being however is that the first gen...
  2. Aku

    Ideas for Returning to Previous Lore/Chronology for Future Zelda Games

    Looks like Aku's going to be the unpopular one in this thread... I personally think TP is that third game, as it follows the natural outcome of the CT and the H's S is grown up child OoT Link. He's helping his descendent TP Link learn the secret skills passed down in their family. That's his...
  3. Aku

    10,000 years before Skyward Sword

    The only thing I would say is that I had actually kind of wanted it set 10,000 years in the past, it would have 'explained' why there was so much advanced tech hidden in ruins in the later games. Take away the several references to OoT and it could easily be reset to take place in the past.
  4. Aku

    What do you want Zelda Switch to do better than BotW?

    Dungeons- I think the next game needs dungeons. However, I am not calling for Wind, Forest, Fire etc., type dungeons you'd find in most games past OoT. What I'm thinking of is old ancient and spooky ruins that lie underground, that are falling apart and that contain buried history. Old tombs...
  5. Aku

    Accepting Zelda post BotW

    I would have to disagree on the 'old Legend of Zelda' bit. OoT only replaced something that was even older, it was not the original play style or game structure. BOTW is sort of a return to the oldest play formula, one that some fans who got their start and grew up mainly playing OoT are not...
  6. Aku

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    You could wee at any toilet in Duke Nukem, and in DN3D there was one cutscene of him ripping off a Battlelord's head and crapping down it's neckhole. What was nice in that game was that you could actually step in lizard alien poop and track it everywhere, but for some reason human turds in DNF...
  7. Aku

    Breath of the Wild What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    Second DLC- Now don't get me wrong, I liked the fact that we did get a second DLC and that it helped flesh out the Champions more. But, and this is a BIG BUT- I didn't like that it was set in the 'middle' of the story instead of fleshing out the ending more. Zelda's comment about Vah Ruta no...
  8. Aku

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    It's just inherent where I'm at right now. It's the near-bottom floor, and while it does get some sunlight, it's not enough to grow most plants easily. The main ones I can grow are orchids, but anything else requires a lot more effort. However, I do like the darkness and being underground. It's...
  9. Aku

    Malice theory

    I wanted to pick both, since they both can apply. Malice is pure evil and disease, it is Ganon's creation, to fuel all that is wicked. I think it is a sort of cast off ectoplasm, that used to be a part of him. It often 'instinctively' tries to coalesce into some sort of physical body...
  10. Aku

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    Star Wars: Rebels is a series I'd been watching that ended not to long ago. I think I'd rate that a 9/10. The current series is My 600 Pound Life, but new episodes only come on once every couple of weeks.
  11. Aku

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So hard to keep plants alive with lack of sun. Ah the glories of living underground...:dry:
  12. Aku

    Haven't deleted anything, and haven't yet had any followers. It is possible that I am blending...

    Haven't deleted anything, and haven't yet had any followers. It is possible that I am blending in, but more then likely it is because I lurk more then I post, and I just wait for something interesting to show up to comment about.
  13. Aku

    Pet Peeves - 2018 Edition

    -People that don't neuter their pets. List of various excuses often include: 1. 'It will take away my dog/cat's masculinity!' 2. 'I can't afford it!' 3. 'I want to let her have at least one litter!' 1 and 3 are dumb excuses, while 2 just begs the question, why the hell did you still get the...
  14. Aku

    If you could have a pet from the Zelda universe

    Mini BlightGanon? Dunno which one I'd pick though... Because they all look freaken adorable.
  15. Aku

    The Continuation Timeline - Breath of the Wild Timeline Theory

    They actually stated that they deliberately chose not to say where BOTW was on the timeline, because they saw people people playing their own way and coming up with unique ideas on when/where this game sits, and that's what they liked to see in players. One of my favorite theories about this...
  16. Aku

    Releases You're Looking Forward To

    Found another one today: Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom. It's going to come out June 2018, and so far it looks promising. Hopefully they change up the formula though, the last 4 movies were set in a jungle, had morons let loose the dinosaurs, and then had final boss meat-eater come save the...
  17. Aku

    Egg Nog

    I like spiked Egg Nog, especially with rum, although I will only drink the stuff whenever I'm playing video games like co-op Left 4 Dead. For me, video games and some light booze go well together, especially when you are playing with online friends.
  18. Aku

    What Annoyed You Today?

    A guy who said he wanted to hang out with me has not called. 7 pm was supposed to have been a good time to call me, but that was a couple hours ago. I wouldn't have cared if he had left a message saying he was not interested in or couldn't hang out tonight, but I'm going to be super annoyed if...
  19. Aku

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Debating to self about beginning keto diet tomorrow, debating on whether to tough the first few days as vegan (as I have been vegan but for a few vegetarian cheats this last month) or to eat flesh, as I try to get through the 'carb flu' that may last a week. Likely going to go with vegan...
  20. Aku

    Releases You're Looking Forward To

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Please be good, pleeease, be good... I sorta liked The Force Awakens, but Rey got her powers and mastered them waaay too quickly (even to the point of beating an experienced Force user!) so I'm hoping TLJ tones that down a bit. The Greatest Showman- This looks like...
  21. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Hardest Enemy Types To Deal With

    Lizals. Can be quite annoying to deal with without the right equipment, especially the electric ones.
  22. Aku

    Least favourite food

    Yams, a.k.a sweet potatos. Tried every which way to eat them- raw, baked, boiled, stuffed in a zucchini with cheese, candied even. Cannot get past the texture and taste, and gag almost every time. This is no way shape or form contributing, but in their candied form, they kind of remind me of...
  23. Aku

    Spoiler BOTW Interesting Theory information

    I didn't forget Urbosa's quote. In fact it was being talked about that it was weird that a piece of writing survived for so long. Not even the Zora's cliff writing is lasting, some of it is already starting to deteriorate. You also forgot about the Compendium stuff on Ganon, which is built on...
  24. Aku

    Spoiler BOTW Interesting Theory information

    Do you mean how it is possible that he managed to remain sane despite being isolated for 10,000 years? Simple, he no longer has a human mind, plus he probably spent large portions of that time inert, likely just passively 'monitering' everything through some sort of low level mental telepathy...
  25. Aku

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Have some stuff I want to free myself of. It's not so much the sheer amount, as I don't really have much stuff overall, but that it is kind of emotional to do and it overwhelms me mentally. Our apartment complex used to give us storage spaces, but new management says they don't want to have to...
  26. Aku

    Are you a day or night person?

    Nights. Ironically I love very early morning, but only because at 3-4 am, it's still pitch black. I don't get get depressed easily if I don't see the sun for long periods, all I have to do see a couple minutes of the sun (like it rising in the morning) every couple of weeks, and it makes any...
  27. Aku

    Breath of the Wild If There Were A DLC 3...

    Overhunted for their ivory, do you think?
  28. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Are your hopes for the BotW story expansion high?

    I liked the story, even if it was a bit bare bones. I also liked travelling and discovering the story rather then have it spelled out for me, because it gave a reason to talk to people that felt more 'natural.' I don't know what will be exactly in the DLC, but I think it will be about learning...
  29. Aku

    Redeads and who created them

    I'm guessing the Redeads only occur whenever Ganon is around, otherwise you'd end up expecting Hylians to cremate their dead to stop them from coming back. As for what they are? They are naturally mummified corpses, most probably wearing clay masks placed on the face from some Hylian funeral...
  30. Aku

    Breath of the Wild If There Were A DLC 3...

    Depending on what might not be in the DLC 2, I'd say content that lets you explore some of the lands/islands further out at sea. Seriously, they have a DB they based off an animal that we see nothing of in Hyrule (Vah Ruta.) I'm assuming the Ancient Shiekah went beyond Hyrule, otherwise how in...
  31. Aku

    Gaming hopes wishlist

    I don't think GG was actually ever a good thing. When some of it's members resorted to doxxing, death and rape threats, it just makes gamers (especially male gamers) look like unevolved Neanderthals afraid to let women play in their sandbox. While I don't like hardcore SJWs either, there is a...
  32. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Have you rage quit yet?

    Have not rage quit yet (I think the Blight Ganon fights are actually not hard enough) but I've been heavily annoyed by the the electric Lizalfos that I have yelled at the screen. Fortunately getting the Thunder Helm drops their annoyingness to that of regular Lizos, but until I get it, they are...
  33. Aku

    Disputing the Downfall timeline

    Oh no, I'm not bothered at all by the idea that OoT Link loses. In fact, I'd considered it ironic that one of the most beloved Links is also only one to get his ass beat and die by the hand of Ganon. I know there are people that hate the idea that this Link loses, but at the same time, even as...
  34. Aku

    Disputing the Downfall timeline

    Well, he sounded reeal sincere about the way he talked about them, his speech seems to come off as a character-building moment to many, making him more well rounded. And besides, who says he left them in the desert? Would they have wanted to live in a Hyrule that was now dark and gloomy and...
  35. Aku

    Three retro franchises that deserve a rebirth

    The Turok series Dino Crysis series Duke Nukem 3D (deserves a 'proper' continuation, not that joke Forever) Jedi Outcast (bring Kyle Katarn into the Disney-EU, he's too awesome a Jedi character to leave behind)
  36. Aku

    Disputing the Downfall timeline

    Eh, I'm just going to be blunt and say that maybe DT should be it's own alternate universe or timeline (or one branching at SS instead) where OOT simply never took place. That way there would be the two logical timelines post OOT, and one where you don't have to engage in mental gymnastics just...
  37. Aku

    Age of the Next Link?

    I would like to see an older Link, about mid to late 40's or older. Reason is, is that plausibly he might have gained a lot more to lose and be responsible for (established home or farmland owner, maybe children and a wife, aging parents that might die while he's away, etc) verses someone very...
  38. Aku

    Breath of the Wild BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread

    I wonder if we could get the 'friendly' monsters again like we used to have in the older games. Like those moblins (or that Hinox) you'd sometimes find hiding in caves, who'd give you rupees to leave them alone. I always wondered if they ended up hating Ganon and his evil, and had to hide...
  39. Aku

    Thoughts about the Alien prequels (potential spoilers)

    It's been about 3-4 days, hopefully is has been enough time to add another post, since I haven't seen anything since my last one. I had taken out the small story from the previous post, it had been quite cathartic to write, not to toot one's own writing skills, but for me to establish for...
  40. Aku

    Thoughts about the Alien prequels (potential spoilers)

    Which is what I have been thinking myself too. I'll gladly take AvP, AvP:R, and Aliens: Resurrection over a movie that undermines the whole premise at it's core. One important thing that many an artist must learn in due time, is when to stop and step away from a piece. Sometimes there are times...
  41. Aku

    Thoughts about the Alien prequels (potential spoilers)

    I have been thinking about the two Alien prequels over the past few days. A:C has been out for a few months now, and all signs point to Ridley Scott wanting to make another, even though A:C seems to have largely flopped. Unfortunately as an Aliens fan, hese two movies have committed the two...
  42. Aku

    City or country life

    Country. City living is alright... for a little while. The only place I would probably say would be a city I'd tolerate would be New York City, otherwise few places have the charm (or the intriguing underground 'second city' and stores) that interest me. But country is something I'd really...
  43. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Do you Like Blood Moons?

    I like that it's a nifty mechanic to respawn monsters, and I love the ominous music and weather changes that accompany it when it happens. However I don't like the forced game pauses and accompanying cutscene that happens every single time, it's not so bad if it happens once with the cutscene to...
  44. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Were the towns in BotW big enough?

    Kinda. I think what didn't work so well was not that there were small towns, but that tne game still follows the 'tradition' of 'one settlement per non-human/non-Hylian race.' If there were multiple settlements of the other races, maybe the towns' sizes might not feel so... inadequate? I think...
  45. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Why didn't the YIGA just attack?

    Wait... People are drawing fetish art of these guys on DeviantArt? How are these guys even fetish fuel except for the ninja thing? o_O
  46. Aku

    Nintendo Doesn't Know Yet (NDKY) theory

    The Japanese translation says : "According to the fairy tales, that thing was originally also a member of the Gerudo Tribe.' Which I know of and am actually not disputing. What I am considering ambiguous is the fact that his Compendium entry is saying that Beast Ganon is considered the true/...
  47. Aku

    Which Harry Potter house are you?

    Got Hufflepuff. Nice :D
  48. Aku

    Nintendo Doesn't Know Yet (NDKY) theory

    It's likely why they flung BOTW so far into the 'future.' They were starting to run out of creative breathing space, and they knew it. I am wondering if they had been starting to feel 'cramped' by the timeline itself, adding in stuff that was supposedly 'limited' to one timeline, muddying up...
  49. Aku

    Is Zelda getting too easy?

    Agreed. People might say politely that the games 'need' to be easy for casuals to jump into them easier, but put it in honest terms, it's just dumbing the games down so that some random doesn't have to *gasp* make an effort. Problem is though, I'm wondering if the devs might still be greatly...
  50. Aku

    Breath of the Wild Was the 10,000 year timespan of BotW too much?

    I think they did it to have people be much more able to mentally separate it from the older games and while also giving a plausible reason why the games will be going in a different direction. They did acknowledge that they needed to move away from OoT, so the massive time jump was a way to do...
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