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  1. Nociti

    Why Zelda Wii Should Incorporate GCN/Classic Controller Option!

    There is no way it will happen. Look at the combat and how it requires a swing at specific angles to damage opponents. They would basically have to start over to add a controller option.
  2. Nociti

    So What Are Your Initial Reactions Now?

    This is exactly how I feel. At first I was heartbroken. I went off on a rant here at the forums and wrote a long critique of what we saw. However, after cooling down, reading new information, seeing booth gameplay, I'm actually pretty excited about it and am very hopeful that it will restore the...
  3. Nociti

    The Problem Falls to Link

    Understand that more often than not, graphics improve from what is shown at E3 to the final product. I would be surprised if there is no graphical improvement to this game by the time of release. This doesn't mean a change of style of course. Look at OoT beta and the finished product, that is...
  4. Nociti

    My Opinions of Zelda at E3

    Yeah, I've seen a few of the booth videos. Some look really smooth, other look like the player is struggling to control the character. I also read a written review that reports the motion capture was flawless. Still don't know what to think about it, except that it makes me very nervous and I'd...
  5. Nociti

    Booth Demo

    Haven't seen this posted yet. Forgive me and delete if it has. This is a video of some dude playing the game at the booth...
  6. Nociti

    My Opinions of Zelda at E3

    It's a long read. These are my opinions. A lot of you will disagree, some will agree. I hope you guys comment on some of my thoughts to spark a conversation and maybe give me a bit more hope. :) It was obvious ever since Zelda Wii was first announced that it was going to rely heavily on Wii...
  7. Nociti

    Zelda II FPS

    You read that right. I recently stumbled upon a first person shooter version of Zelda II. Kind of buggy, but fun and interesting if you are a Zelda fan. Try it out! :) http://3dnes.blogspot.com/ P.S. There are some screen shots if you scroll down.
  8. Nociti

    L is real 2041?

    May be the same sign, but you can't read anything from it. And if it was a secret message, it would be written in Japs.
  9. Nociti

    New Info On Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reading through this thread was pure comedy. Gotta love it.
  10. Nociti

    You Know You're Addicted to Zelda When...

    You're reading this thread instead of studying for an important test.
  11. Nociti

    Favorite Boss from Ocarina of Time

    Barinade. In this fight, you couldn't stand around for more than a second without getting zapped. Seriosuly, what an active battle. You had to be running around the whole time. Those lightning beams were awesome shooting all over the place.
  12. Nociti

    Super Mario 64 Vs Ocarina of Time

    It's hard to compare these two games since they are so different in style and purpose. Ocarina of Time is more story based while Super Mario 64 is more "action" based. They are both excellent games, I give them both a 10. I'm more of a story person, so I prefer Ocarina of Time.
  13. Nociti

    Most Annoying Battles

    From Adventure of Link, I've always found blue ironknuckles extremely frustrating. However, I did practice to the point where I can kill them without taking damage.
  14. Nociti

    What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

    Disagreed. There is such a thing as trying too hard.
  15. Nociti

    What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

    I don't want Nintendo to try to hard like they did in Twilight Princess.
  16. Nociti

    Did You Like Twilight Princess

    I think Twilight Princess hurts the Zelda series. It was an alright game, but it wasn't Zelda. I'll write a full blown essay about why I feel this way and put it on the TP forums when I have time.
  17. Nociti

    Killing a Boss with a Fast Time

    I've compiled a video of all the Legend of Zelda bosses taken down in under two minutes. I'm going to upload the video eventually, probably after summer.
  18. Nociti

    Pet Peeves

    Since this is a Zelda forums let me say this: Fans who say rubees instead of rupees. Ahhhhhh!
  19. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    Ah, I think I know. Miniblins? They swarm in numbers...and I don't think I've seen them in dungeons. They won't harm you if drop all-purpose bait. Or it could be Cucoos. They are not in dungeons, very deadly when striking with numbers, and can help you out if you "never let go" by allowing you...
  20. Nociti

    Pet Peeves

    I get annoyed when people write really heavy and dark with a pencil. How barbaric. Learn how to write like a decent human being.
  21. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    Big Poes. (50 characters..can't a mod get rid of this thing?)
  22. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    Farore's Wind from Ocarina of Time. Completely optional and allows you to teleport, therefore giving Link "speed."
  23. Nociti

    Were You Dissapointed by Morpha?

    Yes, compared to others it is slow, but that's not my main problem. My main issue is just the boss itself. For example, King Dodongo is so easy that it is almost unfair, but he is still a giant fire-breathing dinosaur which is pretty cool. With Morpha, not only is the fight really easy and slow...
  24. Nociti

    Were You Dissapointed by Morpha?

    LinkandI, I agree that once you find the weakness of a boss the fight becomes repetitive. However, with almost every boss in the game, I felt very engaged throughout the whole battle. I'd be running around dodging attacks, looking for an attack angle, etc. With Morpha, I felt like it was more of...
  25. Nociti

    Link's Crossbow Training?

    Take a look at this video review if you are curious about what the game play looks like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wICdRgyOM4s
  26. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    Is it the magic beans? They are completely optional, but planting them throughout Hyrule in Ocarina of Time will create shortcuts that speed you up.
  27. Nociti

    Were You Dissapointed by Morpha?

    I want to see people's opinions on the Water Temple's boss, Morpha. After returning to Zora's Domain as an adult and discovering that a foul creature at the bottom of Lake Hylia was responsible for freezing nearly the entire Zora population under ice, I had extremely high expectations for the...
  28. Nociti

    Your Username

    It's my middle name. Pronounced no-see-tchee. (50 limit)
  29. Nociti

    Games You Enjoyed but Didn't Get Well Received

    The King's Quest series is amazing. It was actually really successful at the time, but now not many people know of it's existence. Since these games are so old, you can legally download and play them: http://www.abandonia.com/en/search_abandonia/kings+quest Programmers have made VGA remakes of...
  30. Nociti

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    pee-jay-dee-ee-pee (Sorry if its not as creative as you were expecting) I can also see it as pee-jay-depp. Try mine, nobody I've ever asked to pronounce it has ever gotten it. It's my middle name by the way, so it's not just some random letters thrown together.
  31. Nociti

    Why Ocarina of Time is Not That Great of a Game

    Zelink, I think you put into words exactly what I was thinking. It's hard to envision someone born into today's modern gaming world, appreciating an older game as much as the people who played it at release.
  32. Nociti

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Blue ironknuckles in Adventure of Link. Enough said.
  33. Nociti

    What Do You Think Make a Person a "zelda Person"

    The most important thing is that the person was exposed to Zelda at an early age. If I were to have started playing Zelda now instead of 11 years ago, I guarantee that I would have just played through the game once and put it away in the shelf for the rest of eternity. This may cause some of you...
  34. Nociti

    Why Ocarina of Time is Not That Great of a Game

    If I may ask, what was the first Zelda game you played and when was the first time you went through Ocarina of Time?
  35. Nociti

    What Do You Think is the Most Revolutionary Game and Why?

    Zelda wouldn't be what it is today without Ocarina of Time. That is the game that made the most influential transition and attracted most of the fans we have today.
  36. Nociti

    Strangest Foods Willingly Eaten?

    I've eaten chicken hearts before. Barbecued. Yummmm.
  37. Nociti

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    Good observation. I'm almost embarrassed to say I never caught on to that. It makes perfect sense and I'm accepting it as fact!
  38. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    The Big Poe ("Phantom Guide" as he is called by one of the Gerudos) that guides you across the Haunted Wastelands in Ocarina of Time. Don't think he has a name...he's not really an enemy though (he's even called "friendly" in the game).
  39. Nociti

    Eastmost Peninsula

    So I always find it interesting to hear new opinions on the classic Old Man advice from the Legend of Zelda. In the Eagle Labyrinth he says: "Eastmost peninsula is the secret." I personally think he is referring to the location of Triforce piece #1. It's no secret that the translation from...
  40. Nociti

    My Zelda Youtube Videos So Far

    Not bad. A whole lot better than most of the Zelda YouTube videos out there. I did feel like they were a bit long though. Perhaps you should have limited each segment to 20-25 seconds. Also, I never knew that you could shoot Volvagia with the bow while she was flying around. That's one thing...
  41. Nociti


    Although Ganon(dorf) is the all time best villain of Zelda, I do feel like his appearance in almost every major Zelda release is getting redundant. In a way, he limits the plot. I would like to see Nintendo explore new villains for a few games before making another title with Ganon.
  42. Nociti

    Voice Acting in Zelda Wii?

    I think part of what gives Zelda its feel, is the silence. Voice acting would hurt the series rather than help it, even if it was done properly.
  43. Nociti

    Your Favourite Zelda Mini-game?

    I like the archery on horseback game at the Gerudo Fortress in Ocarina of Time.
  44. Nociti

    Zelda Riddles

    Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, Twinmold. The four bosses of Majora's Mask.
  45. Nociti

    Art Project

    You could do Makar from Wind Waker. Perhaps he's not the most exciting choice, but he is really simple, which will allow you to get something really professional-looking. Alternatively, you could try Tingle. He's a bit more complex and interesting, but at the same he has a relatively simple...
  46. Nociti

    What Was Your Favorite Appearance of Ganon/dorf?

    In my mind, all of Ganondorf's appearances revolve around his Ocarina of Time role. I use his persona in that game as a standard for all of his other debuts. Seriously, I still get chills when he transforms into Ganon at the end, without saying a word.
  47. Nociti

    Who Was Your Favorite Random Character in the Legend of Zelda?

    Let's not forget the most epic character from Adventure of Link. "I am Error."
  48. Nociti

    How Did You First Get into the Zelda Games?

    I saw a commercial for Ocarina of Time when it first came out. I knew I wanted it. I was very young (8) so it was an epic adventure beating that game. I think it took me about a year. I've played the series religiously ever since.
  49. Nociti

    Shadow Temple w/o Lens of Truth

    It is possible, and not difficult if you've played through it many times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnJN5Q_DagQ
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