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    Anyone else Get Xenoblade Chronicles?

    I got mines on release day so far logged about 7 hours and it's a pretty amazing rpg. The combat is so much fun! So has anyone else purchased it?
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    Resident Evil Vs Silent Hill

    For RE I've only played re 4 and 5, and Re4 was a great game. I've also only played silent hill on the psp and I have to go with silent hill. It's atmosphere was very dark and creepy. I even had bad dreams when I first bought it and poured about 4 hours into it.
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    Next Console Gen.

    I''l be getting a wii u and 720. I don't really care too much about power. As long as nintendo keeps making all their great first party exclusives I'll buy one. It also seems like nintendo will also get some decent third part support this time around.
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    OoT-3DS Finally Started Playing OoT For The First Time!!!!

    I've never played oot before too! Just bought oot and majora's mask off the virtual console for my wii and so far I'm having lots of fun. I've just reached to goron city but wow you already have all that stuff, dang I only have like 3 gold skulltullas and the 1 hearts container you get from the...
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    This is only my second zelda game so the puzzles are pretty challenging for me. I wouldn't say the game is easy but it isn't hard either. I feel it is the perfect difficulty, well for me at least. From what I've played so far though this has to be one of the funnest games I've played.
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    Nunchuk Problems :/

    If there is a option up the nunchuck sensitivity
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    Portal 2 Window (not Windows!) Help

    Can ur computer actually run it? Also Games need to be made specifically for mac's in order to run it.
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    How Do You Feel About the Wii U

    I think it'll do fine. Worst case scenario they only sell 25 million systems. And the controller will probally be comfortable, Why would they make it if it wasn't. I'll certainly buy one for nintendo first parties and build a gaming pc for everything else.
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    What You Think "Game of The Year" Will Be.

    Never played any elder scrolls game before. So I'll say skyward sword until I try skyrim.
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    You and Your Gaming PC

    Although I'm not a big fan of alienware the radeon 5990 is the better gpu. You can google it 6990 highs higher frame per second.
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    You and Your Gaming PC

    Tbh with you I'd say just custom build it. I'm sure you already no custom building is cheaper but it's also a great experience. It'll help you appriciate you're gaming pc alot more. Imo gaming laptops aren't really worth it. there pretty bulky so taking them places is not that easy.
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    Spoiler Item Upgrades

    Oh I didn't see that thread lolz
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    Spoiler Item Upgrades

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6qfp_z-ytk New trailer about item upgrades, I thought it was pretty neat enjoy :)
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    Do You Care About Spoiling the Game...

    Well I've just started TP like a month ago and I already know the ending and the story and stuff. But I'm still having a lot of fun. Spoilers don't ruin much tbh.
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    All-new Information Coming Soon, Take a Look at That New Artwork!

    I have yet to get a copy of gameinformer since I've purchased it since june...
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    Confirmed! 2nd Circle Pad for 3DS

    Funny thing is I rarely take my portables with me when I go somewhere so doesn;t really matter to me. And when I do I never get around to playing it.
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    Confirmed! 2nd Circle Pad for 3DS

    Hmm.. that looks interesting 2 pads and touch screen will be pretty cool imo.
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    Will Skyward Sword Be the Best?

    This may be the best zelda for me as it will only be my 2nd zelda game. Only worried I have is getting tired while playing it.
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    Zelda's Personality?

    Woops I posted this on the wrong thread how embarrassing :).
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    Playing Games with Parents?

    I woke up from a nap and my brother was teaching my dad to play black ops on the wii with motion controls it was so funny. Also my dad has this weird obsession over airplanes and choppers. Everytime I do something that involves using a chopper or airplane my dad just sits there amazed at the...
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    What if Nintendo Made a Dark Zelda Game Again?

    They should make a rated m zelda. I wonder how that would be like.
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    Does Making Fun of Zelda Annoy You?

    Alot of my friends don't like zelda cuz well there idiots so we always get into huge debates and sadly.... they know very little of what a quality game is. But usually when I see kids bashing zelda on the internet I just ignore it because even if you respond to it they can never understand.
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    Enemies on Tightropes.

    Balancing with the wii remote looks interesting.
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    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: An Underrated Game?

    Idk because tp is the only zelda game I've played and I'm still in the process of beating it >.< I'm such a noob around here.
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    Imminet Dragon Quest Announcement

    Just heard about it says it's for both and it's gonna have online with cross platform play. I wonder how people feel about the online I honestly dig it.
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    Twilight Princess The Water Temple...

    Yea murky water freaks me out >.<
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    Nintendo has been doing what they've done since the nes days. Make great mario, zelda and many other games. It's just some people still love it or some have moved on. Looking at sales it looks like the majority of us still love it :). I don't see that happening they are 2 very different things...
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    Twilight Princess The Water Temple...

    It took me a few days just to get through the water temple because I have a fear of water in video games. Just entering the temple through that huge lake was creepy for me. I was so careful in that dungeon because i didn't want to fall into the water. I just hate the fact that every time he...
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    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Why Do People Dislike It???

    I don't know why anyone would hate it. I've had a few zelda games for my handhelds as a kid but never got into cuz well.. I was an idiot. TP turned me into a huge zelda fan and it's a great game imo.
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    Spoiler Why Call of Duty Games Suck and Have Become Trolled by Us Zelda Fans

    I have nothing against cod but what really annoys me is parents who allows there 8 year olds to play cod, It really makes the online experience worst dealing with those kids, also they may never experience good single player games like zelda. I Just don't think anyone under 12 should be playing...
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    Wii: Failure!?

    When it comes to sales wii has the most software and consoles sold this gen. People call it a failure because due to it's low tech it doesn't have as much BIG third party support as the other 2. I see this changing with the wii-u now developers have no excuses what so ever to not develop games...
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    Wii Motion Plus or Wii Remote Plus? Which one do you prefer (and why)?

    What's the difference between the 2?
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    Rating Predictions

    It will be so awesome it'll get goty, or that's just what I'm hoping for because zelda is awesome.
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    Twilight Princess Wii Version: Does Anyone Feel The Same?

    I've never noticed that until now =o
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