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  1. Necluda // Caly

    thank you!

    thank you!
  2. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild 1000 Ways to Die

    i was fighting the Silver Lynel to the most Northwestern part of the Tabantha Field. I tried to flurry rush his charge attack but failed and got all of my hearts taken off. I had my bow out and dived towards the weapon, so I have no idea what I was doing.
  3. Necluda // Caly

    Double Post Game

  4. Necluda // Caly

    Musings of a Champion: The Timeline Connection

    what if there was 121 links. why do you think the shrines are named after the monks? its because they made the trial. they were sent to shrines of resurrection, which let them make their trial. link couldn't make his trial since Zelda woke him up.\ **** this means theres 121 zelda games...
  5. Necluda // Caly

    (THEORY) How Malice is Worse Than You'd Think

    Good point, but the Divine Beasts were assigned to the same races as they were 10,000 years ago, correct? That is very true. You have opened my eyes. What if the champions were buried in their respective Divine Beasts? Like the original ones.
  6. Necluda // Caly

    Global Warming in Hyrule

    this looks really believable, especially when maps are tilted and stuff. i think continental drift in hyrule is also occuring at a monumental rate as oppose to the Earth's contintental drift. The plates would be hebra, central, korok, eldin, akkala + lanayru, faron, gerudo, necluda, and lake...
  7. Necluda // Caly

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    It's the fifth painting in the first room of Hyrule Castle in A Link Between Worlds. It depicts the ancient hero splitting the triforce amoungst the 7 sages of Hyrule.
  8. Necluda // Caly

    Anime: Yea or Nae?

    does RWBY count as an anime? if so, then yea
  9. Necluda // Caly

    (THEORY) How Malice is Worse Than You'd Think

    How Malice is Worse Than You'd Think Malice is a substance that has been merged with Calamity Ganon. However, a hell of a lot of it splashed all over the place, and possessed many things. For example, Stone Taluses are a thing because Malice is controlling it's every move. Moreover, Malice...
  10. Necluda // Caly

    Your unpopular gaming opinions

    I think OoA was better than OoS.
  11. Necluda // Caly

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    How will I finish my HW in 2 minutes?
  12. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild A PSA for all people who play the game.

    I've decided that I use way too many stamps, so I started to list all that data into a document. Most weapons on the weapon list respawn because they can be found in the open. I'm still working on it, but be free to look at the stuff I added so far...
  13. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild Bomb Parrying / General Combat Tips

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W8KgsGipEA A video I made on my youtube channel about bomb parrying Besides that, any general combat tips that you guys know about that can be helpful?
  14. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild How / When did you kill Calamity Ganon?

    title is self explanitory For me, I killed him on accident trying to get into Hyrule Castle to get the Hylian Shield. I walked into the Sanctum on accident and it was too late to get out so I just went with it. Killed him first try with the master sword.
  15. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild 1000 Ways to Die

    just two words can describe 90% of my game overs thunderblight ganon -once i used revali's gale to get to the side of the divine beast, the little f***er hit me off, and i was on 1/2 of a heart and died. -the magnesis part where you need to electricute him, magnesis glitched and i ended up...
  16. Necluda // Caly

    Breath of the Wild Tips that will help in the long run

    1. When parrying a Guardian's laser, don't listen for the beep before it shoots if you are far away. Instead, look at the missile and parry when its close to at least 2 centimeters away on the game screen. 2. Shooting any guardian in its eye will temporarily stun it. Use this to your advantage...
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