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  1. Tin Skulltula

    Favorite Songs/Themes From Any Zelda Game?

    hmmmm... in AoL, the Palace theme 6) LA, gotta be Ballad of the Wind Fish. I know its cliche, but its made to be THEE important song of the game. its even better orchestrated. 5) OoT, Song of Storms. there's something so happy/ sad/ insane about it. it reminds me that tragically, or magically...
  2. Tin Skulltula

    Secrets in Zelda -- Shouldn't They Be More "Secretive"?

    In the two newest games for the series, OoT-3D and SS, you had little secrets and such all over the place. in OoT-3D, you had some lame ones (like the SS posters everywhere), some updated ones (the mario pictures became a mario world in the courtyard window), and some neat ones (like the...
  3. Tin Skulltula

    Darknut Vs. Iron Knuckle

    When I've played the games in the past, it always made me giddy when I saw these two powerhouses in an area. Which would win? Which would you like to see in the next installment of the series? Were you disappointed they were not in SS?
  4. Tin Skulltula

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    Man typing this is weird, but i really have no desire to play either of the Four Sword titles! Its funny because everyone that has played them swear up and down they are CAH-RAZY good. I dunno its just something about splitting into a group of for that does not interest me. Other than that,the...
  5. Tin Skulltula

    Had Nintendo Waited...

    why does everyone bash PH and ST? they had limited technology, had to incorporate touch controls, and THEY WERE HANDHELDS. the graphics are supposed to be roughly a console behind! people loved LA and those were sub-par graphics compared to LttP. if its about the ridiculousness of the plot in...
  6. Tin Skulltula

    Is It Possible to Have a FAVOURITE Zelda Game?

    Its ok to have a favorite. Just as long as it's ok for everyone else to have one too. Ocarina of Time for me. My first introduction to the series. My baptism of fire, if you will. It's the tone, and the music, and the landscape. The story, I will admit, is the most typical "runnathemill" LoZ...
  7. Tin Skulltula

    An Argument for a First-person Zelda

    Ya know what? They've tried so many different things with Zelda, why not? I mean look you've got fishing simulators, flight simulators, 3rd person perspective, top-down view, target shooter mini-games, FPS sequences, winter sports stuffs, so on and so forth. If they were to do a 1st person...
  8. Tin Skulltula

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think You Can Do the 3 Heart Challenge in OOT 3D Master Quest?

    Hate to be pessimistic on this one, but it was difficult enough doin' the three heart challenge for the regular quest. Master Quest on 3ds took me 3x longer to defeat, and that was with all my hearts. Yeah, gotta say no, not even close.
  9. Tin Skulltula

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Monster Cereals. fills me up, buttercup.
  10. Tin Skulltula

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    the sexiest wallpaper i ever put up.
  11. Tin Skulltula

    Demise Vs Ganondorf

    Which one is stronger? I mean, could we ever know? Ganondorf is a sorcerer with the Triforce of Power. And can transform into a pig-beast of darkness. Demise is GOD, who by speaking can cast a curse through the ages. And constantly reincarnates. Ganondorf is superior in my humble opinion...
  12. Tin Skulltula

    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    if one more friggin' froak floats directly where im trying to go im going to explode myself
  13. Tin Skulltula

    How Would You Rate Skyward Sword?

    I dunno it was an excellent game, it's just soooooooo new its not nostalgic enough to feel like a 10. Its impression hasn't set in deeply enough yet.
  14. Tin Skulltula

    Best Skulltulas in the Series?

    SS had my whacking the same Big Skulltula in the head over and over again in Skyview Temple. I'm highly arachnophobic. I think the reason I dig Skulltulas so much is bc they're the only spiders I can summon up enough courage to crush. And, oh boy, do I love crushing them.
  15. Tin Skulltula

    Songs When You're Down

  16. Tin Skulltula

    Funniest Moment in Zelda History

    the first encounter with Talon in OoT. i remember as a kid thinking it was hilarious seeing a grown man filled with so much fear when he heard his daughter was looking for him. when he sprinted off i about died with laughter.
  17. Tin Skulltula

    Best Skulltulas in the Series?

    Which variant of everyone's favorite cuddly eight leggers in Zelda are your favorite? Twilight Princess all the way.
  18. Tin Skulltula

    Which Link is the Biggest Badass

    Everyone says Wind Waker Link, bc hes just a kid going on this big adventure. Uh, isnt he typically a kid in most LoZ games? Not only that but the Hero of Time went through a huge adventure as a kid, then as a young man (still mentally a child), and finally as a kid AGAIN with a whole new, even...
  19. Tin Skulltula

    Creepiest Loz Character

    Grog. Dude, cheer up.
  20. Tin Skulltula

    Most Unattractive Characters in Zelda?

    cursed skulltula father ftw
  21. Tin Skulltula

    Top 5 Legend Of Zelda Enemies

    well isnt it obvious? 1) boulders 2) flying tiles 3) blade traps 4) flying pots 5) CUCCOS boom. cant argue that!
  22. Tin Skulltula

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    man i dislike ghirahim. same fight every time! and i dont like a boss who finds my best efforts to stab him hilarious.
  23. Tin Skulltula

    Do You Come from a Wealthy Family?

    i was... comfortable.
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