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    Breath of the Wild Do you like BotW’s durability mechanic?

    Repairing weapons would be the worst of all worlds. It would defeat the point of having to continually explore for them while keeping the problem of having them become in unusable during fights. It's permanent weapons with inconvenience. So if you're going to have smithies, you might as well...
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    Breath of the Wild Do you like BotW’s durability mechanic?

    Yes. It worked well. It made every weapon you find something that may have value and made you consider how you go about things. Simply going slashy slashy isn't going to work here. You're surviving in the wild. You have to be smarter than that. Maybe some weapons could have lasted a wee bit...
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    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Two brand new games in one? Very cool. What's that? It's a port from a previous console? Can't be. It's an HD game and the Switch is Nintendo's first HD console. Oh sure, I read about a prototype concept for an HD Wii of some sort, but that never became a thing.
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    After BotW2

    On this one, I'm with you. I super-love BOTW, but I don't want it taking over the series. And I also feel AoC dampened my enthusiasm for more of this Hyrule. If it turns out the next game is looser as a sequel than we'd been expecting, I'd be quite delighted. I'd be fine if it turns out they...
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    Breath of the Wild Breath of The Wild is bad for the fanbase.

    All of this hinges on the Encyclopedia. But that's just a bit of fun on the side. If it isn't in the games it doesn't count. And even arguing that, the Encyclopedia points out that its timeline is not definitive anyway. Really, this series is a collection of loosely connected folk tales...
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    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    The ending is no different between modes.
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    Breath of the Wild What a shame!

    Glad someone loves it. This place seems a hotbed of hatred. I guess it's just you and me. The master cycle zero is a textbook demonstration of why gold skulltula style quests front load the important rewards. What's the point of a game changing reward right at the end when there's no game left...
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    Breath of the Wild I'm desperate .. (am I playing this wrong?!)

    I made a typo. The net cost is 20 rupees. He gives you 100 rupees when he takes something off you and you pay 120 rupees to get something back.
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    Breath of the Wild I'm desperate .. (am I playing this wrong?!)

    You sure? What does your adventure log say about it? Did you ask for a stamina vessel instead? You can use it to swap heart containers for stamina vessels at a net cost of 200 rupees.
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    Link's Awakening Switch HELP!

    The room after has a door way in the top right? You just need to jump over the gaps to get there.
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    Breath of the Wild Trouble

    The - buttons opens the Sheikh slate so you can view the map. Pressing + opens the adventure log so you can set that quest to active if it isn't already. Alternatively, go hard-core and don't use the map. The King directs you East to the Duelling Peaks. If you follow the road through there...
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    Breath of the Wild Pro controller drift

    Haven't had an issue with the pro-controller yet but I have found a bit of swabbing with isopropanone does wonders on joy-con. Been pushing 6 months since I last did it despite heavy use. Make sure you get under that skirt too. Of course, it would be better if they were more robust in the first...
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    Would you like to see these in an Oracles remake?

    I would call it cheeky if they weren't on a single cartridge, but they'd be separate games with a master menu. That way you can choose your order. There is lots of talk about the third game as though it was highly developed before being scrapped, but I've not seen anything to suggest it was...
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    Do you think it was planned?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the next game turns out to be much more different than expected. Yes, it started out a DLC, but five years of development, it could easily have evolved significantly.
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    Hopes for Zelda in 2021

    What's the appeal of ALttP style 2D sprites over ALBW style 3D rendering?
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    Have you ever cried during Zelda?

    The bit when Daruk takes Rudania up to its final spot, wonders what has become of the Gorons and sees Yunobo; that's a bit of a choker.
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    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I just finished master mode. Didn't do all the content. Didn't bother with the big DLC items (although you could say the whole thing was DLC but you know what I mean) or getting all the shrines. But did do all the base game main quests so I feel satisfied I have told a complete story.
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    Breath of the Wild Weapon Dulpication

    Farming ore deposits is the key to rupees. When dealing with enemies, going in slashy slashy isn't the most efficient. Get a Korok leaf and use it to blow blokoblins near water into the water where they'll drown so you can collect their loot. Also, bombs will kill a red bokoblin in a single...
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    What exactly is Link saving in Termina if technically it does not exist?

    The Miyazaki-esque nature of Termina is an example of what makes this series great. It's as real as anything in a legend. But of course the point of the story is not that Terminal is saved, it's the culmination of Link's coming-of-age story, understanding and embracing transience, and being...
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    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    Mine is that the story of BOTW is good in large part because of the minimalism, which is appropriate for the game. For this reason, I don't want the gaps to be filled in, which is why I was sceptical about AOC and delighted when it turned out to be irrelevant to BOTW. Also Temple of the Ocean...
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