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    The Wind Waker Recommend a Good Wind Waker HD "let's Play" or Walkthrough on YouTube.

    I like to watch a lot of YouTube videos when I'm at work because I can work on stuff and play the videos in the background. Caleb's MM walkthrough on YouTube is my favorite, just got done watching Mases' SS videos and I really would like to watch a WW HD lets play. Has anyone watched one that...
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    Can We Get Caleb to Make a Wind Waker HD Video Walkthrough?

    I have to say that Caleb's Majora Mask video walkthrough is one of the best series on YouTube and is very well made. I was hoping he would do the Wind Waker, but then we got Spirit Tracks. Anyone think we could convince him to do Wind Waker HD now? I know it's a ton of work. Do we know what...
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    Hunger and Thirst Meters

    They added this in gta San Andrea and it was tedious, it would be a bad idea.
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    Ocarina of Time Question

    That sounds like the wind Waker.
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    Dungeons- How Big is Too Big?

    I think on average it should take about 2 hours to finish a dungeon. That's a solid gaming session and it's something you can sit down and complete and feel accomplished without spending all day playing.
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    How Long Should It Take to Reach the First Dungeon?

    I really like how OoT did it, you start off not knowing too much of the story, you find a sword and shield and learn some basics, then once you get through the first dungeon you feel accomplished and story starts to unravel. The Wind Waker had good pacing in the beginning too.
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    Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess: First Impressions

    As a person who recently completed completed TP and SS on the Wii, I think you will find SS to be much more awesome than TP once you finish. TP is better in the second half and SS was awesome the whole time. Don't forget to use the Wii remote to flap your wings.
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    Unexpected And Amusing

    I think my mic is broke on my DS, it seems to be stuck ''on''.
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    Skyward Sword Should Nintendo Have Waited a Year?

    I played SS on my 58'' plasma with composite cables and I thought it looked great (and I play a ton of PS3 in 1080p). The game was awesome and it would have looked better in true HD, but I think it looked excellent in plain old SD.
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    What Zelda Game Would You Like to See Remade?

    A ''Mario all stars'' update to the two NES games along with an easy mode for AOL.
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    New Zelda Games Vs Old Zelda Games

    If I had to pick between new or old, I would play the newer games. However, I still love the older 2D games and I like to go back and play them from time to time.
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    Have You Ever 100% a Modern Zelda Game Without a Guide?

    I forgot to stress, I am referring to your FIRST PLAYTHROUGH, and please do not include Skyward Sword.
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    Have You Ever 100% a Modern Zelda Game Without a Guide?

    I'm really interested to see if anyone has 100% completed a modern, 3D Zelda game without any help or guide. This would include: Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Twlight Princess Skyward Sword not so much since there is dowsing which makes it way easier. For example, I...
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    Favorite Sword From What Game and Why? :sword: ----> :mastersword:

    SS spolier I like the Master Sword from SS because you go through all the work to basically create it. The razor sword from MM is cool too.
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    Adventure of Link Zelda II Game-play Still Exists!

    I guess they have a good amount of stuff in common, though Castlevania from PS1 and up are more like Super Metroid.
  16. K

    Earliest Zelda Memory

    I remember the first time I played LoZ on the NES. I was probably about 3 or 4 and I went to my cousins house. I got all the way to the end of the first dungeon and died at the boss, all by myself.
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    Spoiler JUST BEAT SKYWARD SWORD!!! (No Rude Comments Plz)

    I picked up the game in April and couldn't put it down until I one hundred percented the game. I enjoyed the whole game and you are right, the ending with Fi was definitely a highlight.(spoiler) I played Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker afterwards and I kept thinking about how Fi was in the...
  18. K

    General Modern Bring Back Young Link!!! Majora's Mask Style!!

    I would love to play as young link in the next game. I liked the world better as young link in OoT but the dungeons were better in the adult time. Everything is more cheerful and interesting to explore as a child.
  19. K

    Should Nintendo Release Zelda Installments Annually?

    I wouldn't mind a sequel like Majora's Mask after every major console release, but I feel like the quality is a reflection of the long development time.
  20. K

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask First Impressions

    I 100 percented MM back when it came out its a cool game.
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    General Modern Do You Think That Zelda Games Are Getting Easier or Harder?

    I think they need to have a difficulty selection before you start, the harder the difficulty, the more damage and less recovery hearts. Also, after you beat the game there should be a 3 heart run option which has no heart pieces or boss heart drops. The games have definitely been getting easier.
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    Minish Cap Opinions

    Definitely play the Minish Cap. I am playing it right now (I beat it when it came out) and I am having a blast. The exploration is fun, not tedious or boring like some other games. It's almost like an updated ALTTP mixed with the Oracle games.
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    An Argument for a First-person Zelda

    Do you honestly think the average Call of Duty player would play Metroid Prime let alone even know what a Metroid is. Samus does a ton of shooting, and Link is all about the sword. BTW I loved Metroid prime as well as all the 2D games.
  24. K

    An Argument for a First-person Zelda

    Call me lazy but I love Z targeting an enemy and being able to use the bow or boomerang. Won't say Zelda wouldn't work in first person, but I prefer third person.
  25. K

    Twilight Princess Finished TP, Final Thoughts.

    The sea was somewhat empty, but it looked great and you had the storms and random things popping out. Nothing like sailing and then you get sucked into a whirlpool and the big octos come out. Hyrule field was one color and you could traverse it the whole game and never have to fight anyone...
  26. K

    Twilight Princess Finished TP, Final Thoughts.

    Yeah, after playing through the whole game its like they tried to make a sequel to OoT with some Majora's Mask oddness thrown in. If they would have concentrated on making a more pure experience and shrunk the overworld and maps I would have enjoyed it more. Skyward Swords regions were small...
  27. K

    Twilight Princess Finished TP, Final Thoughts.

    I started playing TP when it first came out on the gamecube and I stopped right before the Lakebed Temple. The wolf thing was really throwing me off. After completing Skyward Sword, I picked up TP on the Wii and decided to try to beat it again (almost 6 years later). Once again I wasn't...
  28. K

    WW-Wii U What Made You Hate The Triforce Hunt?

    I hated it so much it stopped me from beating the game twice and I finally just played through and beat it. Looking back, it was kind of fun doing all the exploring, but there were way too many pieces and it threw off the pacing of the game.
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    Funniest Moment in Zelda History

    Tetra launching Link into the Forsaken Fortress in the Wind Waker. The expressions on Links face as they countdown, 3...2...1...bam!
  30. K

    How Would Zelda Be if Link and Zelda Were Black

    I don't think it would matter at all, especially because he doesn't talk at all.
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    Just What Are the Monsters Made Of?

    They are the essence of demise and evil and their souls are released once they are killed. Also they didn't have enough memory on the consoles for a bunch of dead bodies so that's probably why they dissappeared.
  32. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    I'm not really sure how long it took me to beat, but honestly I don't think it took that long. There are not that many dungeons and if you go right through the game only doing the required things and a little bit of exploring its probably as long as Majora's Mask. Since I knew I needed a...
  33. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    I really enjoyed all the dungeons, though controlling Medli non stop was a little annoying.
  34. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    The triforce hunt takes a while. You first have to find the chart which is pretty tough in itself, then pay tingle 398 rupees to decrypt it, then go sail out and find the price and there are 8 in total. Now that I finished it it wasn't so bad but I didn't enjoy it but I enjoyed the rest of the game.
  35. K

    Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game?

    That would be stupid, relationships and sexuality are never a point to the game, they are only minor and are implied. If Link straight up kissed a guy I would turn off the game.
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    No Game Will Ever Top the Legendariness of Ocarina of Time Will It?

    The golden age of gaming at is over (nes-n64 era) and I think OoT takes the spot for the best game from 2000 and back. It's still my personal favorite but it's really hard to compare it to modern games directly. PS1 and N64 games were ambitious and most are hard to play nowadays because the...
  37. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    Yeah there was a lot of unique features, like picking up the enemies weapons, the orbs that enemies dropped, and stealth game play, it is amazing all the things in the game that were only in WW. On a side not, (spoiler) Ganon wasn't too hard but his snake/caterpillar form was pretty tough to...
  38. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    It's funny because I love the great sea and exploring but the hunt seemed too drawn out and it killed the pacing. I wish they found better ways for you to explore the sea, a faster ship would have helped. In OoT and MM you visit seemingly every square inch of the world but in the Wind Waker you...
  39. K

    I Finally, Finally Beat the Wind Waker!

    I've had to Wind Waker almost as long as it has been out and I was yet to beat it. I tried twice before, but when I got to the triforce hunting I quit both times. This time, I powered through it and finished the game. The Wind Waker is an amazing game. The art style and graphics are...
  40. K

    Biggest Freak in All of Zelda History

    The guy on top of Lake Hylia in TP that you cannonball up to for the cucoo game, he looks like a real freak.
  41. K

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    I haven't played the GC four swords game and I doubt I'll ever beat AOL.
  42. K

    What Keeps You with the Zelda Series to This Day?

    Well first off I have been playing Zelda games for like 25 years and playing the original game is one of my earliest memories. Every time a new game comes out its an A+ title and now there are so many games you can go back and replay them. Playing Skyward Sword really got me back into it and I'm...
  43. K

    What Things in Zelda Games Scare You Most?

    The seahats in tWW freaked me out for some reason. You feel kind of weak in that boat, and I remember sailing and looking behind me and there were like ten of them chasing me! After that I got better at killing them and they don't bother me. Zelda is not scary enough to really give me the...
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    Favorite Item?

    Generally the bow or hookshot/clawshot.
  45. K

    Spoiler Love It or Leave It: The Original Zelda

    I'm almost 30 years old and my earliest memories are playing the original Mario and Zelda games. The original LoZ was amazing when it came out. Every kid I knew played it and being one of the earliest NES games I thought the graphics were good. For anyone who played OoT when it launched, that's...
  46. K

    Favorite Exprerience with Zelda?

    I guess it would be a toss up between my first years playing the original as a young kid trying to beat the game constantly, or Christmas morning playing OoT until I couldn't keep my eyes open.
  47. K

    LoZ Pickup Lines!

    I'm disappointed in the lack of "biggoron" jokes.
  48. K

    Favorite Song on the Music CD?

    Gerudo Valley is my favorite Zelda song overall, but I really enjoy the Wind Waker medley on the CD, it's so diverse and epic.
  49. K

    OoT Skulltula Curse, Cursed for at Least 7 Years?

    Did anyone else find it interesting that only about half of the golden skulltulas are available to collect as a child? This means that the others have not yet appeared and so the curse for several of the people is stuck for at least 7 years no matter what. I never really thought about that...
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