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    3DS Video

    check to see if its there boy ...
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    What is Your Favorite Link?

    TP Link - B.A. side WW Link - Fun side
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    Triforce: Yay or Nay?

    Its like asking if youo like Marios red hat
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    Hearts, What Are They?

    Bingo. I don't think any other meaning at all is intended
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    Should Link Get A Voice Actor!!!! Share Your Thoughts!!!!

    Not even Kaepora Himself could not have said it better
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    The Legend of Zelda Lego

    I hate to break it to ya friend, but most of the world believes Zelda is for little kids already But anyway, I say yes, only cus these are my two favorite things /biased
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    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    Links Sea cottage in WW( a nice place to relax and get some peace) if that doesn't count then Windfall island for the same reason, cept ther would be more people a close third is Ordon Village, humbling and peaceful
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    Connection Between the Skyward Sword Harp In OoT?

    I would say it's fairly obvious that it is, I mean come on, Impa starts the sheikah, and just passes the harp down the royal family and/or high members of the sheikah
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    I Just Got the Zelda Club Nintendo Posters!

    are they a decent enough size to spend coins on, they look like a good size
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    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii Motion Plus Remake.

    TP's motion controls are an example of how to make bad motion controls, SS is how to make good, however: there should always be a controller option, as your hands can get tired when your a fat nerd
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    I really hope America gets Hyrule Historia, I so badly want the physical copy
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    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    + the hookshot is like 2 feet long, and the longshoot wasn't much better
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    ah, good explanation... still though, I'm trying to get my thoughts straight on the master sword chronicle through time
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    I doubt that the Happy Mask Salesman would be able to kill Link, though i guess we don't truly know what he's capable of it seems more likely that link would remain a child and turn into TP Skull Kid
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    What Zelda Titles Have You Beaten

    OOT Minish Cap Wind Waker Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass Spirit Tracks Skyward Sword
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    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    This^ Double Clawshot makes Spider man Link
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    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    Red polka dotted white, water well boss from OOT oh god... nightmares
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    left hand or giant detailed one complete with wings on your back
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    Ultimate Team?

    Umbreon Aggron Galade Salamence Mamoswine Chandelure YFW: i have this team fully EV trained in my black :cool:
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    Spoiler Demise & Termina

    PH is flooded because of the great flood created to stop Ganon, it may be over termina, but it doesn't make sense that the giants did the flooding, i.e. triforce made the great flood
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    that goes along with what i said, i think they defiantly had to have nben there a while, as to their size and age while link grew up is a mystery
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    well being the hero of time, instead of taking on a hideous stafalos, perhaps just a skull kid, especially with all his interaction with Skull Kid
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    WW-Wii U I Need a Fast Way to Get Rupees!

    Do the boat sailing rupee collecting game south of the forest haven, if you do it right you'll get about 100 each time, its worth it if your patient
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    I've never believed there to be two or more timelines, idk it's probably just wishful thinking, but it doesn't seem like they would split it up, but like i said, wishful thinking
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    In Minish Cap the sword from Skyward is broken by Vaati and then remade into the four sword, now it may be that it isn't the sword form Skyward, but the begging of the game says it was from the hero of the sky so... but I"m thinking its ocarina sword, magic and/or divine intervention just...
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    they would have to have been there awhile to establish all the houses + their relationship with Great Deku
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    Favorite Zelda Girl (doesn't Havet to Be Zelda)

    Why thank you ;) I am beautiful aren't I?
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    Most Annoying Sound in a Zelda Game

    The Lizalfos sound in Ocarina and low health beeping
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    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Soundtrack?

    Wind Waker or Twilight Skyward as a second
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    Favorite Zelda Girl (doesn't Havet to Be Zelda)

    Malon is the girl you'd fall in love with IRL (pretty farmer girl), makes it so easy to like her <3
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    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    agreed with LinkMan about the Silent Realms, oh god they were scary
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    Which Zelda is Better?

    I didn't feel like i really "knew" TP zelda, but i know what it means when TP Zelda is the best princess-y looking zelda
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    OH! you mean Kikwi yea in that case i agree that they evolved into what are Kokiri
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    hey man check this thread http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?27878-Hero-s-Shade for more on Hero Shade
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    Which Zelda is Better?

    oh god... many tears... :kawaii:<3
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    Favorite Zelda Girl (doesn't Havet to Be Zelda)

    and you know why? cus shes hot, shes allergic to chickens, and she farms chickens :yes:
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    Favorite Zelda Girl (doesn't Havet to Be Zelda)

    Mine is... well Ilia<<< Why? 1. Along with SS Zelda and Marin she seems to care most about Link out of all the Girls in all the Games 2. it was refreshing that you were more saving Ilia than Zelda at the start of TP 3. The end of the credits in TP imply you end up with her 4. Shes cute...
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    Which Zelda is Better?

    Skyward Sword Zelda for all the reasons everyone said I mean, I fell in love with her, i was so enraged when Imprisoned stole her from me, and like some of you said, SS zelda is cutest Zelda;)
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    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    oh god, chillflos in the Cave of Ordeals... ALL OF MY HATE!!! ALL OF IT!!! oh god, and those ice Keese, or Keese in general they're ALWAYS what makes your health bar start beeping when your right on the edge of beeping/ not beeping
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    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    this^ nothing feels better than that 100% get nough' said
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    interesting theory about the moon when you say Kiwki, what are you referring to? /you spelled wrong, i think
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    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    I see what your saying about pipit... very interesting and what you said about skull kid in TP being OOT/MM link, i think this is a very good theory, makes sense, i don't think that The Hero of Freaking Time would die in the lost forest, so it makes sense he would be a skull kid, giving MM more...
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    Spoiler The Mystery of The Happy Mask Salesman

    What this calls for is a game where Majora is the Main antagonist ( an origin of the mask game) but i fear we will never get it...
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    Between MM and TP

    @TheBlueReptile an interesting thought about SS link... such a little thing (The Heros Shade) made into such a controversial topic)
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    The one thing you guys seem to be ignoring, is that Link was a kid when your a kid, do you really know the difference between African Americans And Caucasians? not really you know there's a difference, it just doesn't phase you, it would be the same for Link, its just the world he knows, he...
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    Between MM and TP

    exactly also Shades shield could be a faded and old Mirror Shield, whish is also supported at Zelda Wiki > >http://www.zeldawiki.org/Heros_Shade loook under Hero's Lineage Theory
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    Between MM and TP

    It's most likley that Shade is Ocarina link, they exists in the same timeline, and Ocarina Link may not use ALL of the moves that Shade does, but i doubt this really matters, especially since OOT link may have learned the moves after OOT/MM was over when he got older and since that OOT is...
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    In SS the sword ended up in the Temple of Time, it is possible that the Temple was merely refined and made to look cleaner/ more urban by the magic emanated form the Sword or the goddesses power , it is also possible that perhaps there is another story between Skyward and Ocarina that will...
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    The Great Sea

    This was an excellent way of putting it, but in ST they had found the land where the Spirit Tracks where, and called it New Hyrule, its safe to assume that this means the world has been in flood, and will remain so. As the Triforce is the thing that granted the wish, the flood is indefinite...
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