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  1. NayruKasai

    Ocarina Of Time; Lon Lon Ranch

    So I noticed a fair while ago the horses at lon lon ranch. If you visit lon lon ranch after leaving the forest and before going to the castle, you will find Ingo standing a little way from the gate with a pitchfork and bucket. You'll also notice that there are eight horses and no Epona. After...
  2. NayruKasai

    What's your favourite celebrity conspiracy?

    There are some pretty crazy conspiracies out there about celebrities, some being rather plausible then there's others which are just plain crazy-creative. Whether it be 'Michael Jackson is still alive' to 'is Beyoncé still the same person she was 10yrs ago' or 'did Paul walker really die in...
  3. NayruKasai

    Job Interview Experiences

    I've had a couple. The one for my first job was pretty chill. The chick who interviewed me I already knew and she's not much older than me My second job I didn't even have an interview. My Ma's friend messaged her on Facebook asking if we wanted to help at the dog tracks his weekend. Ma said no...
  4. NayruKasai

    So... How's the Weather?

    It was freezing yesterday and now it's hot again. What the hell weather?!
  5. NayruKasai

    Things you dislike seeing others doing

    Smart ass :crylaugh:
  6. NayruKasai

    How to get something out of your head

    Listen to it again while it's stuck in your head. Works for me.
  7. NayruKasai

    Things you dislike seeing others doing

    That is true. I just get a little carried away. They're just like some seriously deep pet-peeves. I mean obviously ask if they want help first though.
  8. NayruKasai

    Things you dislike seeing others doing

    People disrespecting and patronising the elderly and individuals with disabilities no matter what type they may have. More than most of their time it isn't their fault that they are living with such disabilities and they like to be treated equally in the way we positively interact with one...
  9. NayruKasai

    Name One Strength and Weakness About You?

    Strength: Natural cook, I'm pretty good at art. I can memorise lyrics to songs in just a matter minutes if I really like it. Weakness: Hot headedness. The smallest thing can annoy me so much and then I gotta have a mad rage to someone.
  10. NayruKasai

    The Act of Random Kindness Thread

    I stood up for this little girl who was being bullied on my bus the other day. Noticed that none of those brat boys said anything today on the bus.
  11. NayruKasai

    Do you have a good memory?

    I can't remember things that happened when I was younger than about 8 unless it was really iconic. I can remember certain things people have said or done, mostly random and funny things. Can't remember s*** when I comes to school unless I'm actually good at that specific topic or I like the...
  12. NayruKasai

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Central west
  13. NayruKasai

    The most annoying bugs

    Those stupid little ones that fly on your phone and you crush as you're typing outside in the dark because the like light. If you like light go and chase the sun you dumb bugs! Jezus Chriist. :ananger: Also spiders or any bug that crawls on me making that paranoia go through the roof because...
  14. NayruKasai

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Just stupid kids at school being total ***wipes to my favourite teacher. Usually there's one year that everyone was rebellious in, generally year 8 at my school but these kids are in year 10 now and they're still actual ****heads. They cause trouble for the same teacher all the time. They never...
  15. NayruKasai

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Haha cheers
  16. NayruKasai

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    New south.
  17. NayruKasai


    I'm a millennial and well as far as I know I'm pretty normal. I'm not the nicest person but I'm not as bad as how some of you guys are describing us. Me and my group listen to all sorts of music, mostly older stuff like from my Ma's generation. Chili peppers, green day, offspring, bit of...
  18. NayruKasai

    Neat accent m8

    I used to have an friend in London and he once asked if I could send a recording of me just saying random stuff in my Aussie accent. I feel like a normal Australian accent doesn't even have an accent it's just plain. It's boring. Like I feel like unless you have a real bogan kind of accent in...
  19. NayruKasai

    Animals You Like

    It's a long list but let's see how far it goes. Dogs Cats (more specifically my mums) Horses Potty lambs (before they grow up ugh) Owls Foxes Pandas Polar bears Bears Wolves Mini donkeys Turtles Koi fish Dolphins Whales Sting rays Sea horses Omg the cow fish! (They're so ugly but they're cute)...
  20. NayruKasai

    Tattoos and Piercings

    Got 2 piercings in one ear and 3 in the other. Haven't got a tattoo but I want to get a small southern cross on my left inner wrist.
  21. NayruKasai

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    Always liked the goddess' name 'Nayru' and I like fire which is 'Kasai' in japanese. Actually working on a manga character with this name. She's pretty much finished but she's not near detailed enough for my liking.
  22. NayruKasai

    What do you regret selling/giving away/losing?

    I regret losing my childhood. Nuf sed.
  23. NayruKasai

    Words That Kill: How Do Insults Affect You

    When I was younger I used to get bullied a lot and I ended up moving schools but because I live in a small town people at my new school knew people from my old school so it never really completely stopped. I was always cut deep by what they said and never wanted to attend school. Later it began...
  24. NayruKasai

    A-Z questions

    A- age- 16 B- biggest fear- losing my best friend who is currently very ill C- current time- 1812 D- drink u last had- water E- easiest person to talk to- my Ma F-favourite song - I know what you did last summer - shawn Mendes, Dani California, snow, soul to squeeze - red hot chili peppers...
  25. NayruKasai

    Does the name Flanders mean anything?

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders...
  26. NayruKasai

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Yeah but link destroyed the magic in it so there isn't anything really to worry about. As long as the magic is gone he can't follow up on any seedy plans he had. Right?
  27. NayruKasai

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    My favourites are the classic N64 Zeldas: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Mainly because I've played them since I was a little tyke. I haven't played twilight princess but I really want to I really like the look of it. It looks interesting. The graphics are pretty nice too. From what I have...
  28. NayruKasai

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Do the cuccos in the bombchu alley OOT count because I have a very high dislike for them little suckers. The rupees I wasted trying to get a piece of heart and a bigger bomb bag! They literally walk into the bomb. They see it coming and think 'oh look a crawling bomb, let's walk into it and get...
  29. NayruKasai

    Why Aren't Temples Places For Worship?

    I restarted OOT recently and if you go to Lake Hylia as a kid and talk to the owl perched on the grave he says something along the lines of "at the bottom of the lake is the water temple where the Zora...go to worship?".... Something like that my minds drawn a blank but I do remember he said...
  30. NayruKasai

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    When you ask someone what's the first thing you think when I say Australia, besides big red rock, they generally think that it's really hot. WRONG! It ain't true! Where I am it's currently 16 Celsius which is 61 Fahrenheit and IT'S SUMMER! Just last wednesday it was 45 Celsius. Don't get me...
  31. NayruKasai

    Stubbing your toe or biting your tongue?

    Not necessarily. Last winter my pinky toe was so cold and I stubbed it on the cupboard. It was barely a slight kick but I ended up breaking it lol. Now that was painful for a long time.
  32. NayruKasai

    Spoiler Majora's Mask Moon Children

    I always thought that the happy mask salesman went to the moon to get majora's mask and that the kids were like a part of him that he left behind while he was there not just because of the physical similarities but because they ask you if "you too will be a mask salesman". He did say that he...
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