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  1. Vault Boy

    Playing Though Again..

    I don't find that as annoying as Fi or the screen that pops up when you collect something.
  2. Vault Boy

    Skyward Sword Lacking That Classic Zelda Feel?

    I agree, I didn't feel immersed in the world much, didn't feel like a classic Zelda experience.
  3. Vault Boy

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    It's a secret to everybody.
  4. Vault Boy

    Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess

    I felt TP was a more fun game.
  5. Vault Boy

    This Game's a Joke, Right?

    I agree OP. One of my least favorite Zelda games. I actually liked the graphics though.
  6. Vault Boy

    What is the Boss You've Hated the MOST in a Zelda Game?

    I agree with Armogohma. Really ridiculous to put that as a boss.
  7. Vault Boy

    Favorite Creepypastas

    BEN and Lavender Town
  8. Vault Boy

    What Are You Looking Forward to Most.

    The dungeons. I love to see the new dungeons.
  9. Vault Boy

    Zelda, Is It Truly Hard?

    When it comes to the fighting in Zelda games, only really the classics are hard and require fast reflexes. The puzzles can be different for everyone but eventually if you play enough Zelda games you'll be able to beat most dungeons without help.
  10. Vault Boy

    Opinion on Bird Flying?

    I wanna see how they are going implement it in the game.
  11. Vault Boy

    What Items and Bosses Would You Like to See?

    Volvagia and the Hookshot would be nice
  12. Vault Boy

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    I'm not sure if you can freeze Morpha, but you can freeze Bongo Bongo and activate a new animation using the ice arrows. Maybe you misheard? They are both bosses meant to be fought before you obtain the ice arrows.
  13. Vault Boy

    Four Swords Favorite FS Color Link

    I voted for Purple Link. He is pretty cool.
  14. Vault Boy

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    I will name my character Link.
  15. Vault Boy

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    A lot of great games are coming out, and Skyward Sword will surely be one I pick up. I hope it is challenging.
  16. Vault Boy

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    Stallord Zant Argorok they were fun fun fun
  17. Vault Boy

    Majora's Mask Rupees

    Dodongos drop off tons of rupees and can be found from the very early parts in the game
  18. Vault Boy

    Skyward Sword--the Art Style

    I'm a fan of it. From what I've seen it looks great. It looks smooth, bright, and very unique. I'm not too fond of the way Link's face looks though haha.
  19. Vault Boy

    Least Favorite Elements in Zelda?

    I dislike the way that once you find out a bosses pattern, it's usually very easy to beat it. I'd like to see bosses that require fast reflexes or something that would allow the player to have difficulty with it every time it is played.
  20. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time New Character Animations

    The sneeze can also be done in the windmill and the gerudo prison
  21. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time A Curious Question,

    I'm usually not good at glitching, but I try a handful of glitches after I beat the game legitly for most games I play.
  22. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    Serenade of Water. Very useful and it sounds great.
  23. Vault Boy

    Majora's Mask Masks

    A mod can move it. My favorite mask is the goron mask, but I would say the best one is Fierce Deity. The best non transformation I would say is blast mask.
  24. Vault Boy

    Official Suggestions Thread

    You want more than 30 characters needed?
  25. Vault Boy

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    Majora's Theme Song of Healing Final Hours
  26. Vault Boy

    Spoiler Ghirahims Official Theme/Battle Theme

    It sounds pretty cool! Thanks for posting!
  27. Vault Boy

    Timeline For Beginners

    thanks for making this. I never really like to discuss the timeline because it is so complicated.
  28. Vault Boy

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    Super Mario World for the SNES
  29. Vault Boy

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    what is your source Wolf Sage?
  30. Vault Boy

    Spoiler Confirmed Locales

    Thanks for the information my friend!!!!!!! Hopefully Nintendo releases more information on locations prior to the release of the game.
  31. Vault Boy

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: An Underrated Game?

    I disliked TP compared to the other Zeldas. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but I wouldn't categorize it as a masterpiece like some Zeldas. I see a lot of mixed reviews on the game, so I can't say if I think it is underrated or overrated, just very polarizing.
  32. Vault Boy

    Spoiler Confirmed Locales

    What is their source on the name of the enemies?
  33. Vault Boy

    Spoiler Confirmed Locales

    Gleeok? Is it confirmed to be a gleeok or just speculation?
  34. Vault Boy

    Forest Temple from TP = Deku Tree?

    Well, I see what you're saying, but for me, it's just not enough similarity. BUT THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!! WE CAN BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS YEAH!!!
  35. Vault Boy

    Forest Temple from TP = Deku Tree?

    :suspicious:By design I didn't mean the puzzles, I just meant the way the dungeon looks.
  36. Vault Boy

    Forest Temple from TP = Deku Tree?

    While I usually agree with your posts JuiceJ, I'm not so sure that I would say the Forrest Temple is the same from OOT. The one from OOT was pretty much a castle/mansion, and even with many years of decay, the design of the temple from TP just does not match at all. And I don't think it is...
  37. Vault Boy

    Majora's Mask Link... the Murderer? (MM Easter Egg XDDDDDDDDD)

    He deserves it that thief! Cool Easter egg
  38. Vault Boy

    Adult Link or Kid Link

    I've always preferred to see Link portrayed as a younger boy. I got you a heart bro.
  39. Vault Boy

    Majora's Mask What is the Order of Your Favourite Transformation Masks?

    1. Goron Mask 2. Zora Mask 3. Deku Mask
  40. Vault Boy

    General Classic Iron Knuckles, What Are They?

    Check this out lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FquUiAHcNbw I think they are just enemies like all the others.
  41. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time Most Relaxing Place to Be in Ocarina of Time?

    Kakariko Village for me. very relaxing
  42. Vault Boy

    A Link to the Past A Link to the Past Remake for the 3ds?

    No thank you. It is a masterpiece, but it has already been remade and I would prefer they put their efforts towards something else. I would love if they could make MM 3D, and than stop with the remakes and continue expanding the series.
  43. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time How Hard Did You Find OoT on Your First Time Through?

    As a kid I found the water temple ridiculously difficult. My undeveloped brain couldn't handle all the floors and pathways and puzzles and keys and wetness. I also found the forest temple very challenging. The rest of the temples I was able to get through with average difficulty.
  44. Vault Boy

    Spoiler My Theory

    It's all good man, my post was kind of harsh I think. There's nothing wrong with analyzing trailers a lot. It's just, I followed the SSBB hype, and seeing people come up with crazy stories and predictions based on 2 min trailers and little blurs made me very skeptical when it comes to video game...
  45. Vault Boy

    The Bully

    If I had to guess his rival will be similar to the way Mido was portrayed.
  46. Vault Boy

    Spoiler My Theory

    Wolf Sage is saying to stop looking so much into trailers. Zelda fans like to do these intense analyzation of trailers to try to find out something about the game that was not intended to be released. Sometimes fans find things out, but most of the time it turns into theories that are way...
  47. Vault Boy

    Ocarina of Time OoT Super Mastery.

    ^also no using the bottle for things like Fairy or potion. (you may have already meant that)
  48. Vault Boy

    Does Ghirahim Intimidate You?

    Why are you thankful for it when in an earlier post you said he was a pus*y?
  49. Vault Boy

    Will There Be a Death Mountain in Skyward Sword?

    It's a tradition, it should be.
  50. Vault Boy

    Does Ghirahim Intimidate You?

    He looks silly IMO, I hope he is not the main villain of the game.
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