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  1. LOL

    How Long Do You Think You Will Be Gaming For?

    If I'm not gonna be stepping all over the companies Bull****, Resident Evil is awful now, Call of Duty has Devs that are full of greed now, EA isn't what they used to be back in the day. I'm gonna save up my lawn money to get a 3DS. Nintendo is my only option.
  2. LOL


    Airsoft is a fun hobby when you're with friends. To those of you who don't know what Airsoft is, It involves replicas of guns such as Walther P99, M9 and all those and the guns use Plastic BBs. I play with my friends every weekend and it is fun.
  3. LOL

    So... How's the Weather?

    Nice up here in Ohio. Around 70 degree (LOL Approved).
  4. LOL

    Hurrah! EA is Voted Worst Company!

    Looks like you guys don't know anything about outside of Zelda. If you guys don't believe me, read this freaking article why I am happy about EA being awarded worst company! Why People Hate EA? Ten Simple Reasons
  5. LOL

    Hurrah! EA is Voted Worst Company!

    That's EA Sports, The company that copies and pastes the same **** in their sports game every year and yet no one complains about it.
  6. LOL

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  7. LOL

    Hurrah! EA is Voted Worst Company!

    First Riticello (or whatever his name is supposed to be spelled like) steps down as CEO and now EA is voted worst company ever! Hallelujah! This marks EA's downfall! But, COO Peter Moore lies about saying that they will do better. Tsk, tsk, tsk EA. They will do better? How bout this, Can they...
  8. LOL

    G4 is Dead :(

    It's sad to see that G4 will be long gone even though they were showing repeats of stupid Reality shows most of the time. I only liked G4 for gaming but never got to watch X-play and Attack of the show. Will there ever be a TV channel for Gamers? Most importantly, what will happen to Comic-Con...
  9. LOL

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Battlefield 3 Premium Edition and Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1.
  10. LOL

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    All right, Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be the most anticipated games of 2013, Why? Because of the release date being pushed back, which means that they could be adding something else in the game that we wouldn't expect for it to appear when the game comes out. Because of the new technology...
  11. LOL

    Easy, Medium, Hard

    Easy difficulty is a rager's best friend. Well, I play on Medium to make things get a bit dicey. (Not too dicey, I don't wanna cross the line)
  12. LOL

    Why 2-3 Discs in XBOX Games?

    I bought 2 games this week, Battlefield 3 and LA Noire. Now I open the game cases and find 2 discs in Battlefield 3 and 3 discs in LA Noire. What is the purpose of 2-3 discs in XBOX games?
  13. LOL

    Do You Worry About Your Looks

    I am concerned about my looks most of the time. I try not to look like an idiot. Wore shorts one time during a cold day, people were staring at me like I was some idiot, Wore a flak jacket to school, people were staring at me like I was some idiot too.
  14. LOL

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Sitting on my butt in bed typing this and looking out the window which appears to be a Sunny, clear day. That's depressing.
  15. LOL

    The Walking Dead

    Netflix is stupid. They only have Seasons 1 and 2.
  16. LOL

    The Walking Dead

    My helper in School recommended that I watch that show (I'm deaf which caused learning struggles for me). Just started watching the show last night on Netflix and I'm on Season 2 right now. Couldn't stop watching that show.
  17. LOL

    Slendy Tubbies

    When I was in the Computer class in school today, I logged in the computer and some jerk was stupid enough to put a picture of Slendy Tubbies which caught me off-guard. Can you guys tell me what they are about? (This one person told me they were called Slendy Tubbies) Edit: To not confuse you...
  18. LOL

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    Oh jeez. This confuses me the most. I can't really decide to be honest.
  19. LOL

    How Many Friends Do You Have?

    I used to have a friend in school that I could only trust. Now he got popular in school and doesn't even know his friend anymore.
  20. LOL

    Which Games Should Have Been Movies?

    I don't know about that... It depends if the writer has a good imagination, feedback from fans. Most video games that were turned into movies didn't do so well such as Hero of Time, Resident Evil films and the Super Mario Bros movie. I wouldn't want to try and make a movie out of a video game...
  21. LOL

    Pet Peeves

    -Girls at School that tried to prove that I was gullible. Hell No! I'm not gullible! -F***** kids in School trying to prove I was gay (I'm not gay!) -North Korea with their nuke threats (I'm not being racist, that stuff scared me) -My 7th Grade science teacher -My little brother :P Too many to...
  22. LOL


    I was planning to take German in High School but because I struggle with learning (From Hearing loss) I had to take other classes which was fine with me.
  23. LOL

    Do Horror Movies Scare You?

    Watched Friday the 13th and crapped in my pants when I saw that guy hanged on the door all bloody.
  24. LOL

    Games You Played in Elementary School (Recess)

    I can't remember a darn thing i played in recess...Oh yeah i do! I usually played tag in 1st to 4th grade. In 5th grade, my friends were morons. They didn't care what game I suggested.
  25. LOL

    General Zelda BEN DROWNED

    I went on cleverbot to talk about BEN and the bot was saying this... It could be ben... It scared the living **** out of me
  26. LOL

    General Zelda Which Game is Darker?

    Since Majora's Mask creeped me out the most, I think people would think the same thing too. Depressing, dramatic music, and all that crap. If you compare Majora's Mask (Darkest game) and The Wind Waker (Happy game). You would see the difference.
  27. LOL

    General Zelda BEN DROWNED

    He obliviously went on cleverbot on his computer and made up the whole story about him talking to cleverbot. With his computer being controlled, impossible, he did all that stuff himself.
  28. LOL

    General Zelda BEN DROWNED

    There's nothing about the game. I just looked at youshouldn'thavedonethat.net but the website domain doesn't exist.
  29. LOL

    Annoying Video Game Characters

    Have you played a game where this video game character annoys you by telling you the same thing over and over? This is the video game character that annoyed me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkuLj5uCgSk Dude couldn't keep his mouth closed for a few minutes... The game is Modern...
  30. LOL

    Are You Neat or Messy?

    Ohhh... About my room... Sometimes it gets real messy but it is kinda messy right now.
  31. LOL

    General Zelda BEN DROWNED

    I heard about Majora's Mask haunted cartridge hoax. The game was modded. I'm not sure about Ben but i do know that the Majora's Mask cartridge was never haunted, only modded. I do have some video links about the guy that experienced the so-called haunted game...
  32. LOL

    Your Favourite Lady in Gaming

    I would say Helena from Resident Evil 6.
  33. LOL

    Woman Describes Storm Lol

    This video was hilarious this woman was describing the storm. Kapooya! Kapooya! XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YO5WJBlfpg
  34. LOL

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I just picked up a copy of Resident Evil 6 a few hours ago today.
  35. LOL

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for pointing out my username which does symbolizes laughing
  36. LOL

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because you laughed at my username
  37. LOL

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Failing in Algebra which really bothers me because 2 teachers are teaching at the same time, which can get confusing. (I'm deaf and I have learning struggles)
  38. LOL

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for confusing me when I didn't use your username to mock you for no reason...
  39. LOL

    Breath of the Wild What Pre-Order Bonus Would You Like for TWW HD?

    Maybe... beta keys to Zelda Universe Online! Of course not, Sorry Probably a extra dungeon they were planning to put in the game but I'm not too sure about that since Nintendo doesn't do DLC.
  40. LOL

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because I don't know why i banned you when i had to ban you.
  41. LOL

    Capcom Announces a New Mega Man Game... Then Says Otherwise

    OMG. I thought Capcom told the Mega Man creator to **** off. What is up with these gaming companies? Announcing a exciting game but later has second thoughts and tell the fans to find something else to play.
  42. LOL

    Next Gen Call of Duty Rumors

    I don't know why he is playing MW3, sorry. It did happen with Frank Woods coming back from the dead in BO1 and appearing in BO2. Well, Multiplayer is what call of duty fans are concerned for this time. I just hope Neversoft does a good job with the game since they are introduced to the series.
  43. LOL

    Next Gen Call of Duty Rumors

    No just no! What is the next Call of Duty gonna be? Call of Duty Ghosts or Modern Warfare 4? Well, quit it kid! Spreading rumors about the new Call of Duty ain't gonna help! Sorry, I was arguing with a try hard on Black Ops 2. Anyways, I'm not sure if you guys have heard of the next gen call...
  44. LOL

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    If you look at my TV screen, you can see what I'm playing right now. Just kidding, I'm about to play Far Cry 3 right now.
  45. LOL

    Games You Hate but Everyone else Love

    Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. Okay... Okay... Stop gathering around me, it's getting crowded in here. I know that game was most loved but I don't like bird's eye games. I just didn't feel like i knew my surroundings very well.
  46. LOL

    How Many Scars Do You Have?

    One on my arm from falling off the monkey bars at a playground. Shouldn't have drink too much Mountain Dew...
  47. LOL

    Blair Witch Project

    I happen to find this indie-made movie on Know your meme when i was looking at a article about slender man. I thought of watching the movie but it's a horror movie. I usually have a racing heart if i watch horror movies. Is the movie safe for me? Will i have heart problems? If so, don't tell me...
  48. LOL

    Have You Ever Cut Class?

    I have never cut classes. I do recall this one kid i went to school with in 4th and 5th grade and he would ask to go the bathroom and miss half of math class. The teacher got really upset at him for skipping math class because he used to do that all the time.
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