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  1. MOS3

    What is Your Job?

    Unemployed for now...I'm on my last year of college/university (whatever you guys call it :D) so I'll be getting my degree in Architecture on July 2010 ..... hopefully I'll have a job by then :P In the meantime I do 3D models and 3D redered images of houses, buildings and such ..... kind of a...
  2. MOS3

    Is It Really Game Over for the Wii?

    Buddy, you just read my mind lol. Exactly my thoughts on this. Even though I don't have a Wii.
  3. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time Fourth Bottle!

    I did it...I lovetrying to get everything out of a game and OoT is no exception :)
  4. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time What Did You Dislike About OoT

    How dare you ask me to say something I don't like about OoT D: *sob* ....fine... as far as gamplay/story/graphics etc goes I really have no complaints....I guess if I really have to say something about this game is that the original Zelda theme is nowhere to be found. Even though it's on...
  5. MOS3

    Mm: WHAT'S THIS???!!!!

    That's not the skullkid....Majora leaves Skullkid and enters the moon, and yes, all the children wearing masks inside the moon look like the happy mask salesman.
  6. MOS3


    The acting was very cheesy in Titanic, the love story boring and predictable. Kate Winslet's acting has improved over the years, but Leonardo DiCaprio's still a horrible actor, the movie was waaaaaaaay too long for the story it was telling (and I have nothing against long movies, I love Seven...
  7. MOS3

    Your Favorite Video Games

    I don't think I can post them in order (except for the number 1), so I'll just name them My top 10 videogames would be... Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes: An amazing remake of an already amazing game. Cinematic experience like no other. Truly the best fusion of a movie and game you can...
  8. MOS3


    I absolutely hate this movie......most overrated movie in history. Give me The Godfather any day....Now THAT's acting....what a cast... Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro....amazing
  9. MOS3

    Why a Shiekah?

    Well, since there's no "canon" reason as to why she did disguise herself specifically as a sheika, the manga is the closest we have to a nintendo-approved reason :)
  10. MOS3

    Why a Shiekah?

    Well, after reading the manga (like many of us here have), you'll see that one of the most famous quotes in cinema history explains Zelda's reasons better than anything. A quote by The Godfather himself... "Keep your friends close...........but your enemies closer"
  11. MOS3

    What Do You Want in the Wii Title?

    Same here...I also want no more midi soundtrack. Full orchestra please and voices too (c'mon, starfox 64 did it, why can't the Wii do it?) Also, a completely new land would be nice. At this point we're all very familiar with the "known" geography of Hyrule. So maybe a complete new land. Would be...
  12. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

    For me the worst is the Forest Temple...that music drives me nuts...I think that would be my only complaint about ithe whole game lol. My favourite temple I guess it's the Spirit Temple....since you get to play it as both young and adult Link.
  13. MOS3

    What's Up With The Goron?

    lol I'm not comparing, just making a point, that the fact your race could be dying, doesn't mean everyone's gonna try and save it. As for how they reproduce....good question...I've never seen a female goron either O.o
  14. MOS3

    Favorite Superhero.

    Well you're wrong lol. I've been a Batman fan since I can remember. Sure this movie got me all hyped, but I asure you I'm a longtime fan of the Batman universe :) Of course The Joker is the best of them, but there are also others who are very good (oh, the irony), like Ra's al Ghul, Two-Face...
  15. MOS3

    What's Up With The Goron?

    People die everyday in this world and I don't see you doing anything to save "your" race..... I don't mean to sound harsh....my point is....the fact that their race could be dying.... doesn't mean every single Goron is gonna try and save it. Not everyone is a hero.....not everyone has a triforce...
  16. MOS3

    What's Up With The Goron?

    Most likely they were wiped out....at least most of them....remember that Goron can't survive on water because they're too heavy and can't float. So my guess it's most of them are either dead, or evolution took over, seeing they're not very fit to live in this world and there's only a few left...
  17. MOS3

    Odd Similarity Between OoT and Star Wars

    Most likely it's just a coincidence. After all it's a very generic ending. Like HH said, it's just obvious that they (gerudos, zoras, hylians, etc...) would be partying after Ganon being finally defeated.
  18. MOS3

    He Got Butterflies on My Deku Stick!

    I think you just gotta stand still....it's hard, I know...I tried that A LOT until finally one time it happened....lol
  19. MOS3


    MACBOOK aluminum unibody MAC OS X 10.5.6 (Leopard) 2gb RAM 250gb HDD 2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo NVidia GeForce 9400M 256mb On Bootcamp......Windows XP SP3....but I hardly ever use it connected to: 20" Apple Cinema Display Apple Keyboard (not the white one....the sexy flat aluminum one ;)...
  20. MOS3

    Experience System Again?

    mmm Not really....Zelda strays away from the classic RPG game system and that's something that I find very nice. Now don't get me wrong, I love RPGs as much as the next guy, but if I want an RPG, I'll play Chrono Trigger, FF, Mario RPG or something.....Zelda is mora an adventure game to me....so...
  21. MOS3

    Favorite Superhero.

    That still makes Batman the best.... lol. Spiderman has really cool villians, I agree.....but The Joker pwns them all. Period
  22. MOS3

    The Royal Family's Crest

    I know the mangas are not canon, but wasn't there like a bonus chapter with a bird-like race on it?.....maybe that race had a very close relation with the kingdom of Hyrule or even the Royal Family in the past, so they're "shown" in the crest....
  23. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time (Zelda's Disguise)

    Exactly....there's no reason to even suspect he could have been a real person..... Like Charge said...sounds more like a fanfiction idea rather than theory since it has no element to support it.
  24. MOS3

    Favorite Superhero.

    Do I really need to say it?...oh well......of course it is the one and only BATMAN!!! ...reasons: -he's a regular human being doing superhero job -he has kicked Superman's *** several times...and Captain America's patriotic butt (sorry loki212 :P ...besides...pretty much every cartoon from that...
  25. MOS3

    What instrument do you play?

    I can play guitar and bass....and on piano I can play Ob-la-di-ob-la-da, the intro to martha my dear, a small part of bohemian rhapsody and the intro to somebody to love lol
  26. MOS3


    I hardly ever do anything for my birthday...I'm not a party person you might say lol....usually go out with my family for dinner.....or with some friends....
  27. MOS3

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    I can speak/write/read/understand Spanish and English (although I've been told I sound "asian" when I speak english :D ....I can understand a bit German.....used to speak it but not anymore :( btw...Does hylian count?....lol jk...I'm not THAT geek....I hope <.<
  28. MOS3

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    that's exactly what it is Amelie :) and yesh, Joker wallpapers are very cool...although I think the one I posted is the best one (from the movie that is...I have other non-movie related Joker wallpapers lol)
  29. MOS3


    I wouldn't care much....I don't love Zelda games because they all fit into one timeline perfectly....I love them for being amazing games that can stand on their own. And with the timeline discussion thing, we could still try to fit them all in a timeline by only speculating and theorizing about it.
  30. MOS3

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Well....I'm switching between these two nowdays so..I'll post them both http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/1088/darkknight13oe4.jpg <--- C'mon...I know you want it...you know you want it....feel free to use it as your wallpaper too lol...
  31. MOS3

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    mmm a little off topic here but...in the video it says 100% no cheating or something like that.....but he is young Link in the Gerudo training ground...how did he do that? I saw a video somewhere that shows how to get to Gerudo Fortress as young Link, but how did he get past the guards....?
  32. MOS3

    The Ultimate Zelda?

    change of graphics?...no no no .....going to places that appeared in previous games?....yes please. It would be nice to somehow connect a game with all others....or many at least if not all......but changing graphics...like...to match the graphics of the original game.....why don't you just play...
  33. MOS3

    Which LoZ Game Should Be Remade with TP Graphics?

    I love OoT, but from what I've read it is somewhat familiar to TP...so I'd say.... Majora's Mask....such an awesome game.....weould be great to see taht game with current graphics :)
  34. MOS3

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm a Aries. Number 1 sign baby!!! woooooo.....actually I don't really care for zodiac signs so yeah. Just replying 'cuz there's nothing much to think about the answer lol
  35. MOS3

    The Dark Tribe (Read First Page Before Posting)

    Wow, this is really good....now I'm not familiar with official nintendo statements about a true timeline, but to me, if OoT is the first one (I'm not gonna name every game since I've not played them all) and MM goes into another timeline direction....TP could be a sequel to Oot....then we would...
  36. MOS3


    Maybe they can "sense" him or something. We don't know how the body of an undead person works lol so it might not be through regular senses like we do.
  37. MOS3

    Saving on OOT

    in the pause menu....you press.....mmm I think B (in the old N64 days :P ) and then you can save
  38. MOS3

    Deku Tree in MM?

    huh...I don't think it's speculation...when you "talk" to the tree, tatl or tael or w/e her name is tells you that it has such a sad look or somthing like that.....then we get the story from the butler....and at the end he is almos crying next to that misterious tree.....I think it is pretty...
  39. MOS3

    Deku Tree in MM?

    I think he reaches termina when he falls through that tree....the moment he lands he is in termina IMO. As for the butler/son thing, I had completely forgotten about it....that is one of the most sad and creepy momens in any zelda game ever!!! Skull Kid has got to be one of the most evil...
  40. MOS3

    Did Ganon Ever Die?

    Well, if we are to believe there are different incarnations of Link throughout all the zelda games, why not Ganon? or Princess Zelda?.....perhaps in games like OoT/WW we can say that's the same ganon because we're told in the game that he is....(and all the "clues" in TP that lead you to believe...
  41. MOS3


    I'd like to see it return ONLY if they make the game harder....if you had a difficulty system in OoT like....say....Metal Gear....and you playde in EXTREME.....you'd wish you had Nayru's Love.....but with the current difficulty level in the zelda games....magic is certainly not needed...
  42. MOS3

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I don't know about the pal and ntsc differences (if there is any), but it has nothing to do with what I said above. I have a grey cartridge and a friend of mine had the golden one (both of em ntsc)
  43. MOS3

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    Nope, you're wrong lol. I have a grey cartridge and it has red blood, original fire temple music and original gerudo logo (the other thing that nintendo changed). Both the golden and grey cartridges have the "original" version, the whole "new" version thing, with green blood etc... came in later...
  44. MOS3

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I have the N64 one, the GC disc with both regular and master quest versions and the collector's edition.
  45. MOS3

    Architecture of Zelda

    I've always liked the architecture in gerudo valley (OoT), since it is inspired by desert kind of construction (islamic/arabic I believe). Since I'm about a year away of graduating from college and becoming an architect, I'm interested in this kind of stuff lol. The whole "block" kind of...
  46. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    what do you mean versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2? I know the N64 version is different from the gamecube one....so what's the 1.2?
  47. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time Boss Casualties

    I never felt bad for any boss, but I certainly was very pleased (in an evil way :devil:) when I beat that fish in MM.....c'mon...admit it....you all did too!
  48. MOS3

    Link's Uncle

    I don't recall any part in OoT where you're told you are part of Zelda's family O.o. You're told you're a Hylian, but that's it, no relation to Zelda's family at all.
  49. MOS3

    Brightness options Ocarina of Time

    No, there's a grey scale that you use as a reference when you're adjusting your tv's brightness/contrast.
  50. MOS3

    Ocarina of Time OOT: Mask Abilities...

    mmm are you sure petman?... I said "prevent from running away", not "prevent from attacking you".......I'm pretty sure when you aproach the first one on the left, when you enter the lsot woods, he runs away if you get too close to him, unless you wear the mask.
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