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  1. Jimmu

    Do You Play Cards?

    I love me a good game of Uno every now and then. I’ve never really been into any TCGs but I did buy a starter pack and a few booster packs of Pokémon cards at the Pokémon Center the other day so I’m thinking to give it a shot.
  2. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I’m sitting on the bullet train heading to Nagoya this morning. I’m going to visit the new Studio Ghibli Park - super excited.
  3. Jimmu

    Forum Update Bugs

    Can you provide a screenshot of the issue with the logged out new tab popups? I am clicking threads in the shoutbox via my phone and am not seeing the issue on my end. Also, what device and browser are you using?
  4. Jimmu

    The licensed video game

    I haven’t played a great deal of licensed games - the only one I remember enjoying was The Simpsons: Hit and Run on the PS2 but it has been many years since I’ve played it. Perhaps there are more I could have enjoyed, I just haven’t really given many a chance when there are so many games still...
  5. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I went to a video game bar in Akihabara and met one cool people there. Everyone gets handed a gameboy and a stack of games plus there were a bunch of other retro systems too. When you opened the toilet door it even made the Zelda chest opening sound!
  6. Jimmu

    Favourite Words in Languages Other Than English

    What are some of your favourite words in foreign languages or languages other than English that you have grown up speaking or later learned? A few of mine in Japanese are: 生き甲斐 (pronounced “i ki ga i”) This one is the concept of your reason for being - something that you can do which you are...
  7. Jimmu

    Where Have You Noticed Inflation?

    Due to the recent state of the global economy inflation in many places around the world is quite high and the price of everyday goods are going up - where have you most noticed this in your lives? In my hometown a small corner store I’ve been visiting all my life recently raised the price of...
  8. Jimmu

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  9. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Congratulations and good luck staying away from the smokes! Today I had a good evening catching up with a friend from one of my previous Japanese classes at a bar I used to frequent which was a lot of fun.
  10. Jimmu

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Bullet Train - 6/10 This isn’t the type of movie I’d generally watch and I don’t think it was really made for me. I didn’t really go into it knowing what to expect aside from that it was set in Japan but it was a lot more graphic and violent than I was expecting and I couldn’t really enjoy it.
  11. Jimmu

    Viz Media Uploads Lots of Subbed Anime Licensed by Them to YouTube for Free

    Cool thing for them to have done for US customers I suppose. Though I can’t see this becoming a huge amount wider while there is still money to be made from streaming subscriptions.
  12. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  13. Jimmu


    For the vast majority of things I still tend to purchase them in a physical store. If there is something small and inexpensive which I can’t get in person then I’ll turn to Amazon but otherwise I keep it in person.
  14. Jimmu

    Daily goals

    I have a 30 min exercise goal on my watch for each day so I make sure I at least am going for a walk since I work a desk job at home. I’ve also got an eight hour sleep goal but nearly never reach it.
  15. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  16. Jimmu

    Hoardie hoard...

    I mean you’re not wrong, very well played
  17. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I guess the air flow in the room is increased from them which potentially blows around airborne viruses?
  18. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    So keen to see Nurture Live!
  19. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I do tend to use my pants sometimes but there were occasions - especially up north in the snow - where it didn’t quite feel as dry from this as using paper towels or a hand dryer.
  20. Jimmu

    What are your thoughts on Easy Mode?

    More options is a good thing in my eyes. Having the ability to play through on easy mode can make it more accessible to young children who might struggle with harder versions, it can make it quicker to play through for adults who are strapped for time but still want to experience the game, or it...
  21. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    COVID is still being taken pretty seriously here in Japan while in Australia people had mostly seemed to have moved on. For example here is still wearing a mask even outdoors, and while before the pandemic even people wore masks often there is nearly nobody walking around without one. I wonder...
  22. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I extended my trip by an extra two weeks to stay in Japan a bit longer since I’m really enjoying my time so far. After three years away it felt like it was going by too quickly.
  23. Jimmu

    Hoardie hoard...

    Yeah when playing games I hoard like hell and generally avoid using stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary - unless it’s a super common item I can easily replenish like Pokéballs. You probably won’t catch me using the Master Ball.
  24. Jimmu

    What was your most recent purchase?

    I got some tickets to the Studio Ghibli Park in Nagoya and an upcoming Porter Robinson concert in Osaka.
  25. Jimmu

    Do people still watch tv?

    I hardly ever watch TV anymore and we recently cancelled the cable subscription in our home as it’s no longer good value for money to us.
  26. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    So I’m sitting in a Japanese McDonalds and heard a Japanese song I like on the radio start at the same time as I heard the fry vat timer go off and thought “damn this goes well together”. Then I realized, McDonalds actually made it a remix. I dig it.
  27. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I rented a car for the first time and am using it to drive around the island of Shikoku today and tomorrow to visit some places I’ve not yet been to before. It’s nice to do some travel while driving myself for once but the highway speed limits are so slow here that it’s a little frustrating. A...
  28. Jimmu

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Managed to preorder the TotK Collectors Edition and Amiibo online - just a few months to go now.
  29. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Have been in Tokyo for a few days now and am having a great time! Really glad to be back.
  30. Jimmu

    ZD Legend/Champion Requirements

    I have updated the ZD Legends and ZD Champions based on January activity for existing ZD Legends and Champions. Others wishing to be considered to become a ZD Champion may like this post or PM me if they believe they have met the requirements set in the OP during January (making at least 30...
  31. Jimmu

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I’m supposed to be packing and prepping for my Japan trip tomorrow but I’m stuck waiting for a train home. Delayed by two hours extra already and still counting.
  32. Jimmu

    What are you cooking?

    Some ham and pineapple pizza. Pineapple does belong on pizza fight me!
  33. Jimmu

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  34. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  35. Jimmu

    Top 1000, 2000 or whatever

    Every January we have the ‘Triple J hottest 100’ songs of the year play on the radio here in Australia (voted by listeners). I don’t think I could fill a list of 1000 but I could probably reach around 200 or so. I feel that list would be very specific to me to the extent that not many people...
  36. Jimmu

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 549!

    My nostalgia made me want to say OoT but in reality when I think about it BotW’s death mountain would take the cake for me as there is a lot to do in the area. I also like that you can just cook stuff on the ground.
  37. Jimmu

    Favorite Duo Characters in Games

    For me it’d have to be either Banjo & Kazooie or Ratchet & Clank. Though I also like Link and Ezlo from Minish Cap too. A special Wario Ware mention for Dribble & Spitz too.
  38. Jimmu

    Hey I hope you’re feeling alright and Covid hasn’t got you feeling too terrible!

    Hey I hope you’re feeling alright and Covid hasn’t got you feeling too terrible!
  39. Jimmu


    I want them to release another run of all of the Zelda amiibo again around the time of the Tears of the Kingdom release so I can buy them since I missed a number of them already.
  40. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Where are you going in Indonesia? Bali?
  41. Jimmu

    IGN: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to Skip E3 2023

    It’s not all that surprising if they all don’t turn up. People are used to online events/announcements now anyway and I guess they’d just rather have as much control over their own announcements as possible.
  42. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  43. Jimmu

    What Annoyed You Today?

    They limit which pharmacy you can go to? That sounds super annoying :/
  44. Jimmu

    Do You Like Your Job?

    I really like my current job as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Working in the IT industry is something I worked toward for quite a few years at uni so it feels good to have made it in. My current workplace is fantastic too, my coworkers are great to work with and the culture is very flexible and...
  45. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Thinking about how lucky we are to live in a place where my mum was able to get her brain surgery for free and without having to go into any debt. Otherwise, we'd be in a pretty bad position.
  46. Jimmu

    English anime dub is always horrible because japanese vocals moves way too fast

    The subtitles themselves can also often be a poor portrayal of the conversations and all the layers of cultural context that are weaved into them, so that isn't exclusively an issue with dubs. Unfortunately when translating that is bound to happen and being able to translate something...
  47. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  48. Jimmu

    If a game is spoiled for you, would you still play it?

    I don’t think being spoiled would really discourage me from playing a game if I had already wanted to play it. Being told a spoiler isn’t ideal but it won’t totally ruin my experience with the game.
  49. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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