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  1. Dio

    favorite movie

    This! You just can't beat The Lord of The Rings trilogy with all the deleted scenes added back in. The characters, the acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack it's all top notch! I don't have any complaints about these movies apart from that I wish there was more of them! I want a 5hr long...
  2. Dio

    Return of Master Kohga

    Yeah I know what you mean. Would have loved a serious evil Sheikah tribe and more serious tone overall but BoTW is generally quite light-hearted even in the post apocalyptic setting, nobody even lives in fear and misery, unlike the inhabitants of Elden Ring or Dark Souls' worlds.
  3. Dio

    Return of Master Kohga

    I thought he was one of the most memorable characters in the game
  4. Dio

    Favorite workout (or activity) songs/albums/playlists

    I listen to mostly Industrial Metal, Electro Industrial and Hardstyle for my gym training sessions. A lot of my Playlist is Rammstein, Combichrist, Grendel and Tevvez. I need music to help me get my pump on and these really fit the bill for me.
  5. Dio

    Masked Followers to Interlopers

    Oh I know. The word Hell for instance is never mentioned in the original Hebrew text but about four different Hebrew words each having a different meaning are in fact translated to hell in the King James version.
  6. Dio

    Masked Followers to Interlopers

    No the original language is canon. It's like saying if the original Hebrew Bible said that murder is wrong and the English translation said it was good that murder is canonically good in the English world
  7. Dio

    Masked Followers to Interlopers

    Because Eiji Aounuma the Japanese director and Shigeru Miyamoto the Japanese producer and their Japanese team, wrote the game in... You guessed it... Japanese. So any translations that deviate from this are actually mistranslated and can give a misleading idea of the lore. A recent example is...
  8. Dio

    Masked Followers to Interlopers

    They aren't actually called dark interlopers in the Japanese version of the game which is the canon version.They are simply a group of sorcerers who coveted the triforce. There is never any real evidence pointing of where they came from however there is a Sheikah eye on the twili throne so it's...
  9. Dio

    When did you start going to gym?

    I started when I was 15 to get bigger and stronger than all the bullies in school. Unfortunately most of them were kicked out before I could get them all but I've been going to gym ever since and train mostly for aesthetics these days
  10. Dio

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  11. Dio

    Return of Master Kohga

    Perhaps he could return as a Re-Dead since Ganondorf seems to be able to summon them this time around.
  12. Dio

    Return of Master Kohga

    The strong! The burly! The one! The only! Master Kohga!...What if he isn't dead? In BoTW he falls down a pit and a large ball drops on top of him, however this popular character returns in Age of Calamity and may even be a different incarnation. So i suspect they may bring Kohga back in ToTK...
  13. Dio

    Being called a liar, especially when I have made the effort to make it sound true, makes me so mad!!

    Being called a liar, especially when I have made the effort to make it sound true, makes me so mad!!
  14. Dio

    TotK Second Trailer

    He basically says the same sort of thing but speaks in an old fashioned way so has a different feel to it. It seems like he speaks with affection to his underlings. He talks like this in Wind Waker too.
  15. Dio

    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  16. Dio


    I'd prefer to shop physically but mostly shop online. I do go into he store for food or DIY items but it's actually quite inconvenient for most other things. Most clothes and shoe stores sell only boring clothes and shoes especially in the part of the country where I am. So online shopping is...
  17. Dio

    What are your thoughts on Easy Mode?

    I don't think games necessarily need an easy mode. Elden Ring was very popular and it had one difficulty. Hard. Part of the achievement of beating such a game is that everyone is playing the same game at the same difficulty. There are ways and play styles to make things easier but there is no...
  18. Dio

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That's global warming for you.
  19. Dio

    TotK Second Trailer

    Could well be. Perhaps the Staldra is simply an undead Gleeok anyway
  20. Dio

    Gleeok’s Return!

    That's almost certainly an Aeralfos. Tingle is disliked quite a bit in the west but not as much as Jar Jar binks. I am certain they would not include him.
  21. Dio

    TotK Second Trailer

    I am convinced this should have been called Legend of Zelda: Nuts N Bolts but I enjoyed the trailer quite a lot! I think Ganondorf from this doesn't actually sound bad considering my low opinion of the English voice acting in the first game. I believe it is Matthew Mercer who is providing the...
  22. Dio

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    I expect for them to show a new trailer and announce ToTK's delay. Please understand. Would be good to get some TP and WWHD whilst we wait. Would also love to see a 3D mario announcement as well Odyssey 2 please, though I don't really expect it.
  23. Dio

    This guy is the best

    This guy is the best
  24. Dio

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Get the Garnier Ultimate blends nourishing hair food, banana and shea. There's also a coconut one which is good too.
  25. Dio

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  26. Dio

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
  27. Dio

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
  28. Dio

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  29. Dio

    Do You Play Board Games?

    I played quite a bit of chess when I was younger and some Cluedo or Clue as the Americans call it, but generally was more into video games than board games.
  30. Dio

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  31. Dio

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  32. Dio

    Thank you! That is very cute!

    Thank you! That is very cute!
  33. Dio

    Your first M-rated game

    Probably vice city. I used to pretend I liked it for the car driving aspects but really I just liked to use the chainsaw and go on a killing spree
  34. Dio

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That's ****, hopefully they have caught it at an early stage and you have an easy recovery from it!
  35. Dio

    Who ruined it for everyone?

    I always heard about killer bees in school when I was young. One of my classmates was obsessed with them and I assumed they would play a much bigger part in my life one day but actually rarely hear about them these days.
  36. Dio

    Do You Like Your Job?

    I wanted to be a dentist originally and ended up as a podiatrist instead so it's not exactly my dream job. Wrong end of the body for me. But at least I am in the medical field. It can be therapeutic and I like having my own business and clinic + it is satisfying to relieve people's pain and...
  37. Dio

    Who ruined it for everyone?

    This is a thread to name and shame those that ruined things for everyone. The toothbrush moustache for instance is something that you just can't wear anymore because Hitler ruined it for everyone by doing world war 2. British chef Jamie Oliver ruined school meals for everyone by getting turkey...
  38. Dio

    Dumb comments you often see or hear

    'If global warming is real why do the rich in government still buy costal properties' Because the imminent flooding of the earth that was spoken about in the 90s and 2000s does not come from scientific data and instead was perpetuated by quoting or misquoting journalists rather than people of...
  39. Dio

    Rate the Most Recent Anime You Watched

    Dragon Age 7.5/10 This a fun little anime series that seems to suggest what direction the next Dragon Age game will go in story wise. I enjoyed it quite a bit but I will say it is for those who have played the games only. I highly don't reccomend it to non Dragon Age fans as they won't have a...
  40. Dio

    Most Interesting World/Settings in Games

    Monster Hunter World. I love the beautiful coral Highlands and it was such a shock to find out that below is the rotten vale which contains pools of acid that digest dead animals to feed the coral Highlands above.
  41. Dio

    Id recommend the line art version as I think it will look better and possibly to adjust the...

    Id recommend the line art version as I think it will look better and possibly to adjust the positioning of the right foot and right hind leg. Can't reccomend you any artists if you aren't in my city but be sure to do some thorough searching, it's best if you know someone who can reccomend a...
  42. Dio

    Happy 2023!

    I was in the gym at midnight and I celebrated not with a glass of Dom Perignon but a thick and globular protein shake with lots of oats in it! I don't really care for new year and I hate Auld Lang Syne which they play to celebrate moving into the next year. It's a miserable song.
  43. Dio

    How was 2022 for you personally?

    It was a great financial year in terms of business earning however the stock market and portfolio have taken a battering for sure, but that will go up again eventually, just got to keep dollar cost averaging to make the most of these discounts. In terms of personal stuff I made some new...
  44. Dio

    Dreams thread.

    I have found my dreams to be less vivid in recent memory however last night's dream sticks with me now still very clearly and vividly. I'd like to document it here. The first part of my dream contained elements from star wars I was in a grand structure, cavernous yet alien in architecture. I...
  45. Dio

    Cooking or ordering food?

    I batch cook usually a few days worth of meals rather than cook daily. I also eat out at restaurants multiple times a week to kind of break things up a bit. I much prefer the sit in dining experience to getting take out but occasionally will order a Chinese duck to the house to eat.
  46. Dio

    Who is the cook in your household?

    It's me, Dio! I always cooked from age 11 because my parents were terrible cooks and I didn't like to eat their food anymore. I had my Malaysian granny teach me how to cook east Asian style and I have been doing it ever since and expanding my recipes over the years.
  47. Dio

    Gag gifts

    I always wrap potatoes and hide them in my family's present pile. It is a tradition for me to do it every year. We also buy each other gifts from Poundland such as shampoos, soaps and toothpastes. These are nice stocking fillers and give something to unwrap that will get used.
  48. Dio

    So what did you get for Christmas?

    I received new wireless earphones as I stomped the last pair (On accident of course). I also got lots of bathbombs, dark chocolate and my favourite perfume, books, a few bottles of champange and a couple of wines.
  49. Dio

    R.I.P Maxi Jazz

    Unfortunately the musician Maxi Jazz has passed on at the age of 65. He was well known as the lead singer of Faithless, an electronic dance band which I listened to a lot particularly in my teen years. He is said to have died peacefully in his sleep but I am currently unaware of the cause. My...
  50. Dio

    Hestu or Nostu?

    I didn't care for korok seeds as a currency for upgrades, I would prefer some kind of exp or monster essences which encourage killing this time around as I found BoTW did everything to try and discourage combat generally. Don't think the character should be barred from returning just not to...
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