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  1. HylianPancake

    Avatar RP (Sign Up!)

    Who wants to roleplay? Who loves Avatar? If you can answer both of these questions with 'I do!', then this is the RP for you. This RP is set in between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, 25 years after Aang defeats Fire Lord Ozai. Republic City is established. Aang is the...
  2. HylianPancake

    Zelda Riddles

  3. HylianPancake

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    ^That...is wrong in so many ways. XD On Topic: This is awesome. Off Topic: *SPOILER* Ganondorf is actually the reincarnation of Demise's hatred. So, that doesn't mean they're related.
  4. HylianPancake

    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE? I can't decide. >_>;;
  5. HylianPancake

    Dungeon Tournament (Deathmatch)

    ATTENTION! Round Three has started! http://nintendocastle.com/dungeon-tournament-round-three Voting ends this Wednesday, and then it's time for the semi-finals! :D
  6. HylianPancake

    Spoiler If Fi Could Fight...

    Because Gerudo guards are mortal warriors. :P Fi is a peaceful and immortal spirit.
  7. HylianPancake

    Just a Little Easter Egg :)

    It's not really an easter egg, it's part of the story. It happened in the past, so naturally it'd be there in the present. ;)
  8. HylianPancake

    Ghirahim or Pipit? [Replys May Contain Slight Spoilers]

    Unggh...why must you make me choose? XD In all honesty, I feel Ghirahim was a better character, but for some reason, I just love Pipit. I don't know why, I just...He's so sexy. XD
  9. HylianPancake

    Dungeon Tournament (Deathmatch)

    Attention! Attention! Round Two has officially started! To see if your votes made the cut, head on over to Nintendo Castle, and vote in Round Two! :D http://nintendocastle.com/dungeon-tournament-round-two
  10. HylianPancake

    Dungeon Tournament (Deathmatch)

    By final dungeons, I meant dungeons that hold the final boss. (Ganon's Castle, Ganon's Tower, Hyrule Castle, etc.) Sorry for the confusion. ^^
  11. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Extra Dungeons

    Lanayru Gorge was sort of like a mini dungeon, to get Lanayru's Song.
  12. HylianPancake

    In Which Order Do You Get the Portions of Song of the Hero?

    I did Eldin, Lanayru, and then Faron.
  13. HylianPancake

    Dungeon Tournament (Deathmatch)

    Thanks for posting this, Juicie. ^^ *is the one who started it*
  14. HylianPancake

    Favorite Character in Ss?

    I love all of them. It's hard to decide. But, my favorites are definitely Pipit, Zelda, and GHIRAHIM. <3
  15. HylianPancake

    Spoiler About the Stools That Are Found Everywhere..

    First trip to the Sealed Temple, I saw the stool, and I heard that if you sit on the toilet you gained hearts, so I wanted to try a regular stool. Sure enough...
  16. HylianPancake

    What Did You Name Your Loftwing?

    I knew from the beginning I was going to name mine Fól, and that's what I did. :D
  17. HylianPancake

    Saddest Zelda Song

    This, this is what I was thinking. However, mine personally would definitely have to be Grandma's Theme, or Departure, both from TWW. The Ending Credits brings a tear to my eye too, but only after I hear it after beating the game. (TWW)
  18. HylianPancake

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    OH HELL YES! THIS WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER! <3 I'd LOVE to see Ghirahim in Smash Bros. Wii U. Or on SSB3D, depending on when the next console Zelda comes out. But then again, SSB3D could have characters from Zelda 3DS... But yes. This would be so epic. And his second or final form -...
  19. HylianPancake

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "May we meet again in another life, Master..." ~Fi, Skyward Sword
  20. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Screvo and Deathfuse: Their Relation?

    I believe the dragon dubbed him 'LD-Link-16'.
  21. HylianPancake

    Favourite Things - Categorized

    Character: Ghirahim. First of all, he's so fabulous, you can't NOT like him. XD I agree, he's creepy, stalker-esqe, but he's definitely one of the best developed characters in the series. He's a great villain...and he can dance. Boss: Ghirahim, Fire Sanctuary battle. Oh my gosh, words...
  22. HylianPancake

    Skyward Sword Kukiel Sidequest

    Ah, so I have do a Skyward Strike on the grave? Lemme try that. ... It worked! Thanks! =]
  23. HylianPancake

    Skyward Sword Kukiel Sidequest

    Alright. I finished Skyview Temple, brought the Ruby Tablet back to the Statue of the Goddess, and talked to Kukiel's mom outside. I went to the Lumpy Pumpkin, talked to the old man. It's nighttime. I'm in the graveyard. The gravestone isn't lighting up like the man said it would. (I'm...
  24. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Monster's Inc/Sandship/What?

    This was exactly what I thought. XD My brother's too. He was watching while I was fighting him, and he yelled, "Whoa, it's Mike Wazouski!"
  25. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Ghirahim and the Final Boss Cutscene, What is Up with That?

    I'm guessing Hylia created Fi and the Goddess Sword to protect the Hylians in Skyloft. Demise probably created Ghirahim and his sword to fight the chosen hero when he was revived.
  26. HylianPancake

    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    My favorite is the Earth Temple. Skyview is a close second. Earth Temple was really fun, Skyview was sweet and short, it was nice having a short little playthrough with my friend.
  27. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    I just did Farore's Silent Realm about an hour ago, and MAN. Friggin' CREEPY!!! I had read reviews and heard people talk about how terrifying the Silent Realm was. I basically took that with a grain of salt, and completely ignored them, saying, "Ya big babies, grow up, it's a video game". >_>...
  28. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Impressions of the Game

    So, I got it this morning. I'm at the Wing Ceremony right now, and...wow. This game is amazing. I'll add more as I get further.
  29. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Identity of the Old Woman in the Sealed Grounds!!!!

    The young Sheikah woman is Impa from the World of the Past. Zelda gives her the bracelet and says goodbye. When they return to the future, they meet Impa in her present-form, which is why she's now old. THAT'S IT. SIMPLE.
  30. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    Someone posted a video on Justin.tv but the channel was closed earlier this morning.
  31. HylianPancake

    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony CD *TRACKLIST*

    The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess Symphonic Movements feature a lot of songs from the game all put into one track that flow quite nice - so it's actually more songs then there appear to be.
  32. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    ^I have no proof to show you - however, I promise you, I've seen it with my own eyes. Someone put up the final fight with Ghirahim on Justin.tv (however the channel was closed shortly after).
  33. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Reason for Ghirahim's Blackness

    Apparently he has a THIRD FORM, and it's totally epic. Last fight with him is...just wow. No joke. Sorry, didn't snag a pic, but know someone who might have. EDIT: Picture of Ghirahim's third form in the spoiler. Also, is that a Triforce in the background atop the door?
  34. HylianPancake

    Spoiler I'm Worried About the Final Dungeon.

    I watched a playthrough of the final boss, and the final dungeon isn't really...a final dungeon. IT WAS CRAZY COOL THOUGH.
  35. HylianPancake

    Spoiler A Curious Map Sighting

    I think its where we fight the Sky Whale, to be honest. And I think once we have the Master Sword we can open the area, so it'll be later in the game, probably after we get the last Sword Upgrade in the Second Desert Dungeon. I think defeating the whale will unlock that place on The Surface...
  36. HylianPancake

    Is There a Connection Between Zelda and the Goddess?

    *SPOILERS* So, the Intro states the Goddess rose Skyloft into the sky as well as the absolute power. She enforced seals on the bank of clouds, but also hid the Absolute Power. I believe The Goddess hid the absolute force in Zelda's ancestor, and it was passed down (as well as the Lyre)...
  37. HylianPancake

    Who is the Main Villian of Skyward Sword?

    I honestly think The Imprisoned, (in his true form, no matter what it may be) will be the final boss of SS. I also think he'll be reincarnated as Ganondorf in OOT (if Ganondorf doesn't appear in SS, which was confirmed he doesn't).
  38. HylianPancake

    Spoiler When/What You Can Use/do with the Lyre

    *Story Spoilers* After beating the Lanayru Mining Facility, you go to the Temple of Time where you find Zelda and get the Lyre. I believe it was said by...IGN, was it? We play the Lyre by holding A and flicking the Wiimote (or something similar) as if you were plucking the strings.
  39. HylianPancake

    10/27 Trailer Ideas

    Well, also happening on 10/27 is the SS Japanese site is probably getting updated with another area on the World Map, so that means more trailers as well as this one. ^^
  40. HylianPancake

    Zelda Awards

    Best Zelda Game Best Handheld Zelda Game Best Console Zelda Game Most Unique Zelda Game Best Music Best Items Best Bosses Best Characters Those are some of my ideas. I would love to see this happen! It should be called the Golden Goddess Awards or something. :P
  41. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Attack Cutscene

    So, if you're not picky about spoilers, you've probably seen the cutscene of Ghirahim in the ruins in the Lyre trailer, and also him attacking the Sheikah Woman in the GJA video. It shows various parts of a cutscene, so I tried putting them in order and into one video, but obviously there are...
  42. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Sheikah Girl Theory

    Why can't it be both? The Goddess could have more than one servant. That means so far we have Fi, the Sheikah, Faron, and Eldin.
  43. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Sheikah Girl Theory

    I'm going with the theory she's a Sheikah Servant of the Goddess tasked with protecting Zelda. This is probably why the Sheikah protected the Royal Family.
  44. HylianPancake

    How Many Dungeons?

    At least give credit to nikohesus of ZU for actually writing this post. =/ But yeah, that sounds about right. Plus, there's obviously going to be a final dungeon. Possibly another portion of the Goddess Statue? Hmm, trying to think of what those others could be. I'm guessing there's gonna...
  45. HylianPancake

    General Art Richard's Sprite Shop

    Whoa, these are amazing! I wish I had the talent and patience to do stuff like this. ^_^;; Anyway, do you think you could make me a sprite of the Loftwings from Skyward Sword? I would truly appreciate it, sir!
  46. HylianPancake

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    I dunno, highly doubt it. Well, I take that back. We just won't see it for a while.
  47. HylianPancake

    Spoiler 15 Minutes of New Footage!

    Here's what the letter says: Wow, sounds nice! I'm loving Zelda in Skyward Sword! :3 EDIT: HOLY SHIZ..."DATE"? YES!!!
  48. HylianPancake

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    The top of it kind of reminds me of Kalle Demos, actually. =]
  49. HylianPancake

    Favorite Zelda Logo?

    I dunno. Thought this wood be a good topic to post. What's your favorite Zelda logo? Mine, personally, is either The Wind Waker or Spirit Tracks, I love how they represent your mean of transportation in the game, but also a vital part of the story. What's yours?
  50. HylianPancake

    Spoiler Something I Noticed About Groose/ More Evidence Against Ganon Appearing Directly.

    Oh my god... Red hair, gold eyes... OMG GERUDO!
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