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  1. Turo602

    Do you hate Zombie Apocalypse movies or games?

    Good for you, I guess.
  2. Turo602

    Do you hate Zombie Apocalypse movies or games?

    About as much effort as it takes to make some basic sci-fi plot.
  3. Turo602

    Do you hate Zombie Apocalypse movies or games?

    So like literally everything else in media? How is this a specific problem to post apocalyptic/zombie stories? I wasn't aware every other genre just constantly produced hits that were insanely unique from one another and not totally oversaturated with a bunch of copy and pasted junk. Archetypes...
  4. Turo602

    Do you hate Zombie Apocalypse movies or games?

    I never understood the complaint that zombie/post apocalyptic stories specifically are "oversaturated" like it's somehow detrimental to the concept itself. What isn't oversaturated these days? Sci-fi? Fantasy? Superheroes? FPS? RPGs? Romantic Comedies? The list goes on and on. There's so many...
  5. Turo602

    Nintendo How did you celebrate Mar10?

    Bought some turtles and stepped on them.
  6. Turo602

    What are your thoughts on Easy Mode?

    Alright guys, let's just call it what it is.
  7. Turo602

    Will/Did you buy Metroid Prime Remastered?

    I picked mine up from Gamestop when it released with no issue which is strange because the last 2 times I pre-ordered something from them, they didn't have it for weeks and I just ended up canceling and getting the games elsewhere. I do have my suspicions Nintendo is trying to create a demand...
  8. Turo602

    Unlikely but what if Nintendo did THIS for Metroid Prime?

    That's basically what I'm expecting. I don't think they'll shadow drop the other two though. But worse case scenario, they do some sort of double pack of 2 and 3. I'd love to have all 3 games separately with their own remastered covers like Metroid Prime. Like what Platinum Games did with the...
  9. Turo602

    Link Between Worlds or Link's Awakening DX?

    A Link Between Worlds is the superior game but Link's Awakening is more simplistic and therefore more newcomer friendly. If you have a Switch, I'd recommend just getting the remake of Link's Awakening as it has some quality of life improvements and the new visuals and music make it a very...
  10. Turo602

    Will/Did you buy Metroid Prime Remastered?

    Got mine pre-ordered at Gamestop. The wait has been killing me, especially with how often I keep seeing it pop up on my timeline. I've played the game before on Gamecube as a kid, but I always got stuck in the ice area. Eventually, I ended up buying the Trilogy on Wii and in all this time, I...
  11. Turo602

    $70 Tears of the Kingdom?

    The good news is that they seem to be doing this on a case by case basis, which is why games like Pikmin 4 and Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Deluxe are still priced at the standard 60 and even Metroid Prime: Remastered at 40, which is interesting considering Skyward Sword HD went full price. I...
  12. Turo602

    Gleeok’s Return!

    That's awesome. I always said I'd love to see some classic bosses like Gleeok reimagined in the next game. I was also a big fan of the idea of sprinkling tough boss fights around the overworld, something reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus to replace the Devine Beasts in the sequel. Hopefully...
  13. Turo602

    Do You Play Board Games?

    Yeah, I still play board games. Not frequently, but it's something I grew up doing and whenever my siblings are up for it, we'll bust out either Sorry, Trouble, or Disney Pictopia. Monopoly used to be a staple growing up, but we've grown rather bored of its grueling length. Guess Who and Don't...
  14. Turo602

    Your first M-rated game

    I had 3 older siblings with an 11 year gap in between me and the oldest. So I was pretty much influenced by whatever they were doing. We also grew up in an abusive household, so we pretty much had to grow up faster than most. When every weekend is a nightmare, suddenly some bad words, blood, and...
  15. Turo602

    What is in your gaming backlog?

    Welp, it's 2023 now and that's as much as I've knocked off of this list. There were plenty more I left off that I've since completed like Red Dead Redemption II, Quantum Break, Control, Metroid: Other M, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Shovel Knight. I'm...
  16. Turo602

    Most Interesting World/Settings in Games

    This, 100% for me. The world of Red Dead Redemption is so eerie despite looking like a realistic depiction of the wild west on the surface and Red Dead Redemption II in particular took it to the next level with how it brings so many superstitions to life in such interesting ways. But even the...
  17. Turo602

    2023 Gaming Goals

    Mostly just getting through my backlog. Though this year in particular, I would like to focus more on my Playstation backlog. I barely touched my PS4 when I had it and now that I have a PS5, I would like to get through some of my PS4 games, starting with the God of War 3 remaster so I can...
  18. Turo602

    A Link Between Worlds HD This Year?

    So it's just occurred to me, A Link Between Worlds turns 10 this year and it has been quite the tradition as of late for Nintendo to remaster Zelda games on their 10th anniversaries. With so much discussion surrounding the possibility of Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD being ported to...
  19. Turo602

    Your Villain Theme

    Zelda Dungeon... ACKNOWLEDGE ME.
  20. Turo602

    My Metroid Journey

    Actually, that's correct. Fusion released in 2002 and Zero Mission in 2004.
  21. Turo602

    My Metroid Journey

    I think Super is a game you'll come to appreciate the more you get a feel for the series. Navigation can be a little confusing in some of the later parts and the grapple beam is a little clunky, but overall, it's definitely deserving of all of the acclaim it gets, especially during its time...
  22. Turo602

    Microsoft Is Xbox Series Coasting Off Game Pass?

    It definitely feels like Xbox is throwing all their efforts into Gamepass. Gears 5 for example felt completely rushed just to coincide with Gamepass with its 2 year development for what was said to be the biggest Gears of War game to date. Yet the game was undercooked and launched with so many...
  23. Turo602

    Do you consider Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask 3D as Remakes or Remasters?

    A remake for me would be if the game was redone mostly from scratch. Without knowing much of the development of these games, I'd probably classify them as remasters since I think they were mostly working off of the old games. If I'm wrong here, I'd love to know.
  24. Turo602

    Anyone has played the Zelda games chronologically?

    Not really, there's no real incentive from a story perspective in doing so since the games don't really have a continuous narrative. But I did once play the 3D games in release order starting from Wind Waker to Breath of the Wild.
  25. Turo602

    Will the stats get carried over?

    Definitely. I mean, imagine how stupid it would be if in Metroid, Samus had to get her upgrades and powers back every ga-wait a minute!
  26. Turo602

    Is BOTW a Trilogy?

    I don't understand how Age of Calamity got roped into this discussion. It's a Hyrule Warriors game first and foremost and therefore not a sequel to Breath of the Wild. To consider it a legitimate part of a trilogy to a completely different genre of games is absurd. Tears of the Kingdom is a...
  27. Turo602

    SSHD After going through a recent playthrough of Skyward Sword, I realized something...

    I think that was precisely the problem Nintendo had with Skyward Sword. It's really no different than previous 3D Zelda games, only difference being that Skyward Sword relegated all of its village type areas into one central hub in the sky. But its design and progression was very Ocarina of...
  28. Turo602

    The Downfall Timeline May Have Existed Longer Than We Have Thought Previously

    I was one of those people who thought the downfall timeline was a croc of sh*t and even back then, while I liked the idea of the timeline and split timeline, it was something I always believed Nintendo just ran with because it was popular among fans and held over our heads to keep people...
  29. Turo602

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    Yeah, that's basically what I was getting at. We know Zelda comes from Hylia and Ganon comes from Demise. But what about Link? The hero in Breath of the Wild's tapestry looks nothing like Link, but he definitely had to have descended from him though right? That's Link's role, the one he's cursed...
  30. Turo602

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    I don't think we're going to necessarily meet this character in game to be honest. Could just be backstory like how we never met Hylia but her presence is felt throughout Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.
  31. Turo602

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    I keep seeing people say that the Mural figure is Hylia but Zelda IS Hylia, so the figure we've accepted as Zelda doesn't necessarily represent THIS Zelda, but Zelda in general/Hylia. That means this new figure is something else and possibly Zonai in origin. Could this Zonai figure be a...
  32. Turo602

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    The Zonai are from the Twilight Realm which Link will visit and meet Midna who is going to fuse with the Master Sword like Fi.
  33. Turo602

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Get ready for a Breath of the Wild 2 delay with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess remaster ports as an apology.
  34. Turo602

    If new game releases ended, would you be content w/ what you have?

    While I'm usually behind on game releases and have a lot I still have yet to play, no I would not be content with no more game releases. Especially not today. There's so much I'm in anticipation for that would surely piss me off if they just never released. We're in the middle of a survival...
  35. Turo602

    Sony PS5 Price Increasing in Select Markets

    Typical garbage move by Sony.
  36. Turo602

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    With AI, we'll go on 10,000 more years.
  37. Turo602

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Finally got a PS5. Originally wanted to wait for some sort of revision but Target had them available over the weekend and it was pretty easy to obtain so what the hell. I also got rid of my PS4 a while ago so I've been kind of missing having a Playstation console around.
  38. Turo602

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Started Shadow of the Tomb Raider and I've been really digging it so far, but I can definitely see why it has quite a mixed reputation. I thought Rise got a little excessive with its collectibles that kinda dragged the pacing down. But Shadow definitely takes it to a whole new level, so much...
  39. Turo602

    Do You Miss Unique Ports?

    For the sake of conversation, I say it counts. Like I said, it was too wordy to put in a title, but that's why I covered many different scenarios with various games and franchises in my original post because I'm not speaking strictly to just ports, but the overall diversity in gaming brought...
  40. Turo602

    Do You Miss Unique Ports?

    Kinda goes hand in hand with what I was saying though. Didn't want to get too wordy with the title, but the general idea is that lesser ports sometimes ended up being completely different games and in some cases, better games than their main counterparts. So it's not strictly just about ports...
  41. Turo602

    Have you played through every mainline Zelda game yet?

    All except for Adventure of Link, The Oracle Games, Majora's Mask, and Spirit Tracks. Never played the original Link's Awakening and honestly won't ever be bothered to after the remake. Adventure of Link I just have absolutely no interest in touching. I would definitely like to play through...
  42. Turo602

    Do You Miss Unique Ports?

    So this has been something that's been on my mind for a while and it just came back again after a discussion with my brother about wrestling games and how the difference in hardware used to push developers to make completely unique console ports with various IPs and in some cases, separate...
  43. Turo602

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Pretty tame Direct. I know Fire Emblem and Xenoblade were supposed to be the big announcements of the Direct, but I really don't care for either franchise. Mario Kart 8 was probably the biggest surprise for me but also kind of a slap in the face. We won't be getting Mario Kart 9 any time soon...
  44. Turo602

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    Favorites Breath of the Wild Ocarina of Time The Wind Waker Twilight Princess A Link Between Worlds A Link to the Past The Minish Cap Skyward Sword Link's Awakening (2019) Phantom Hourglass Four Swords Adventures Least Favorites The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Spirit Tracks Bad...
  45. Turo602

    Breath of the Wild What Timeline do you believe BotW takes place in? What details in the game make you come to this conclusion?

    The game very clearly references all the timelines. Nintendo has never been one to put story over gameplay which is evident in the timeline itself which they clearly didn't put much thought into until after Ocarina of Time. They even set Breath of the Wild so far into the future with its own...
  46. Turo602

    Twilight Princess Freaking ROCKS !!

    I love Twilight Princess, but after replaying it again a couple years ago, I found it way too linear for my liking. I didn't even realize how linear it was before and exploring areas as the wolf first and collecting the tears of light was a little meh. Other than that, I think it's still the...
  47. Turo602

    The future of James Bond (Mild Spoilers no details)

    Personally, I hope they reboot it. I'm good with the way No Time to Die ended. It was a bold and solid end to his films. I see no reason to tack on more stuff after and make up some nonsense about James Bond being a mantle or replacing 007. 007 dies with James Bond, trying to make it otherwise...
  48. Turo602

    Recent games that are nostalgic for you

    Probably Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Red Dead Redemption II. It's strange, but I've spent good chunks of the year over the years with these games alone. Got so immersed in their worlds and captivated by their charm that when it was over, I was just left with this overwhelming...
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