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  1. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

  2. Oathkeeper95

    Nintendo As of late March 2023, it will no longer be possible to make Nintendo eShop purchases for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

    Are there even any Zelda games that are worth purchasing through Nintendo Eshop on 3DS? We can still access them after we purchase them right? Maybe I should buy some quick...
  3. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

    Get fricked, nerds!!
  4. Oathkeeper95

    What Are Some New Gameplay Mechanics You'd Like to See in Tears of the Kingdom?

    Actually I think the series could use more hyper-situational sword play like they had in WW and TP. That would be awesome. A little button press to make Link do a dodge roll into a slash :ezlo:
  5. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

    Oh I was commenting on the title alpha and omega.
  6. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

    The alphabet mafia, but with the greek alphabet. Swore.
  7. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

    you cheeky c*nts
  8. Oathkeeper95

    Nintendo Switch Joins the 100 Million Hardware Club

    It's about to be 100 million and 1 cause I can't find my frickin switch.
  9. Oathkeeper95

    Last person to post wins

    Get fricked
  10. Oathkeeper95

    Thank you very much ^^

    Thank you very much ^^
  11. Oathkeeper95

    My favorite discussions were the people hell bent that the series was a prequel to WW. I spent a...

    My favorite discussions were the people hell bent that the series was a prequel to WW. I spent a whole day debating in the forum why that wouldn't make sense.
  12. Oathkeeper95

    Probably speculation. We were frothing over Zelda Wii back then. Also Spirit Tracks.

    Probably speculation. We were frothing over Zelda Wii back then. Also Spirit Tracks.
  13. Oathkeeper95

    Oh wooooooooah. I totally remember that name. But I don't remember what we talked about. We...

    Oh wooooooooah. I totally remember that name. But I don't remember what we talked about. We probably bonded over Kingdom Hearts. This website is like a literal playthrough of Chain of Memories, all the memories are locked away but still there. I don't seem to remember you though. Odds are, we...
  14. Oathkeeper95

    What Are Some New Gameplay Mechanics You'd Like to See in Tears of the Kingdom?

    Maybe a homestead. Would be nice to do the cliche "Build your land" thing videogames do. Not as intense as Fallout 4, but maybe like.. Assassins Creed 2.
  15. Oathkeeper95

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned for being not based.
  16. Oathkeeper95

    Nintendo Nintendo Issues Numerous Copyright Blocks to GilvaSunner's Channel, Prompting the Channel's Deletion

    Japanese companies just seem to have a lot of PR moves that are ass backwards. In general. Im not surprised that they struck it down, Im just dissappointed I lost an avenue to listen to their music. Maybe this points to Nintendo announcing its own music streaming platform. Who knows. That would...
  17. Oathkeeper95

    I still remember some of your fanfiction, I think. Even after 12 years. Cheers.

    I still remember some of your fanfiction, I think. Even after 12 years. Cheers.
  18. Oathkeeper95

    Spoiler Zelda MM Theory: Fierce Deity- Who Was He?

    It's possible that the Fierce Diety Mask transforms Link into .. well.. the Diety of Termina. One that exists to protect Termina. I remember the manga had a figure that LOOKED like FD Link, maybe they are the same person. If the spirit of Calamity exists across multiple universes, then perhaps...
  19. Oathkeeper95

    We have the same birthday. Enjoy it, and have a good one.

    We have the same birthday. Enjoy it, and have a good one.
  20. Oathkeeper95

    From one legend to another

    From one legend to another
  21. Oathkeeper95

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Being born. Happy birthday, me.
  22. Oathkeeper95

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Ahh... Finally, some actual NEWS for Skyward Sword. I have been waiting for this. :) *Cracks knuckles* Hmmm... In all honesty, I believe that mysterious figure does not really look like (I believe you all called her Zordania?) at all. I mean, they are similar, sure, but the face is almost...
  23. Oathkeeper95

    Pokemon Black and White

    Ha! Black and White. I can already hear all the jokes me and my poke-maniac friends are gonna make about this one. " So dude, you black or white?" "I am most definetly going Black" "But you're white!" "Shutup man, im hispanic! (Its not my fault my moms from Monterrey...)" :D But seriously...
  24. Oathkeeper95

    Locations From Past Games That You Think Should Return in Zelda Wii

    Well obviously the Lost woods, Temple of Time , Lake Hylia and Death Mountain should come back so that we all have geographical evidence to our time-line arguments when the buzz of playing a full-blown console zelda game wears off and we all start fighting over its timeline placement. :P But...
  25. Oathkeeper95

    The Member Fact Game

    Seems to really liek these forum gamez.... 50 characterz decapatation!!!!!!!
  26. Oathkeeper95

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but its your ex-girlfriend from the future that did the killing. Impossible you say? Well, did anyone in the vicinity of this thread divide by zero? *Mind explodes* I wish I had more time to spend on ZD
  27. Oathkeeper95

    The Music of Spirit Tracks

    Yes the music in SP was very, very nice and it didnt let us down at all. It was interesting to listen to the pan flute being used so much but instead of downgrading the music , it actually became a plus. A personal favorite of mine was Byrnes theme song.
  28. Oathkeeper95

    ST Review and Notable Similarities

    I found the game to be really, really, good and i heavily suggest on buying it. It was an absolute load of fun even if it was a tad easy. Dont get me wrong it still had its fair -shair of parts that were pretty hard. To put it in another way it was so easy i could finish a dungeon within 3...
  29. Oathkeeper95

    Zelda's Question (Major Ending Spoilers)

    For those of you who have already beaten Spirit Tracks (and let me just say congradulations if you did) then you may already have an idea as to what I am talking about. Before you face off against Malladus and puppet Zelda (with that annoying little booger Cole on your tail the whole time)...
  30. Oathkeeper95

    Playin' the Game and Need Help

    Look around, where there is a place to bomb the wall there is always a bomb-plant to bomb it with in the same room. I suggest having zelda possess a torch Phantom (the ones with flaming swords) to help you look around in the darkness. There are only two times when you need to bomb a wall in...
  31. Oathkeeper95

    3rd Floor of Spirit Tower

    Ummm... guy I thonk this should be in the game help secction and can you please be more specific. Is this floor the one with the shadows?
  32. Oathkeeper95

    Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork

    You know i think ill try making some enemy artwork too. Maybe even a little funny comic I thought of while riding around in a train as well. I havent done any serious drawing lately so forgive me if its not that good.
  33. Oathkeeper95

    Got the Game

    MIght as well ask since everyones dying to know anyway.... Diffuculty?
  34. Oathkeeper95

    Stupid Little Things

    One of those little things that I love about Twilight Princess is how Malo, Collin , etc ( Cant remember their names at the moment ) actuelly duck whenever you swing a sword at them or shoot an arrow. Normally you would swing your blade at people and they wont even flinch, or do anything at all...
  35. Oathkeeper95

    Correct by Ganondorfs, But Could You Check by Triforce, Etc.

    Ok, ill be the one to ask. Why in the name of Ganons little pig tail does MM create a split in the timeline?
  36. Oathkeeper95

    Age of the Characters..

    Lets just say that hylians lifespans are longer than usual and be done with it. Lineback, jolene, koume , and kotake are all 100+ years old too you know! Besides, who says that tetra being all old will ruin her charecter? For all we know she can be those sarcastic angry grandmas that are...
  37. Oathkeeper95

    The mysterious Linebeck

    Ummmmm..... according to the ending of WW Link and Tetra sailed NORTH of the Great Sea, not south of it. Get your directions straight. Anyway, to contribute to the issue we all know that Lineback isnt necesarilly the greatest explorer out there so if it is true that the only link between the...
  38. Oathkeeper95

    Spirit Tracks Leaked Screenshots! (Spoilers)

    Woohoo, we finally get to see WW link and tetra when they are old! BTW what do you guys think about the two guys who ( from the looks of it) Kidnapped tetra. As an avid fan of Thomas the Tank Engine ( when I was younger of course ) , all this steam train-theme is getting me pretty pumped...
  39. Oathkeeper95

    What Part of the Triforce Do You Correspond To?

    Hmmmm, this is one of those soul-search kind of questions that i do not like at at because it really requiresme to search deep-down and really THINK. I guess i can rule out the possibility of power ( which seems to be what everybody else on this thread is doing to ). Im not exactly the...
  40. Oathkeeper95

    My Conclusion to the Timeline

    Wow, this thread is failing almost as much as the guy who ... actually i think i can just sum it up with this: Anyway, Link3618 i suggest you rewrite your first post into something legible, ASAP before any of us start having fun with this.
  41. Oathkeeper95

    New New Hyrule Theory

    Unfortunately, Master Kokiri you must remember that the king of hyrule wished for all of old hyrule to be flooded in the end of windwaker. The godesess are not going to let Hyrule rain now because then it would go against the kings wish.
  42. Oathkeeper95

    The Kokiri

    Umm, can you get a bigger, better map of Hyrule in OoT I can barely see some of the more important landmarks such as the gerudo desert, lake hylia, and the lost woods? I also cant see some of the text on the map. If you can, also can you give us a filled-out map of TP hyrule so we can compare...
  43. Oathkeeper95

    First4Figures Link Statue

    Wow that looks absolutely awesome. Hopefully the TP statues would also look even more epic. I guess this was just the pick-you-up you needed huh? BTW we need a hylian translator here ASAP to read us whats on the map. Anyone here kno hylian?
  44. Oathkeeper95

    My Timeline Theory

    There two ganondorfs because...... well because there two ganondorfs! When Link is sent back in time to live out his childhood by zelda he informs everyone of Gannys plan of world domination (and then he starts searching for navi which results in MM).Because th cats out of the bag, Ganondorf is...
  45. Oathkeeper95

    Revamped Swordplay

    Many of you guys already know by now that the creators are going to be "revamping" the controls in Wii Zelda. This could also pertain to swordplay. They also said that they are planning on adding WiiMotion Plus to the game. Now, when answering questions about Wii Zelda a couple of months ago...
  46. Oathkeeper95


    I read the books out of sheer curiosity to see what all the hype was about. Also because im an avid book reader and i was looking for a new series to read. It was pretty enjoyable. I mean, sure its so annoying how everybody is so obssesed with it but its still a pretty good book. Anyway, To me...
  47. Oathkeeper95

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Im not completely sure what i am afraid of. You see i kinda find it hard to get in touch with some of my feelings and why i feel them. For instance I might have this one teacher and for some reason i instantly dislike them, and i cant figure out why. Anyway, Ill try to see what i can come up...
  48. Oathkeeper95

    Favorite Comedian

    Definetly Gabriel Iglesias. Carlos Mencia, George Lopez, and Dane Cook are preety funny too but I already know all of thier jokes so im waiting for new acts. Also one of the all-time greatest comedians : Jeff Dunham. He is problably one of the best ventriluquists ever! Oh, i know you guys are...
  49. Oathkeeper95

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    He could have simply gotten out of that room by teleporting. He still had the Ocarina of Time ya know. Im gonna check the final cutscene one more time and then ill be back with my opinion
  50. Oathkeeper95

    My Footnotes ^.^

    Ok Startimer, after reading what these people have to say here on ZD, this here is a recap on timeline facts most people can agree on: -------/---WW/PH---SP(a Nintendo of America Rep. confirmed it. Deal with it) ---OoT -------\MM-TP MC is usually placed before OoT and for that matter FS but...
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