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  1. Seth

    AwdryFan plays and complains about Final Fantasy III and asks for audience participation

    FFVI was super ambitious for the time, having a more complex plot with cinematic moments, following different parties after a split, the world being basically destroyed and being able to explore it all over again in the second half etc on an early 90s RPG was pretty darn cool. While antiquated...
  2. Seth

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Final Fantasy VI
  3. Seth

    Breath of the Wild What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    The lack of variety in the shrines and dungeons. I am a sucker for atmosphere, having some variation in the "underworld" would have been nice. IE Gerudo shrines having an Egyptian pyramid feel, Eldin having rock and lava. That kind of thing. The overworld was great in that regard but the same...
  4. Seth

    Flour vs Corn Tortillas

    Both have old traditions, flour in the southwest US, especially New Mexico, and corn in Mexico. Both have many culinary uses and both are quite delicious. But the real question is which is better!? If your answer is wheat you can just turn around and leave, you are not welcome.
  5. Seth

    Game attire. Form over function?

    I go with function first, although I will try to avoid mismatching armor so it doesn't look terrible, but otherwise always function.
  6. Seth

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Breath of the Wild (Some Fans don't like it?)

    No, no it decidedly did not. The RPG genre existed well before 1986. Ultima 1 came out in 1981 for instance. And even that wasn't the first.
  7. Seth

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I don't know anyone here anymore
  8. Seth

    Inappropriate Crushes

    Prince Harry <3
  9. Seth

    Final Fantasy XV's Lack of Female Protagonists

    The problem I have with these kinds of controversies is that it doesn't matter if the point is legitimate or not, because you can't force someone to change their art. If you do, it doesn't change the issue anyway. I can understand the concern of the portrayal of women and minorities in video...
  10. Seth

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    As some of you are aware I work at Disney World, namely the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This upcoming week we have the incredible honor of hosting the Invictus Games. In case you don't know what that is, it's very much like the Paralympics but for wounded veterans. It was started by...
  11. Seth

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Elder Scrolls Online
  12. Seth


  13. Seth

    Which operating system?

    I just ordered a new PC. Comes with Windows 10 but I already have some experience with it and so far it seems pretty solid.
  14. Seth

    Sleep Paralysis

    I get it fairly often, often with auditory hallucinations. Even after all these years it still freaks me out.
  15. Seth

    Are you flirtatious?

    I hate flirting. I'd rather just get to the point.
  16. Seth

    Sorry I haven't been on in ages I don't know how it all works :/

    Sorry I haven't been on in ages I don't know how it all works :/
  17. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Well I'd like to see some actual work toward that other than just saying "Get over it" or "Go to another site".
  18. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    The SciFi Chat has been dead for a long time
  19. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Uh, no, it's a very real Skype chat group. And I don't blame them for everything, in fact in this very thread I brought up other issues I had multiple times. I do think you and that chat have done more harm than good lately though for ZD.
  20. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    So it's just my "group". Your definition of "compromise" is blame everything on a fictitious group. Also, idk, creeping out people in the SB with your "hypersexual" nonsense, harassing members like Beauts who don't want to hear that stuff. Spammy posts, abusing the report function etc.
  21. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Who am I mocking? Also, me and many people would love you to stop trolling. That would be a huge start.
  22. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I for one think the distinction between a 'tech' admin and otherwise is silly. It's just fighting over meaningless semantics since they have all the same perms (and tech admins can give themselves perms so taking way mod perms is equally pointless).
  23. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    What compromise exactly? Enough vagueness, those phrases are all well and good but they are meaningless without some concrete change.
  24. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Why? Okay, well instead of just saying that over and over, what do you propose?
  25. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Okay I have a real suggestion. Locke should step down.
  26. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Why are we deleting posts? "...but I do think that for almost all cases for a message board, the best course of action is no action." - Mases, 2016. He doesn't want you guys to mod!
  27. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Disagreeing with mods was not the issue, but hey believe what you want. Now leave me be as I go back to my Kitsu shrine and carry out the sacrament.
  28. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    So some people can, some can't? Why? What the hell did our Dear Admins do to the permissions? I can assure you that isn't how it is supposed to be.
  29. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I wasn't able to before I was mod.
  30. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Also, I am somehow still able to ban myself from the SB, so my permissions STILL aren't fixed. I don't understand how someone can screw up permissions this badly. It's a simple operation, but Locke can take a simple task and somehow break reality and do things that shouldn't even be possible.
  31. Seth

    Official Suggestions Thread

    @Mases, @Locke etc, hell even @Matt, how many members complaining about something does it take until you all figure out that it is a problem? So the 7 or so staff members all resigning under Locke and our current system status quo are just conveniently delusional? The site activity is dropping...
  32. Seth

    Thanks I appreciate it

    Thanks I appreciate it
  33. Seth

    Been a bit stressed and tired, a lot going on but it's fine. Just a lot happening atm.

    Been a bit stressed and tired, a lot going on but it's fine. Just a lot happening atm.
  34. Seth

    Not too much at the moment, you?

    Not too much at the moment, you?
  35. Seth


  36. Seth

    Inappropriate Crushes

    That is repulsive, you should honestly be ashamed of yourself. Please leave ZD forever. Disgusting.
  37. Seth

    What are your top 10 favourite animals

    Nah, Octopi is never correct :P
  38. Seth

    What are your top 10 favourite animals

    Actually, "Octopi" is an incorrect pluralization. It's assuming that the word Octopus comes from Latin, but it doesn't, it's Greek. The technical correct term would be Octopodes in Greek, but Octopuses is also correct and more commonly used.
  39. Seth

    Zelda thought

    And not every desert has camels in it :coolhecks:
  40. Seth

    Will Spirit Tracks Split the Timeline Again?

    I think every single Zelda game should have a timeline split.
  41. Seth

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Psh, I start work before that most days :P
  42. Seth

    Best Movie Video Game.

    I really liked Toy Story 3 on the Wii. A bit short but a lot of fun.
  43. Seth

    Where are you on the political spectrum?

    Where did you find that chart
  44. Seth

    What would it take for you to purchase an NX?

    Decent third party support finally would be nice. I dream of a day where I can play games like Elder Scrolls, GTA, Zelda and Mario etc all on the same console.
  45. Seth

    Favorite Singers

    Bob Seger Meatloaf Don Henley (The Eagles) Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms) Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Eddie Vedder (even if only for Into the Wild) Alison Krauss Dan Tyminski (Alison Krauss and Union Station) Just off the top of my head.
  46. Seth

    Color of the PLASTIC on the official cartridge of the Oracles duo

    My store bought ones are the clear greyish colored ones but idk if they ever made different versions. It wouldn't surprise me m
  47. Seth

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Ball Four - Jim Bouton Jim Bouton was a major league pitcher and this book, written in 1970, is his personal chronicles of the 1969 season as well as some of his earlier experiences. This book was massively controversial at the time as it revealed a player culture of sex, drugs and cheating...
  48. Seth

    Was the Wii U worth it?

    I know plenty of people who say just that about the SNES :P The difference with SNES and WiiU is that SNES was pretty top of the line in specs while also having a great library. Hardware wise it was toe to toe with it's competition if not better and it didn't rely on some gimmick to sell it...
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