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    Ideas for a "scary" Dungeon

    What do you think would be a good scary dungeon for a Zelda game? I would absolutely love a smaller dungeon that is maze like. The entire place is very dark and you have to use a lantern to see. The whole point of the place is to find the pieces of the boss key that are scattered around the...
  2. Tictalk

    Would You Like To See a Zelda Racing Game

    Where did you get that official box art??? It looks so good! In all seriousness though, I don't think it's a good idea cause nintendo takes Zelda seriously. Mario can have racing and sports games because he dosnt have a serious reputation.
  3. Tictalk

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    My favorite temple is probably the great bay temple from Majoras Mask, despite it being a water temple. My least favorite is defiantly level seven: demon from the original legend of Zelda. I don't know why, but that dungeon always gave me the most trouble.
  4. Tictalk

    Altering the Puzzle and Combat Difficulties

    You have good intentions, but I don't think its a good idea to compare Zelda to a genre or game it's clearly not, like Silent Hill. This is why I don't like when people say that they want more RPG aspects in Zelda, because then it's not Zelda. You can only stray so far before you're on a...
  5. Tictalk

    One Zelda Game

    That's a very hard question. As much as I love MM I chose FSA because of the variety of levels and I don't think I could get tired of it.
  6. Tictalk

    General Modern Ambassadors Program; Minish Cap

    As an ambassador when I received MC I was very excited, as I had never played it before, but the game is seriously broken. This has happened on both my files where the game will not let me get past the part where you return the books. :( Did anyone else have this problem? (Sorry if this is in...
  7. Tictalk

    OoT-N64 Am I the Only Person Who Did This?

    Haha! *high five* the sad part is that it wasn't my first run -_- I really wanted the mask of truth early so I wanted to beat it fast. Haha.
  8. Tictalk

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    I want an enemy with really large ears and you have to stun him somehow, get close to his ear, and play a certain note and that would hurt him.
  9. Tictalk

    OoT-N64 Am I the Only Person Who Did This?

    in ocarina of Time I wanted to complete the mask side quest as soon as possible so I did everything up to the bunny hood before even getting to goron city. When I got the bunny hood I literally ran around hyrule for 2 hours looking for that darn running man only to find out that he dosnt appear...
  10. Tictalk

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think Was the Easiest Kid Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    I said jabu jabu cause not including the boss I can beat it in about 15 minutes.
  11. Tictalk

    Your First Playthrough of a Zelda Game.

    Well mostly I use guides loosely, but I did follow the guide step by step for LoZ
  12. Tictalk

    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    I like 4-6 with lots of side quests. :) it makes the game feel cozy and that you're connected to the characters.
  13. Tictalk

    Link's Awakening: Original or Remake?

    I said the original because that's what got me in to the series.
  14. Tictalk

    Where on the Timeline Should the Next Zelda Game Take Place?

    I definently want to see a game set pre-OoT during the hykian war. I think it would be very interesting to do side quests for all races in the war. :)
  15. Tictalk

    Hardest Zelda Game

    I voted for four swords simply because it's near impossible to getbthe third keys.
  16. Tictalk

    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    Normally I beat the game without help, then I go back for 100%.
  17. Tictalk

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I've suggested this to Mases at least twice and I still think it would be good for Zelda Dungeon to have an official Tumblr. With it's Millions of users and easy to use set-up I know it would be the perfect place to post news, videos, fan art, answer questions, and expand Zelda Dungeon's already...
  18. Tictalk

    To Evolve Or Not?

    The onlytime I've ever stopped a pokemon from evolving is when. Wanted an espeon but eevee started to evolve in to imbreon
  19. Tictalk

    I Has a Question

    I always perceived it that all of the sages died first, but in like a sudden peacefull way.
  20. Tictalk

    Why Can't the Kokiri Children Leave the Deku Forest?

    I always just thought that the don't know that they can. So if one of them wanted to they would forget before they could leave, but your theory ,makes more sense.
  21. Tictalk

    Majora's Mask Have You Done It In 3 Days?

    Oops! Please disregard my yes vote. I meant to hit no. Sorry! :/ I have never tried this even though I have played MM so many times. I applaud anyone who is able to do this.
  22. Tictalk

    The Hero of Time Has Met with a Terrible Fate, Hasn't He?

    Hmm... That's a very good point you have brought up there. Claps for you :) I would say that since he became a stalfos person thing (hero of shade in TP) he gets to live forever. :/ is that good?
  23. Tictalk

    Your Favorite Portable Zelda Game?

    Links awakening is the reason I am a Zelda fan so it would be unfitting if it didn't get my vote. It was wonderfull and still holds up today.
  24. Tictalk

    Which 3d Zelda Game Has the Best/your Favorite Dungeons Overall?

    I havnt played WW, but of those that I have played MM is no question the best. It's the only game that's temples varied from wonderfully simplistic to mind hurting challenging. They were excellent!
  25. Tictalk

    New Locations for New Games?

    I know it sounds cheesy, but I think that it would be an interesting gameplay aspect if link, with the help of his partner, could travel in to peoples dreams. I think that would be a step n the right direction for creativity. :)
  26. Tictalk

    Favorite MM Song

    Most definently the elegy of emptiness for me! Even though it is just a short ocarina song, to this day I whistle the tune in school :)
  27. Tictalk

    "MM is Superior to OoT"

    Personally, even though I like MM more than OoT, I always just thought that OoT was a more perfected game. Don't get me wrong they're both some of the best games of all time but OoT gripped the player and gave them more freedom in my opinion. :)
  28. Tictalk

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I'd say I'm most excited for the launch of the wii u and will be purchasing one as soon as possible, but if that dosnt count I am looking forward to animal crossing 3ds that should be coming out soon.
  29. Tictalk

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    Hmmmm... Site staff won a prize..... Not suspicious at all....... Just kidding :) congratulations!
  30. Tictalk

    Favorite Hub?

    Clock town!!! I wish I could live there.It's so cozy. :)
  31. Tictalk

    General Zelda Question

    Links mother was mentioned in OoT. She was fleeing from the war and dropped Link of in Kokiri, I think.
  32. Tictalk

    The Legend of Zelda LoZ 3 Heart Challenge

    I forget which dungeon it was but the one with all those wizrobes and darknaughts is going to to be impossible. Best of luck to you.
  33. Tictalk

    LEAST Favorite Companion?

    Midna's stuck up, bratty attitude never grew on me. I love tatl and spirit Zelda.
  34. Tictalk

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I hated midna. She never grew on me and I found her to be 10 times worse than Navi. She's one of the main reasons I didn't really like TP.
  35. Tictalk

    Who Should I Choose

    I'd say gen 4 is the only one where all of then starters are actually decent. Others had that one that wasn't very good such as venusaur, feraligator, Sceptile, and the snivys.
  36. Tictalk

    Favorite Spin-off Game

    I said other because I love the rumble for wii ware, but I the original ranger was very fun.
  37. Tictalk

    What Pokemon Game Are You Playing Now.

    I'm playing blue on my blue gameboy color :)
  38. Tictalk

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    I think jinx is downright hideous.
  39. Tictalk

    Favorite Legendary?

    Patios and latias but they wern't on there..
  40. Tictalk

    Shiny Pokemon

    Iv been playing pokemon since blue and have yet to find a shiny :(
  41. Tictalk

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    If you don't happen to have the right move with your team you literally can't do anything against shedninja.
  42. Tictalk

    If Starters Wern't Water, Fire, and Grass..

    What types would you want the starters to be if they couldn't be fire water or grass? The only rule is that they still have to have to Be good against one and bad against the other.
  43. Tictalk

    Starter Type

    Surprised water isn't at least number 2.. In most generations the water type has at least one move that can dominate the grass starter.
  44. Tictalk

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    Ive probably put 300 hours of my life in to pokemon blue.
  45. Tictalk

    Favorite Generation

    Gen 1 cause of the bug types. I. Love. Bug. Types.
  46. Tictalk

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    I love Bug types!!!!!!! I always use one my team. I like that they evolve quickly and are easy to train.
  47. Tictalk

    Only Hyrule?

    Maybe other kingdoms were involved in the war in hyrule before OoT. That would make an amazing Zelda game.
  48. Tictalk

    Most Epic Boss Battle

    Gyrogh from MM is one of my favorites and I thought it felt like the movie Jaws. Very intense knowing something's under you and your trying to climb up to saftey.
  49. Tictalk

    Zelda MMORGP: Domain of Hyrule

    That would be amazing!!!! If theres anuki I'm very interested.
  50. Tictalk

    Swordless Oot Run?

    The boomerang and megaton hammer would be very valuable because of theyre reusable. Inthnk it's possible, but very difficult.
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