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  1. El Bagu

    WW-Wii U Anyone Wanting a Master Quest of Wind Waker?

    Wind Waker is one of my favorite games of all time and a Master Quest is something I would fancy a lot. :) But I do not think that they should only "mess" the dungeons up but also some of the islands so that you do not know where to go next. And they should skip the "A-button attack", that would...
  2. El Bagu

    The Minish Cap The Minish Cap, 3 Heart Challenge

    Hello you all :). I am quite convinced that some (most) of us consider "Minish Cap" one of the shortest and also one of the easiest Zelda´s. There are however ways too make things more difficult and one of those is "the 3 heart challenge". Does anybody here has the experience of beating...
  3. El Bagu

    Twilight Princess Am I Making Progress?

    I believe that you should do things because you like them. You should never feel stressed cause other people tell you to (unless you perhaps are participating in a competition, but that is another thing)! You are clearly making progress and I hope that you are enjoying the game as much as I...
  4. El Bagu

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I just finished completing the Wind Waker with 3 hearts. So now I will try to do the same thing with the Minish Cap. But first I am gonna drink a cup of coffee, because I need one and I want one, in fact I long for one :xd:! I guess I should play a game I have not finished before but at the...
  5. El Bagu

    Ocarina of Time Fave Thing to Do in OoT

    Exploring the Water Temple is always amusing, entertaining and fun. I love the Lake Hylia, the atmosphere of the Temple, I love fighting Dark Link and I love the tunes in the temple. :) (It is possible that I enjoy watching the dawn of Lake Hylia even more than the Temple on the bottom of it...
  6. El Bagu

    Epona Vs Train!

    Epona everyday! Could be that I am the cowboy type of a guy myself, riding a horse and bringing in the "live"stock is my melody I guess. The train is far too modern way of transportation for me, brings me the creeps :(. But I do prefer Epona from Ocarina of Time, added some depth to...
  7. El Bagu

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    A futuristic approach could ruin everything! Link flying a spaceship and shooting lazers, a lasersword instead of the Mastersword, things like that. I would not want Link in a realistic 2000 game either. Link taking the cab, taking a slice of pizza and calling Zelda on his Iphone etc. I...
  8. El Bagu

    A Link to the Past What's YOUR Death Count?

    If I remember things correctly I guess I died between 40-50 times myself the first time. And I do not consider myself a noob!! It all depends on what kind of approach you use I guess, I always play the games aggressively (and never bother collecting fairies etc.) and that cost me some extra...
  9. El Bagu

    What Game Have You NOT Played Yet but Are Interested in Doing So?

    I would really want to one day have the opportunity to play Four Swords on my GBA. But I guess that will never happen, it just seems to complicated for me! I would also want to play the Tingle "games". I am not putting a great effort on finding them but will they appear in a "used"-game store...
  10. El Bagu

    Adventure of Link Last Palace, Need to Vent... :)

    The Valley of Death requieres either 1. Patience and carefulness. or 2. Planning and proper use of spells & "the owerworld minions". I am lazy and thus I prefer the second choice. I normally make it through the valley with one death (not one game over) and it should not take more than 15 minutes...
  11. El Bagu

    Tingle-love or Hate?

    "That you are a character does not mean that you have a character". Tingle is one of those dudes that really is a character, I know lots of people do not appreciate people who are brave enough to be different. But I do and a guy like Tingle does not really harm anyone, his prices can...
  12. El Bagu


    I am not so sure that we all do. In fact I know a lot of people who do not! But maybe all of us writing in this thread like it :lol:. Cause I really love coffee and I prefer mine black (if we are talking american coffee, the type of coffeee that we also tend to consume in Scandinavia). Are we...
  13. El Bagu

    Favorite Actor/Actress

    Gene Hackman could be the one I like the most. Last time I saw him was in a movie called "Royal Teenbaums" (not sure about the spelling). Gene dominated this movie and that is something he always does. What a man!! There are of course many more, Del Toro, Depp & Portman that have already been...
  14. El Bagu

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

    Ganon´s Castle is my main choice. It has all the elements, some tricky puzzles, challenging enemies and it is indeed the last one of the game. You know that you are about to "make it" and it contributes to the great feelings. The best part of the entire Castle is the stairs, it gives such...
  15. El Bagu

    Adventure of Link Favorite Boss

    I wanted to choose Shadow Link but understand why he was not in the poll (did understand why even before reading the posts of the thread). I love the bosses of this game and I could almost pick every single one. However, Barba is a spectacular boss extraordinare and that is why I decided to...
  16. El Bagu

    Adventure of Link Favorite Palace?

    Parapa Palace would have to be my choice. It brings back so many great memories. I guess you could believe that I choose the Palace cause it is the easiest one but you would be wrong if you thought so. I just happen to love Horsehead and I also think it is the most beautiful Palace. :)
  17. El Bagu

    Did You Ever Have the Opportunity to Play a Zelda Game Before It Was Released?

    This makes me jealous! The fact is: The Wind Waker is one of the four best Zelda games ever made and the best 3D game of them all. :)
  18. El Bagu

    What It Will Take to Top OOT

    I believe the Wind Waker did top OoT. So in my opinion it has already been done (another mission accomplished)! I did not play OoT back in the 90´s but about 5 years ago. After finishing Ocarina of Time I started a file for the mighty Wind Waker and guess what? I did enjoy it a lot more :).
  19. El Bagu

    Reactions to SS

    When I realized that the game was not going to look like Twilight Princess I almost "sublimed" out of pure happiness. I wanted something different and it seems that is what we are getting. Thank you Nintendo, I love you ;)! I am really curious about the experience it will be (playing the...
  20. El Bagu

    Who is the Strongest Link?

    I believe you have a good point. And you know what else? Link in Twilight Princess is also the King of Sumo Wrestling, that makes him physically strong aswell :). My vote goes to Link in TP!!
  21. El Bagu

    WW-Wii U Finally Beat Wind Waker

    Congratz on beating the game, well done :clap: Is this game a favorite for me? Yes it is, I like almost everything about it. The main issue with the "style" of the game has to be that it is very difficult for a developer to make some scary/creepy/epic dungeons. But I guess they did the best...
  22. El Bagu

    Did You Ever Have the Opportunity to Play a Zelda Game Before It Was Released?

    Did you ever have the opportunity to play a Zelda game before it was released? That is my question to you :). I did get my copy of Spirit Tracks one day before the release date and it felt nice to be able to play the game before most people had the opportunity to (I only wish it would have...
  23. El Bagu

    Gamecube Games Beaten Record

    I´ve just beaten a few (the only reason i bought a Gamecube was that it came with a good price and that I wanted to play Wind Waker). Here is the list: Ocarina of Time & Majora´s Mask (possibly also Zelda 1 & 2, In can not seem to remember!) on the Collector´s Edition. Ocarina of Time...
  24. El Bagu

    Twilight Princess Creepiest Dungeon?

    Does the "Palace of Twilight" count as a dungeon? That would be my choice if it does. There is actually nothing extremly creepy about it, but those hands, I do not like them and become stressed! If it does not count as a dungeon, I will go with Arbiters Grounds. It was quite creepy with the...
  25. El Bagu

    Your Favorite Zelda Sword

    The sword on the cover of Zelda II is quite neat :)! Does anybody know if it is the "Magical Sword" obtained in the "original" Legend of Zelda?
  26. El Bagu

    General Modern Spirit Tracks Help

    Well, unfortunately I guess it is all about practice and to control your respiration. Not a great answer but the only one I have, good luck!
  27. El Bagu

    What's Your Favorite Ganon Battle?

    I can not decide, all of them except the first one (LoZ Ganon) are great. The swordfight in Wind Waker was more epic than the swordfight in Twilight Princess, that is one opinion I have. Another opinion I have is about Ganon (the beast) in Ocarina of Time. That is probably the coolest boss I...
  28. El Bagu

    Zelda Games and Their Flaws, the Critical Thread!

    I agree with every "complaint" here. I really liked the ball & chain but would want more "need" for it. And why did they have to use Ganon. They should have made Zant a little bit more "mean" I guess and that would have been enough in my opinion! The only thing(s) I did not find epic about...
  29. El Bagu

    Zelda Games and Their Flaws, the Critical Thread!

    Well, this is a Zelda Forum and a lot of people seem to have their favorite games that are supposed to be perfect. However, my experience is that nothing is perfect in this world and not even Zelda games. So what problems do the different games have? (I will only list the first things...
  30. El Bagu

    Adventure of Link Zelda II, The Adventure of Link: Why Do You Enjoy/ Love It So Much?

    Well, there have been quite a lot of threads during the years, concerning the difficulty of this fascinating game (something that is quite hard for me as an old-schooler to understand). There is also a relatively new thread about this game and what it did for the series...
  31. El Bagu

    General Modern Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?

    None of the games belong at the top of my list, I am sorry to say! But I have had an urge to "re-play" Phantom Hourglass, I guess I will never have the same urge when it comes to Spirit Tracks and that is my main reason for choosing: Phantom Hourglass. (I might change my opinion in the...
  32. El Bagu

    Best Game to Get You into the Series

    I would choose the first game, LoZ, The Legend of Zelda. Might sound like a stupid idea because there are so many games that are better (?) and perhaps the person in question would not be too impressed by my choice. But still, that is the answer I will give: If you do not like the original, then...
  33. El Bagu

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    1. To read people´s (and other living creatures) minds. I know that it would turn me insane but it would be interesting and perhaps worth it! 2. Teleportation would also be a great power, I wish I could teleport me to whatever place I wanted, could be a convenient way of traveling :yes:.
  34. El Bagu

    What is Your Favorite NonZelda Game?

    It is a tough question and I do not know what to say, I guess Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros 2 & God of War III could be some good candidates. But my memory is not the most impressive in this world so I guess it could be something else that I enjoyed even more. (At least I tried to give an...
  35. El Bagu

    Should Link Have A Voice Actor?

    If they ever give him a voice actor my choice would be the dude who does the voice of Kratos/God of War. I do not know who it is (who does the voice acting in God of War) but it would be rather brutal ;). (But I prefer that they never give him a voice at all!)
  36. El Bagu

    Which Version of Link Do You Like the Most?

    Look at my Avatar and you will know me answer! But also Dark Link from the same game is a true favorite of mine, he might even be more of a favorite, he is something extra and the best character in the world of Zelda! (It is amazing to fight him :yes:.)
  37. El Bagu

    Adventure of Link Why the Hell is Zelda 2 So Hard?!

    My opinion is that most of the games were more difficult than Zelda II back in the NES era. Battletoads, Ghost´s n´Goblins, Ice Climber & the Ninja gaiden games are only some of the examples that could be mentioned. :cool:
  38. El Bagu

    Ocarina of Time Most Annoying Boss Not Including Ganondorf

    Phantom Ganon was annoying. What was his problem really? To hide in a couple of paintings (such a cowardly behaviour). Yet so impatient and he could not stay there for a large amount of time it seemed! I must admit I had some problems wit him/it and that is probably the main reason for why I...
  39. El Bagu

    Which Would You Rather See a Zelda Game On, the Xbox or the Playstation?

    On the playstation! Mainly because I own the PS3 and do not want to buy a new console. It is expensive if you want them all and they requiere too much space. So definitely playstation for me (why not a title for the PSP? I own one of those as well).
  40. El Bagu

    Spoiler Who is Harder for You: Onox or Veran?

    They are both quite difficult to defeat (and to master). But I had to vote for Onox, he took the most time for me (I tried him with the "Woden Sword" and that could affect my decision I guess). The two are both great bosses, some of the best ever in the world of Zelda actually, but I must say...
  41. El Bagu

    What Are Your Favorite Zelda Songs?

    The Kakariko Village theme from A Link to the past is the first thing that appears in my mind and I guess that "song" would have to be the one that has made the strongest impression on me. There are many more of course, like the "Temple" tune in AoL & Song of Healing In MM. And who can...
  42. El Bagu

    Favorite Band?

    I have a new favorite band: Slayer! I have not been the "metal" kind of dude before. But I guess I have matured :lol:. Tom Araya is a cool singer & he is probably the main reason that I have started to love the band.
  43. El Bagu

    General Classic One Game You Would Take Out

    I could not "take out" any Zelda game. Like I have mentioned in other threads, I am not much of a gamer and if we started to "remove" Zeldas, guess what? There would be nothing left for me :O.
  44. El Bagu

    Games Other Than Zelda?

    I do not like many games beside the Zelda´s. Gaming is not an extremly important thing for me even though I play quite much during certain periods. But there are two franchise´s that manage to attract my attention and they are: God of War, I can not help but loving a game where you beat up...
  45. El Bagu

    Favorite Bruce Willis Movie

    I have seen a couple of "Bruce Willis" movies. Did not like the majority of them but Pulp Fiction is a good one and I believe that "Bruce" dominates the movie with some extremly "cool acting". Another nice movie would have to be "Sin City". But Bruce is not the dominant actor here, Rourke...
  46. El Bagu

    For Those Who Believe in "Sleep"

    I dreamt that I smoked a cigarette. I had to borrow some money in the dream, when asked why I answered: I need to buy cigarettes (why did I give such an answer?). It was a lie but the dude opened up a packet and gave me one. I could not refuse because of my former answer. It was a terrible...
  47. El Bagu

    Anybody Read Shakespeare?

    I can not remember if I did read him in school but I know for sure that I have not done so after. I have watched some of the movies though (does it count? Maybe not). "The Merchant of Venice" and "A Midsummer Nights Dream". (I loved Al Pacino in the Merchant of Venice, believe it was the last...
  48. El Bagu

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple Really That Bad?

    I think the Water Temple is a "tranquile" place and I love the relaxing nature of it. It could possibly be a bit stressing if I wanted to make a speedrun but I do not do 3D game speedruns so I do not mind it at all actually :). In fact, as I have stated several times before, it is my favorite...
  49. El Bagu

    Majora's Mask Fav Useless Mask

    The Great Fairy Mask is my choice, I believe a lot of the masks were rather humoristic but none made me laugh as much as the Great Fairy one, I do not know why but I thought it was fun to see Link wear it. Apart from that I found it very useful in the Temples, it made the "fairy collection"...
  50. El Bagu

    Swimming, in the Game That Could Best Use It

    I know that I have misunderstood one thing (I know he is supposed to be older than he looks, I believe they even say it in the game) but I have to say it again, Link in WW looks almost like a baby and for how far can a baby swim? He does not have the appearance of a candidate for crossing the...
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