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    Pics of My Zelda Collection

    they look superb mate. love all the variations as well.
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    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    I prefer his hair blond as thats what im used to but its not that important. Now if they decided if his green tunic should go id not be happy at all. I do like his hair in OoT and WW.
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    Zelda Vs. Mario

    For me Mario is bigger if you take into consideration all the things Mario has had his picture on. Mugs,clothes etc. Mario has also had more games but generally they are easier than Zelda games. Zelda games require more thought to work out and progress in the game.
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    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    For me it be being able to fly. The reason being you could go anywhere at anytime. See places you have dreamed of seeing. You would not have to worry about traffic jams or crashing into other drivers.
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    Let's Play Metroid Prime

    What difference is there between the GC version and the trilogy version. Id expect it to be just a slight improvement in graphics. Its a real good game probably the easiest of the prime trilogy.
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    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    One thing that would have made it better where a few levels. From what i had heard they where going to put more in but they did not. For me thats the only thing that would have improved it.
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    Most Challenging Dungeon

    The most challenging for me is the water temple from OoT. what makes it so challenging is having to change the height of the water so you can get further through the temple. Also finding the keys is tough for me.
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    Spoiler What Was The Saddest/Most Heart-Warming Moment's Of MM?

    For me the most heart warming moment is when you play the song of healing to Pamela's dad. Its so emotional when you see the two of them hug each other. And you know their feelings are genuine. http://youtu.be/7G-ZaX2nc4Q
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    I Want to Build My Nintendo Library of Games

    Here are a few more. Super Nintendo Super Star Wars. Super Empire Strikes Back Super Return of the Jedi Meg Man X Nintendo Entertainment System Legend of Zelda Mario 1 Mario 2 Mario 3 Tetris Rainbow Islands Starwing Double Dragon 3 Double Dragon 2 Double Dragon 1 Paperboy 1 Paperboy 2 Marble...
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    deleted thread

    Its so wrong for people to say Zelda is rubbish and it sucks when they have not played it. Id even bet some have played it but when they are in a crowd with people who do not like it they just agree its no good to stay in with the crowd. But really a game should not be made fun of until a person...
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    What's Your Favorite Starfox Game?

    My favourite is the first Starfox game which in the UK was called StarWing. Reason i like it is because its mainly space based and you are always in your ship,tank,submarine. I not a fan of the Starfox games where you actually walk around.
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    Favorite Harry Potter Books

    Its creepy for sure mate. Reasons being a lot of it is set at night and what makes it worse in a good way is there are loads of spiders. And it also introduces you to Tom Riddle for the First time.
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    Favorite Harry Potter Books

    Here are the books in order of preference. 1. Sorcerer's Stone 2. Goblet of Fire 3. Chamber of Secrets 4. Prisoner of Azkaban 5. Half-Blood Prince 6. Order of the Phoenix 7. Deathly Hallows
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    Are You Guys Gonna Get Mad if Link Begins with 6 Hearts?

    Yes thats true. Call me old fashioned but i prefer starting with 3 container hearts. Its how its always been. Starting with six will mean less heart pieces to collect and may mean less dungeons. I do not mind things being changed but this is something id like changed. I would not be real...
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    What Makes Some Zelda Dungeons More Memorable Than Others?

    What makes dungeons memorable for me is the music. For me the music must suit that Dungeon,what i mean is the music of the Spirit temple actually makes me feel im in a real desert. What i love about the music in Zelda dungeons is that the music has a real effect on you. I t can you feel sad, or...
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    Is It Fair For A Teacher To Fail You For . . .

    I really think this is so unfair mate. The thing is you where nice enough to explain to your teacher that you have never stayed in a hotel so of course you could not write about your hotel experience. Id go and talk to the principal of your school and explain the situation and then he can have a...
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    WW-Wii U Cyclos!

    Hi YoYo you fire at his head he can be pretty hard to hit though. I miss him quite a lot to be honest mainly because of the winds that surround him.
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    Funniest Zelda Games

    I actually think WW is very humourous. Reason being is Link's expressions in certain situations. For example when Link wins a level he jumps around uncontrolably. This has to be the most expressive ive seen Link in a Zelda game and its so good to see. You can really see by his expressions...
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    WW-Wii U Cyclos!

    Yes use arrows mate i think its the only way to beat him. If you go to close while trying to hit him you will be blown far away. And once you do beat him you can use his cyclones to transport you to different parts of the Great Sea.
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    NFL Football

    Im a Dallas Cowboys fan. Not a good start losing to the Jets. Dallas where in control and lost it in the last few minutes. Romo is a good quarterback but they need better. Bring back Troy Aikman and emmit Smith. Dallas have really done very little since there 3 supeerbowl titles in the nineties.
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    Which Do You Prefer? Handheld or Console?

    For me its definitely consoles. One thing i do not like about handhelds is the screen is so very small. And another thing is the fact handhelds use batteries even though they last a long time they need charged which im not a fan of. Of course handhelds have their good points like being able to...
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    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask: Your First Impression

    I really was not that impressed with the game at first. I was not that crazy about the 3 days to win the game. And the fact there was no Ganon. But as time went on and i played it more i realised just how good the game was. Although the game was small compared to OoT it was much harder...
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    How Many Dungeons?

    I think there will be from 7 to 9 dungeons. Hopefully nine dungeons though. Remember LttP had eleven dungeons. I wonder will we see any new type of Dungeons other that forest, or Water, dungeons. Hopefully some new enemies. and songs. I hope the music is really good i thought in TP the...
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    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    For me its a tie between Princess Ruto and Princess Zelda. Zelda because she helps you a lot explains lots of things. And Ruto because she gives you her mothers stone. And also because she says not to worry princess Zelda is still alive and the story about how you will be her husband and she...
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    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    Yes i like TP but i do not likr it as much as MM,WW LttP, or OoT. I felt the music in the game was a real let down. In those other Zelda games i felt a real connection to certain characters, i did not get this in TP. Also i thought there where to few cutscenes and i really thought them poor...
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    Ocarina of Time Most Memorable Moment

    One of my most memorable moments is after saving all the Sages you go back to the Temple of Time where you meet Sheik. But its Princess Zelda disguised as Sheik. When Zelda says she has things she wants to tell only to you. She then says The triforce is hidden within those chose by destiny...
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    In General, What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?

    check these out. Bangles. http://youtu.be/lAZgLcK5LzI Bananarama. http://youtu.be/FGYNvx9lqDQ Abba. http://youtu.be/92cwKCU8Z5c Mariah carey. http://youtu.be/0IA3ZvCkRkQ Hayley westenra. http://youtu.be/jUYPdKzEMXM Bonnie tyler. http://youtu.be/IgRfvWAZw5w Check these artists other songs...
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    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    Yes id love to see Darknuts in SS. But i mean the green one and the black ones. The black ones are also known as Deathknights. These green and black ones where never seen in Console Zelda games but they where seen in Zelda games like Link's birthday. Id like to see the return of Wizzrobes the...
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    The Legend of Zelda LoZ Sadly Short...

    In the second quest you have to look everywhere for levels and other things. You literally burn down every single bush with the candle that you can. Level 1 is in the same place as it is in the first quest but im near sure no others are in the same place.
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    The Legend of Zelda LoZ Sadly Short...

    Cannot expect it to be that long mate as its a a Nes game. Although its short some parts are pretty hard and take a while to complete. I find the last 3 levels take a while to complete though. Level nine is pretty tough as there are tons of Darknuts.
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    Is Banjo Kazooie Good?

    Banjo Kazooie is one of the best games i have ever played mate. Its a game i rented out just after it came out just to see if i liked it. Well i did just love it. The game has many plus points. First there is so much humour in the game from talking ants, to talking Submarines, to...
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    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Equipment Configuration?

    My favouite combination is as follows. Zora Tunic, Hover boots, Hylian shield, and Master sword.
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    Majora's Mask Stone Tower Temple, Hard or Not?

    I do find it challenging for sure and what makes it challenging having to turn the Temple upside down. Another thing that makes it tougher is there are lots of open spaces where you can fall to your death. really love the music to Stone Tower. But i find Great Bay temple harder though.
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    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Powered Up Arrows!

    For me its the Light arrows. I just love how they sound when powered up. And when you hit Ganon with them it has such an effect and the colour of the Light arrows is everywhere.
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    Do You Care About Spoiling the Game...

    I prefer to view nothing of this new game. Im like that with most games anyway. For me it ruins the game slightly if i watch trailers and read about the game. For me its far more exciting discovering everything as you play the game than having seen things by watching trailers and clips. Im very...
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    Live Action Zelda Movie: Who Would You Cast?

    Well id have Christopher Lee play Ganon. Christopher played the role of Saruman in Lord of the Rings and through his career he has always played the villain and plays it very well. For Zelda id have India Eisley. Reason id have India is because in my opinion whoever plays Zelda should be very...
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    I not fond of needles myself and for sure if i was to get one id make sure i really want it. Seriously though id get something a name of say a family member or someone that meant a lot to me. Its so important if you get a tattoo to make sure you really want it and you have thought it through...
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    What is Your Favorite Zelda Item?

    One of mine are the Pegasus boots from LttP. You can cover ground so quick using them and they are useful for cracking walls instead of using bombs. I wish it had been in more Zelda games.
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    UFO, Aliens, Yettis, Mermaids N All Other Supernatural Creatures!

    Well i know a few places not far from me that are very strange. About 20 miles from me there is this house and its walls bleed. I know a lad who went there and tasted it it tasted like real blood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well did i...
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    I would not get tattoo's myself one reason being is they are permanent. Although getting tattoo's with your boyfriend's or girlfriend's name can be a bad idea especially if you break up with them. Another reason is im no good at sticking any sort of pain so the thought of getting them scare me...
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    9/11 Tenth Anniversary and Remembrances

    Its a day ill never forget. I remember i was playing Mario 64 at the time and then it was all over the news that one tower had been hit then not long after the other one was hit. It dominated the news over here for near a week. Even though i know no one who was involved in those terrible...
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    Ocarina of Time First Playthrough

    It took me around 60 hours to win OoT and that is just winning it not getting 100 per cent. I was 23 at the time i did it. I would have done it quicker only the game looked and sounded so good.
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Getting Boring & Disappointing :(

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Must say had any major changes been made fans of this legendary game would not have been very happy. Only differences i can think of they would do are making the graphics...
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    Easiest Zelda?

    Id go with OoT and even though its a long game i think its the best for your brother. Its not that confusing and the bosses are not to hard to beat in OoT in the first world. Although Jabu Jabu's belly is the toughest of those levels in the first world. I think this is the best Zelda...
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    A Link to the Past My Personal Review for A Link to the Past.

    Yes the older Zelda games i do find harder. To me it seems they sacrificed harder dungeons and enemies for graphics. Graphics are all well and good but they do not affect a how tough a game is. Yes OoT was easy but at least they had a master quest which was more of a challenge than the normal...
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    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    Its so wrong that people get made fin of because they like a certain game or type of games. No one is better or worse because the play Halo or a Zelda game. Everyone is allowed to like whatever type of games they like be it games with blood or games without blood. Be very boring if there...
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    Tell him its not fair how he treats you. Say it in a calm voice. Tell him if he helps you out and starts being nicer you are happy to do things for him...
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    A Link to the Past My Personal Review for A Link to the Past.

    This proves that the older Zelda games are still fantastic I hope this review gets people who have never played this game and are unsure about it to give it a real go. If you play it and do not like it then fair enough at least you tried it.
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    Ocarina of Time Is Navi a Fake Fairy?

    I think Navi is a very wise fairy after all the great Deku tree trusted her to help you. The Great Deku tree could not just select any fairy for this mission for if Navi had not been chosen the whole of Hyrule could have been destroyed. For me Navi one one of the highest if not the highest rank...
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    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    Hi Korp. You must be rich to afford all this stuff. Or else you get a lot of pocket money. You do have a lot of nice things so well done. Im surprised you have enough room for it all.
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