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  1. gogo

    E3 on tv?

    If you can watch it on your TV with the wii then that's a fine solution, But remeber that the wii can only do 480p
  2. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    true! But man, it's allways so exciting whrn you know it's live! :D
  3. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    OMG! the worst thing EVAR just happened! :'( I have to go camping with my school at the exact time when nintendos presentation begins, MAN I'M ANGRYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. gogo

    Will Skyward Sword Be Game of the Year 2011?

    Anyone who remember how unfair those spike TV game of the years awards were!? smg2 is the third most critically aclaimed game EVER according to gamerankings.com, it wasn't even a nominated in those spike TV game of the years awards.
  5. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    I'm going to hook my pc up to the TV and watch it from e3.nintendo.com ;D
  6. gogo

    Is Great Scenery Important to You?

    according to your friend you have some amazing gaming to look forward to. TP is an amazing, but underrated game :D
  7. gogo

    Are You Going to E3?

    I wish I could go to E3!!!!! it's like one of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    Anybody else who is going to watch sony's and microsoft's presentations just for the sake of it?
  9. gogo

    Is Great Scenery Important to You?

    I agree about it beeing like paintings, but I think it's lazy that the mountains are sprites in the E3 stage and it just looks a little cheap :(
  10. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    oooooh, I'll have to pass my examinations before E3 @£#/=2$$!!!
  11. gogo

    Is Great Scenery Important to You?

    EXACTLY!! can't wait to see OOT's scenery in 3D!
  12. gogo

    Your Top 3 Favorite WII Games

    1. METROID PRIME TRILOGY!!! i see theese three games as the best games ever made! 2. super mario galaxy 2! gr8 game!!!! 3. Mario party 8! the ultimate party game! I'd put TP on third place if it counted. I'd like to point out I love my wii and im a proud owner of 30 gr8 wii games!
  13. gogo

    Is Great Scenery Important to You?

    I think the zelda series has done the scenery very well, and i feel like most zelda games are games i can rest my eyes on, I'd like to point out that i haven't really liked the scenery of SS yet, the backround mountains were only 2D sprites in E3 2010 which kind of dissapionted me (hoping that...
  14. gogo

    Main Hub in Metroid?

    I like the way it is, but it's a cool idea if that "city" would be led by space pirates :D
  15. gogo

    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    It's hard to prove that now because silvagunner is gone </3 But it's 100% true though
  16. gogo

    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    Just to clarify, the E3 trailer has music from TP! But that recent trailer's music absolutely AMAZED me! :)
  17. gogo

    Countdown to E3

    expecting a launch trailer for SS! But SS is faaaaaaar down on my hype list at the moment, mostly excited for mario 3ds!
  18. gogo

    Favorite Bit of News?

    Iwata: "almost complete" :D There have been plenty of news like that, but when it's a statement from Iwata you know it's for real!
  19. gogo

    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    When it comes to zelda, i'll buy the games without caring about reviews I just watch them for fun. But with SS i won't watch any reviews because I want to see if i think the game is waaay more awesome or worse than the review, I allways find some reviews very "manipulating".
  20. gogo

    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    I've allways read review of things before making the decision to buy them. But I won't with SS! I think it's going to be interesting to see i my opinion turns out to be different, because I feel like it's easy to just stick with someone else's opinion. I'm interested to know what you think! :)
  21. gogo

    3DS Launch Titles: What Are You Getting?

    I reserved one at my local gaming store, and guess what, the shopkeeper opened a small locker and pulled up a 3ds! I got some hands-on time with street fighter 4, amazing stuff! street fighter is probably what i'm buying.
  22. gogo

    Will the Horrific Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Affect the Release of Skywardsword?

    THOUSANDS have died? wasn't it just 30 yesterday? this is really scary
  23. gogo

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    A LOT of people obviously thought that this was vaati at a first glance (me included), and maybe that's what Nintendo wanted us to think!? Without going into all kinds of timeline speculation for this, I do think that She can be a modern version of Vaati. I don't see it as such a big jump. "he...
  24. gogo

    When Do You Think the Realse Date for Skyward Is?

    I don't see August as a problem, Iwata has said that he wants less room between big games!
  25. gogo

    Vined, Mossy Motif on Title Screen (NEW!)

    Don't pull a thread down like that. Like Jupiter said The logo set's the theme for the entire game. The first thing i thought of when i saw this change was that the game will probably have a stronger focus on isolation.
  26. gogo

    Your Skyward Sword Wish List

    Length: 100+ hours Number of Dungeons: 10 Kind of Dungeons: the usual, and an electric dungeon (conirmed?) Number of Field Dungeons: Can someone tell me what that is?? Plot Synopsis: surprise me :) Method of Travel Between Skyloft and Hyrule: Skydiving and teleporting Rating: 12+ is...
  27. gogo

    When Do You Think the Realse Date for Skyward Is?

    By all the statements we've heard, we know thath both games are pretty much complete. It would be a bad marketing strategy if both games would hit the shelves at the same time. That's why i think they're polishing SS as much as possible until OOT sales go down.
  28. gogo

    Tightrope in Wind Dungeon?

    I really don't think he fell off because of the wind because you can spot some particle things in the air that doesn't indicate any wind. I think the enemy fell off because he was mirroring link's movements.
  29. gogo

    Shield Meter!?

    This clearly is nintendo's attempt at going all MINECRAFT! :D
  30. gogo

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Hmmmmm, about the gilded sword. loz has a complicated timeline because everytime something makes sense, a new thing allways F**Ks it up. so I think it's possible that new guy is some kind of gilded sword human form :)
  31. gogo

    I Have a Theory About Release

    Ocarina after e3 = reggie Ocarina in june = iwata Somewher between june 10 and late june? Skyward sword after ocarina = reggie SKyward pretty much complete = Iwata Ocarina and skyward with same date = bad marketing strategy hmmmmmm are they holding onto skyward for fun? it's confusing!
  32. gogo

    The Music of Skyward Sword...

    Kondo?? Daft punk should make the music for SS :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (joke) SS has already gotten me with a WW kind of feel, so that's what i'm kinda expecting :)
  33. gogo

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    I think that they'd go too far if zelda goes all kinect style
  34. gogo

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    ehhh, wrong. I own the game, and you just have to do a regular swing..... And if you have played red steel 2, you know that motion control is going to be a huuuge plus! :D The only thing I hate is the bow, I already have wii sports resort -.- This will ruin how easy it was to defeat enemies in...
  35. gogo

    What is Your Favorite Shooter?

    w00t? halo??? metroid prime is the best shooter evar!!
  36. gogo

    Possible Delay for Skyward Sword

    This game has not been delayed! So far they've only said that they have been AIMING for a late 2010 release. maybe it will get delayed, but there hasn't been a delay.
  37. gogo

    The Music, the Gameplay or the Story?

    Music,gameplay and story are three things that really makes Zelda special, but which part stands our the most?
  38. gogo

    Possible Delay for Skyward Sword

    remmber nintendo's roundtable at E3? they said that they were in "the final strech" . scondly, during nintendo's E3 presentesion, they said " it looks like development might take throughout this year, so you can all wait to play skyward sword next year!" these lines pretty much says that it...
  39. gogo

    Sword Swinging On SS... Yay or Nay?

    I played red steel 2 on athlethic (the mode were you have to REALLY use your strenght to swing your sword) and I never felt like it was a bad thing. SS will hopefully have some swing strenght options too.
  40. gogo

    Skyward Sword is Over Half Complete

    "over half-way complete" sounds like 51 % to me. OMG! NOT TWILIGHT PRINCESS ALL OVER AGAIN!!
  41. gogo

    Worst Game This Generation

    I agree on nuts and bolts! even though that game wasn't horrible...
  42. gogo

    Best Game of the Year

    Galaxy 2 is my number 1! When the whole gaming industry reviewed this game, it turned out to be the 3rd best game EVER MADE! check it up at gamerankings!
  43. gogo

    Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    I think they should put the game on the 3ds if they make it, I think that itself would help it feel freeeeeeesh!! :D
  44. gogo

    Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    Nintendo never goes out of ideas!! I never noticed the E3 thing, thanks for telling me :D
  45. gogo

    What Do You Want Retro to Do Next?

    Thank you :D I agree on the metroid idea!
  46. gogo


    32 DIAMONDS FTW :D jebus_thecatman I would love to play :D
  47. gogo

    Need Some Recommendations

    silent hill shattered memories is just some abnormal s**t! I would recomend house of the dead overkill for the wii, it's not scary, but it has zombies! :D and it's freakin hilarious!
  48. gogo

    What Do You Want Retro to Do Next?

    wow, that's old stuff from 1990, cool :)
  49. gogo

    What Do You Want Retro to Do Next?

    Retro studios just made Donkey kong country returns, I loved that game, but I wouldn't be too happy about a sequel because i see the metroid prime games as THE BEST GAMES EVER CREATED, "metroid prime 4" would keep me satisfied. :) And if you know prime 3's ending, you saw that they set the game...
  50. gogo

    Wii Online Lag?

    Mariokart with hackers??? never experienced both that and lag :) Goldeneye only lags when I have a poor connection.
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