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  1. Kid Buu

    Breath of the Wild What Type of Art Style Would You Like To See In Zelda U?

    Tech demo art style for sure. It looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous!
  2. Kid Buu

    Wii U Virtual Console

    Gamecube Games? Wind Waker Sunshine Prime Double Dash!! Hmmm.... I feel like I'm missing a game or 2....
  3. Kid Buu

    Which Wii U Model Will You Be Getting?

    It doesn't have a hard drive. It uses flash memory. If you want a big hard drive, buy one with 1TB of space. They're pretty cheap. As for what I'm getting.... Definitely the Deluxe. It's overall a better deal. Plus, I like the color black.
  4. Kid Buu

    Do You Play Madden?

    I do. My favorite is Madden 06.
  5. Kid Buu

    Why is Skyward Sword So Awesome?

    It's awesome because it was made by Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aounuma. End. Of. Story. :)
  6. Kid Buu

    Favorite FPS Series/game, and Share Your Experiences?

    I don't have a favorite series. Soooo I'll just list my favorite from each series I've played! Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 Halo - Part 3 Crysis - Part 2 Killzone - Part 3
  7. Kid Buu

    Would You Like to See Another Donkey Kong Country Game for Wii U?

    I'd actually prefer a game similar to Donkey Kong 64. That game is amazing! Or....they could just remaster it in HD and make my dream come true.
  8. Kid Buu

    Super Mario Galaxy 3 For Wii U

    I really like Galaxy 1 & 2. But I'm ready for either a sequel to SM64, SMS or something totally new.
  9. Kid Buu

    Best Donkey Kong Country Game

    DKC 1 IMO is the best one. I have the most memories with it.
  10. Kid Buu

    Black or White WiiU?

    The Nintendo Direct Conference showed a Black Wii U and controller. I will be getting a black Wii U. It will match my gaming set up, plus it looks better.
  11. Kid Buu

    What Nintendo Has Revealed from Nintendo Direct

    Yeah I heard about that on IGN. lol
  12. Kid Buu

    What Nintendo Has Revealed from Nintendo Direct

    It's a little strange. I didn't like it at first, but now I'm used to it. But many people didn't like the Wii, and since it's called the Wii U they might associate it with the Wii as being kiddy and underpowered.
  13. Kid Buu

    What Nintendo Has Revealed from Nintendo Direct

    To all you people who were unaware of the Nintendo Direct Conference today, I'll let you know what was revealed: 1. The Wii U name is staying 2. A new controller design for the Wii U (New Wii U GamePad) 3. The Wii U Pro Controller was revealed for people who don't want to mess with the...
  14. Kid Buu

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    A combination of both. They kinda compliment each other. Gameplay without graphics = wonderful game, but ugly at the same time. Graphics without gameplay = Beautiful game, but unplayable. I wish there was an option for "Both" on this poll.
  15. Kid Buu

    Let's Players?

    I usually don't. But when I do, I usually watch my friend Leoman924. He's not very popular.
  16. Kid Buu

    Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

    Because some parents are morons. If the kids are taught not to do anything in those games in real life, then they should be fine. But most parents won't. I've been playing M games since I was like, IDK 9..? I'm not mentally messed up. If I am, it's not because of violent video games.
  17. Kid Buu

    Did Anyone Pre-order ACIII (Assassins Creed 3)

    I'll be waiting to here about the Wii U versions release date. I'll probably pre-order it then.
  18. Kid Buu

    Computer Specs

    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6620g CPU: AMD A8-3510MX 1.8GHz RAM: 8GB OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64
  19. Kid Buu

    Xbox 360 or Ps3?

    I must point this out.... PS3 is a more powerful machine than the 360. The only games that look better on the 360 are 3rd party games that were built on it. Now about the thread..... I own all 3 current-gen consoles. I slightly favor the PS3. It all depends on what you want to play. The 360...
  20. Kid Buu

    Killzone 3 Multiplayer

    It's ok.... I've played better.
  21. Kid Buu

    New Name for the Nintendo WiiU

    My point is.... It would be called the Nintendo Stream. But the slang for it would be either Stream or N-Stream.
  22. Kid Buu

    Wii U is a "Next-Gen Piece of Hardware" Says Vigil Games

    I think he's hinting at the power. That's why I posted it. Of course, everyone who worships Microsoft and Sony thinks it will be weak.
  23. Kid Buu

    Wii U is a "Next-Gen Piece of Hardware" Says Vigil Games

    Skip to 5:48 to get to the Wii U part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LyZaZhhA_A What do you people think?
  24. Kid Buu

    New Name for the Nintendo WiiU

    Hmmmmmm Does the N-Stream sound good?
  25. Kid Buu

    What Are the Most Important Factors YOU Consider When Purchasing Videogame Hardware?

    A mixture of power and good games. I really liked the Wii. But with the lack of power and only a hand-full of great games, it became a disappointment. I'm really hope the Wii U will be packing some power. I will spend $600 on a Wii U if I have to. But I'll still get it if it's weaker.
  26. Kid Buu

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    IGN doesn't know too much about the Wii U. As for the 2 Tablet controllers..... Nintendo has been said to be working on it. If it doesn't happen, I would gladly just use a Classic Controller Pro. The Tablet controller will likely cost around $100. Remember this: The 3DS Costs $169.99 and it's a...
  27. Kid Buu

    What Happened Rare?

    No.... Rare is completely owned by Micro$oft. DKCR was done all by Retro Studios.
  28. Kid Buu

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Seriously..... HOW IGNORANT CAN YOU GET? It looks like you read all of the rumors and believe them like they're facts. Nintendo has been trying to get 2 tablets working at the same time. As for other controllers, it's up to the developers what they want to use. The Wii Remotes were just an...
  29. Kid Buu

    Favorite Fallout Game

    I enjoy the occasional Nuking of Megaton. ;)
  30. Kid Buu

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    If you people are expecting a $250 launch price, you're going to be disappointed. Nintendo has already stated it won't be cheap. I expect a $399 release price. I will be getting a Wii U day launch. Launch titles I'll be getting: Assassin's Creed III Aliens: Colonial Marines
  31. Kid Buu

    Favorite Fallout Game

    I enjoyed Fallout 3 the most. The Wasteland. The Metro Stations, Raiders, and the DLC. As for New Vegas.... I enjoyed a LOT as well. BUT it just doesn't compare to F3 for me.
  32. Kid Buu

    ZD Could Infect My Computer?

    Okay...... Now you've got me scared. O.O
  33. Kid Buu

    Website Development

    Your site has a very nice design. I looked at the top of the page. Did you actually meet Nathan Fillion or was that a photoshop?
  34. Kid Buu

    Website Development

    Yeah, and from what I've messed with, PHP is easier to use. And I put the site in my signature. I forgot I removed it a few weeks ago.
  35. Kid Buu

    Website Development

    Hello there fellow ZD'ers! I thought I would make a thread about website development. Now what I would like to know is who else on this site does website development? What coding languages do you use? Which coding language is your favorite? (i.e. PHP or ASP/.NET) Do you have a working...
  36. Kid Buu

    Favorite Childhood Video Games

    Donkey Kong Country Super Mario World Mario Kart 64 Super Mario 64 Donkey Kong 64 007 Goldeneye 007 The World is not Enough Zelda: The Wind Waker Super Mario Sunshine There's probably more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
  37. Kid Buu

    Games of 2012

    Games set for release in 2012 Assassin's Creed III (Wii U) The Last of US Halo 4 Resident Evil 6 (Wii U. If not, then 360.) Aliens: Colonial Marines (Wii U) To be Announced Fallout 4 Zelda 3DS (Games may be added to my list)
  38. Kid Buu

    The Elder Scrolls or Fallout?

    I choose Fallout. I just like the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world compared to the medevil (correct me if i misspelled that) atmosphere. Although I REALLY enjoy playing Skyrim, I seem to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas with more dedication. Fallout is also my favorite multi-platform game...
  39. Kid Buu

    Favorite Videogame for Every System

    NES: Super Marios Bros. 3 SNES: Donkey Kong Country N64: Super Mario 64 PS2: Socom US Navy SEALs Gamecube: Zelda: The Wind Waker Wii: Zelda: Skyward Sword PS3: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Xbox 360: Halo 3 3DS: Resident Evil: Revelations 6th Gen Multi-plat: Resident Evil 4 7th Gen Multi-plat...
  40. Kid Buu

    Call of Duty Series Wii Availability

    I would recommend Black Ops or MW3 for the Wii. They both offer Wii Remote and Classic Controller/Pro controls.
  41. Kid Buu

    Resident Evil: Revelations

    It's actually my personal favorite RE game. Although, it's not fair to Part 4 because I still haven't beat it. D*mn that stupid castle. >.<
  42. Kid Buu

    Resident Evil: Revelations

    Hello there, fellow ZDers! I'd like to talk about the newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise. Revelations. So far, I'm on chapter 6. I'm REALLY enjoying it. Even for a handheld title, it's comparable to the biggest RE game yet. Part 4. Even at chapter 6, I'm naming it my favorite RE...
  43. Kid Buu

    Spoiler Direct Sequel of TP Next?

    Yes! I would love a sequel TP! I would love the graphics used in the Wii U Zelda tech demo to be in the game.
  44. Kid Buu

    GDC 2012

    Wii - Intended mainly for the casual audience Wii U - Intended for YOU. Get it now?
  45. Kid Buu

    GDC 2012

    Neither of them sound right. Plus, Nintendo had a reason for the U in Wii U.
  46. Kid Buu

    GDC 2012

    I think Nintendo might announce a new name for the Wii U, since they've been talking about it. I think it being called the Nintendo U would be just fine.
  47. Kid Buu

    Fallout Discussion

    HOLY SH*T! 80 HOURS?!?!? IN ONE WEEK?!?! I haven't even got to 60 hours yet through the months I've played New Vegas!
  48. Kid Buu

    Nintendo Network Confirmed

    But you don't know what Nintendo will do. They could make one of the worst online systems ever, or make a great one. It's all up to the future for this.
  49. Kid Buu

    Good Gaming Laptop for Under 1000$

    You don't need to buy a new one to upgrade. Although it's pretty hard to do, you can replace graphics cards in laptops. But on the downside, sometimes you will need to replace the whole motherboard as well. But in the end, Desktop is superior. :/
  50. Kid Buu

    Nintendo Network Confirmed

    That's quite an ignorant statement. You don't know what will be on Nintendo Network. You won't know if it will flop. Just wait until it releases.
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