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  1. Lamentizer

    Your Favorite Weapon???

    The Hookshot\Longshot\Clawshot, which ever one you like to call it, is my favorite
  2. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Favorite Version of Hyrule Kingdom?

    Twilight Princess would be my favorite. It's so open and there's lots to do in this Hyrule.
  3. Lamentizer

    Game Help Need Help With Finding Twilight Princess E3 Trailer Music With No Sound Effects

    I did try the credits, but the full credits are not on YouTube. I could try the Library, but if they don't have it then it could take a while for they to get it from another Library.
  4. Lamentizer

    Game Help Need Help With Finding Twilight Princess E3 Trailer Music With No Sound Effects

    MAJOR DISCOVERY!!!! Doing a lot of looking online, I found that Trailer's 2 music is also in the trailer for a documentary called "Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real". But where the song originally comes from and its name are still unknown.
  5. Lamentizer

    Game Help Need Help With Finding Twilight Princess E3 Trailer Music With No Sound Effects

    The vocals in the trailers sound stronger and at a higher pitch.
  6. Lamentizer

    Game Help Need Help With Finding Twilight Princess E3 Trailer Music With No Sound Effects

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. I've chosen the "Game Help" prefix for this because I wasn't sure if it should be "Game Help" or "General Zelda". The music pieces for the Twilight Princess E3 trailers are just epic. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of each without all the sound effects? I've...
  7. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Anyone Going To Buy That Box Set?

    I would, but I most likely will not. Because of one thing: the price. It is cool that you get a cool Treasure Chest to keep them in and a certificate that says you bought it. But the price is so annoying. Also, why spend a lot of money on it when Zelda Dungeon has all the guides you want for...
  8. Lamentizer

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Temple\Dungeon Themes From Ocarina Of Time?

    PancakeSamurai: thanks. The other thread cancelled out before I could finish the Poll choices and it posted it anyways. Dumb computer.
  9. Lamentizer

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Temple\Dungeon Themes From Ocarina Of Time?

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! So, what are your favorite Temple\Dungeon themes from Ocarina Of Time? Not your favorite Temple\Dungeon, but your favorite Temple\Dungeon music. Inside The Deku Tree Dodongo's Cavern Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Forest Temple Fire Temple (Original) Fire Temple (No...
  10. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Why Do People Think OOT is Harder Than TP?

    I think that Twilight Princess is slightly harder. There's more dungeons and the bosses are tougher.
  11. Lamentizer

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Box Set

    I'm asking how many will be made. 1,000? 2,000? etc.
  12. Lamentizer

    Minecraft 1.6.2

    Well I use a Mac, but also windows. It may be a temporary bug. I haven't play Minecraft since Update 1.5, so all the new 1.5.1 and up new textures, enemies, Texture Pack file system, and fixed bugs I don't have. Have you tried closing the last window? The one that says "Minecraft News".
  13. Lamentizer

    The Legend of Zelda Favorite Zelda Song

    My favorite zelda song of all time would actually be Spirit Temple. It has that Muslim\Egyptian\desert theme to it. And I really like the Muslim\Egyptian\desert style of music.
  14. Lamentizer

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    As of yesterday, I completed the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina and today I will start Dodongo's Cavern.
  15. Lamentizer

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Box Set

    That sounds awesome. But I know I can't get it. I'm saving up for an HD camera. Is there a limit as to how many will be released?
  16. Lamentizer

    Four Swords Any True Four Swords Players?

    I've played it with a friend. I like the Four Sword Series. It's fun and cooperative. I've actually gotten to the point where I can actually play the game just by myself. No emulators or hacks, just two hands and two GBA's. It's takes tons of practice, but it's possible.
  17. Lamentizer

    General Zelda When Will Zelda Die?

    Well, technically speaking, Zelda will die when I stab her with the Master Sword. Just kidding. I have a feeling Zelda will never die. A lot of people love it. It's just like The Wizard Of Oz film. This year is it's 75th Anniversary. People still watch and love the film. So I say that about 50...
  18. Lamentizer

    Oracle 3DS Question

    Good. Thanks. I thought it would be just like the FSAE. Now my worries are over. Thanks again.
  19. Lamentizer

    Oracle 3DS Question

    I saw the Zelda commercial for the Oracle 3DS games (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmWd6vF7yAw#aid=P-_s6xZR7Dk). It said it was available "for a limited time, each available for $4.99". Does it mean that the Oracle games themselves are limited (like Four Swords Anniversary Edition), or is the...
  20. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Zelda Games And Products You Wish You Had

    I agree with you there. All the remakes never have the right amount of holes, the colors are off, the little triforce and gray stripe are not present, the thing is not the right size, etc. It annoys me that companies can't create something how it should be.
  21. Lamentizer

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD :No Cut Dungeons; No Master Quest

    I wasn't surprised by the announcement. Okay, maybe a little about there being no Master Quest version. But I just had this feeling that they wouldn't do much to change the game. I would have wanted to have a MQ version of TWW, but you can easily do this by doing the three heart challenge in the...
  22. Lamentizer

    Four Swords Four Swords Anniversary Edition Questin

    See, that's the thing that really sucks. I remember Nintendo announcing it in January and I wanted to get it, but I don't have a DS. Nintendo should have had a free download for a limited time and then after that, you had to pay $5 or so to get it.
  23. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Do You Use Glitches to Complete Zelda Games?

    Speedruns suck because you have to use so many glitches to get the game done is a short amount of time.
  24. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Zelda Games And Products You Wish You Had

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! We all have some Zelda games and products that we really want, but we son't have the money, time, etc. to get it. So I'm wondering what are the ones that you really wish you had? Feel free to leave a picture if you want to. If you want, you can explain why you don't have...
  25. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Do You Use Glitches to Complete Zelda Games?

    No! I hate using glitches to complete any game. I will watch videos of people doing the glitches, but rarely will I try one. If I do, then it's only after I've complete the game. The only time I use the levitation cheat code is when I'm making an awesome ASCII map for my Zelda walkthroughs, but...
  26. Lamentizer

    A Link Between Worlds Where Will A Link to the Past II Fit in the Timeline?

    Well, part of the timeline goes like this: ALTTP then LA. Since this new Zelda game is a sequel to ALTTP, then it will fall after it. The game might even explain what Link is doing in a boat at the beginning of LA, by having Link set sail at the end of ALBW. But only time will tell.
  27. Lamentizer

    What Will You Do For The 2013 Summer?

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! With summer break almost here (or already here for some people), what are your plans? Where will you go? What will you do? Have you been there before or it your first time? For me, I'm going to be going down to my lake house, it's a pretty cool place. I'm going to be...
  28. Lamentizer

    Do You Ask Others for Help or Are You Trying to Fix Things Yourself First?

    I usually try to fix it first myself. But if I get stuck, I ask someone. The only thing I really need help on is fixing/rebuilding computers. I hate to screw up a computer.
  29. Lamentizer

    General Zelda One Thing Your Favourite Zelda Game Wouldn't Be the Same Without

    Well, a Zelda game wouldn't be a Zelda game without the Princess or Master Sword (save for a few, like Awakening and Majora). Since it's hard for me to choose between Twilight Princess, Majora, and Ocarina, I'll just do all three. So let's go! Ocarina: the Ocarina of Time, time travel, and...
  30. Lamentizer

    General Zelda LoZ Characters You Want To Know More About

    We need to know more about Midna and Majora. We know that Midna is the queen of the Twilight Realm, but what is her relationship with Zant and the citizens of the Twilight Realm? Why does Zant and Midna hate each other? All we know about Majora is that it's an evil mask created by an...
  31. Lamentizer

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    One Piece Opening 16: HANDS UP! Why? The songs is awesome!!! Doctor Who's brother is Doctor What, and his sister is Nurse How.
  32. Lamentizer

    YouTube Account Video Ideas

    Hmmm...I've never heard of this book before, but it looks interesting.
  33. Lamentizer

    YouTube Account Video Ideas

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! Hopefully soon, I'll have a YouTube account set up. But the thing is, I need ideas for videos. I'll mostly be uploading my own films. I've been making films since a little kid. Most are very cheap. You know, rock the camera back and forth while I scream "EARTHQUAKE!" or...
  34. Lamentizer

    General Zelda THEORY: The Legend of Zelda CD-I Games in the TIMELINE?

    I feel insulted. (LOL). I know what a "hypothetical (what-if) scenario" is.
  35. Lamentizer

    WW-Wii U Is the Upcoming WW HD Release Making You Replay the Game Before It's Released?

    Heck yeah! I love Waker! I've actually already replayed it 6 times since the start of the year. And I mean 100%, including the Tngle Statues and Nintendo Gallery quests. I want to study every pixel so I can instantly spot any change in the new version. Well, the colors might be different, but I...
  36. Lamentizer

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Identical Replica

    Holy crud! This is amazing! I want it so badly.
  37. Lamentizer

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favorite is...hmmm...hmmm...hmmm...hmmm... [several hours of "hmmm..." later] hmmm...hmmm...hmmm...let's see...hmmm...it would be the CD-i games (if they even deserve to have the title "game").
  38. Lamentizer

    General Zelda What's Your Least Favourite Character of Your Favourite Zelda Game?

    For me, it's hard to choose. I love all the games and all the characters. But my most hated character in my favorite game is Tinkle...I mean Tingle.
  39. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Art Style

    Well, I like the Cel style used in TWW, PH and ST. Here's my list of the top five, number one is the best: 1. Cel (Waker, Hourglass, Spirit) 2. Wii TP 3. N64 4. Game Boy 5. NES\SNES
  40. Lamentizer

    General Zelda THEORY: The Legend of Zelda CD-I Games in the TIMELINE?

    What? A slot in the timeline for the CD-i games? Here's the unreleased censored timeline Nintendo doesn't want us to know about. There is an child and adult timeline, but there is also a lost third timeline. Nintendo calls it "A Man Named Philips Rapes The Princess" or AMNPRTP for short. First...
  41. Lamentizer

    MM-3DS What Are the Masks Made Of?

    Deku Mask: Deku wood Goron Mask: Goron Zora Mask: Fish Fierce Deity's Mask: God himself Postman's Hat: Mail All-Night Mask: 5 Hour Energy Blast Mask: A bomb Stone Mask: A boulder Great Fairy Mask: Tinker Bell Keaton Mask: Pokemon Bremen Mask: The Bald Eagle Bunny Hood: Bugs Bunny...
  42. Lamentizer

    Star Wars Blu-ray Question

    Buy them, but be warned!: The Krayt Dragon cll is changed...again, Vader yells "Nooooo!" when Luke is about to die, an rock is added in front of R2 as he hides in from the Tusken Raiders. Bring my shuttle. The Blu-ray is basically the same as the 2004 Special Edition, with a few...
  43. Lamentizer

    Your Favorite One Piece Openings & Endings

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. Wow! It's been a while since I created a new threat. So now it's time to quit stalling. With the new One Piece opening, Hands Up! (See here for a few details: One Piece Opening 16: Hands Up! - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network), I'm interested in what you're favorite...
  44. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Achievement Based Rewards

    Well, some Pieces Of Hearts are already like that. But I'd like to see some achievements in the style of Minecraft. Getting Woods unlocks Benchmarking, which unlocks Time To Mine!, TTM unlocks Hot Topic, Topic unlocks Acquire Hardware. Time To Mine also unlocks Getting An Upgrade. These all...
  45. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Who is Your Favorite Villan in the Zelda Series?

    Mine would be Vaati and Majora. They're both what you would call are real villain.
  46. Lamentizer

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    Right now I want Ocarina Of Time Master Quest, Goosebumps: Escape From HorrorLand (video game), and a million dollars.
  47. Lamentizer

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I read this thread. LOL.
  48. Lamentizer

    Shopping Online or in Physical Stores?

    I actually prefer to shop in stores. When you can actually touch something, let's say a DVD, that's what makes you decide if you want to buy it or not. Being able to hold it and read the back, look at it from every angle is better that looking at a 2D picture on Amazon or ebay. Also, you get it...
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