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  1. Claire

    Solitude or company?

    I easily feel smothered and I hate it. The majority of the time I prefer to be alone. People complicate things and simply distract me from what I need to be doing. I don't have the time to achieve what I've set out to do and worry with other people all the time. I don't need to be, nor do I...
  2. Claire

    Favourite season (aka why do you hate summer)

    I'll explain why spring is the superior season. In the spring, the weather is lovely. It is no longer frigid, but it isn't scorching hot either. All of the icky ticks are out of sight due to winter freezes and the snakes are in their dens. Plants begin to bloom and the critters start...
  3. Claire

    Favourite country?

    I've only been to Scotland, which is absolutely gorgeous. The landscape is dreamy and the geology is super interesting. Since my family hails from Scotland, of course the culture interests me. If I were to pick my favorite country simply on things I know (geographyyy), I'd have to go with...
  4. Claire

    The Dress: What Do You See?

    I saw white and gold, but if you use a software like Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Paint, you can check the color values to see what the digital representation of the dress is. It's blue and brown in this case. Context matters with colors, so the hues around a given color can change the way we...
  5. Claire

    They should remake pokemon snap.

    I think that creating Pokemon Snap for the new 3DS would be amazing. The 3D view would be pretty legit, especially when viewing the area. If there was a greater demand (like there was with Majora's Mask being remade), then maybe they would develop another game. With the word of gaming apps, it...
  6. Claire

    How are your school's lunches?

    The food served on campus ranges from meh to amggg. The nice thing about a college campus is that you have the freedom to eat at pretty much any place you want. I can't afford to get a meal plan, so I mostly bring my own lunches in my super adorable bento box. Yeah, they're amazing.
  7. Claire

    Who works in a STEM field?

    The U.S. government considers GIS, cartography, and environmental studies as STEM! Plus maps and the environment are awesome.
  8. Claire

    What is your favourite kind of cereal?

    I eat cereal more as a snack in the evenings if I'm waaay too busy with work. I love organic cinnamon crunch from Cascadian Farms with plain almond milk. It's not sweet, but the cinnamon is so good. Plus I get peace of mind knowing it is an organic product, which has less negative impacts on the...
  9. Claire

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    I had a dream last night that as I was walking down the hall to the GIS lab when suddenly AFI! I was singing and dancing to Love Like Winter while they played. It was pretty cool. I'm guessing the reason is because it's supposed to snow today.. scratch that, it is snowing. Ugh.
  10. Claire

    Favourite school/college subject?

    I was always interested in the physical and social sciences in school. The best thing about college is that I've been able to explore these interests more. I'm studying for a B.S. in Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences. While I'm keen on Geology, I'm absolutely in love with...
  11. Claire

    What Is Your Favorite Kind of Bird?

    I really like watching birds, but I'm especially keen on raptors. I use my binoculars a lot when I hike and kayak, though sometimes the telescope does a better job when I see one perched in a tree near a field. It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I love the American Kestrel. I see them...
  12. Claire

    How retro are you?

    How retro am I? I'm so retro I own an RCA Studio II... in the box. Unfortunately it doesn't work. The earliest console I've played is an Atari 2600 (Space Invaders, Breakout, Combat, Centipede, etc).
  13. Claire

    Do you dance?

    Of course! I dance a lot in public. Every stop in traffic us an excuse to bust a move and make someone smile. I'm not super coordinated, which surprises some people that I can actually dance. When I'm super excited or happy, I dance a lot.. so basically I dance most of the time.
  14. Claire

    Early Start/Early Finish, or Late Start/Late Finish?

    Early start/early finish. I'm not a morning person by any means, but I'd rather get everything I need done as soon as possible. It's nice to have the rest of the day, which is typically warmer, to be outside or spending time with my boyfriend (or both). I used to start work at 6:00AM, which was...
  15. Claire

    Did you have a bad hair day today?

    Surprisingly not! I don't have a crazy routine with my hair (no unnecessary damage for me!), so it can easily get a little wild. The reason why it is surprising is because I hiked 3 miles up a mountain and the wind was insane! I forgot a hair tie in my car, so the gods clearly favored my hair...
  16. Claire

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought a copy of Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball CIB for cheap. It's in fair condition, plus I paid next to nothing for it. Win-win. I also bought a Game Genie for the Genesis with the manual. It's worth a decent amount more than what I paid, so I'm pleased with that. Yesss. My preciousss...
  17. Claire

    Top 5 Favorite Bands

    My favorite bands aren't on anyone else's list. Boo. 1. Blind Guardian 2. Rise Against 3. Ensiferum 4. Within Temptation 5. AFI This list shuffles through a few bands. AFI is Sing the Sorrow and earlier. I looove Ed Sheeran, but he can't be included in such a list. Because. Yes.
  18. Claire

    Do you wear makeup?

    I first started wearing makeup in middle school, but it was mainly raccoon eyes since I didn't understand how to eyeliner. Most days I don't wear makeup. My body does not handle a lot of makeup well (almost every brand of mascara I've ever tried destroys my eyes). I usually only wear a little...
  19. Claire

    RETRO gaming

    Yes! ♡ I am way behind on the current generation because I'd rather play older titles. As expected, I spend much more time and money buying retro games than keeping up with the current generation. I play and collect from a wide variety of systems, though my recent interest is in acquiring games...
  20. Claire

    How do you feel about selfies?

    I honestly don't care if someone takes selfies. If it doesn't harm anyone, then it shouldn't matter. Special exception: selfies of/with people without their consent. We all deserve privacy, but culture also factors in here. It's simply a matter of respect. I've taken selfies. Why? Something...
  21. Claire

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    My day has been so lulsy. I fell on the ice twice at 7:30AM.. so I was pretty sure my day was going to be really lousy. Nope! I had two midterms this morning (five total for this week) and I destroyed them. That's always a good feeling, but it gets better! I got my two writing assignments...
  22. Claire

    How many and which Amiibo do you own? And will you buy Amiibo cards in the future?

    I own Toon Link & Yoshi. I really wanted Dedede, but I'm not willing to go crazy to buy them. I wouldn't be interested in the cards at all. I would be more willing to spend money on figurines with variants, mainly because I want the koopalings.
  23. Claire

    Who works in a STEM field?

    I graduate in May with a B.S. in Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences. A week after graduation, I'll be interning with an EMA to research regional natural and technological hazards. I've applied to the University of South Carolina for graduate school, but if that doesn't work...
  24. Claire

    What are your hobbies?

    I've been crocheting since middle school. It's a hobby that really means a lot to me, considering I am the only great great granddaughter that knows how to crochet. Sprite art is my most recent artistic hobby. I've been doing it for ~2 years. I use perler beads to recreate or design my own...
  25. Claire

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I'm reading Full Fathom Five: Ocean Warming and a Father's Legacy by Gordon Chaplin. The book focuses on Chaplin's childhood with his father, Charles Chaplin, in the Bahamas. Charles Chaplin was an ichthyologist in the late '40s. The author helped his father conduct his research as a child...
  26. Claire

    Favorite Kind of Science?

    I voted 'other.' I like a variety of scientific fields, but my favorite would have to be Geoscience. I'm studying, and bare with me here, Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences at my university (it's ridiculously long, I get that, but it spells EGGS and that's cool). I'm looking...
  27. Claire

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    The last game I played was Pokemon Yellow, but the last game I beat 100% was A Link to the Past. Both of them are the type of game that you can pick up and beat over and over without it ever really getting boring (at least for me). I find replay value to be characteristic of well made games, and...
  28. Claire

    Worst Job You Have Had?

    I had a 3 hour job at Burger King. It was terrible. The reason it only lasted 3 hours was because after my mandatory 3 hour training, I was scheduled for hours I told the supervisor that I could not work because I had class. I had filled out my schedule twice, yet she still put me on the...
  29. Claire

    Toys You Used to Play with

    According to my mom, I still play with little kid toys. You see, I grew up playing a Sega Game Gear, The Little Mermaid on the Tiger Electronics handheld, and GigaPets. These little handheld games are something that I still really love, so if she sees me playing a Game Boy Color or a DS Lite...
  30. Claire

    Do You Buy New or Used?

    I buy mostly used games because I don't buy games from the current generation. If I would purchase from the current generation, I would buy it new, no question. But when you collect retro game titles, you have to be packing some serious dough to be able to afford to buy games brand new, sealed...
  31. Claire

    For Those Who Drive....how Good Are You at Parking Your Car?

    The first time I actually had to parallel park was during my driving test. In my hometown, it really wasn't exactly something you had to do. If you had to, there are so few cars that actually park on the street that you could easily just pull up along the curb, which is what I just did...
  32. Claire

    Pictures of Your Pet

    This is going to be slightly ridiculous. My house is like a funny farm. Here we go.. 3 Golden Retrievers: Maya, Sonny, and Levi 2 Khaki Campbells: Daisy and Rosie 6 Rhode Island Reds 4 Ameraucanas
  33. Claire

    Post Secondary Education...are AP/IB/Honors/Advanced Courses Necessary To...?

    One of the biggest perks to taking AP classes is that you can get a lot of college-level work finished before college. Everyone wants to finish college on time or earlier, if possible. A lot of people don't even finish on time, so to be able to have AP credit (assuming you do well on the exam...
  34. Claire

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. It's the second novel in her MaddAddam trilogy. It's sci-fi describing the near end to all humanity brought on by a desire to interfere with nature. If you like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, you'll like this. It maintains the same theme of what "bad"...
  35. Claire

    How Often Do You Straighten Your Hair?

    I never straighten or curl my hair. If you see me with my hair done, it's because someone else made me do it, such as my sister for her wedding. My hair is towel- or air-dried only. When I decide to give my hair a bit more oomph, I get it a little wet and throw it up in a bun or in braids. I'm...
  36. Claire

    How Long Does It Take You to Do Your Homework?

    It varies per semester. In college, your homework may not be collected, so it's ultimately your decision whether or not you want to complete it. Most of the time, I did the assigned work. Sometimes it's just reading (which can be a pain if you're taking a literature class) or a course-pack. When...
  37. Claire

    Symphony of the Goddesses

    I'll be attending for the first time this summer with my boyfriend. I'm trying not to get too excited, but I can't help it! It doesn't help that I have a lot of LoZ music already on my iPod. I'm starting to think I'm going to need to walk in their with a fat wallet, or I'll sorely regret not...
  38. Claire

    What Do You Look for in a Snack Food?

    I like snacks with a high moisture content and that are a little sweet. Fruit and I are kind of BFFs. I'm not a fan of salty or dry snacks. I also tend to shy away from hot or room temperature snacks. I like it cold. Fruit is awesome because the texture varies so much that whatever mood you...
  39. Claire

    Things Your Parents Used To/still Tease You About

    Alright, here it goes. my fear of needles my fear of chickens my hippie ways my clumsiness my dance moves
  40. Claire

    What Time Do You Prefer: Night or Day?

    I'm not a morning person at all. I wish I could spend more time in my bed, but alas, I cannot. You see, my prime time is from afternoon to evening. So I sign up for morning classes so I have my free time in the afternoon and evenings, but then I don't want to go to bed early because I want to...
  41. Claire

    Cats or Dogs

    I adore dogs. Anyone who has known me for a while on this forum knows that. The only pet I've had constantly in my life growing up was a dog. Sure, I've had cats, rabbits, and parakeets.. but nothing compares to a dog. I can appreciate a cat, I would never even contemplate mistreating or...
  42. Claire

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    For class I'm reading Neuromancer, but for leisure I'm re-reading The Hobbit for Tolkien Day. I seriously love The Hobbit, if only I could have a class on Tolkien... but a class on sci-fi is the next best thing.
  43. Claire

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    I'd like to have a child some day, but not anytime soon. I would only want to have a single child because I want to be able to devote all of my time and energy into raising a child the best I possibly can and be able to financially support them in every single way I can to ensure a bright future...
  44. Claire

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My boyfriend and I were promised a loft apartment for the fall semester by my current landlord. We found out that the current students living there were moving out early, so we asked if we could move in early (it would give him more time to find students to rent the opening) because where he has...
  45. Claire

    Have You Ever Cut Class?

    It's a lot easier to skip a class in college, mostly because your professors really don't care. Last semester I was required to present a portfolio, which I was not super confident in initially, but then I decided that skipping a class to put more time and effort into perfecting my portfolio...
  46. Claire

    Your Most Painful Physical Experience

    I'm not the most graceful person in the world, but I enjoy roughin' it. I've had plenty of injuries from ranging from hiking to grooming a heifer, but my most painful experience happened while I was cleaning the dishes. It's not even a good story, it's more or less a total facepalm moment. I...
  47. Claire

    Are You a Extrovert or Introvert

    I'm an introvert. All my life I've felt more comfortable in a tight-knit group as opposed to associating with a large body of people. I was incredibly shy as a child, but I've grown out of that. I've noticed sometimes when I talk to certain people I don't know for an extended period of time, I...
  48. Claire

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I woke up and got ready to go to see my doctor. I colored in a Scooby Doo coloring book while I waited. Then after being told some of the most depressing advice of my life: "You should probably avoid spicy foods," I set off for the hospital to do blood work. You know your day is going to be...
  49. Claire

    Favourite Force of Nature?

    Where I live, the river is life. It has been ever since people first settled here, but it also comes with a price. We have had terrible floods in the past which caused a lot of damage to property and families alike. It always amazes me because if I could be on the river every day that the...
  50. Claire

    What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    Professor Puppy Petter.. hoping to make about $60,000,000 my first year. But I guess if that doesn't work out, I could always use this college education for something productive. I'm studying Environmental Geoscience and focusing on soils and water resources. I've considered a lot of different...
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