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  1. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda What do you think of Tingle?

    I LOVE Tingle!!! <3
  2. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Use of Fortune Tellers In Zelda Games

    Fortune Tellers were added in some games of Zelda and were supposed to help the player when he/she is confused on what to do next. But do you think that they are really of use? In my lifetime of playing Zelda, I have used the fortune teller twice, in ALTTP and SS. I really haven't used the...
  3. Kikwi Link

    What Happened to the Kikwis?

    This is horrifying!!!! :( Whatever happened to them, it's either they evolved into a new species or........ they died out. Kikwis do have a chance of survival, camouflage and I doubt Hylians would eat them.
  4. Kikwi Link

    Breath of the Wild What Type of Art Style Would You Like To See In Zelda U?

    I've been a bit fond of the mix on SS style, but I would prefer TP's dark style much like the one from the Wii U demo. what are your guys thoughts?
  5. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Potions or Fairies?

    Fairies! :fairy: Personally, fairies are much much more useful especially at boss battles. First of all, they cost no rupees. This is a BIG plus to those who do not want to waste they're precious rupees on potions. Overmore, fairies heal once you die. This is also a perk for having a bit of...
  6. Kikwi Link

    A Link Between Worlds Would You Like to See Twilight Princess for the 3ds?

    The 3DS probably doesn't have the same power as the Wii.
  7. Kikwi Link

    Would You Rather

    Flying! WYR having only a TV or a computer?
  8. Kikwi Link

    Do You Listen To Music While Performing Other Activities?

    While doing homework, doing a morning bike ride, and sleeping. I'll play music anytime actually.
  9. Kikwi Link

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm sad because my dead grandpa just recently had his birthday :(
  10. Kikwi Link

    General Art Violet's Hall of Arts.

    Honestly, these are really good! Keep up the great work! :)
  11. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Should Magic Be Implemented Back In Future Zelda Games?

    (I'm not sure if there is another thread like this.) Magic has taken a role in ALTTP as well as few other games, but it has not appeared in the latest games of the franchise. Should it? Magic is feature to help you find secrets and complete dungeons (You could also play around with items that...
  12. Kikwi Link

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for having a name!
  13. Kikwi Link

    Would You Rather

    Invader Zim! WYR have only Zelda games or Mario games?
  14. Kikwi Link

    Would You Rather

    Valentines! <3 WYR stay with Demise or Ganon?
  15. Kikwi Link

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned because I want you to be banned
  16. Kikwi Link

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for posting at 4:47!
  17. Kikwi Link

    Favorite Eeveelution

    Glaceon <3
  18. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Spotlight Race

    Kikwis should have a game of their own.....but anyways, yeah I do believe that Nintendo should make a Zelda game or spinoff about some of the races.
  19. Kikwi Link

    Linknerd09's Shop

    It looks so beautiful! :') Thank you so much!
  20. Kikwi Link

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Hey linknerd, do you mind making me a kikwi sig with kikwi link on the left then a kikwi on the right. Thanks!
  21. Kikwi Link

    The Julius Game - Zelda

  22. Kikwi Link

    Would You Rather

    Planes. WYR jump into a pit of lava or a pit of spikes
  23. Kikwi Link

    Favorite Region Music

    Pokemon SINNOH Soundtrack- Route 201/ 202/ 219 [HQ] - YouTubeThe favorite route in that would probably be route 201. :D
  24. Kikwi Link

    Favorite Region Music

    Sinnoh has been my favorite ever since because of its catchy tunes. It's been most memorble to me.
  25. Kikwi Link

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    My Empoleon. I've been using it since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
  26. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Fi VS Navi VS Tael

    Ohh.. well I'm sorry if you wanted to vote either those 2 :(
  27. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda Fi VS Navi VS Tael

    Fi: The very "accurate" companion who gives you exact measures of you and your surroundings. Navi: The annoying brat-like fairy who sadly accompanies you thru your adventure yelling at you Tatl: A bit like Navi, but more useful. So who do you like the most? :fairy:
  28. Kikwi Link

    Waffles or Pancakes

    I hated pancakes as a kid and now still. So waffles.
  29. Kikwi Link

    General Zelda What Was Your First Favorite Item?

    Hmmm...the bow or the hookshot. The hookshot is probably my favorite.
  30. Kikwi Link

    Zelda Art The (Not) Daily Life of a Kikwi: Part 1

    This is the legend of a one Kikwi's desire to travel the world in search of another Kikwi, the very leader of his tribe. Part 1: When Kikwis can Fly. "Machi!" "Huh....Kwee!"Machi had exclaimed once he saw Bucha at he top of the Great Tree. "Kweeeee!! Bucha what are you doing there?!!!" Machi...
  31. Kikwi Link

    Easiest, Funnest, Boringist, and Hardest Bosses Anyone?

    Hardest: Koloktos was one of the hardest bosses in the series for me. The phase that bugged me was his final one in which he uses swords to attack you and killed me many times (restarting the battle :( ). Took me an hour and a half to kill him just because i didn't take the giant sword...
  32. Kikwi Link

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Kinda Happy but a bit bored
  33. Kikwi Link

    Could Hyrule Be Linked (no Pun Intended) to the Mushroom Kingdom?

    I think that they are most likely two seperate different worlds because wouldn't it be funny to see Mushrooms that let you grow in Hyrule and Fierce Deity Mario?
  34. Kikwi Link

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    I clocked in 300+ in my platinum (did I play too much?) and 170 in my white.
  35. Kikwi Link

    Sidequests - How Do You Want Them To Expand?

    Side quests haven't been so good in Zelda games as with others. The rewards are one thing. For some quests, if you haven't beaten the game, the prizes you get maybe useful. Once you beat it, they're not as useful. New weapons could be something to change this. Maybe have a new area and you can...
  36. Kikwi Link

    Creepiest Loz Character

    I would say anything inside.....the Shadow Temple. (couldn't finish the game because of it :( )
  37. Kikwi Link

    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    Keese are my MOST hated enemy. One time I had half a heart and was playing Hero Mode, I was just about to finish a dungeon when suddenly a keese just decided to hit me and kill me adding death for me (Trying to a no death run to see if it's possible). They were really annoying in Majora's Mask...
  38. Kikwi Link

    What Would You Name a Goron

  39. Kikwi Link

    What is Your Nickname

    Mine are... Kuya (BTW if you said Kuya does that mean your Filipino too?) Dan The Man (That's what they called me in elementary school) My real name (Not Telling :) )
  40. Kikwi Link

    General Modern Does the Auto Jump Annoy You?

    The jumping hasn't bothered me but when I play Mario games for awhile it does tend to bug me.
  41. Kikwi Link

    What's Your Preference: 2D or 3D Zelda?

    I grew up with 2d Zelda games with A Link to the Past and the puzzles within it though when Ocarina of Time came out, it took a while to get used to the 3d world. I think that 3d worlds are better and more detailed but since I liked 2d worlds too, I think both are equally fun to play on!
  42. Kikwi Link

    What Languages Do You Know?

    I speak English and Filipino (Tagalog)- My Main language :)
  43. Kikwi Link


    I usually get homesick while staying overnight somewhere else from home. Things I handle with is that I just relax or probably take nap to forget about it.
  44. Kikwi Link

    Clash of the Bosses

    Hmm.... I would think that it would be a tie but I'll have to say Vaati with lasars and beams.
  45. Kikwi Link

    New Features on Zelda Wii U

    With the Wii U coming up and it's amazing new feature, the tablet, what do you guys think some new features that could be made in Zelda WiiU. Some features I would like to see is useing the new tablet to possibly to solve puzzles (Maybe similar to some of Skyward Sword's boss key puzzle). What...
  46. Kikwi Link

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

  47. Kikwi Link

    Rate the Avatar!

    7.5 I guess...
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