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  1. TheMinish

    A Link Between Worlds Possible Bosses

    I think it would be pretty amazing if there was some kind of boss where you have to switch between both worlds in order to defeat it. I can't really remember if Link to the Past did that at any stage because I haven't played it in years, I think it's time to play it again. Can't wait to see what...
  2. TheMinish

    Did You Know This?

    Yeah I knew it. The magical things you find in Zelda games.
  3. TheMinish

    Spoiler Dungeons, Easy or Hard?

    They were a tad on the easy side for me. I would have liked them to be longer and more challenging. Nothing seemed to prevent me from progressing, I always solved the puzzle or killed the boss without much effort at all.
  4. TheMinish

    I Think I Heard About a Place with a Lot of Remlits

    Yeah, what Mozzy said. It's the most pointless area ever.
  5. TheMinish

    Spoiler You Vs Bamboo!

    I was useless at this minigame. I think I managed to get about 29 with the full Master Sword :P
  6. TheMinish

    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    The Sky theme. That is all I need to say.
  7. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword How to Empty a Bottle with Plain Water in It.

    Sounds like some form of glitch party going on in your game.
  8. TheMinish

    Spoiler Anyone else Notice These 'easter Eggs'?

    Fledge's bed has the Spirit Tracks pattern on it.
  9. TheMinish

    Metascore Drops to 94, Two Mixed Reviews.

    I HATE YOU BIGPOND GAME ARENA!! Why'd you have to give it a 7.5
  10. TheMinish

    SS the Toughest Zelda?

    Well, it's harder than the other Zeldas, but it's still pretty easy. However, the hero mode on a six heart run was torture.
  11. TheMinish

    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    The Sandship. It was a really unique dungeon. The short movie that you see when Link was climbing the ladder was so epic.
  12. TheMinish

    Metascore Drops to 94, Two Mixed Reviews.

    Yeah. Even though it's a fantastic score, I am still freaking out...
  13. TheMinish

    Metascore Drops to 94, Two Mixed Reviews.

    Hey all. The metascore has dropped as two new reviews (both mixed) have been added. I personally don't care that much because it's great nevertheless. Did you think these reviews brought up good points? Or do you disagree?
  14. TheMinish

    Favorite Character in Ss?

    Yeah, I love Scrapper's theme too. He's so awesome. MASTER SHORTPANTS XD
  15. TheMinish

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    I loved the Silent Realms. They were so tense and creepy. Mainly though, they were really fun.
  16. TheMinish

    Best Music in the Series?

    The Sky Theme................WOW. It may not be the best soundtrack...but that is the greatest Zelda overworld theme ever.
  17. TheMinish

    So is Anybody else Completely in Love with Ghirahim?

    Ghirahim actually made me laugh on multiple occasions. He is a great character.....though he isn't really a great MAIN villain.
  18. TheMinish

    Spoiler Least Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon

    Skyview Temple. It was boring the first time round and it was made even worse when a certain water dragon makes you go back there.
  19. TheMinish

    Are There More Gorons?

    If I recall correctly from my playthrough...there are only 3 in the game. - Gorko - Hangs outside the Lanayru Gorge - Runs the mine-cart minigame at the Shipyard.
  20. TheMinish

    Spoiler Goddess Cube/treasure #10 Problems

    It's most likely located in either Skyloft or the Thunderhead.
  21. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword Walkthrough?

    A walkthrough as well? People aren't going to change their video style because one guy doesn't like the commentary. What a waste of time that would be. "Ohhhh, that guy didn't like that so let's change everything for him.". Great video btw.
  22. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword Walkthrough?

    Look for videos that don't have 'Let's Play' in the title. I think a let's play is supposed to have commentary while a walk through shouldn't.
  23. TheMinish

    SS Metacritic Score Back Up to 95. I Really Feel a Sense of Relief.You?

    I didn't care at all because it's stupid to get cut up because a games score dropped by one.
  24. TheMinish

    Spoiler Hylian Shield

    You have to beat the Thunder Dragon's boss fighting mini-game thing.
  25. TheMinish

    Gamespot Gives Skyward Sword a 7.5???!!!

    I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm very far in and would give the game a 10. It's a remarkable game. 7.5 seems a bit low to me.
  26. TheMinish

    Spoiler 2nd Ghirahim Fight + Din's Fire

    This fight is so easy. It was a huge disappointment. Cutscene was great though :P
  27. TheMinish

    Spoiler More on the Mysterious Sheikah Woman

    It's IMPA. You figure it out in the plot twist before she takes Zelda away to far away place where she cannot be read by dowsing.
  28. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword Trailers

    Don't worry, this one is completely amazing!
  29. TheMinish

    Favorite Skyward Sword Music So Far

    After 10+ hours of play, the Sky Theme has really grown on me.
  30. TheMinish


    No actually, it was a print screen from the site, they changed it. I don't give a crap about scores, this game will be boss.
  31. TheMinish


    Hahah! IGN's site has glitched up before the review. SPOILERS! The game got a 0. Here's hoping for a 10.
  32. TheMinish

    Exploring Skyloft - New Gameplay.

    No, it's one to one when you slash. I observed closely and it is. I did that for the lol'z :P This game is going to rock!
  33. TheMinish

    Exploring Skyloft - New Gameplay.

    Controls worked great for me. A few calibration errors, but that is a known bug with the demo. I thought the sword was in a 8 direction lock, but it is REALLY ONE-TO-ONE.
  34. TheMinish

    Exploring Skyloft - New Gameplay.

    Do you already have the demo, hacked Wii and an Ocarina program?
  35. TheMinish

    Exploring Skyloft - New Gameplay.

    Using a code on the E3 demo I was able to explore Skyloft. If you want to see more, tell me, there is still a lot more of this place to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9177mrH5TM P.S - Can't enter buildings.
  36. TheMinish

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    There are two different ways to shoot the bow. 1. Simply hold A without even touching the nun chuck and then release. You can charge the arrow to make it go further. 2. Hold C and pull back on the nunchuck, this is a medium range shot.
  37. TheMinish

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    Whip - Pretty fun to flail around but only was able to kill a few Keese. It has no effect on Skulltulas or Bokoblins. Gust Below - Controlled really intuitively. However, there wasn't really anything to do with it other than make Bokoblins look at me. Double Clawshots - Awesome to control, but...
  38. TheMinish

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    If anyone has any queries about the 8 items on the wheel, I can answer. I used a hack on the leaked demo and now I can use all the items, ask away. P.S - I'm limited to the Skyview Temple for testing.
  39. TheMinish

    Demo Requests.

    1. @CVG - Well, people might want me to explore Skyloft in the bird riding demo. Spoilers the place is huge!. 2. @Cuju - To my disappointment, nothing happens 3. @GearHim - You are correct in every way, in my opinion.
  40. TheMinish

    Demo Requests.

    Hey all, Please don't get mad at me for downloading the recently leaked demo, I still have the Limited Edition on pre-order and am going to pick it up on November 24th. I have activated a cheat code on the demo that allows me to explore Skyloft. I have an infinite time limit on all the demos...
  41. TheMinish

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    The first 3 dungeons are confirmed from previews. However, we have absolutely no confirmation on the dungeons beyond the 'plot twist'.
  42. TheMinish

    Spoiler A Curious Map Sighting

    This is a huge mystery. I'm guessing its where the final dungeon lies. If it's a completely new area with new dungeons, considered me blown away. I say it clears after Link forges the final Master Sword.
  43. TheMinish

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    So, we get the upgraded beetle (the Hook one) the first time you visit the Lanayru Desert. One of the Ancient Robots inform you that your beetle is inferior and upgrades it. Here is a direct quote from Nintendo World Report: "Early on, you find another crystal, which aids in reviving another...
  44. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword Trailers

    ^ Thanks for that. I'm overhauling the OP with links so the page loads faster :)
  45. TheMinish

    Dodongo's Cavern in SS?

    Pretty sure that's the Scaldera boss room. Ghirahim summons Scaldera and then leaves.
  46. TheMinish

    Skyward Sword Area Wallpapers

    Update! Here comes the Lanayru Province!
  47. TheMinish

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    We can confirm that there is a toilet in the Knights Academy that seems to serve no purpose. :P
  48. TheMinish

    Using the Toilet

    Dude, put a spoiler tag, I feel I know to much about the game now :P
  49. TheMinish


    Well, now that these rumors have credibility, I can slightly believe this. If Darknuts are in the game, I want them to completely destroy me! I don't want to be able to take them down easily.
  50. TheMinish

    Listen to the Symphony Concert Version of the Goddess Theme!

    I didn't actually think it was that good to be honest.
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