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    Cartoon and Anime Quotes

    This was inspired by Book and Movie quotes :) Animated gifs and videos are welcome :D Sokka: Oh, no! I knew it was only a matter of time! APPA ATE MOMO!!! *starts to crawl into Appa's mouth* Momo! I'm coming for ya, buddy! Katara: Sokka, Appa didn't eat Momo. He's probably with Aang. Sokka...
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    Right Hand, Left Hand, Nose, Faceplant.

    My friend found this on Facebook. Type your name with your right hand, then your left, then with your nose, then smack your face on the keyboard and see what happens. Naga, Naga, Nagaq, gbfr :D
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    The Book Quote Game

    This was inspired by The Movie Quote Game The rules are the same, on you're quoting books instead of movies. I'll start. " 'Oh, Phlinx, we have been chosen! I just know it. We are the chosen owls. The Golden Glaux has come to visit us. You know they say that he only comes once a century.'...
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    Random Songs

    Yeah... Well, I was bored. You post whatever you want from one of your favorite song. Rules: You must state the title of the song and then the writer first, then put the song Put the song in quote marks. Only part of the song. Example: Charlie Brown, by Coldplay "Stole a key...
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    The Question Game

    All you have to do is ask a random or stupid question, but don't answer any of them. That defeats the purpose. Example: Why can you see through windows?
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