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  1. Magatha

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Big Hero 6. 11/10 Just watched it this past weekend, it was amazing. Awesome story, cool animation, the science fiction elements were based in actual science. All around awesomeness.
  2. Magatha

    Marvel or DC?

    I actually made this exact thread here a few years ago. For movies, I prefer Marvel. For actual reading material, I prefer DC. There is no denying that Marvel has put out quite a few amazing movies in recent years, but I have always been a huge DC fan. I grew up on the Justice League and Teen...
  3. Magatha


    There is such a thing as too many minions. To me, they are not the heart of the Despicable Me franchise, they are the comedy relief. They can certainly be cute and funny, but I don't think they need their own feature length film.
  4. Magatha

    What TV Shows Would You Bring Back from Cancellation ?

    Merlin Teen Titans (And don't tell me that Teen Titans Go is Teen Titans brought back, because it really is not, even if it has the same voice actors, there's no story now...)
  5. Magatha

    Comedy Bands?

    Heywood Banks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hF808RxNqM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v2pjAL5ajA
  6. Magatha

    Really Depressing Songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OqwKfgLaeA When someone says depressing songs, this is the very first thing that comes to mind.
  7. Magatha

    Traveling with the Doctor

    Only if I could be like Amy or Rose and take my boyfriend with me. If I could, then absolutely. Because travelling across space and time wouldn't be worth it if I had to leave my heart at home.
  8. Magatha

    What Sounds Calm You Down?

    The only thing consistently capable of calming me down is Enya. Her music is beautiful and peaceful, it melts away my anxiety.
  9. Magatha

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Sort of nostalgic, with a bit of homesick. I miss my brothers, I miss my boyfriend, I miss my books and art supplies. I miss home. Sooooo glad all that is only about an hour drive away, or I'd go crazy. At the same time, happy with the new friends I have made, my roommates are wonderful, but...
  10. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Is it? I hadn't noticed. Thank you, I nearly forgot to pack a rain jacket.
  11. Magatha

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Going crazy trying to decide which art supplies to bring with me and which to leave behind as I am moving into my college dorm today. Kinda terrified a bit...
  12. Magatha

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Well, I renewed my temporary licence for learning to drive, I got my first ever bank account, and I bought volume 2 of Neil Gaiman's - The Sandman. Four years ago today I joined this wonderful website.
  13. Magatha

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  14. Magatha


    O Captain! My Captain! A birthday poem. Neither of these poems are mine. If you want to read original content, check out the poetry competition thread! http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=49800 (And please vote.)
  15. Magatha

    Ebooks or Physical Books?

    Paper books. Love holding the story in my hands, the smell of the pages, bookmarks, and having actual books on a bookshelf to look through and pick one to read when bored. I just love books.
  16. Magatha

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  17. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I really wish people would pay attention to the fanworks and competition sections. Members put forth the effort to write stuff, or make things, and it would be real nice to get feedback and see those sections more active. Look here for example...
  18. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I wish people would vote for poems in the poetry competition thread. Not many votes yet...
  19. Magatha

    Poem Contest #1 Voting Thread

    Well, having been in an actual poetry slam before, I feel obliged to give everyone comments and/or constructive criticism. But two of the poems are mine, which I will review all the same so as not to give away which are mine. There were a lot of good ones though! Entry 1. Fairly short, and the...
  20. Magatha

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    I am bisexual but terrified of telling my parents. There are actually very few people I have told. Im just too chicken.
  21. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I agree with Fig. Merging of Happy and Unhappy sure leaves one pretty chaotic end result. Those two threads were pretty much opposites and both had important stuff in them. I mean I know I am barely even active at ZD despite having been here for 4 whole years now, but in those four years, I...
  22. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Awww! :( *is now also unhappy* Well, I am going to college in a few weeks, and have no idea how busy that will keep me so yeah... Also, my town is in danger of closing the local swimming pools, and mom is making me try to help save them...
  23. Magatha


    I like feedback on my art. Anything else, I am usually too shy to ask.
  24. Magatha

    What Uncommonly Known Bands Do You Like?

    The Nylons - a Canadian a capella group from the 80s Aside from that, I love steampunk music, dunno if that counts or not, but: Steam Powered Giraffe Abney Park The Cog is Dead Frenchy and the Punk The Clockwork Quartet Tankus the Henge
  25. Magatha

    Poem Contest #1

    Count me in. I think I can manage this one. Generally poetry is the only kind of writing I can manage, but to someone special is a nice simple prompt. I know I can manage two short poems by the deadline. ^^
  26. Magatha

    Opinion Thread

    My favorite color is purple, but my favorite color of glass is blue. Especially marbles.
  27. Magatha

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    Well, Mandy is my friend in real life. She started giving people Your name+Zelda character name nicknames, and mine just stuck. I completely forget who my zelda character was though...
  28. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    It's mah birthday! *is quite thrilled to now be old enough to buy REAL SWORDS!* *Oh, and vote. I guess.*
  29. Magatha

    Do You Reach the Daily Norm....

    Probably not enough. Whenever I take my ADHD meds, I do not actually feel hunger, and forget to eat food a lot. I mean, sometimes I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch and would have soccer practice without having eaten anything all day...
  30. Magatha


    Hello! So I suppose this is my writing thread. I had made it in the entertainment category so people could share poems they enjoy, just like there are topics there for sharing books or songs. But since the thread was moved to fan works, I guess it should be used for original content now. So...
  31. Magatha

    Who is Your Mortal Enemy on ZD?

    I don't hate anyone here. Except maybe my brother, who only made an account to play the arcade games and refuses to ever post...
  32. Magatha

    Who is Your Best Friend on ZD?

    Well, Mandy is my best friend in real life and the reason I joined ZD all those years ago. Aside from Mandy, Gobli. Because Gobli is awesome.
  33. Magatha

    Magic the Gathering.

    Yes and no. I have a deck that my friend gave me, but I have not really found anyone to play with... :(
  34. Magatha


    Well, my primary goal right now is to succeed in college, but I do have an artist consignment with a gift shop, so I sell things I sculpt. I dont have a normal job with shifts and hours and whatnot yet...
  35. Magatha

    General Art Magatha's Art

    Ships! Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in a while... (In my defense, I was busy graduating high school an stuff.) Sooo, Gobli once asked for artwork for his Dark Voyage story. Because I love drawing sea monsters but had no idea how to draw a ship, this was the end result: Having...
  36. Magatha

    What is Your Favourite Drink?

    Mountain Dew, lemonade, tea.
  37. Magatha

    What Would Happen if the ZD Community Met Up?

    You would not! I love your stories, and you are cool. If I didn't hang out with you, there would not be much purpose for me to attend. I get to hang out with Mandy in real life already. Unfortunately I am not quite old enough to consume alcohol just yet. (Unless the party is held somewhere with...
  38. Magatha

    So What's on the Menu?

    Sushi , ice cream and tea! Yum. :)
  39. Magatha

    What Would Happen if the ZD Community Met Up?

    I'd probably hang out with Gobli, and be ridiculously shy until Mandy introduces me to people, since I'm never very active enough to know anyone else... (is shy, online and off)
  40. Magatha

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Well, I was out of town for 2 weeks, so I had to do a crazy amount of weeding today because a ridiculous amount of crabgrass decided to sprout in my vegetable garden while I was away.
  41. Magatha

    So... How's the Weather?

    I thought the weather was nice today, but that was before I spent 3 hours pulling weeds. Now the verdict is that it is too hot...
  42. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got to hang out with my boyfriend and his family yesterday. ^^ They are all wonderful people and his mom is now officially free of breast cancer! :D
  43. Magatha

    What Was the First Handheld You Ever Owned and Which Game(s)?

    Nintendo DS, Nintendogs and Brain Age. I think I was in 3rd grade.
  44. Magatha

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    I sometimes have panic attacks over stuff like writing.
  45. Magatha

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb8fifHZ14E Love Steam Powered Giraffe.
  46. Magatha

    How Do You Think?

    I think chaotically. With my ADHD, the thoughts get all scrambled up and I forget what I was doing.
  47. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So sleepy, but I want to sculpt things but tired... Not really looking forward to my swim meet today.
  48. Magatha

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    In honor of Pride, here is a terrific new tune by Professor Elemental! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFL5GTKwonQ
  49. Magatha

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My brother no longer owes me a boomerang.
  50. Magatha

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Well, today I went to the Columbus LGBT Pride Parade today. I wanted to, that was not the problem. See, I was supposed to meet up with my boyfriend's family, but being the ADHD person that he is, he forgot his phone. So I look for them for hours, no luck. I did have company though. The...
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