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  1. zeldafan100

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1395 - watch more MLP fim for a long long time :3
  2. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time The Lost OoT Temples, What Were They Like?

    Well first off i remember they cut the fire temple music because it had some sort of chanting that was copyrighted i don't remember but if you have herd of it you might know I've always wanted to know more about that and why they cut it. It reminds me of the pokemon red and green story of all...
  3. zeldafan100

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    Hmm........ if link had a gun ~goes to princess Zelda ~ Link: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY Zelda: OK OK gash i'm broke time to go live on the streets D; yep that would be cool and it would give some more things to do in the games like oot. You could have an honer meter and if you robed someone it...
  4. zeldafan100

    Linknerd09's Shop

    WOW That is great thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!11:) :) :D
  5. zeldafan100

    Linknerd09's Shop

    a sig. request hey can you make me a sig. with a pic of toon link with my uesername on it? thanks!
  6. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    YEAH i remember the good old times.
  7. zeldafan100

    Sig. Request ?

    could it be smaller because ZD will not allow that one that big.
  8. zeldafan100

    Sig. Request ?

    I've been needing a good sig. custom made or something like that for a while now but could someone make it from a TWP pic? :) ?
  9. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time The Grave at Lake Hylia?

    Yes I know there is, but I want to know who's grave it is before the scrubs came inside it.
  10. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time The Grave at Lake Hylia?

    I all ways go by the grave where the owl is( I don't know how to spell his name) and I wonder what it's doing there. I believe it has something to do with the professor in the lake side laboratory. But I want to know what everybody else thinks about it. :)
  11. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Which Enemy is More Intimidating?

    defiantly the wall masters god they freaked me out!
  12. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Any Glitches You Know

    cool I remember when i did this for my first time and fell into the dark hole i was like What the crap! and died tring for a no death run. but later I did do the no death run. :)
  13. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Any Glitches You Know

    if i could make a video i would show you. I might get FPS recorder so maybe
  14. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time I Found a Shiny Dodongo!

    Quick! Use your master ball! But yeah it is proboly a glitch.
  15. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Any Glitches You Know

    One of the glitches I know is getting into bazzare as a kid in kakarico village. First go to the house next to the entrance to death mountain on the left.(If you are going to the gate.) If you try to go in to the house in the day or night someone will say [My son is in the graveyard plying] or...
  16. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time NEW Ocarina of Time 3D Screenshots!!

    I guess that they are going to work on the hands of characters because they look so cut-off
  17. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    The hardest temple for me has to be the water temple. The resone I hate that temple is because after I beat dark link I didn't know there was a time block behind the longshot chest so I spent at least 7 hours looking for a small key.(I did not want to use a guide.)But finally I went back and...
  18. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Forest Temple Boss Key Skip

    I seen a video on how to get different colors but to get the one i wanted you have to skip getting the goron's bracelet. I don't know how to do that?
  19. zeldafan100

    Adventure of Link I'm ERROR

    It really creeped me out when i first played.
  20. zeldafan100

    Majora's Mask What is Your Favorite Mask?

    Mostly the fires dieity mask and the bunny hood.
  21. zeldafan100

    Link or Mario, Who Would Win in a Fight?

    Link could just use the giants mask and jump on mario.
  22. zeldafan100

    Least Favourite Zelda Game

    Mine is zelda 2 because it so rediculasly hard well for me
  23. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Forest Temple Boss Key Skip

    That is a very cool way to skip the boss key
  24. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Biggoron Sword

    It is a great wepon especilly agenst the stalfos it makes them so much easear
  25. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

    Ya now when i play it 100% i just in and out in aabiut 30 min.:clap:
  26. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time My OoT Review

    The best thing that could happen to the zelda titles is this game no joke
  27. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest - Water Temple Unused Small Key Mystery Solved?

    The same thing happens in a links awakening at the end of the 2nd or 3rd doungen i never found out what it was for?
  28. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Minigames?

    That would be fun with the 3ds i wonder if they will kepp and add more minnigames. I really hope they do.
  29. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

    Did the forest temple ever scare you? It scared me the first time took me a year of weat pants (well...no) but nevermind....uh....Ya and frustration>:(:shake:
  30. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Getting the Master Quest?

    I have beaten it I wen't crazy BUT it was such a great game
  31. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Unicorn Fountain... Dungeon???

    That sounds like a Great idea i love it.
  32. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Where is the Hardest Gold Skulltula in the Game?

    I would have to say number 100. I would never look there!
  33. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time How Many Times Have You Replayed Ocarina of Time?

    I have played it so much that i know where at least 50 of the gold scutulas are. LOL
  34. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Running Man Disappeared?

    At night he stops at the north-western part outside lon-lon ranch on top of the tolest hill.(Every time for me anyway)
  35. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think Finding All the Emerald's is Easy?

    Since I have played OOT so much and have beten it a lot i think it is easy but my first time playing the game fire and water were hard.
  36. zeldafan100

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Fav Music of LoZ OoT?

    My Favorite song in OOT has to be the Bolero of Fire. Oh ya my second is song of storms
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