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  1. Adam

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    Games: wow a tough one 1: Zelda Ocarina of Time 2: zelda Skyward Sword 3: Kingdom Hearts 1 4: Jak and Daxter (caught between 1 and 3) 5: Pokemon Yellow Series: much easier 1. Zelda 2. Pokemon 3. Final Fantasy 4. Kingdom Hearts 5. Jak and Daxter
  2. Adam

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Not a single dungeon has challenged me but one. Every zelda game i pick up i can get through the dungeons in a breeze. BUT THE GREAT PALACE FROM ZELDA II IS MY BANE! WHY IS IT SO ANNOYING?? it doesn't make sense..
  3. Adam

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    Well excuuuuuse me princess! ... not near as good as the other ones in this thread but i enjoy the cartoon when i need a 'wow this absolutely sucks' laugh also, anything Groose says when talking about Zelda
  4. Adam

    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    Um.. im really not sure what all the fuss is about, but demise took me about 2minutes to beat the first time. i stayed super close, shield bashed all his attacks and just kept thrusting and vertical spin attacked when i could. so i guess to answer your question, you totally can beat him without...
  5. Adam

    Is Ancent Cistern the Best Water Temple Dungeon Yet?

    holy crap that boss battle!!!!! there has not been one with so much excitement since i fought ganon in OoT and WW, i have found bosses to be very easy and monotonous or just tiresome except those two and now this game brings epic battles!
  6. Adam

    So Skyward Sword Is...

    its an OoT matchup of the century!!! seriously and completely objectively, it will be the game we say 25 years from now 'i wonder if nintendo will ever be able to beat skyward sword' (though i hope we don't have to wait that long for another game of all time)
  7. Adam

    Spoiler What Happend to Navi? (may Want to Have Beaten Oot, Begun Majoras Mask)

    Link most definitely did not forget, because at the end of MM he continues on to find his friend. I'm sure axle could go on about this for hours, and i'd enjoy it. but MM is all about friendship, wheres navi??? gotta find navi!! (we assume) but it quickly turns to link making new friends, every...
  8. Adam

    December 17/18th Announcement

    next time go check Pokemon Dungeon instead!! :) you also have to remember that gen 4 AND 5 were on the DS so you can't go by how many consoles ago a game was. they have shown that they can do ALOT with the DS (black white) and i remake would be completely rewarding on the DS instead of...
  9. Adam


    there is no way to know for sure if there is a split timeline or not. do NOT listen to 'official' statements until Miyamoto shows us his special document. develop a theory on your own. its more fun then asking other people for answers :)
  10. Adam

    Ocarina of Time The Forest Medallion~The Controversy

    thank you Djinn! i was trying to make that point, but hard to be detailed in forums when you're at work haha
  11. Adam

    I Think That Nintendo is Just Being Cheap Skates...

    after re-reading the original post, there is no act. it has nothing to do with costs, they may be cheap skates sure but that's not the point. Zelda i believe is designed to NOT have voice acting. period. in many peoples' opinions it would ruin what the series has become. Its musical focus in...
  12. Adam

    I Think That Nintendo is Just Being Cheap Skates...

    if you have been watching trailers for SS, Link has the most emotion he ever has before.
  13. Adam

    Four Swords Adventures Fsa Requirements

    That would not be correct, unless i am totally forgetting everything about this game :) you will see when you start the game what your options are and it even shows icons showing what hardware you need. its clever.
  14. Adam

    My Timeline Based on Veran Altering Past 400 Years

    i'll have to take a deeper look at this since you didnt put much evidence in the original post, ill get back to you
  15. Adam

    Could Hyrule Be the Future Instead of the Past?

    i had just kinda accepted that since from Japans perspective the middle east is actually west, then it may translate in game to whatever tribe or culture is in the western part of the land. and i believe thats been the case in almost every zelda game (except MM if youre saying Ikana canyon is...
  16. Adam

    Four Swords Adventures Fsa Requirements

    its a great game individually, however i really support FSA as a multiplayer game. because FS requried each person to have the game cartridge it was difficult to play with friends in my experience. But FSA only requires gameboys and the gameboy->gamecube connectors and those are cheap. Its a...
  17. Adam

    WW-Wii U Why Did This Happen?

    I think we have good answers. A) Zoras found some favor with Valoo or something happened where one of them got a 'valoo scale'. B)goddess intervention. nothing wrong with the theories as they only exists inside of WW lore at the moment. If zelda exists another 25 years Nintendo will undoubtedly...
  18. Adam

    What is It About Zelda? Something Strange Has Happened to Me.

    i'm just going to say AGREE and that this thread was an pleasantry to read. Im a young 19 but zelda has been there for me every step of the way. my girlfriend (fiance soon!!) clearly understands where i stand on gaming and she is nowhere near gamer status (but i get her to play mario party and...
  19. Adam

    Could Hyrule Be the Future Instead of the Past?

    i would say that because of the general geographical placement of Lanayru/Gerudo/lake hylias of the Zelda series, it seems clear that it could be based on Egyptian culture because its west of the rest of the land, in OoT Gerudo was not actually part of the Hyrule Kingdom (i think) and Egypt is...
  20. Adam

    Ocarina of Time Why Can't Young Link Use Some of Adult Link's Weapons?

    A) logic totally exists in Zelda but can sometimes be trumped by... B) game mechanics, link cant access everything all the time bc the game was built around having a time jump, MM Link can access everything bc there was never a time when Link was in a different time or any drastic changes like OoT
  21. Adam

    Ocarina of Time The Forest Medallion~The Controversy

    It is extremely possible that the forest medallion was a modification of the swastika, remember the dungeon in LoZ that had that same shape?? they have had to change alot (like the gerudo symbol used to me the muslim moon and star i believe) no big deal, theyre just trying to not offend people...
  22. Adam

    What "Legend" Would You Like To See Next?

    the problem with that is that several timeline theorists with high reputation will tell you that FSA is before OoT, ganon was there in pig form. we have no way to confirm the first appearance of demon pig ganon.
  23. Adam

    Oracle Secrets

    well i wouldnt know how to help you right away unless i played through the ROMs, hopefully someone will see this. help out, zelda community! :)
  24. Adam

    Oracle Secrets

    i don't even remember having to link my games to use the password for the gameboy. i believe the code you type in will designate to the linked game things like how many hearts, items, such and such. so it shouldn't change for ROMs
  25. Adam

    Do You Use Legendary Pokemon?

    i do not battle competitively so of course i use legendaries for the most part for elite four sometimes, but really i already know which 6 i am gonna use before i start the game, may or may not be a legendary.
  26. Adam

    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    well i've played them all 100% including tingle's games and CD-i's and crossbow training and probably all re-releases and remakes. however, the one i have played the least is Zelda2. it's tough to complete because it causes too much frustration sometimes you really should try ebay, but dont...
  27. Adam

    Most Difficult Zelda Boss?

    it's clear that the boss that takes the most just blind slashing because skill was so hard to apply to clunky controls would be..... dark link... zelda II. awful. or you could just stand in the corner, crouch, and keep jabbing. i would say that all MM bosses were on a nice even playing field...
  28. Adam

    Please Watch My Timeline Theory and Comment

    i will look at what you said get back to you on it locke, but the first thing will say is that i won't take the 'official' statements for any credit whatsoever. the fun and excitement about zelda timeline is about finding out how to support your own theory (as it is with any scientific discovery...
  29. Adam

    Please Watch My Timeline Theory and Comment

    about the MC games (assuming you agree that MC FS and FSA belong near or next to each other) i will have to reconsider my position on how to relate to other games and like you mentioned hyrule being unified and stuff like that. i'll need to work on a stronger case for that. the imprisoning war...
  30. Adam

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    there's alot of TP threads it seems like recently. like i've said in those it was a wonderful game and will be in my memories of Zelda forever, but i think people thought it would be better! and not meeting expectations, even for a great game, can be troubling. however, people who didn't pay...
  31. Adam

    Zenox's Poképimp Corner

    I'm looking for a tepig (just a totally random one) and a Tornadus, need dittos? i can spend all day catching dittos in Giant Chasm until i get the nature you need. tell me what it would take to get those two, thanks
  32. Adam

    Please Watch My Timeline Theory and Comment

    My Timeline Theory If you are interested, i made a long youtube video going over every detail about my timeline theory. howarda1000 on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYD1Eszon1I please comment. i want to have someone break my theory.
  33. Adam

    Pokemon of the Month: November - Nominations

    I will suggest Haxorus for being even faster than Rayquaza with base stats and perhaps a plusle/minun combo
  34. Adam

    Twilight Princess First TP Playthrough.

    there is another thread currently talking about this but i think most people believe it did not live up to the expectations of the trailers or what people wanted from it. its a great game, but its very big and very short in my opinion. the games today are vastly different then 25 years ago and i...
  35. Adam

    WW-Wii U Why Did This Happen?

    aren't bays fresh water? but i agree with your other statements also
  36. Adam

    Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

    i personally love the game! but i only love it because it's zelda. i'm not totally convinced if would have been a good game on its own. it was too vast and too short in my opinion and i believe most people feel this way. the general expectations weren't met creating a mob-like hate towards the...
  37. Adam

    WW-Wii U Why Did This Happen?

    it's generally accepted that the rito are evolved/adapted forms of the zoras. doesn't really change anything. remember the zolas??? they were always found in salt water places and were enemies (if i remember correctly), so in order to have zoras in this game, they would... A) have to play a...
  38. Adam

    Please Watch My Timeline Theory and Comment

    I made an youtube 4 part video, howarda1000, on my timeline theory. Please look at it if you are serious about zelda timeline. i can have a discussion with the best of them. also, if you're new to the subject feel free to ask me any questions. ill give you information but won't make your...
  39. Adam

    Pokemon of the Month: November - Nominations

    while it probably won't win, i think butterfree is a great pokemon to have for early gen1 gym battles. confusion can kick serious butt and if butterfree is overleveled and EV trianed then it can be used endgame as well with other psychic moves. the best competition pokemon may be... a dragon...
  40. Adam

    Zelda Art Random Drawing Contest Week 7

    I voted for Nick's - I just had to laugh! In the second picture Link's like: "Well. So. Now what...?" Ha ha ha. He probably would have stopped the whole game Majora's Mask from happening! Problem solved! XD Also props to you for achieving such a nice image and that all without digital media, as...
  41. Adam

    Zelda Art The MCC Week 2: Ocarina of Time

    This was very hard to decide on. Both of these are great and extremely well-done. The Song of Storms is my favorite song from all of Zelda, and it might just be that I'm hard to please when it comes to doing the piece justice, but I voted for the Lost woods song.
  42. Adam

    General Art Greed's Drawings

    Your Ed picture is great! You deserve to be proud of it.
  43. Adam

    Zelda Art Contest Idea, I Want Your OPINION (CONCEPT ART)

    Sounds like a cool contest! I'm sure that will bring interesting results!
  44. Adam

    Zelda Art Random Drawing Contest Week 6

    I don't really think anonymity/biased voting should be an issue, just stay levelheaded when voting. Edit: Although I don't see why they can't be anonymous for the voting and then revealed afterwards, sounds fair enough.
  45. Adam

    Zelda Art Some Link Hommage

    No I don't, but I'll probably come back in the future.
  46. Adam

    Zelda Art Some Link Hommage

    First Post! :) I'm guessing that because of the versatility of the kinds of fan works posted here, people just begin a new thread for every new thing... So, here's a rendition of adult Link. Firey. He's based on Ocarina of Time, but I used the tunic from Twilight Princess, since little...
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