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    OoT Credits cello sheet music arangment (feedback wanted)

    Looking for feedback. I arranged the version of the credits found at http://www.ninsheetmusic.org/browse/series/thelegendofzelda for cello. I didn't put any effort into formatting the layout of the score. Just looking for feedback on the musicality of it. For the most part I just took the top...
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    General Zelda Best Zelda Soundtrack

    I've been off of ZD for a while. So lets make this a quality post. No votes for LoZ's 4 songs? ok... What about II's memorable temple theme? No takers I guess. Well who can be blamed for not voting for them when LA was so good. I would take my gameboy with me just to hear the Balled of the...
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 100!!!

    I say LA. It is solid and easy to play through while being fun. DX still looks great and the game is very easy to get a hold of. The game also gives a good introduction to common game mechanics that makes it easy to progress to any other game in the series, new or old. As a plus it has a quick...
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Bought rouge squadron, nightfire, and everything or nothing tonight. $12:68 total.
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    Geometry or Algebra?

    I never had a problem with either. You often hear of people with a strong preference to one or the other but to me its all the same. Actually, I can't think of much of anything to say about them. They just are. Just picked algebra cause it came first (for me in 7th grade).
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    Majora's Mask Help with the Bombchu Hover Glitch (hovers but Not Higher)

    umm look at http://zeldaspeedruns.com/mm/tech/hovering or ask for help in their irc http://zeldaspeedruns.com/irc Really just try doing things differently.
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 85!

    Can't call it cheating if the first thing in the room is an arrow pot XD
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 85!

    At first I was confused why on earth you would pick Manhandla but then really, Its a true multi headed creature without many necks. Its just cool. Place a bomb and kill it in one hit or attack with your sword and get killed :) Goht though, thats a pretty boring fight. It cool that there are...
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    What Color is Your 3ds?

    Indeed. Second best available imo. #1 being the oot 3d and #3 being ALBW
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    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    I bought Pretty. Odd. Two weeks ago. I keep thinking if I don't stop listening to it it will get old but dang. SO good. Not a song isn't good. What am I doing not listening to it right now. Puts on when the day met the night. Better.
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    Have You Ever Dropped Your Precious 3ds or Other Handhelds?

    I bought a used ds and a case. A week later It fell from a railing and the hinge broke. Once when playing FF I&II I dropped my gba sp and majorly corrupted my II save file. There is a small chip in my oot3d 3ds at the front-bottom-left corner from falling out of my pocket onto cement because I...
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    What Color is Your 3ds?

    I have that one too but I love it too much to think about any other. Actually I [refer the smaller one. It can be a bit small in the hands but its still a good ratio. Supprised it took 22 posts to get to one of this kind here.
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    Favorite Kind of Science?

    Other as in computer science. Next is physics then chem and NOT bio. I barely passed AP Chem though lol. Hope I get at least a 4 on physics this year though. I just have no interest in bio. It's the body. So? All the others listed are about working out the world.
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Got Pikmen (1) for christmas. Just bought banjo kazooie, metroid prime, and fire emblem shadow dragon. Also a capture card is on its way to me from amazon so going to be streaming one of them on twitch as soon as I get it (not fe).
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    Your Odd Desktop Shortcuts.

    The desktop. The thing we have because we are too lazy to find things elsewhere. What do you have that is odd? I have two bat files, r.bat and s.bat. They are shutdown -r -t 1 and shutdown -s -t 1. I don't even know how to shutdown win 8 without cmd lol. also my 'my computer' icon on quick...
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    The Legend of Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 79!

    I'm sad to say I used the guide here. The first quest guide is actually quite good just the rest of the game's coverage here is a bit lacking. But I was young and didn't see the value ina failing so much. Played it again recently though without the guide and did quest 2 alone and got all but 1...
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    Has Anyone Managed to Get More Than 1 FPS Out of This Emulator?

    So is there a version of dolphin available for the ouya? I know it has some emus but didn't know if this was ported.
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 73!

    All of the above. But I say I prefer to play normally with very high % but not necessarily 100% and not max% (ww figurines--though I did get many before my card got corrupted and btw they all can be gotten in 1 playthrough, no need to get any when wearing blue). MM speedruns are fun and oot is...
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I was getting shin mengami tensi IV and was supprized to get the collectors edition for the same price with the soundtrack and artbook/guide.
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    General Zelda The Best Opening

    I didn't need to think about it. First MM and then LA. Somewhere else I've noted my love for mm's intro so... LA does a great job of giving an entertaining preamble to the story that seems relevant. In contrast the oracles show the pre story but unless you read it, its "so uh this is cool I...
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    What Email Provider Do You Prefer?

    Because I hate yahoo's interface. I can't use it. My flood of college emails get sent there as does my junk. My real email is gmail. It has a good clean interface and nice background chices. I have one at live.com since I had to with win 8 but its not used. Edit: Also ads. Yahoo, the login page...
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    How Do You Pronounce Different File Types

    Images jpg/jpeg: jay peg gif:ghiff (the maker is wrong) png: p n g bmp: b m p Audio wav: wave midi: mihdee mid: mid ogg: o g g mp3: m p 3 Video avi: ah vy wmv: w m v mov: move mpeg: m peg Text doc: doc rtf: r t f txt: text Interactive swf: shockwave flash exe: e x e Archived rar: rawr zip...
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    Tech Help How to Connect to Twitch Irc with Hexchat

    I looked at this along with other things and they just confused me more Twitch.TV | Issue connecting with IRC (HexChat) What does this window need to look like?
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    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    5 Is about when I started playing. Did much oot during kindergarten. I have strange memories of my dad playing before I went to school. Back when I used to always ask if I could play video games even though I don't think I was ever told I had to.
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    A Scary Microsoft Move I Wasn't Even Aware of

    But then there is this NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows and seeing as its built off of win 8...
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    General Zelda Get Together and Make an Original Fan Game, ZD?

    Libgdx - Desktop/Android/HTML5 Game Development interests me. I really don't want to work with gamemaker/writer. don't ask me why. I just don't.
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    General Zelda ZD Community Fan Based Game Project Poll, 2d or 3d

    the more dimensions the more glitchy it will get. Lets just call it a day and make it a 1d game. In all seriousness I'm abstaining to vote since I can't balance what I want with what I know we can do.
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    General Zelda Get Together and Make an Original Fan Game, ZD?

    I agree 3d would be memorable but I have not yet learned how. If it is 3d I would suggest c ++ instead because it allows stuff like directly touching the stack and opengl is much more suited for it. Remaking LA in 3d was going to be the reason I learned c++ (haven't done so yet). It can still be...
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    General Zelda Get Together and Make an Original Fan Game, ZD?

    Well scripts on zc 2.5 do give a lot more freedom. I'm all up for working on an original java project. Also assuming the game is infringement free it could somewhat easily be ported to android from pure java and uploaded for free (if that kind of thing is allowed and lets not even think about...
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    Males Vs Females Game

    57 cause I'm this bored
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    Males Vs Females Game

    72 by influence of Furie
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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    The first thing I made in anvil was truly garbage. As music goes, no one would listen to it. However I found that it made with the harmonic guitar was just the proper amount of creepy and weird to go with the animation I made with java for the end of AP CS. It may be the worst thing ever to be...
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    Favorite Music Bands/Artists

    If you're looking for good musik I wish you would have said what genre you like. I was thinking about this about 2 days ago and I decided on emery. My favourite song by them is From Crib to Coffin (From Crib to Coffin--Emery - YouTube ), the last song off of I'm only a Man, so its a bit...
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    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I picked up spore for a bit and was inspired by twitch's FrankerZ
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Somehow during a conversation today I randomly said a sentence in a British accent without trying or thinking about it. Then someone turned around to ask if it was my real accent. I was quite confused.
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    Has Anyone Managed to Get More Than 1 FPS Out of This Emulator?

    I don't have any consoles emulators nor any android devices but I do have the adk. Maybe I will download the apk and emulate the emulator.
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    WW-Wii U Is the Upcoming WW HD Release Making You Replay the Game Before It's Released?

    Well I might except I don't have my copy. It is at loan at a friends. I may not be having any experiences with it myself but I do get the joy of hearing my friend struggle through it as he plays it for the first time. Ah how I wish I could play any of the games again for the first time. Replays...
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    Windows 8

    I had a small problem when setting up. I had miss entered my wifi's password and it gave me no feedback saying I wasn't connected. I thought I was making a live account when I ended up just using an odd user account name. Miss start but like the quickness of the search so I haven't used...
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    General Classic If You Had to Pick a Mario Game Over a Zelda Game Each Generation

    Well the SMGs were inferior. MM is godlike. That leaves windwaker the losing zelda title here. SMS actually may be my favourite non rpg mario. That said, it is still only about equal to a better than average zelda game. I havn't played mario on the ds but I'm sure its better than zelda. Zelda...
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    OoT-3DS What Are Your Best Boss Rush and Gauntlet Times?

    Consecutive quick spins usually do well. Just too bad they remove magic for almost all il s. Gohma 26.33 sec Dodongo 42.13 sec Barinade 1:28.90 Phantom Ganon 1:21.76 Volvagia 1:25:33 Morhpa 45.03 Bongo Bongo 32.66 sec. TwinRova 4:49.16 Gauntlet 14:58.73
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    General Zelda The Game You've Never Played

    I am proud to say I have played every one. Even FSA and the original FS though I did not finish FS cause realy it was boring after a few levels and I never fot around to playing it with someone again. Since I finally got OoA I haven't found/made the time to play it beyond getting to the first...
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    Malware, Anti-virus Necessary or Not?

    I don't know how effective Avast free is but it makes me feel a lot safer. So far I haven't noticed any problems so I would belive its working and I don't feel like my money is being wasted. But I wouldn't use a windows pc without it. Soon as I got my laptop on the internet I went to...
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    Preferred Coding Language?

    i know java and ti-basic/axe. I have worked with javascript + jqueary but forget it all. I plan to learn at least the concepts of c++, python, and php. I have no current intentions to learn ruby and such right now. so from what I know right now... well java. It has easy syntax, little concern of...
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    General Zelda Which Titles, if Any, Do You Think Would've Been Better Off As New IPs?

    At first I didn't think much of your comment but I suppose the small ties to the series' story wouldn't be hard to break. But still, if they kept the gameplay mostly the same there would be thread after thread saying Kyle's Story: Majora's Mask is a Zelda game. Makes me wonder what it would be...
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    General Zelda Which Titles, if Any, Do You Think Would've Been Better Off As New IPs?

    As much as I dislike the ds games and they are also what I thought about I feel thats too harsh. They really only differ in controls and even though they are my greatest complaint of any game I don't think they separate them from Zelda. If anything, anything to do with the four sword could go...
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    Speedtest.net Thread

    Meh I live in an old neighborhood with no good lines hey! mandym287 is somewhere nearish to me
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    Computer Specs

    Time to find out what my new lenovo z580 really has. Windows 8 651gb primary drive 24.9gb backup/extra drive 8gb (7.86 useable) ram Intel i5-3210M cpu 2.5 ghz
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    Your Music Player

    If I'm going to be on the computer for a while without needing to stop the music pandora goes on instantly and is what I normally use. If there's just one song I want to listen to I'll pull up youtube and then maybe start a playlist such as I just randomly started whistling The Resistance and...
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    A cybernet wireless mouse. Honestly I don't know why I use it. It beneficently uses batteries and very often double clicks when not wanted which results in: opening a quick start program too many times, closing too many programs, telling pandora I'm still listening too many times which plays two...
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    Can RIM Be Revived?

    Well, it hasn't really been selling itself. If it proves to be productive it will be past windows phone but it's still pretty much our of the market. Just try to remember the last time you heard crackberry.
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