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  1. Warrior of Fire

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I'm looking forward to WWE '13 the most out of the games expected and known to release this year (the known to release games are the yearly sports games, like Madden or NBA Live). A more up-to-date WWE roster, new pay-per-view event arenas from May or June of last year to the cut-off point of...
  2. Warrior of Fire

    "Hardcore" Gamers.

    For the most part, I see myself as a casual/hardcore gamer. I don't think about games much except when I'm playing them, and will focus on other stuff when not. Of course, some games are more toward one style at all times. I play Animal Crossing for usually about fifteen-twenty minutes when I...
  3. Warrior of Fire

    Things in Zelda That Seem Normal but Would Be Weird if You Saw It in Real Life.

    Yeah, those crazed fangirls. Although normally, they chase the guy, ya know? Anyway, back on topic. Finding a treasure chest randomly found laying on the ground, and on opening it, you find bombs, arrows, or other such things.
  4. Warrior of Fire

    What Shield Did You Use Most In Skyward Sword?

    But they do have good reasons to prefer them in a certain area. Like my post said, Wooden Shields are great against electricity, and Iron Shields are fireproof. I just think which one is better for the situation that I'm going into and not what the shield looks like. Similar with as a child...
  5. Warrior of Fire

    How to Pronounce Fi

    It's the same for me.
  6. Warrior of Fire

    Is Skyward Sword Worth Buying a Wii For?

    Definitely worth it, but you should also get some other games, too. I suggest getting Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Twilight Princess, any Mario game, a classic controller, and some Wii Points cards so you can get every Zelda game in the Virtual Console library. And...
  7. Warrior of Fire

    Forced Hero Mode

    You just need to find the Heart Medal. Then hearts will appear from dead enemies and heart flowers will bloom once again. I first learned that one when Fi told me about it when my hearts got low at Eldin Volcano. As for the topic at hand, I didn't find Hero Mode forced on me. When I first...
  8. Warrior of Fire

    Spoiler Demise

    My first time, he kept killing me, and I even figured out how to kill him. He'd always get that one last blow that would kill me. In the end, I went back to Skyloft, bought a Guardian Potion and a couple Heart Potions, and upgraded them all completely. Only used the Guardian Potion+. Without...
  9. Warrior of Fire

    What Shield Did You Use Most In Skyward Sword?

    I liked each one because of specific reasons. The Wooden Shields you have to start with and are more useful in Lanayru because of their strength against electricity. The Iron Shields are only really useful in Eldin because they're fireproof, but you will always take damage from electrical...
  10. Warrior of Fire

    Spoiler Backtracking in Skyward Sword

    I didn't mind at all because I could tell that there were new areas to explore in each region. And Lanayru opened up more each time you had to return there.
  11. Warrior of Fire

    Super Smash Bros. ____. What Would You Call It?

    To combine two that I've seen in this thread to make sense and avoid confusion with acronyms, Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. And one of the single player modes would have to be called Battle Royale, where you pick one character and try to defeat every other character in a specially designed...
  12. Warrior of Fire

    Groose: Beginning or Later?

    I liked him late in the game because of his change from local bully (he was the Nelson (from "The Simpsons") of the Zelda series) to a huge help in the Imprisoned battles and even tried to keep Zelda from Ghirahim's final plan. Even though he failed there, he still tried to redeem himself when...
  13. Warrior of Fire

    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    In my opinion, Skyward Sword was a very great game. In my all-time rankings, it places second, just a fraction of a point behind Ocarina of Time, but not because of nostalgia. When I change my game rankings, I always go back to the games on my list and break them down to every point why I...
  14. Warrior of Fire

    Favourite Sword Phase in SS

    True Master Sword all the way. It's the classic sword of the series, and the only one used in every portion of the timeline. Give me the choice of any sword to own with everything about it from the game, I'd go straight for the True Master Sword, including Fi to help me out with some things.
  15. Warrior of Fire

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    My five favorite games... hmm, some spots are just so hard to decide, but let's try this anyway: 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, Wii VC) 2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) 3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64, Wii VC) 4. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 (PS2) 5. The...
  16. Warrior of Fire

    Skyward Sword Smash Bros. Course

    I know I'm going into what other people have said about Debbie before the release of Skyward Sword or before we were revealed the true nature of Ghirahim, but don't you mean fabulous?
  17. Warrior of Fire

    What Buttons Do You Press when Catching Pokemon?

    I always mashed the directional buttons on my Game Boy Color (yeah, I'm old school (not for lack of trying, but lack of funds)) clockwise. Except when using the Master Ball, because that's an instant catch every time.
  18. Warrior of Fire

    The True History of Pokemon Generation 1

    I'm saving my article writing for on my Zelda site. I've already got one on there. Once I get my sig set up here, the site's logo will be linked to the site so you can read the article if you want to.
  19. Warrior of Fire

    The True History of Pokemon Generation 1

    As everyone knows, the original release for the Pokemon series in the US had two versions, Red and Blue. However, with the remakes of these games for the GBA, you would expect them to be, based on what they were actually titled, FireRed and WaterBlue/AquaBlue, but instead we got FireRed and...
  20. Warrior of Fire

    Blond Link Or Dark Haired Link?

    To whoever said that Link had pink hair in A Link to the Past, this is only true for his sprite, not the official artwork. Most of the artwork I've seen for the game show him with blond hair (yes, I spelled that right; there's only an e at the end of "blonde" when used as a noun ("he's a...
  21. Warrior of Fire

    Who is Your Favourite Companion?

    I'd have to go with Midna with Navi right behind her. Midna really grew throughout the game and even before she completely works for your cause as hero, you can see that she's having struggles between her own desires and truly helping. It's not until Zant first confronts Link that you can...
  22. Warrior of Fire

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    For me, it was the original on my old NES (which is a different design than the normal one that I see in images) (I still have it). Didn't get into it because I was really young, then, shortly after getting my N64 (on my oldest brother's birthday, no less), I got Ocarina of Time, and I was...
  23. Warrior of Fire

    Majora's Mask How Many Mini-Dungeons Does Majora's Mask Have?

    I'd consider only the Spider Houses, Pirate's Fortress, Ikana Underworld (beneath the well), and Ancient Castle of Ikana as mini-dungeons, leaving only five true mini-dungeons, but the moon ranges from neither dungeon or mini-dungeon (skip the four children wearing the boss remains and go...
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