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  1. Linky

    Your Age?

    I'm Twelve too. And I'll be 13 on 9/6 :)
  2. Linky

    What Was Your Favorite Appearance of Ganon/dorf?

    I liked TP the best because he was the darkest and he had this I'm going to do all I can do beat you look. Also I liked his death the best.
  3. Linky

    Favorite Zelda character

    Woah Woah Woah. Anyone who doesn't say Zant better run far far away! o.o lol:lol:
  4. Linky


    Yea I like eventful too because I love just roaming around the overworld doing random stuff. It just feels too bland when the overworld is only there to be there and there's nothing much to it. I also don't like it when the overworld's large like in TP I just felt too overwhelmed, even though...
  5. Linky

    Don't You Feel Good When..

    Mine would be when I finally beat Gyorg or whatever his name is in majora's mask, I took me so many tries to beat and finally with like 1 or 2 hearts left I deliver the killing blow and I'm like " Omg glad thats over"
  6. Linky

    Drawing the Hourglass in the Bellom Fight(s)

    Same here, I spent an hour sitting there drawing and drawing the hourglass trying to get it to work then finally I realized that when people say you have to draw it fast they mean really fast. I was drawing all slow trying to make the shape perfect thinking thats the only thing that mattered...
  7. Linky

    Nicknames on PH and ST, What Were Yours?

    Mine's always Link or Justin. For some reason in ST in named it JustinA with the A button symbol at the end.. idk why.
  8. Linky

    Which is easier: Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglass?

    PH is much easier because it's straight forward, you get sea chart, explore new quadrant and find the temple. Simple as that, where as MC they don't really give you hints on where to go and the dungeons are longer and bosses kinda harder.
  9. Linky

    Forest or Wind Temple

    I've been thinking this as I went through my second time in the forest temple and I realized that it's almost like a wind temple. I mean the dungeon item is the "Gale" boomerang, and throughout the temple were all those wind rotators or whatever there called. And not really but the whole...
  10. Linky

    Your Thoughts on Zant?

    Zant is my favorite villian of all time. He was just epic and that weird shreik that he makes everytime it shows his mask/face (or whatever it is) probably the most epic sound I've ever heard in my life and nothing will ever go past it. Only I still like Ganondorf as the main antagonist...
  11. Linky

    Least Favorite Enemies to Fight

    I hate skulltulas, mostly in OoT but TP too, I just hate how they drop from the ceiling and the next thing you know you got a giant creepy spider right in your face, they are easy to defeat though so I don't hate them as much. And the other enemy I hate is wallmasters because I never walk in the...
  12. Linky

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    My first Zelda Game surprizingly was twilight princess, and it was awesome, I haden't known anything about Zelda becides on ocasions I would see someone playing a handheld zelda like minish cap until I got TP then that caused to me to WW MM OoT and everyone other Zelda game I could manage to find
  13. Linky

    Pieces or Containers?

    I prefer hearts pieces because it allows more challenges and secret places to open up. Because when you have Heart Containers there's not anywhere near as much as heart pieces making it so there's not as much extra puzzles for you to solve to get special items such as heart pieces. Also I like...
  14. Linky

    Favorite Game Console

    Probably Gamecube, the games were great and it was my first system.
  15. Linky

    The Owl of OoT

    I like the owl, and I don't. I like the owl because I get a good feeling when I come across him, because I know I'm going the right way to the next temple or something of that. But I hate it when he talks about pointless stuff you don't need to know. It would be better if he just said "Your...
  16. Linky

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but for every dollar you get, you get a wart somewhere on your body I wish to be in OoT
  17. Linky

    Phantom Ganon

    Anyone feel like Phantom Ganon came out too early in the Temples? Because I think it should have been something that was more orriented with the Temple itself like some sort of Poe or any other stronger version of an enemy in the temple. I think that Phantom Ganon should have been a Boss in the...
  18. Linky

    Fav Boss

    My favorite boss was Byrne, it was like an epic starwars fight (like Luke Against Darth Vader) because it was in an arena, and you fought weapon against weapon fighting for victory and only victory. Personally I normally like the fights when the boss is the same size as you and your fighting...
  19. Linky

    Truth or Dare Game

    I have brown hair, I dare you to send a random person a message saying, I love you
  20. Linky

    Truth or Dare Game

    I pick truth Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, mmm that was a very good 50 characters
  21. Linky

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but your computer falls off your desk and break I wish for a 200 giga bite i phone
  22. Linky

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    lay-en 7 (Meta Ridley kills 50 characters pew pew)
  23. Linky

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, only you'll now want to eat apples 24/7 for the rest of your life. I wish for a wish that has no possible way on turning bad
  24. Linky

    Your Temples 'difficulty' List

    1. Water Temple, two words. Iron Boots 2. Shadow Temple, just so confusing and so many ways to go, very hard for me to beat without walkthrough 3. Fire Temple, only annoying thing was finding all the gorons because I didn't know where to search 4. Forest Temple, not very challenging because it...
  25. Linky

    Hardest Boss in OOT

    I think Phantom Ganon was the hardest boss for me. Not because of difficulty but because of the way you had to fight him. First off when I fought him the first time I ran out of arrows and had to die on perpose, then I couldn't even find any arrows inside the dungeon, so I had to go outside to...
  26. Linky

    Favourite/Least Favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks

    I think my favorite dungeon is the Forest Temple. It wasn't too complex and overwhelming and I loved the atmospere it was both similar and different from other forest temples in previous games, and I think it added new unique looks if not, completly new enemies. As well as the very nice new...
  27. Linky

    Truth or Dare Game

    Truth me with your best shot, (make it something not pointless)
  28. Linky

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you have to go back in time and expirience in 4 more times with twice the pain I wish for an unlimited supply of money
  29. Linky

    The Member Fact Game

    Chargewithsword has 531 posts (pew pew pew burn 50 chars)
  30. Linky

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Ma-ster Ko-keer-ree nine 50 characters grrrrrrr
  31. Linky

    Truth or Dare Game

    Can I join this game? I pick truth. (link kills 50 characters)
  32. Linky

    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish Granted but right when you become it you will become very sick and be unable to talk. I wish I was a pro skateboarder with a great imune system so I could barely get sick and I'm so amazing I won't fail tricks and get hurt
  33. Linky

    The OR Thread

    Saturday because sunday just means I gotta get up early next day Ketchup or mustard?
  34. Linky

    Favorite Movie

    1. National Treasure 1 2 and 3 which comes out in a while I think 2. Star Wars 3. Harry Potter 4. Percy Jackson
  35. Linky

    Biggoron sword

    Biggorons Sword is da bomb I would never beat Gannon without it ;)
  36. Linky

    Ifferences Between the Wii and Gamecube

    This really isn't much but the front cover on the GC TP Box is different than the Wii cover art
  37. Linky

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    When I'm bored I take out my iPod touch and watch youtube on it or listen to songs/play games.
  38. Linky


    I kinda like Yu-Gi-Oh, I have all the best cards like all the Elemental Heros alot of pwnage fusions and other amazing cards. I could prolly pwn all you guys in a duel lol.
  39. Linky

    If you wrote a book...........

    If I wrote a book it would be about an average kid who is unaware that his parents aren't his actually parents and his whole life is just in an illusion meanwhile he finds out he is a Protector, a person that is subjected to protecting the Universe from a tragic end. And his name would be Shawn.
  40. Linky

    OoT Water Temple: Help!!

    Like what everyone else said there's no way to mess up a dungeon in Zelda there's always another key to get or another door to go through.
  41. Linky

    Oot Water Temple Help

    Uh, this is Zelda Dungeon isn't it? lol there's video walkthroughs and site walkthroughs, I'm sure you can find the solution. :)
  42. Linky

    TP Snowpeak Chest

    are you talking about the 2F 1F botttomless pit storage room? If so you have to go to the top part somehow then drop down and you'll be on the other side next to a treasure chest containing a piece of heart. Hope this helped or if you found it in a walkthrough, cool
  43. Linky

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    Majora's Mask is WAY darker because the moon is evil all the characters look creepy and everyone is sad. Twilight Princess isn't as dark because just only half the parts of the game are dark, when it's not in twilight it's probably the happiest game in the series because it's peacful music and...
  44. Linky

    New Temple Themes

    Heh... yea your starting to sound more like Pokemon gym themes
  45. Linky

    The Member Fact Game

    Enemytracker is in the same group/ clan as me (gdskgjhfdkgjdfghkh), needed to burn 50 characters
  46. Linky

    New Temple Themes

    I like the regular forest fire water etc temple themes but don't you think it would be cool to have these really exotic new themes that you normaly wouldn't think of. Do you think they should keep the same temples or have more exotic themes like city in the sky and are there any new themes that...
  47. Linky

    Zelda Theme Park

    Awesome idea but there would have to be more rides that death mountain roller coaster.
  48. Linky

    World of Warcraft

    I had one really good friend but I treated him pretty bad... we had some great times but we would always get in fights and he ended up moving to Blackhand his name was Aloric but not sure what his name was on his new realm
  49. Linky

    Post Your Videogame Collection

    This may take a while Wii: New SMBW Metriod Prime 3 Super Mario Galaxy Sonic Unleashed Exite Bots Shaun White world stage Super smash bros brawl Mario Party 8 Zelda TP Wii Play Wii Sports, duh Mario Kart Wii Mario Sonic Olympic games Mario Sonic Winter games Star Wars Republic Heroes The...
  50. Linky

    World of Warcraft

    Is there anyone out there who used to play this game or still plays it, and if you did play it did it mess up your life so you quit or were you not that hardcore. And also if you did play it what server and character did you play on.
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