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  1. Jupiter

    Vined, Mossy Motif on Title Screen (NEW!)

    Interesting! Very good point!
  2. Jupiter

    Shield Meter!?

    I have not seen any other suggestions besides it being a shield endurance meter. Nobody has any other ideas? I do not. I think it's quite clear that that is what it is. My main question is is this cumulative over the course of many skirmishes, or does it regenerate? I could imagine it both...
  3. Jupiter

    Vined, Mossy Motif on Title Screen (NEW!)

    And I suppose we should just ignore the tail sticking out of the new Mario 3DS logo that was just unveiled? Because, ya know, it's just a logo... The logo set's the theme for the entire game. I don't think this is super-super-significant. But I do think it is significant. They changed it...
  4. Jupiter

    Vined, Mossy Motif on Title Screen (NEW!)

    I noticed that the title screen for SS has changed for the new trailer: it is overgrown with vines and moss (maybe just vines) and the triforce and eagle design have changed from gold to an ancient stone material... NEW OLD What does this mean? Not sure if somebody already noticed...
  5. Jupiter

    Possible Delay for Skyward Sword

    That's a technicality. For all intents and purposes it has been delayed. No, an announced release date has not been pushed back, but they have not met their publicly stated goals for the release. Something has come up that has caused them to push back their time-frame...
  6. Jupiter

    Possible Delay for Skyward Sword

    Yeah, I mean, they have been working on the game for YEARS...how could it be just over 50%?? I think that there is some sort of issue they are working through, something they are not happy with...
  7. Jupiter

    Possible Delay for Skyward Sword

    To be fair, the bugs at E3 were due to technical difficulties with the presentation...it worked just fine when people got to play the demos, but there was too much interference or something on stage when Miyamoto was playing it during the presentation. Everyone who played it later said the...
  8. Jupiter

    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    Huh? Of course Nintendo is going to say the game is coming along like gangbusters...they are not going to say "eh, it's just OK really". Nintendo saying it is coming along well is meaningless. You have to judge by the facts, not their marketing and spin. The facts are that we have not seen...
  9. Jupiter

    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    Early this year it was generally believed that it would come out in 2010...it was generally hinted to be such by Nintendo, and Iwata said "Skyward Sword will be out in 2010". It was revealed at E3 that they would not be able to do this...they stated it as a delay as they had already set the...
  10. Jupiter

    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    Hopefully I am wrong. I think that it will ultimately be a fine game, but I feel like what is happening is similar to Metroid: Other M, which ended up being disappointing...you have a game with a very experimental control scheme that gets pushed back...I don't know, it just worries me. I think...
  11. Jupiter

    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    I expect that they will formally announce a delay: I predict it will be released in August. Early enough to be called a summer game; late enough that it will still be newish for Christmas 2011. My fear: the delay is coming because the game is not progressing well. There are problems with it...
  12. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword & "Hard Core" Gamers

    This is really what I'm asking... Yes, again, this is what I mean: will it sell Wiis to the people who have shunned the Wii in favor of the HD consoles? Will the "hard core" Assassin's Creed, CoD, GoW crowd pick it up? The consensus seems to be: no. I disagree. At least, I would not be so...
  13. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword & "Hard Core" Gamers

    OK, fair enough, because "Hard Core Gamer" is not a strictly defined term...but I think most people have the same thing in mind: people who tend to gravitate toward games with "mature" content, including highly realistic content (CoD, or realistic sports games) and/or highly graphic content (God...
  14. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword & "Hard Core" Gamers

    The Wii has had a lot of trouble with the so-called "hard core gamers"...the XBox 360, PS3 owning crowd who obsess over Call of Duty, who adore Red Dead, who drool over Uncharted, etc., etc....will Zelda SS appeal to them? I know it will be a great game, but will it be universally great...
  15. Jupiter

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    No! This is what we had in mind for motion gaming all along...this will be the first great motion gaming adventure game. And Zelda is a natural fit...this is going to be good, Just Wait.
  16. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword Opinions...GOOD GAME OR LACK LUSTER?

    This is not the right question for this game...it will be a good game, Nintendo rarely makes a lackluster core title (except for maybe Metroid: Other M, which failed due to the controls). The question is, will it be merely good, or legendary. Here's hoping for legendary, if they fix the...
  17. Jupiter

    Top 5

    1. Is Hyrule a truly open world, can you more or less go where you want, when you want? 2. Have you fixed those hideous, sad-sack, trees? 3. What completely new environments have you added to the game? 4. Are there land Octoroks? 5. Is the music fully orchestrated, is it grand?
  18. Jupiter

    Sharp And Flat Alive?

    I would be surprised if there are many or any real tie-ins to other Zelda games and their characters...Nintendo seems to wipe the slate clean and start afresh with each Zelda, no?
  19. Jupiter

    The Skyward Sword- Evil?

    I doubt it will be evil. There will probably be some conflict, and certainly there will be some attempts to surprise people with the plot, but the sword won't be evil. Link and his swords have always had an almost spiritual connection...this is the beginning of that story, the beginning of the...
  20. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword Marketing

    When the time comes, they will market the daylights out of this one: trust me. I think they are just waiting for the right moment to explode all of their marketing onto the scene...they are storying up details about the game, images, and promotions so that when the release of SS is nigh they...
  21. Jupiter

    Fairy Girl Powering the Sword: Not So Original

    OK, sorry, but original or not the idea of having your sword actually be a living being is pretty sweet...especially when you combine it with the 1:1 motion controls that you are going to have...your sword becomes a mighty intimate thing. I think it's a great and inventive combo: your sword is...
  22. Jupiter

    Tiny Hyrule

    I think it has always been small due to technology restraints and game design restraints. In the systems Nintendo has been working with there is only so much storage space on the disc/cartridge and they can only put so many sprites or models on the screen at once before the system starts to...
  23. Jupiter

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    Pardon? And responses in the Zelda forums separate the those in the upper 80% of the bell curve and the rest... Please explain your post, it makes no sense...are you implying, with your panoptic, all-knowing authority, that I am not a "real Zelda fan"?? Being a real fan of a franchise does not...
  24. Jupiter

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    I could give a year-old fart less if you are a mod. Ummm, yes, he said most of what you are seeing will appear in-game...why do you think he is only referring to gameplay?? He did not say anything about the graphics, and certainly did not make any apologies for his embarrassing, heinous...
  25. Jupiter

    High Expectations?

    I don't think it makes sense to keep your expectations artificially low just so that you can be surprised...if you do that you are just sublimating your real thoughts and feelings...not actually CHANGING them...here's the deal: your expectations should be low. Vis-a-vis the more powerful...
  26. Jupiter

    Skydiving Mechanic Controls

    I think it is quite obvious that this will use WM+ in some fashion...my hope though is that this is not the ONLY way to fly...I hope there is some real flying, either with magic or with the aid of a creature (dragon, griffin, Pegasus-Epona, etc.)...
  27. Jupiter

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    Ha! This is pure speculation. I'll believe it when I see it. I don't see why we should believe they are going to make the trees so much better...nobody has said, "Oh, just you wait, we are going to fix those stupid looking trees". As of now, all we know is what they presented us. Your...
  28. Jupiter

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    Maybe because they are working on the game? I think they don't want to interfere with the releases coming out through the end of this month...and they are saving up until they have a lot of new stuff to show us...
  29. Jupiter

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    Disagree with me??!?!?!!--Did you even, ya know, read the question??? My question was what is "most likely" to be a problem? (That is, if there is a problem, what will it be?) I was not saying "here is a list of things that I think will suck..." I wanted people to think about what they are...
  30. Jupiter

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    What are the ONE OR TWO things that you think are most risky to ruin or just hurt the quality of the game?? (this was supposed to be a poll...but it did not work...here are some ideas) 1 - Same old, same old...too much like past games 2 - Lousy story 3 - Graphical/technological inferiority of...
  31. Jupiter


    Agreed!!! Anything that makes the world feel more complete is wonderful. The details matter. Here are some ideas: Dogs Cats Birds (of various sorts) Ducks (and other water fowl) Insects (of numerous sorts) Snakes Pigs Goats Sheep Cattle Horses (wild horses) Squirrels Raccoons Bats Vultures...
  32. Jupiter

    Final Boss Battle in SS

    I am more concerned with the final dungeon, since the final dungeons have sucked since OoT (including OoT)... But, I hope it is a multi stage boss battle that is grand in it's scope and very challenging--I feel certain it will require significant use of Wii Motion+. I think that the sort of...
  33. Jupiter


    You call that "big"?? That seems decidedly minor to me. It played a part, no doubt, but it was by no means one of the central features of the game. Having a seasons cycle would not need to be either. Also, BTW, I like the idea of having a seasons cycle for certain areas (like the field...
  34. Jupiter


    A seasons cycle is much different than what we had with OoS...it's also a much different thing to have seasons in a 2D game than it is in a 3D game... Hmmm...I see what you're saying...and I doubt it too...but, seriously, by this logic there will be no surprises when SS is released--and that...
  35. Jupiter

    Expansive Overworld Or Denser Overworld?

    Go Big. BIG BIG BIG. Zelda is about adventure. Zelda is about having a huge and interesting and dangerous world to master. Big I tell you, BIG.
  36. Jupiter

    Skyward Sword Possible Release Date?

    Wait, who is saying that April 1 is the latest this can be released?? I don't see why that is the case... Actually, I would not be surprised to see SS released after OoT 3DS. Here's why: (1) SS is the *Main Event* so you want to build up hype for SS by by reminding people of all the greatness...
  37. Jupiter

    SS Merchandise

    Two words: PARACHUTE PANTS!
  38. Jupiter


    OoT introduced a day/night cycle into the Zelda series to great effect...there was also weather, albeit a bit limited... What do you all think of the idea of having full-on seasons in Skyward Sword? In spring flowers would bloom and squirrels and birds (and Zora) would chase their mates...
  39. Jupiter

    Link Can Jump?

    No, but link SHOULD be able to jump. It makes no sense that Link can't jump on command. No sense I tell you! No sense! You try to explain it, 'cause I think it is an embarrassment.
  40. Jupiter

    What races?

    I am kind of disappointed at how much love there is for the Gorons...Gorons are just plain goofy. I think they lack some seriousness. Not that I want Zelda to be serious, but I do want it to make me believe in the world I am going into, and the Gorons always break the spell for me...they are...
  41. Jupiter

    Zordiana the Official Name? AND Anyone Liking Wii Motion Plus?

    He shoved it up his nose, as promised...got to give him credit for that...
  42. Jupiter

    Eye Door + Sword Circle = Stupid

    Ha! Please. It's called lame...
  43. Jupiter

    Zordiana the Official Name? AND Anyone Liking Wii Motion Plus?

    REMEMBER ZORDIANA!! No, this is a made up name. Zelda Informer admitted to intentionally lying to their readers in spreading this rumor. Go ask anyone over at that site, they all know about how it was made up, and that they knowingly lied about it.
  44. Jupiter

    Cell Shading Vs. Realistic Graphics

    I am boycotting this poll because there is not option that suits me...I do care about graphics...but I would not say that I prefer one or the other--I just want it to look good (which it does!...er...except for the fugly trees). Many people say that the graphics of this game remind them of TP...
  45. Jupiter

    Means of Traveling

    I guess you mean the "means of warping"...because I am still hoping for (A) a horse and (B) some sort of flying creature...just for general gettin' around. But I think it is likely there will be the assistance of some sort of bird...actually, I think that the bird on the Hylan Crest (i.e. on...
  46. Jupiter

    Activities and Hobbies in SS?

    What ideas do you have for side-games, special activities, and hobbies that might be in SS? I listed some that seem likely or have been done before...
  47. Jupiter

    Link's Face

    I think his face should be less pointy...more stocky, massy...but keep it's elf-like appearance.
  48. Jupiter


    Everything. They are classy, bold, bright, rich and unctuous (in a good way), smooth, and very timeless. Except the treeeeeeeees!!!!
  49. Jupiter

    Text Scrolling Speed Option

    Yes please! It is sooooo annoying when it scrolls at a super slow speed...I think that they should put longer messages in bubbles too...or have an option to auto-scroll.
  50. Jupiter

    Final Dungeon?

    Yeah, the whole point of this post was to point out how sorry the final dungeons in OoT and TP were. Few puzzles, hardly any enemies, short. Blah. We need something grand and challenging that feels truly worthy of being the final challenge of a great quest. We need something to make us feel...
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