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  1. Scoby

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    i remember this thread oh well, I haven't been "zelda" shopping a lot. I did get a nice bracelet though not too long ago (maybe 4 months? ) I have to replace bracelet however. It is too thin and big pain to take on/off :( that is what you get for buying 5 eur items that have fancy preview...
  2. Scoby

    The Future of the Hylian Knight Usergroup

    (i not read every post, there are 163... and they all have much text haha ;) ) I vote no because Dan on skype said we have the poll now. i do not understand what makes HK keep on forum? I have been very more active on zelda universe forum and they not have any HK type rank. They hev many...
  3. Scoby

    General Zelda Hardest Zelda Dungeon in Opinian

    I died soooo many times at Arbiter's Grounds in TP :(
  4. Scoby

    General Zelda Link, a Lone Wolf?

    I really hated Midna so i want link to stay solo, besides i dont want any companion stealing my man! ;)
  5. Scoby

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

  6. Scoby

    Allergies: Do You Have Any?

    yes, against cats.. although dogs are fine! have 3 of them, 2 are pups! ^^
  7. Scoby

    If You Could Pick Any Zelda Character Boy/Girl to Be Friends With, Who Would It Be?

    Saria, she is so cute and has a really great hairstyle!! ^^
  8. Scoby

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have a few T-shirts with the hyrule crest or triforce, got the inspiration to buy after I saw how good they looked on Christina Grimmie the youtube singer. :)
  9. Scoby

    What's the Ideal Age to Get a Job? Why?

    It's good to have first job around 15, then you can prepare for adult world!
  10. Scoby

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    I really liked Medli from TWW.
  11. Scoby

    Favorite Music Genres

    I really love electronic/dance music, which is one of the reasons I work as bartender in nightclub. Then I like to chillout with pop or old school rap.
  12. Scoby

    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Sokra Amerghin ewwww
  13. Scoby

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I start playing ST this morning, having a great time!! :)
  14. Scoby

    What Color Are You?

    I'm blue!1 :D
  15. Scoby

    Breath of the Wild A Main Playable Character Besides Link?

    Yes yes!! I would like to play as Impa, always have or maybe Zelda. Always thought they looked so cool and would be bada with a sword! :)
  16. Scoby

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Starships by nicki minaj!
  17. Scoby

    Final Bosses, How Different Should They Be?

    I like big monsters with many phases to fight them in like for example ganondorf in OoT or Majora in MM. they both have different sections of fight and it feel ike many fights in one :)
  18. Scoby

    Favorite Rap Verse of All Time?

  19. Scoby

    Breath of the Wild Useing Our MII As the Main Charictor

    Noo, my Mii is very ugly and would totally not fit Zelda
  20. Scoby

    What Else Would You Like to Ride?

    A goat, do not ask why I just like to ride goats! :)
  21. Scoby

    [First Person Shooters] Camping - Is It Rude, or Just Part of the Game?

    No, camping is fine. If someone camp I can kill them right? so where is problem? :P
  22. Scoby

    Which Zelda Title Will You Not Play Again?

    SS I do not like this game for the controls, hate motion. :(
  23. Scoby

    Current Gaming Obsession

    Portal 2 ^^
  24. Scoby

    What is Your Favorite Movie of This Year So Far

    Dark Knight rises, I love batman!! <3
  25. Scoby

    Best Soda

  26. Scoby

    What Non-Zelda Characters Deserve the Triforce Pieces?

    Gandalf for wisdom!
  27. Scoby

    Which Zelda Game is the Most Philosophical?

    i do not find the series very philosophical, at least not what they were based on. so i cant pick one :/
  28. Scoby

    Breath of the Wild Should Zelda U Be More Like Skyrim?

    god no, I hated skyrim. Bigger world? sure same art style and combat as skyrim? no thank you
  29. Scoby

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I threw a coke bottle into the trash can..
  30. Scoby

    Breath of the Wild Zelda U: How Many Dungeons Do You Wanna See?

    Maybe 4, like in MM but many side quests and mini dungeons. I liked that! :) 10 or more = boring, feels like stretching out the game. qualitey > quantitey
  31. Scoby

    Are You In Love?

    silly of me, I forgot to tell everyone if I am in love. YES! I am in big love with boyfriend, maybe he is the one? :love:
  32. Scoby

    Are You In Love?

    simple question, are you falling or have already fallen for somebody? or maybe you got out of something romantic not too long ago? :)
  33. Scoby

    New Years Eve!

    I plan on spending a nice and cozy little evening with boyfriend at his place watching film or something then going out to downtown and watch beatiful fireworks! :)
  34. Scoby

    What Did You Get for Christmas?

    A puppy from my boyfriend (i've wanted one ever since i was born) 3000ml bottle of Jack Daniels from my boss. (I work at a bar :p) the cutest album of photos of me & my family ever since I was born, so many memories. <3 a pair of very warm clothes from my grandparents.
  35. Scoby

    The Best Profiles on ZD

    I normally not use option to see other ppl's profiles but for your sake I turned it off and looked for nice ones. I love Zorth because of the space theme, I love outer space and stars <3 I also love Lord Vain because of the snowflakes, so pretty. ^^
  36. Scoby

    How Would You Label Difficulty Levels?

    Skyward Sword ~ This game mode is for you if you haven't played a game before, You press one button and you win the game. Adventurer ~ This mode is for the persons that have played a Zelda game before. Hero ~ For the hardcore gamers in general, the people that are willing to abandon their...
  37. Scoby

    Snow: Yay or Nay?

    i hate the snow, gets me wet, cold and tedious with big jackets.
  38. Scoby

    A Link Between Worlds What Aspects of Zelda's Backstory Should Be Further Expounded?

    backstory tp gorons, zoras and gerudo! :D
  39. Scoby

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    I just beat assassin's creed 3, was fun game :)
  40. Scoby

    Is Time Travel Overused?

    Yes, jsut like traveling to other dimensions/worlds.
  41. Scoby


    i used to watch it for music, but now they almost never have music on there so I just watch jersey shore occasionally and jackass :)
  42. Scoby

    General Modern Best Ganondorf Battle

    I liked final OoT ganon battle because it looked coolest, WW was also cool but way to easy.
  43. Scoby

    Coke or Pepsi?

    don't like soda :/
  44. Scoby

    What Are Your Life Goals?

    I am currently in college here in spain studying history :)
  45. Scoby


    quite honest I think it's gross and not nice to do when on a date (with me) :sick:
  46. Scoby

    What Was Your Favorite Childhood Movie?

    I loved every single disney movie out there :) fav was Aladdin
  47. Scoby

    What Languages Do You Know?

    French, English and spanish ^^
  48. Scoby

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    One piece :D
  49. Scoby

    Worst Video Game of All Time.

    SS definitely, hate this game, had no fun playing it and motion controls make everything the worst :)
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