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    Caption the Avatar Above You

    I'm more deadlier than what you think
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    After two patient years, I finally got a new laptop. I'm so happy.
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    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    trying to find a streaming site that plays 'The Interview' movie without me having to pay for anything or sign up...
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    General Art ~Mizuki~ (Josie's) Graphics

    DOUBLE POSTING POWERS!!!! Here's a Xemnas signature...I fail at text effects...not so sure if he's Superior of the In-Between or Superior of the Between...But meh, you should get the idea:
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    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktbhw0v186Q&list=LLQbLfhmMWn-BXYcpSagoNUw&feature=player_detailpage I regret my existence
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    General Art ~Mizuki~ (Josie's) Graphics

    When I saw you reply back to this, I died a little in the inside; I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you so much~ *wishesshehadbettercommentingskills*
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    General Art ~Mizuki~ (Josie's) Graphics

    This thread makes Casper feel alive... I made a new one...technically two versions of one...Dunno if it looks better black and white or colourful: Version 1: Version 2: It's been five months since I last made a graphic...so I'm a little rusty
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    Personality Test by Color

    Your Existing Situation "Needs a peaceful and quiet environment. Desires an affectionate and faithful partner who will spoil her and treat her with importance. If she feels mistreated or a lack of attention, she may withdraw." Your Stress Sources "Needs to meet people who have the same...
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    Caption the Avatar Above You

    I stare into your soul...Oh Merry Christmas too
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    Rate the Siggy!

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    DGN Drawing Competition: Round 1—Voting

    Both entries are amazing; but my vote goes to Rin Kagamine. I love the pose she was drawn in, the coloring is beautiful, and she's mah favorite Vocaloid. whoeveristheartistcouldtheylikespammyprofilewithdrawingsoftheKagaminetwinsiwouldadmireyouforyearsandlewisxviviisalsoagoodchoice
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    Official Suggestions Thread

    I dunno if this could be an option, but one anime forum that I know of has the option to choose their race(Female Baka or Male Vampire for instance). I thought of maybe having a choice to choose from any of the Zelda races or for Pokemon we could have the types(I've never played Darksiders...
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    Internet Speedtest

    Eh, I can learn to live with this but not sure if my friend could
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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlEb3L1PIco I'm madly in love with LewisxVivi
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    Anime Yourself

    This is the closest I can get to me in real life...they don't have my bangs...I actually don't wear glasses but I'm usually drawn with glasses...Then I usually don't smile
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    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    You might need to take me off the list; I barely even have the time to get on the internet anymore because of school getting in the way.
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    What Annoyed You Today?

    I'm not that far into my book for my Literature class...I should be reading it now...no...
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    And the Sexiest Man Alive Is...

    Guess Adam Levine didn't last a chance
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    I Think I Have Seen the Most Horrible Thing Imaginable

    I think I lost my appetite
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    Make a Good Movie Seem Boring

    Kid wants revenge from his brother's death so he builds a team with a giant white robot -Big Hero Six
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    Traveling with the Doctor

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    Etrian Odyssey V Announced

    I've only played demos of Etrian Odyssey IV and Etrian Odyssey Millennium Girl but this series has caught my interest very much.
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Me and my inactivity...but I was so not scum
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Vote:Vergo I like this plan
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    My activity sucks yet again
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Sorry for my inactivity. I'm going to say I am town but for my lack of activity on here some would think I'm lying. I guess I'm not entirely bulletproof...
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    General Art The Graphics Terminal

    I like this one the most; I love how it has a flame like effect to it ;3
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    Favorite Actors

    Chris Hensworth Chris Evans Benedict Cumberbatch Matt Smith Tom Baker David Tennant Tom Hiddleston Nathan Fillion Jim Carrey Kevin Bacon Jude Law Robert Downey Jr. Vin Diesel Dwayne "The Rock " Johnson Ian McKellen James Patrick Stewart Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds Will Ferrell Robin...
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    So busy...so many pages to catch up on...can someone bother to tell me what's going on...
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    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    I'm actually thinking about doing my mafia on my own just to see how it goes...if anyone wants to be a co mod for me just PM me... Edit: musicfan is going to be my co mod)
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    So...much...homework... My activity sucks as usual... But looking back and apparently everyone's targeting PokaLink. What exactly makes him suspicious?
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Okay if anybody thinks i'm suspicious because of my inactivity here is my reason why I started school today at my boarding school and I had no time what so ever to get online. I'M AT A FREAKING PREPARATORY SCHOOL SO I HAVE TWO HOURS OF FREAKING STUDY HALL Since I'm a boarding student, I...
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Damn...sorry for being inactive today...I have to get ready for school tomorrow and I will not be able to post till like 7:30 or 8:00 at the latest
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    Pokémon Mafia: Generation I - Sign Ups

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    What's Your Nationality!?

    I come from pure European ancestry, I'm German,Irish, and Scottish. But I'm a Murican I'm a ginger so you can tell I'm Irish and Scottish
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    Breath of the Wild Possible Subtitles?

    Legend of Zelda: Attack on Traditions
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Ayano actually looked suspicious to me after he threw that little fit of his. I looked at his previous posts after his claim of being the roleblocker, it had seem to me that nothing had happened and we didn't RVS him at all. Despite the fact it was Day 1 and it was mostly spam than serious...
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Not really, all we did was talk about music, food, and anything spam related
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    Damn as this happens when I simply got to get a pizza? But I do have to agree that MF looks suspicious EBOWDP **** you auto correct
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    I'm actually wondering what our next topic of spam will be
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    I'm going to go back to listening my Metriod themes on my 3DS
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    I love you too
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    Shop Suggestions

    They should sell sonic screwdrivers
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    Alternate “Dungeon” Sites (Hypothetical)

    I was only being funny when I said that. I didn't expect that to happen...
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    Alternate “Dungeon” Sites (Hypothetical)

    We should have a failed dungeon dungeon site
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    Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

    What did I do, GDL? I'm just a trickster playing mafia
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