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  1. Nicole42

    Favorite Cutscene!

    Mine is when Zelda traps herself in the crystal to sleep, and link is so upset that he keeps hitting it when though he knows it will do nothing.
  2. Nicole42

    Not Even Gonna Lie

    Definately. The atmosphere was amazing. And figuring out the skyward strike trick with the lightening without needing to look it up (No, I didn't get it right away) was very satisfying.
  3. Nicole42

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Pipit is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Even disregarding looks, the way he holds himself with confidence and leadership is extremely hot in a guy. Link of coarse would take the cake if he was included, but Pipit is a close second. In my opinion, Ghirahim isn't "hot", but more to the likes...
  4. Nicole42

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Elaborating on the Ocarina?

    Ocarina of Time was an amazing game, with a very cool instrument, but it has already been in two (three?) games, and while I do enjoy re-visits sometimes, I could go without seeing the ocarina again. If any instruments were revisiten, I would like the harp from SS to be revisited and have it be...
  5. Nicole42

    Ocarina of Time My Experiences with Ocarina of Time at a Young Age.

    I was 5-6 and I watched my brother play it. I tried to do a playthrough of my own but I couldn't go through Hyrule Field at night so I didn't progress very far. I believe I got to the water temple when it became too hard, even the walkthroughs couldn't help! Every time I replay the game is like...
  6. Nicole42

    Most Difficult Part

    Silent realms for sure had me hitting the wall beside me more then once!
  7. Nicole42

    Spoiler Am I the Only One with This Problem?

    its just to make sure you are not able to see/interact with certain places before you get there physically with link.
  8. Nicole42

    Zelda Art The True Master Sword SS CG Art

    Thanks for your opinions :) It probably looks weird because it is in a chibi form, and I totally forgot to add the Triforce on the blade at the end! If I ever get around to finishing the full image then I will not forget to add that. And I agree, the green wrapping kind of bugs me too but it...
  9. Nicole42

    Zelda Art The True Master Sword SS CG Art

    I guess it's not really the "true" master sword because I made it cute. http://i338.photobucket.com/albums/n420/Nicole42-Marapets/masterswordmara.png I know you all probably hate me for making it cute, but I'm planing on making a Chibi SS Link and to do so, he could not be holding a long...
  10. Nicole42

    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    I love both games, but OoT takes the cake because it was less tedious then majoras mask was. The time scheme in MM was genius but when I played at a young age it was very frustrating, annoying and made the game less fun because I tried to rush through it. The time gave me anxiety! I feel like I...
  11. Nicole42

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    I love the idea of Ganondorf winning in one timeline. Then I've heard something about how the people of Hyrule eventually overrun him, or something like that. anyways, I think it would be a cool idea to make a game at the start of this timeline, introducing a NEW character and having his...
  12. Nicole42

    Adventure Time and Zelda Merge

    yes. oh my god, yes. that would be amazing if they could make it work. I juts dont know if they could really make it work. Zelda is a fairly serious game, so I don't know if that would translate well with comedy enough, so as to not ruin it. and if its not funny, they will not get enough viewers...
  13. Nicole42

    Zelda Predictions for 2012

    interesting. I really hope they decide to put gamecube games on virtual console. If they aren't going to let us play gamecube games anymore, I would think that the best choice. I doubt they wouldn't announce the virtual console for wiiU. I would love to see the gamecube zelda games aswell as the...
  14. Nicole42

    What Would Be Your Place in the World of Zelda?

    I'd probably be a fairy in the kokiri forest. Most likely Navi, helping link on his most epic quest.
  15. Nicole42


    Haha, Left hand would be really cool, but not really 'work' or 'interview' friendly! I might get Link from ALttP on my ankle instead. I have awhile to decide, but I know getting a Zelda tattoo when I'm legal .. :) Something that is such a huge part of your childhood as a tattoo is a great...
  16. Nicole42


    Yes! I think when I am 18 I will be getting the triforce tattooed onto my ankle. But I think shoulder is a really good place :)
  17. Nicole42

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    Then there would be a lot of games missing from the series! What if groose killed link so he would have a better chance with Zelda?
  18. Nicole42

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    Well, play skyward sword and you get a deranged yeti :P but I guess your not really fighting the yeti directly, so yes that would be cool!
  19. Nicole42

    Favorite Zelda Girl (doesn't Havet to Be Zelda)

    SS Zelda, or SS orielle... so cute! Okay, thats really lookswise, but honestly it has to be Midna.
  20. Nicole42

    Spoiler Races in Skywardsword?

    I really hope we will see the ancient robots again, but I could do without the Ugly water-dragon-seahorse things, and the Mogmas aren't really my favorites either. Those robots though, I loved them! I think that really, not many races are actually transfered through all the games, unless they...
  21. Nicole42

    Temple of Time = Arbiter's Grounds...?

    I'm pretty sure it was called the temple of time more out of convenience, because it is how Zelda travels through time, but truly it is the arbiters grounds. The sacred temple also ends up being the true temple of time, I would believe. considering its in the forest and it has the same feel of...
  22. Nicole42

    Just Beat Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3d Talk

    MM 3ds, I would get the 3ds for that one reason.
  23. Nicole42

    Which Zelda is Better?

    Twilight princess, and her direct opposite, Skyward Sword. Two very different Zeldas, one poised and proper, other playful and caring. Both my favorites :)
  24. Nicole42

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    MM would have a sequal, similar to Mario Galaxy, where link fights his way through different galaxies trying to defeat Majora. What if cuccos could talk?
  25. Nicole42

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    it was always Navi, but Midna took the cake on this one. She is just.. a work of art from Nintendo.
  26. Nicole42

    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    I never have been one of those 100% freaks, mostly because I know I can't do it without a guide, (like with Gold Skultulas. really, how DO you do it WITHOUT a guide?) and then whats the point? I play to beat, getting as much as I can without a guide to help.
  27. Nicole42

    Best SS Bosses

    Koloctos was my favorite AND least favorite, so difficult! I liked Tentalus because really, the challenge wasn't too bad (for me) but was still interesting and fun! cutting off the tentacles was so satisfying for me, is that wierd?
  28. Nicole42

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    Keese and those f****** jellyfish things in Jabu-Jabu's belly. Seriously, you cant do anything to them without hurting yourself till you get the boomerang. Why. just Why. and in Dodongos cavern, Keese alone killed me over 3 times. I cant stand the start of LoZ games, having such little health is...
  29. Nicole42

    Dowsing: Hate It or Love It?

    I don't really like it, it doesn't have much use outside of the story line, and when you dowse for things like "Hearts" or "Gratitude crystals" it wont send you to places like grass and people who have them, only if they are physically there. (which truly, how often is that? almost never, at...
  30. Nicole42

    Spoiler Which Zelda Game Would You Make Better and How?

    oh your just priceless. ;) though I have to agree, the only way to make them even possibly acceptable would be to destroy them completely.
  31. Nicole42

    Skyward Sword FYI a Game Breaking Glitch Has Been Discovered

    This is tragic, thought I had a little of a giggle at it. Thinking of the people suffering through the first 6 dungeons for a THIRD time... just too funny! I'm way to mean.
  32. Nicole42

    Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...

    I feel like they really made steps to show links emotion on his face, and they did a rather good job of it. it really enhances the storyline that way! the face he makes before he goes into a dungeon though... its hilarious!
  33. Nicole42

    Am I The Only One Who Has Had Zero Problems W. the Wii Motion Plus?

    I had to re-calibrate a lot. but I feel like that was more of a precaution, and it had to do with my Wii and sensor bar more then the game. It didn't affect my game play, I thought it was one of the best control schemes I've seen this far in the series!
  34. Nicole42

    Spoiler Major plot mistake revolved around Demise!

    I have seen this explained before, and I know I will not do the explanation justice so I will keep it short and sweet. Demise conquered time, time has no affect on him so therefore what he does, has no affect on the future when hes in the past.
  35. Nicole42

    What is the Funniest Thing That You Had Happen (physics or Glitch Wise) in Zelda?

    Wind waker, link went through the bottom of the boat.. :( I honestly hate glitches, but sometimes they can be funny :) I've encountered very few in the zelda series, actually!
  36. Nicole42

    Ghirahim Vs Demise

    Ghirahim was much more complicated but I actually found Demise more difficult. I think this is because it took me awhile to realize how to attack him!
  37. Nicole42

    Easter Egg (May Be Pointless)

    Might just be a coincidence :)
  38. Nicole42

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    First time I gave it to karane, I was so happy because I always support romance! but then I saw the hand on youtube, and I wished I had given it to him, HILARIOUS!
  39. Nicole42

    Is Fi the New Navi?

    Fi was a disappointment for me, I was hoping for some dry humor, such as GLADOS from the Portal series, but if they tried for that it surely didnt read that wya for me. Navi will always be the funny, sarcastic and anoyying fairy sidekick I love the most.
  40. Nicole42

    Skyward Sword Storyline: Need Your Help

    "ENDING: Once you return, prepared to defeat Demise, you are shot in the back with a large bomb, courtesy of Groose. IT is then you realized his plan all along, He truly would do anything to have Zelda for his own. Groose goes on to defeat Demise himself, After taking your sword, and the ending...
  41. Nicole42

    Would You Want the Legend of Zelda Cartoon Series to Come Back?

    Well excuse me princess! .... No. Just no. NEVER AGAIN!
  42. Nicole42

    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    Ghirahim! So flamboyant and feminine, I love it!
  43. Nicole42

    Would You Like to See Zelda Be More Popular Than Mario?

    I would love that, because Mario releases games more frequently than Zelda. More Zelda games? Always the better choice!
  44. Nicole42

    Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...

    Totally cried! Also I cried when Fi said goodbye... I mean, it's an ENDLESS sleep! She's pretty much dead. It's sad
  45. Nicole42

    What Did You Name Your Loftwing?

    I didn't name mine .. Maybe "Bird". Am I a bad person?
  46. Nicole42

    Saddest Zelda Song

    In Tp, when you meet Zelda for the first time, then you leave and you are on the rooftops in wolf form, what song is playing then? I remember the scene being quite pessimistic for me, but I can't remember the tune that went along with it.
  47. Nicole42

    Are Some Races Gone Forever?

    They really and truly need to bring back the original OoT races, they are by far the best in the series and if I don't see another Zoe's or gerudo in LoZ, I will cry.
  48. Nicole42

    Would You Let Nintendo Put Zelda on the Back-burner for 10 Years?

    I couldn't. It is much too late for Nintendo to create another iconic character, if they try to make another Mario, Zelda, metro is, etc. it would probably end in failure because those series started in the times when they needed too, it's simply impossible to add I their likings!
  49. Nicole42

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    Not just her form, but what she is wearing makes me in awe. I loved the hooded and big sleeves looks to had, really inspiring!
  50. Nicole42

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Adult Malon was always in my oppinion, the most overall attractive girl in the game. When I played when I was younger I always wished I was as pretty as her (and no one else) so I think that has to be my answer :)
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