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  1. Skalla

    The Excuse Thread

    I'm only human on weekends. Tomorrow I'll be a full-fledged zombie, and your accusation will be void. D< I accuse you of stealing from my aunt Sally. She's BLIND, you worthless thief!
  2. Skalla

    SKA Music

    Heh, if Streetlight, Reel Big Fish, Big D, and the Aquabats are ska, then I love ska. :3 Four of my very favorite bands. But I don't listen to much beyond them. I've experimented with some other bands, and I've listened to ska radio before, and I've just been offput by the reggae-sounding bands...
  3. Skalla

    Favorite Song

    Links for both the Zelda pun and to save space. Warning for language. Z Movie Saga by The Fratellis Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother Supernothing by Streetlight Manifesto Pick Up Off the Floor by MIKA You Don't Know by Reel Big Fish Times Like These by Jack Johnson The Riddle by Five for...
  4. Skalla

    Favorite music.

    My favorite genre... is probably ska, but I say that with hesitation, because most ska gets on my nerves. When it rides on the edge of reggae, it irritates me. I really love Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, and Big D & the Kids Table in this genre. Other than that, I avoid most ska. ^_^; I...
  5. Skalla

    What instrument do you play?

    Weeeell, I used to be in the school band from fourth grade to ninth grade. At first, I played the flute. I was absolutely NO good at it. My fingers were too slow, and my flute itself was bad quality. I sounded horrible playing that thing... But I loved it. The flutes got such lovely melodies. I...
  6. Skalla

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006.) Actually, considering the game it came from, not a bad song at all. The only electronic I will listen to. Pretty moving lyrics, too. ^_^;
  7. Skalla

    How About: A Sequel to Majora's Mask?

    I'm pretty strongly opposed to this. Majora's Mask ended in such a way that it allowed for fan creativity in fangames, fanart, and fanfiction. It left questions open for the fandom to figure out on our own, which we do splendidly. The beauty of Majora's Mask is in its mystery, and to explain...
  8. Skalla

    The Creepiest Parts and Foes in Legend of Zelda

    My thoughts exactly. Those hands were easily the creepiest part of Twilight Princess, surpassing the Laruto scene and Telma's pedophilic winks. The music that plays when they're over your head, about to steal your Sol is such a panicked, creepy, horrifying sound. Like your very essence is about...
  9. Skalla

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    I've always pronounced it "juh-ROO-doh." With a distinct hard g-j sound, and emphasis on the second syllable. I probably wouldn't stop pronouncing it that way even if Miyamoto came out and told us that was the wrong pronunciation. Zelda allows for that kind of creativity when it omits...
  10. Skalla

    Hardest Boss

    I'm with ya with Puppet Ganon: Moldorm Form. His little head is impossible to aim for, and the only real way to hit him is to spam the arrow button when you have the opportunity. I've always been extremely thrifty with my arrows, so that was difficult to overcome. Not to mention he flails about...
  11. Skalla

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Gengar. Why? I've always been a fan of Ghost types, and Gengar is classically ghost. Poison are pretty coolstuff, too. If I remember correctly, it can learn some awesomesauce moves. And it looks like such a cute little goblin. ^_^ So mischievous.
  12. Skalla

    Is Ww Intended for Children???

    All Zelda games are designed with a younger audience in mind, as most Nintendo games are. Wind Waker didn't seem to me as much of a children's game as, say, the Mario series. I don't think easy automatically means "for children," though. Easy tends to point to a more casual game. (Explains why...
  13. Skalla

    Not Yet Played??

    Any and all Zelda games are worth trying out, and Wind Waker is no exception. It's really a fantastic game, even if some are hesitant about the graphics. Overall, the game is doesn't present a challenge compared to, say, MM or AoL. But even so, the gameplay is pretty darn fun, and the storyline...
  14. Skalla

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    This may be a bit strange, but the Snowpeak Ruins. I've always been a fan of ruins and old, gothic-inspired mansions. The color scheme contrasts so well, and it's such a beautifully textured and detailed place. Surrounded by pristine, pure white snow, dark, dismal brick walls, ornate detailwork...
  15. Skalla

    Midnas Final Words

    I think the very point of those words were to inspire discussion like this. I'm not sure Nintendo had any true intention to finish that sentence. Even so, that's what speculation is for. Even more interesting, the Japanese text is translated differently than what we see in the English version of...
  16. Skalla

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Spirit Tracks. Lemme explain - Spirit Tracks was my very first Zelda game, and my first video game in quite a long time. I grew up with the SEGA Genesis, and never so much as touched a Nintendo system before the Gamecube. So ST is very dear to my heart as the game that introduced me to the...
  17. Skalla

    If You Could Create a Instrument for the Next Handheld What Would It Be?

    The accordion. :nerd: But seriously, a violin would be so cool. Especially as a Wii game. It may be difficult to work out how exactly it would be played, though. Perhaps how fast you move the "bow" across the strings, it plays a different note? Or maybe the nunchuck buttons would serve as...
  18. Skalla

    Spoiler Saddest Zelda Moment?

    Gonna go with the crowd and say Midna's farewell. Such a moving scene, and is definitely made moreso by Midna's voice work and Link's expressions. If I hadn't seen the scene before I beat the game completely, I would have cried buckets. You saw Midna progress from this bitter, hateful creature...
  19. Skalla

    Alltime Best Recurring Zelda Characters

    The Beedle needs more love. Think of all the times he's sold you useful items essential to your adventure. Anyone who gives you a bottle or a heart piece is worthy of recurrence as far as I'm concerned. And he's one of the only characters that speaks to you, even if it's a simple "THANK you." or...
  20. Skalla

    Pants, Tights, or Bare Legs

    For definitely tights. The baggy pants of SS are just wrong. =( And bare legs are skeevy, especially when Link decides to go jumping through the air and, ahem, his tunic rides up. Does he need that short a tunic? No, he does not. He just wants to show off his freakishly good-looking figure. The...
  21. Skalla

    Multiple Endings

    I was unpleasantly reminded of the failure that was Shadow the Hedgehog. As FD said, this would create problems with theorists. They would have to decide which ending is canon, which aspects they're going to decide to work with, the inevitable arguments among people who disagree with the one...
  22. Skalla

    Which Do You Prefer?

    Hard dungeon then easy boss. If I just spent three hours trying to find the Big Key, I want to be able to beat the boss with no difficulty whatsoever. Caveat - easy but FUN boss. Like, say, Armagohma from TP. I had great fun smashing her with those statues. ^_^ Also good examples of an easy-fun...
  23. Skalla

    Choose Your Own Fate?

    I do like the idea, but I'm not sure how it would play out. I know I personally like to go around Zelda games, talking to everyone, looking at every piece of dialogue, every minute detail until I've found all the little things Nintendo has to offer. So if we got to choose our own fate, I would...
  24. Skalla

    Which Piece of the Triforce Would You Like to Own?

    I'd have to go with wisdom as well. Power has never appealed to me, and I wouldn't want to have any kind of leadership position. Power would go to waste on me. Courage seems... it may be offensive, but useless. Courage is nothing but not having the foresight to think through the consequences of...
  25. Skalla

    Favorite Incarnation of Link

    Twilight Princess Link, fursure. His design is the best of any Link so far. The tunic design is absolutely breathtaking if you look at the detailing. The texturing is pretty impressive, the colors are perfect, and the clothes themselves make sense for the situation. Off-color, perhaps dirty...
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