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  1. Vanilla♥Hero

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    The last game I bought was Xenoblade. I got it a few days ago and I'm really glad I purchased it - I like it very much it so far.... ♥
  2. Vanilla♥Hero


    I pretty much always nickname my pokemon since it makes me feel closer to my adorable little pixel friends as I send them into battle with my special names for them. A lot of the time I'll just name them since I'm bored, though. My mood usually affects the naming process, which doesn't work out...
  3. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your Favorite Fruit?

    I love all fruits very much but my most favorites would be apples, cherries, and strawberries as they're simple, delightful, and delicious. I'm also very fond of pomegranates, peaches and plums. Strawberries are actually in the first memory I have of food, picking them from my garden and eating...
  4. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your Favorite Pokemon Cry (Cries)

    Hmm, well, I think Turtwig, Budew, Cherubi and Drifloon have really adorable cries, and they never fail to make me smile. Cherrim's sounds like something magical.... :P Also, I think Garchomp, Lumineon and Dialga have really facinating cries to me. For older ones, I like Geodude's. I like so...
  5. Vanilla♥Hero

    What is Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

    I adore pie (well, sweets in general), and I suppose I kind of have a four way tie for what my very favorite kinds would be, since I'm an indecisive person like that. Apple, cherry, strawberry-rhubarb, and marionberry are my favorites. <3 I think they're all so yummy. :>
  6. Vanilla♥Hero

    Do You Ever Dream About the Series?

    I've had a couple of dreams in the Zelda world. I don't remember very much of them, as they were fleeting, but I've had maybe three or four, mostly taking place in different areas of Clock Town - an empty Clock Town, for some reason, save for about one other character per dream (Kafei in one...
  7. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your Favorite Champion

    Cynthia is my favorite for now... but then, she's the only one I've beaten (at 3 A.M. this morning :P). Still, I really liked her, and I didn't realize there was going to be someone I'd have to take on after the Elite Four since for some reason, in past Pokemon games I've gotten all of my badges...
  8. Vanilla♥Hero

    The Worst Thing About Your Favorite Season

    I love pretty much everything about my favorite season, autumn. It's hard to think of something I dislike, but I guess the fact that I get allergies in autumn is not so fun... but I get them worse in late spring, so it's not so bad. I really love autumn. :>
  9. Vanilla♥Hero

    The First Game You Ever Completed

    I'm not entirely sure what the very first game I completed was, but I think it was probably Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64, with my nephew since we shared a file and took turns completing the levels when we were little.
  10. Vanilla♥Hero

    Favorite Number?

    My favorite number is currently 14, and has been since about November of last year or so. When I think of it I think of it in the perfect teal shade, which is my favorite color. Usually my favorite number is tied to what my favorite colors are at the time, so when I was little I liked 77 since...
  11. Vanilla♥Hero

    OoT-N64 What is Your Favorite Oot Dungeon?

    Like others, my answer to this question seems like it's always changing. Ocarina of Time seems to have really balanced dungeons, and I like a lot of them a good deal, but I think my top favorites are the Forest and Spirit Temples, just due to how fluid they felt and the lovely feelings their...
  12. Vanilla♥Hero

    Paperclips Banned in Manchester Because of Risk of Injury

    Wow! What an incredibly dumb law to have. If they seriously banned every possible thing that could harm you in even the slightest way, wouldn't they have to ban, like... everything? Then you just wonder where they would draw the line. Haha, I actually really have hurt myself with a paperclip...
  13. Vanilla♥Hero

    Did You Like the Imprisoned?

    I enjoyed the Imprisoned, although by the third phase it did feel a tad repetitive. The second fight was the most tense for me, so I think it was my favorite. Somehow I think the last fight was a bit easier. Still, I rather liked the concept and overall I enjoyed the battles. He could have been...
  14. Vanilla♥Hero

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    I’m quite pale and generally I’m prone to getting sunburns so I always cover up outside – I actually think I might wear jackets more in summer than in winter. I last got sunburned late last August when touring Crater Lake, in the state of Oregon… I didn’t realize that I’d be on a boat for so...
  15. Vanilla♥Hero

    What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

    All eye colors can be very lovely, but I think the colors I'm most drawn to are shades of green and brown. My own eyes are hazel and seem to look kind of a honey brown color from a distance, and an olive-greenish/brownish mix up very close. I also think gray eyes can be really mesmerizing, but...
  16. Vanilla♥Hero

    Can Anyone Play Zelda Music on Any Instrument?

    I have several ocarinas that I can play some Zelda songs on. One of my ocarinas came with a small songbook with some scales, a few basic songs, and some songs from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It's been a while, so I can't remember exactly which songs I can play, but I'm decent at it. I do...
  17. Vanilla♥Hero

    What is Your Shoe Size?

    I wear about a size 6 or so in women's, or sometimes a 6.5. I wish my mother wore the same size as me since I always try to slip into her shoes when I can't find mine (I used to always lose my shoes...) and then I remember that she has really tiny feet, and I can't fit in them... so even though...
  18. Vanilla♥Hero

    Who Names Rocks?

    I collect lots of rocks but there's only one that I've ever given any sort of name, and it's probably my favorite of all of my rocks. It's fairly small and smooth, fitting comfortably in my palm, somewhat flattened and in an almost perfect circular shape. I got it when I was really little...
  19. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your Most Painful Physical Experience

    Well, my most painful experience I'd rather not talk about since that involves lots of medical issues that I've had that aren't suited to discussing on the internet, but a pretty close experience happened when I was 14, on my best friend's birthday. It's kind of embarrassing to give details...
  20. Vanilla♥Hero

    When You Die, What Game Would You Choose to Live In?

    Skyloft would probably be it for me. I love heights, flight, and the sensation of falling, so diving off of the edge to call a loftwing would probably be something like bliss for me. Places that are high up kind of clear my mind and comfort me. If it were real, and I were in it, I doubt I would...
  21. Vanilla♥Hero

    What Makes You Stand Out?

    Well, physically I guess the thing that makes me stand out the most would be my hair, which is about to my hips at its longest point, and is very thick and quite wavy. I usually get quite a few comments on it when I go out, which is nice. Another thing that makes me unique would be the scar on...
  22. Vanilla♥Hero

    What Zelda Games Got You Into The Series?

    Ocarina of time was what got me (and my family) into the Zelda series. Some employees of an electronics store recommended it to my dad when he expressed his interest in deciding to get into video games, and from then on we all became lifelong Zelda fans. It's definitely a title that means a...
  23. Vanilla♥Hero

    Scariest Thing in Zelda?

    The things that I was most scared of kind of follow a pattern: big scary things in the water. So Gyorg from Majora's Mask and Morpheel from Twilight Princess really irked me since that kind of thing freaks me out... but it does somehow make the fights more exhilarating, since I'm tense when...
  24. Vanilla♥Hero

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    I'm actually pretty obsessed with collecting things. When I was younger, I collected Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I also had a pretty nice glass doll collection when I was little, but I definitely don't still collect those. A few years back I got craaaazy into collecting manga and bought around...
  25. Vanilla♥Hero

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

    I think I would have to go with courage. It's something that I've really lacked, especially several years ago. I have more now in the last year since I've changed my lifestyle and guided my personality in a different direction from the way it was going, but it's still something that I feel I...
  26. Vanilla♥Hero

    Cutest Kikwi?

    Aww, this is the best topic ever. :> They're ALL so cute, so it's hard to choose... Bucha is great since he's so big and makes me think of a huge stuffed animal that I'd want to sleep on, but all of the others are just too adorable as well. It's cute how they always run and hide....
  27. Vanilla♥Hero

    Cave of Ordeals

    It would have been nice to have something like that, I think. To be honest I still haven't gotten around to trying out the boss rush, so I don't know how close it is to something like the Cave of Ordeals. Certainly it would have been fun to have something like that, what with Skyward Sword...
  28. Vanilla♥Hero

    Favorite Console?

    I think my favorite (currently, at least) would be the DS purely because I like handhelds a lot since I can play them much more often than I can others. I like lots of others but I've grown rather attached to the DS due to being able to play it more than them. I imagine I'll enjoy the 3DS when I...
  29. Vanilla♥Hero

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts, which is bright pink and fitting with small black stars on it. The sleeves are cute and kinda poof out, so I feel like a princess…. :P Then I have a fluffy gray skirt and black tights. I wasn't sure it would go together when I put the outfit together but it...
  30. Vanilla♥Hero

    What games did you get?

    I got Yellow, Red, and Blue (Yellow was my main one, though), Crystal, and Diamond. I plan on getting White version soon. I suppose that means that in the distant future I may get White 2. :>
  31. Vanilla♥Hero

    Does Anyone Want to Play EVERY Legend of Zelda Game?

    Yes, it's definitely one of my goals to complete all of the main games, at least. As for spin-offs and such, it would be nice to try them out if I get the chance, but I'm not seeking them out currently. I still have a good amount to go as for the main games, though. Of the games I own, I still...
  32. Vanilla♥Hero

    Twilight Princess Were You Annoyed by This?

    It only annoyed me a little when I couldn't collect them from the chests in the dungeons. In the overworld it wasn't as bothersome to me, but I don't like the idea of having to backtrack through a dungeon I've already completed simply because I wanted to open all of the treasure chests and I...
  33. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your First Pokemon

    My first encounter with Pokemon was the anime, as my sister, my nephew and I would watch it all the time when we were little. I think the first pokemon I saw was a Butterfree. Later I got yellow version (with my wonderful Pikachu ♥) and we started collecting the cards, and buying all of the...
  34. Vanilla♥Hero

    Favorite Word?

    My favorite words are all very simple. :P I love the words surreal, ethereal, serenity, and cicada. I don't really know why those are my favorites... I just like the way the feel, sort of. I like the kinds of colors they evoke in my head, pale blue and apricot sort of colors. I also like words...
  35. Vanilla♥Hero

    Shadow Temple

    I certainly wouldn't want the exact dungeon from Ocarina of Time to return. Something with a similar theme, as others have stated, would be fine, but absolutely not the same one. I would hope that dungeons in new games continue to evolve and have a myriad of themes to them, and I wouldn't mind...
  36. Vanilla♥Hero

    OoT Water Temple Is It Easy?

    I thought that the Water Temple had a very nice level of difficulty, actually, and it's one of my favorite dungeons in the game. I think that in my case it strikes a nice chord between easy and hard, being challenging in a good sort of way without leaning in one direction too much. I really...
  37. Vanilla♥Hero

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Currently I'm trying to focus on Kingdom Hearts so I can get it back to a friend that's lending it to me, with Rune Factory 2 and Ogre Battle 64 on the side, which are ones that I play periodically. In a day or two I'd like to pick back up on Rune Factory Frontier since it's the only Rune...
  38. Vanilla♥Hero

    Reversible Cover

    Wow. I honestly had no idea that reversible covers even existed. So this got me super exited and I checked all of my games but none of them had reversible covers... so my new mission is to seek out and find these things; they look fun!
  39. Vanilla♥Hero

    25 Random Questions

    Do you have brothers and sisters? I have 3 older sisters and an older brother. I’m the youngest one. :> Where is your birthplace and are you far from it now? Super special secret! But I will say that I live close to where I was born, and if I could, I would love to change that. What two things...
  40. Vanilla♥Hero

    Spoiler Did You Think the Two Nintendo DS Games Are Way too Easy?

    I didn't think they were too easy. Yes, they did have a whole lot of easy moments, but I actually think that they each had some difficult moments as well... although I believe Spirit Tracks was a bit more difficult than Phantom Hourglass as a whole. Honestly, they're some of my absolute...
  41. Vanilla♥Hero

    Your Favorite Dessert?

    I adore sweets, so I have lots of favorite yummy desserts. <3 When I first became a vegan I was afraid many of my desserts would be gone forever, but thankfully I found out that I can still have plenty of the things I loved with just a few recipe alterations here and there. Mmm. Let’s see, I’m...
  42. Vanilla♥Hero

    Who is the Cutest Character in TP?

    Agitha is my favorite. <3 I think she's adorable, and she reminds me a bit of myself. Imp Midna is also quite cute, but in a very different way. Hmm, I also rather liked the girl at the fishing place. Is her name Hena? And if the kitties count then they are also very cute, of course. :>
  43. Vanilla♥Hero

    Pretend-Games You Played As a Kid

    Ooh, I played lots: (Pfffft, sorry for the length of this. Kinda long.) Lions – This was the earliest game I remember playing. My older sister and I would crawl around on the floor and pretend to be lions. That was pretty much it. Yay for developing motor skills! :> Sinking Sands – My older...
  44. Vanilla♥Hero

    What Device Do You Use to Post on the Forums?

    I just use my desktop, since I kind of don't have a laptop. I've used my dad's phone to check the site before, but I never posted so I guess that doesn't count. :P
  45. Vanilla♥Hero

    Dubs Vs Subs

    I watch either, depending on the show. It's true that I often prefer to watch things in their native language, but there are certainly instances where I don't mind dubs when they're done nicely. My lame reason for defaulting to subs is that it reminds me of times with my sister, since she always...
  46. Vanilla♥Hero

    Kirby: Yay or Nay?

    I love Kirby. The only Kirby game I ever played was Crystal Shards, but the thing is that it's one of those that shaped my childhood that I still play to this day. I adore Kirby and would absolutely love to get my hands on some of the newer games. Just about every time I get to see my nephew...
  47. Vanilla♥Hero

    Sleeping Positions!

    I generally just kind of roll around during the night to a space on my queen sized bed that's not currently being occupied by piles of stuffed animals. I pretty much shift around a lot, and there's never really a set position that I sleep in. I do, however, often wake up and find that my knees...
  48. Vanilla♥Hero

    WW-Wii U How Did You React when You Heard Wind Waker Link Say "Come On"?

    I didn't really pay much attention to it when he said that, although I do think it's kind of cute. I thought at first that he was just making a sound and not saying something, and honestly I still kind of treat it like that. Since it's used as though it's just Link making a sound again, I can't...
  49. Vanilla♥Hero

    You as the opposite sex

    This is a fun topic. :P I suppose I would be much as I am now, which means hazel eyes, auburn/brownish hair, very fair skin, a scar centered on my right cheek... I'm not quite sure how my smallness would translate to a male body... I guess I'd just be shorter and smaller than most. My hair would...
  50. Vanilla♥Hero

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remakes on DS or 3DS?

    It will be nice if they do remake Ruby and Sapphire, since I never got to play them and I'm pretty sure they are my best friend's favorites, although I won't mind if they decide to channel their energy into new games instead. I'm sure that if they got remade they would be on the 3DS, though, and...
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