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  1. Sparky

    Why Do People Hate Google Chrome?

    And to continue on my lovely Chromish experience, it froze up on me this morning, and then some how deleted itself off my computer between it freezing and me resetting my laptop due to it freezing. Not a fan of it anymore.
  2. Sparky

    Video Game Prices Really Bother Me

    Yeah, the Australian prices are now ridiculous. A few years ago, when the Australian dollar was 50-60c American it would of been acceptable. But now that we're hovering around 90c American to our Australian dollar, it's somewhat absurd we still have to pay $40-50 more than America.
  3. Sparky

    Secret Places in TP

    Lawl, I assumed this and the secret graveyard were well known, as when I first played through I assumed there was something in the fast moving current in the main chamber, and picked the Left door originally. Hmm, does everyone know of that little passage blocked by a fence about halfway...
  4. Sparky

    Price of the New Zelda Wii

    I'll assume that was aimed at me? Yeah, as I said, I live in Australia/New Zealand, so yes it likely is going to be over $100, like most first party games. For example, Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Yeah, all stores in the area sold it at $120. So definitely $100 or over.
  5. Sparky

    Price of the New Zelda Wii

    I'm expecting $100ish for standalone $125ish for the bundle. Possibly slightly cheaper as i'm in Australia in the moment, but it'd definitely be that price, if not more back home in New Zealand.
  6. Sparky

    Why Do People Hate Google Chrome?

    I use it as my explorer. It's okay, I loved it in the beginning, but it randomly crashes for no actual reason ALOT. And for some reason, it now hates various flash related things, for example I can't view any videos unless they are youtube, and even then only on youtube itself. If I could, i'd...
  7. Sparky

    How Much Did You Like It?

    7 In comparison to other Zelda titles taking into account their age, it's not anything amazing. In comparison to recent Zelda titles, especially handheld and PH specifically it is a much better game then it's recent predecessors. Plus I love just cruising around on the train, I know people...
  8. Sparky

    Games That Have Twins

    You'd think someone who would make a ballsy move like to mock someone over understanding of spelling and grammar would make sure his post was had both correct grammar and no spelling mistakes. The point of your thread is to try and get people to see things that in your opinion are similar...
  9. Sparky

    The Zelda ABC's

    N is for New Wave Bossa Nova, cause some random kid's fairy is a whole lot more obvious than a song that helps return your voice.
  10. Sparky

    Games That Have Twins

    The MC and ST comparisons make no sense at all, you're comparing severely miniature life forms, to a race of overly short people and how do either of the maps become similar by whatever your spelling error was supposed to say was in effect. Being that Minish Cap has no ocean or snow filled area...
  11. Sparky

    Radio Silence? (No New Rumors)

    Whilst that's a nice way to go about it, a name for the game and some hints as to gameplay would be nice. It's all good to keep everything under wraps so everything is a surprise when you finally play it, but it's a massive waste of potential interest in the game, as rather then having it...
  12. Sparky

    Prequel to Majora's Mask!?!

    Well yeah, but always put a little more effort into you're threads then just "Some guy said this, HE'S CRAZEE". Not flaming, but in all honesty, the first post in a thread needs a little more love and attention than just that.
  13. Sparky

    Majora Mask Limited Edition Adventure Set

    I've heard of it, and if it was a complete set in Perfect condition and I had the cash i'd buy it. I'd also like the MC and OOX ones.
  14. Sparky

    The Movie"The Hero of Time"

    I just wasn't a fan in complete honesty. I fully realize that it was a low budget fan work, and that they couldn't afford overly better voice acting and so on. It's the small details that annoy me though. I can take the slightly off track story they had, but the fact that Link wasn't a mute...
  15. Sparky

    How Many Hearts?

    I swear i've posted in a thread like this already..... On topic, I always go for all Heart Containers and Pieces on my first playthrough, usually before the final boss, with the exception of any archery related heart pieces you can't use the Wiimote on. Most subsequent playthroughs after that...
  16. Sparky

    What Was Your Favourite Item on Spirit Tracks (not Including Swords and Shields)

    The Whip, followed by the Spirit Pipes. But then the whips, grappling hooks, longshots and clawshots are always my favourite items in the games, so no surprise there.
  17. Sparky

    City in the Sky Hate?

    I'm a fan of City in the Sky. It feels like a great challenge before the final gauntlets, and it had a good pace from start to finish, unlike in my opinion, Temple of Time, as running to the top of a tower just to run back down didn't really feel all that fun at all. Originally though, I was...
  18. Sparky

    Ifferences Between the Wii and Gamecube

    Another lesser known difference it that the glitch to obtain Green Chu Jelly exists in the Wii Version but not in the GCN version. Not that the Green Chu Jelly actually does anything though. And saying that LOZ:TP Wii isn't a Wii game is stupid. That's like saying any multi platform game on the...
  19. Sparky

    No After-game?

    No game outside The Wind Waker let's you save after the credits you mean? New Game Plus and all.
  20. Sparky

    Luigi Kart DS

    Would be exactly the same as Mario Kart and therefore useless. Paper Luigi though, that'd be an interesting game.
  21. Sparky

    Treasure Locations

    I'm kind of hoping there is an easier way to get Ruto Crowns and Pearl Necklaces, because I can get at least 4 of the rare treasures and 5-10 of everything else not mentioned in an hour, but only get 1 necklace or crown every few hours....
  22. Sparky

    Worst Zelda Combo

    My worst is TP to OOT/MM. It is overly painful from going to a decent and fun to use system of Arrow aiming to the somewhat difficult if you aren't auto targeting system that is OOT/MM.
  23. Sparky

    Favorite Mini-Game?

    The Pirate Fortress game in ST. It's like they took everything I hated about the archery minigame in PH, improved to the point i'd like it, then made it an action/escape sequence with decent rewards.
  24. Sparky

    Train Modifications

    Uh, you can mostly. Palace dishes or whatever they are called are exceedingly rare in my game, as well as Pearl Necklaces, so even after completing all the mini dungeons, I still need more palace dishes, something jades and pearl necklaces, and have a butt load of Goron Amber and Old gold coin...
  25. Sparky

    Ripping Off Hyrule

    He looks entirely like a lion to me. More so than a pig. He stands on four legs, his hair resembles a mane, he's blue due to that being the colour of what looked like his true form, and the only reason he has horns is due to his vessel. And of all the final bosses that people think resemble pigs...
  26. Sparky

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    How is it horrible? I own all volumes of the manga released stateside so far, and they are quite nice adaptations to the somewhat brief plot of the games.
  27. Sparky

    100% or Complete

    Yeah you can. I've seen a guide for it online. It's just RIDICULOUSLY difficult and painful as one slip up and the whole file is a waste.
  28. Sparky

    Spirit Tracks: DENIED!

    Haxon, that was a press release addition only, and not available to the general public. Anyways, am STILL waiting for Spirit Tracks to arrive. Ordered it nearly 2 months ago, it came out 16 days ago and theres still no sign of it whatsoever. Never using Play Asia again, ever.
  29. Sparky

    Ripping Off Hyrule

    You seem to be forgetting that Cole does have horns. So it's only because of the executive meddling of the player that his form had horns, as you denied him using the princess.
  30. Sparky

    100% or Complete

    Yes. I attempt to get everything in every game. It's the only way to experience the games in the series to their fullest. I'm still down a couple of archery related minigame heart pieces, but I have everything else in all the games I currently own at the moment. I do need to get a copy of Wind...
  31. Sparky

    Are You a Neat Freak?

    The only one I had was: -Twilight Princess- Left D-pad: Arrows Down D-pad: Ball and Chain Right D-pad: Bombs B: Double Clawshot
  32. Sparky

    The Power of Three

    Yeah, this seems kind of spoilerish. I haven't played said game, and if i actually wanted to, you'd of just ruined the game for me slightly.
  33. Sparky

    Spririt Tracks Trade

    I'm 80% sure you can't trade over wifi in ST. This bears investigation.
  34. Sparky

    Is There Any Chance That Link Will Fly in the Next Console Zelda

    If it's not Roc's Cape and is instead of a glide, actual flying, i'd rather not. Seems out of character for the series. More so than trains anyways.
  35. Sparky

    Link Raised Volvagia.

    As far as I remember, the Manga should NOT be considered Canon. Like the movie, its just a slight variation to the actual story of the game, as a movie or manga that stuck straight to the plot in OOT would or otherwise been somewhat boring. Specially with a mute for a main character.
  36. Sparky

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    Obligatory LOL WUT reply. You're right in the sense that Ike has an easy to pull off Final Smash in comparison to some other characters and it does a large amount of damage and theres a good chance it can KO you. However, if you aren't absolutely terrible at playing defensively, you can dodge...
  37. Sparky

    The Power of Three

    Yes, but a whole ton of other stuff in games comes in twos, fours, fives, sixes, sevens occasionally eights and sometimes nines and once in a while, tens. Just picking on threes and ignoring the rest seems like a weird choice to make a thread about, its just as common as most of groups of...
  38. Sparky

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    Link is both my favourite and best character. My play style is more long range combat, with as least close combat as possible. So I focus at precision bombing, boomerang knockback and unexpected arrows. I also focus on dodging close combat, staying away from other characters when I can and...
  39. Sparky

    Spirit Tracks: DENIED!

    Beats pre ordering it off play-asia. This game is now released in all main regions besides Japan, and Play Asia still hasn't even got US ST in. I'll be lucky to see this game before mid January, even though I preorded it months ago......
  40. Sparky

    Do You Think Ganondorf Needs to Be in an Handheld Zelda Game?

    Nah, he was kind of in Oracles, vaguely.... And that was enough. He makes it in nearly every console entry, so the handhelds should be left open to give someone else some villainous limelight.
  41. Sparky

    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    Am I the only person in the world that hates this complaint in regard to bosses? In my opinion, as long as a boss is fun, perplexing and somewhat epic, i'm happy no matter the difficulty. I'd rather that over a cheap shot, mass damage, near impossible to beat boss that's more of a chore than a...
  42. Sparky

    Gale Boomerang?

    More often than not, the first puzzles in a game are the easiest....
  43. Sparky

    Zelda Manga

    Minish Cap, and then A Link to the Past in February. I do wonder if they'll bother translating and releasing the Phantom Hourglass one or not. It'll suck if they don't. In other news, i'm very interested to see if they translate Volume 10: Phantom Hourglass. In saying that, i'll be pissed if...
  44. Sparky

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    I literally just now only realized the Thelma and Louise shout out in TP that is Telma of Telmas bar and Louise, her cat. How I missed the reference on the last four play throughs is beyond me.
  45. Sparky

    Placement of New Zelda Title?

    I'm random mass guessing that it's after TP. I'm kind of hoping it continues some of the events in TP, as they left a lot of potential for an awesome sequel, than never did anything about it..... I mean, we've got the whole trying to get to Midna option, chancer for an older Colin who could be...
  46. Sparky

    The Timer...

    I thought I read somewhere that the timer was just for the first time you were on the train, in the intro. It seems ridiculous to put a timer on training with the large distances you need to travel.
  47. Sparky

    Does The Title Matter Now?

    I personally don't feel they matter. Of all the things to base a timeline off of, like geographical relevance, the location of the triforce, ingame information and the such, I feel that titles are the least important thing to guide your timeline by.
  48. Sparky

    Do You Want More Link's Crossbow Training?

    I feel there's a difference between making one or two side games still based inside the games world to selling your soul and making all kinds of spin off, party and sports games. Besides, whilst Zelda Party could kind of work, there is no way they could make Zelda Kart or Zelda sports games...
  49. Sparky

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    A Link to the Past was the first out after I was born. I never played it until about 10 years after its release though.
  50. Sparky

    Games You Bought Recently

    Uh, no. My opinion is my opinion. I didn't ask you to agree, nor did I say your opinion on the game was wrong either. Therefore my opinion is just as right as the next guys. Also, yeah, pre ordering it because the US cover art looks better. Otherwise i'd be getting it earlier from the closest...
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