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  1. dur.i.am

    packing bags...

    Collect the essentials together then wing the rest of it.
  2. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild An alternate completion percentage system

    Based on the numbers you stated in the initial post, it looks like Nintendo didn't really want to put too much thought/stock into the completion percentage. They've clearly decided on what they want to constitute the completion percentage, found the total sum of progression markers and just...
  3. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild Do you go for every Korok seed?

    It depends on what I'm doing at the time. While exploring, if I see an area I think is likely to be a seed then I will go take a look. If I'm busy with another task, I'll mark it with a seed on the map and take a look next time I'm in the area. I think Nintendo did the right thing by...
  4. dur.i.am


  5. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild Is there an in-universe explanation for teleporting in BotW?

    Been a while since I played and I wouldn't be shocked if I missed relevent lore so take this with a handful of salt. Based on it being teleporting to Sheikah towers from the Sheikah plate, it appears that it is entirely related to their technology. As for what allows them to do that, I don't...
  6. dur.i.am

    What is your opinion on the increasing prices of video games?

    They're also more accessible than ever with companies finding ways to double and triple dip on your spending, they're not earning less money than they did in the 80s and 90s. For a lot of companies, it's not like you're paying the high wages of the developers either. It's workers with base level...
  7. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild Capture memories broken

    Could you please post a picture of exactly what you're seeing in the menu when looking at the memories section? And what exactly does Impa say when you talk to her about it? So I just googled this, apparently you won't get the prompt to invite the person to Tarrey Town if you're wearing the...
  8. dur.i.am

    What made you sad today?

    Chris Wesseling, of the Around the NFL network, passed away from his cancer at 46. I haven't only listened on and off for a couple of years but it's heart breaking news. Rest in Peace Chris "The Mailman" Wesseling, I hope the best for his wife and son.
  9. dur.i.am

    Smash Bros Some SSB house rules

    Tbf I hadn't played smash in forever when I bought Ultimate. I hate a fair amount of the items that are new to me. Then after I knew what they were and played with a friend, he didn't enjoy the game much with items on either. Whenever we played together in Brawl we'd basically turn off half the...
  10. dur.i.am

    Smash Bros Thoughts on teabagging in Smash?

    That's the point, it's meant to get in your head to annoy you. They want you to be affected by the action, particularly to get you to tilt. It's basically a visual form of trash talking. Trash talking has been so ingrained in sports by now that it's unlikely to ever leave any competitive scene.
  11. dur.i.am

    How important is social media to you?

    Ignoring instant messenger aspects, e.g. Facebook Messenger, then I don't use the majority of social media apps. I use Reddit a lot, particularly for sports, games, hobbies, etc. Also generally follow memes and subreddits with content I find humourous. I think that hobby based subreddits are the...
  12. dur.i.am

    Americanised tv...

    Craig Charles ain't that bad looking. Anyway, I feel like his looks fit the character very well rather than someone "hot" would to be fair.
  13. dur.i.am

    Get rid of/reduce the rain and thunder in BotW2?

    I appreciate the weather system of the game but agree it needs tweaking in it's current implementation. It's beyond a nuisance while climbing as slips occur frequently and you slide far, gaining negligible height from a full stamina bar. Reducing the frequency/distance would help stop the...
  14. dur.i.am

    Americanised tv...

    First reason is profit. Companies want to emulate the success of those shows in other markets. The second reason is to try and domesticate the show to attempt to get a broader appeal in those new markets. Even from a British > US version point of view, it's happened to a significant amount of...
  15. dur.i.am

    Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

    Cars have multiple advantages over bikes. Safety is the bigest one, even if you're a perfect rider. It's easier to be injured/killed by another road user or unpredictable danger such as animals or objects. For every day use, the majority of cars have superior capacity for passengers and storage...
  16. dur.i.am

    What are your favorite video game soundtracks?

    I'll not post a full list but I would like to mention two games I've not seen in this thread so far. Those games are Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Hotline Miami, both of which have a similar style and fit their respective games really well.
  17. dur.i.am

    What was your most recent purchase?

    Donkey Kong Country Returns since it's fairly cheap now
  18. dur.i.am

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Spotify had this in my daily playlist, thought it was hilarious at first but it's catchy.
  19. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Sort of annoyed by the Rangers winning the first pick in the NHL draft today. The Metro division already has the nickname of "Metrodome" because of how brutal it's been and now another team on the way up just got an elite talent at one in Lafreniere. Only consolation is that he didn't somehow...
  20. dur.i.am

    What games are you playing during lockdown to pass the time? ( aside from ACNH)

    I have played numerous games to mix it up and stop myself playing one game until bored. I have enjoyed using multiple consoles again rather than focusing on one/my pc. On PC I am playing Diablo III, Stardew Valley, Papers, Please! and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This is the first season I have...
  21. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Are you running an ad block like uBlock Origin? Pop ups really shouldn't be getting through anything like that and if they are, they offer tools to let you isolate and remove them anyway.
  22. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    That I keep eating out of boredom, I already find it hard dieting while at home because I'm not the one cooking and it's just annoying trying to seperate out the ingredients from a family meal to cook by itself.
  23. dur.i.am

    Remade games you still prefer the original over

    Might be cheating since I've not really played it but I already know that I dislike the changes in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake because I feel like it's typical modern Nintendo trying to make games easier. I feel like the original had a pretty good balance in all areas but boss fights...
  24. dur.i.am

    What Countries Have You Been To?

    So asides from my home country, I've been to England, Northern Ireland, Wales, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece (including multiple islands), Croatia, Turkey, USA, Australia, multiple Carribbean islands and Canary Islands.
  25. dur.i.am

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Ya boys Llorente and Morata upholding their Real Madrid legacy.
  26. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I again couldn't sleep early last night after work and I again ended up waking up but not being able to find the motivation to get out of bed for several hours. I hate it, I feel like I've wasted the best part of the day yet I constantly do it. I'm confident it's because of my job. I also...
  27. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild What to use spirit orbs on - hearts or stamina

    There's no correct way to do it and you aren't locked into your choices thanks to a statue in Hateno Village. I started with hearts but quickly swapped to stamina when I got sick of being unable to climb a lot of cliffs. My choice was also swayed from finding vah Ruta first, if I'd found vah...
  28. dur.i.am

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I take my time with completing games but have taken huge breaks from BotW too. Still my first run through and am currently farming rupees while running through areas of the map it doesn't look like I've explored much. Not sure how many of the shrines I've found but I've only found like 130 Korok...
  29. dur.i.am

    Do you enjoy video games with alternate endings ?

    I like alternate endings if pulled off correctly. They need to be in games where your actions have consequences throughout the game, not just one choice right before the end that changes things. Bastion had an alternate ending but it was a result of a choice made right at the end. It just...
  30. dur.i.am

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Mainly playing BotW at the minute, newest Zelda game I've played properly since Twilight Princess. I'm enjoying it but also think it's got a lot of flaws. When I take a break from that I'll play Enter the Gungeon too. It scratches the Binding of Isaac itch when I'm not at my PC. Also playing a...
  31. dur.i.am

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    I'm wearing your mother as a facecloth :`v`:
  32. dur.i.am

    Paste What is on Your Clipboard at the Moment

  33. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    The absolute disgusting idea that my university has that it's okay to give me work to do before handing me my degree.
  34. dur.i.am

    ORAS Event - Join Team Magma

    I'll join this team, I get to be leader though. That's an unusual joke to hear from someone who's all about being wet.
  35. dur.i.am

    Do Nintendo Fans Refuse to Adapt?

    I don't think it really reflects on Nintendo other than good business strategy. As others have pointed out, the GameCube controller is a very popular controller among the fans, especially given the popularity of Melee. However, I do believe that Nintendo fans are rather against adapting despite...
  36. dur.i.am

    What Annoyed You Today?

    The fact I have no mirror to appreciate my immense sexiness.
  37. dur.i.am

    So What Kind of Undies Are You Wearing: Electric Boogaloo

    A pink g-string made from the most delightful silk.
  38. dur.i.am

    Smells You Can't Stand

    A smell A kind of smelly smell The smelly smell that smells... smelly
  39. dur.i.am

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    The amazing theme tune that is used for the BESTZDERS
  40. dur.i.am

    Favorite Kind of Science?

    I'm doing Computer Science and I do actually enjoy a lot of what I learn, just not anything to do with requirements engineering. I find that dull and half the time I find it be a topic that just seems like common sense, yet by trying to make it a topic they over complicate it. However, Physics...
  41. dur.i.am

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've been playing a decent amount of games recently, considering the fact that I usually just play one game at a time. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Game of the Year Edition Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution (Last stand only though) Medal of...
  42. dur.i.am

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  43. dur.i.am

    Ideas/implementations for the Forum

    I think the architect usergroup title would suffice.
  44. dur.i.am

    Official Suggestions Thread

    That would require for the rules not to have been broken if that was a possibility, but I understand what you mean and do agree with it.
  45. dur.i.am

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Doubt it will happen but it's worth a try. A way to avoid what happened in the shoutbox would be to have a thread for debating the locking of a thread. It would at least keep the ugliness out the way among other things.
  46. dur.i.am

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  47. dur.i.am

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  48. dur.i.am

    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    For now, I'd like to sign up a game for Injustice as the theme. Are we able to change later down the line if we have a better idea without losing our place?
  49. dur.i.am

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Last purchase I made was Hearthfire for Skyrim, but if you mean last full game then it was Contagion if I remember correctly. It's an excellent game, it just needs a little polishing and it'll be there. However, it's not technically a purchase but the last game I got was Loadout but it's a free...
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