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  1. pokemonclub

    NBA Videos

    Heres mine, post yours and check out NBAPRO2012, an amazing Youtuber who posts awesome basketball videos, and MrNBAPRO2012Awesome. NBAPRO2012's channel: NBAPRO2012 - YouTube MrNBAPro2012Awesome's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrNBAPro2012Awesome?feature=mhee...
  2. pokemonclub

    Rate the Siggy!

    1000/10 (30 character limit)!!!!!
  3. pokemonclub

    What instrument do you play?

    trumpet, piano, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.
  4. pokemonclub

    Shiny Pokemon

    i have a shiny Zoroark lvl 100 on my pokemon white version! and i didnt use a cheat!
  5. pokemonclub


    THIS VID IS ALSO ON SuperCheatmaster's youtube channel:lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_1lVHWyrxs&feature=colike PLZ ALSO WATCH ON YOUTUBE HERE IS THE LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperCheatmasters?feature=mhee check out my epic vids...
  6. pokemonclub

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 it is a pretty good sig, nothing else to say about it!
  7. pokemonclub

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Now I am listening to rolling in the deep by Adele
  8. pokemonclub

    Zelda Art Link to the Future (comedy Video)

    wow i love that video!! it is really funny!! are they really going to continue it, if so could u post the next vid here. THX
  9. pokemonclub

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    i think the last movie i watched was UHF Starring Weird Al Yankovic!
  10. pokemonclub

    Music Video Thread

    i want it to be a music video, as long as it is a music video it is OK!
  11. pokemonclub

    Zelda Art Unfinished Zelda Sprites

    yea those are really cool!! :zora:
  12. pokemonclub

    Pokemon Trading Request Thread

    i am good at trading online, i do it all of the time, i once got a celeby for a turtwig!
  13. pokemonclub

    Music Video Thread

    i looked around and i couldnt find a thread already like this, so i made one. this is where you post music videos. like your favorite video. or least favorite video. or you could post the video you think is stupidest. ANY VIDEO YOU WANT TO POST, YOU CAN! i'll start it out by posting the video i...
  14. pokemonclub

    Zelda Art Sheikah Drawing Contest(I Guess)

    here is my sheikah drawing!!!
  15. pokemonclub

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    DR3W21 dah-kt-er th-ree duh-bel-ewe-tew-wun
  16. pokemonclub

    The Animated GIF Thread

    this is my favorite gif
  17. pokemonclub

    What is Your Favorite NonZelda Game?

    i love NBA2K11 for the wii!!!!
  18. pokemonclub

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    i beat majoras mask before and i definitely think they thould make it for the 3DS!
  19. pokemonclub

    Graphic Requests

    ok hylianbeast i am on it!!!! ok!!!! here is the pic http://zeldadungeonsigs.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=130039287 and here is where u get the code hope u like it!!
  20. pokemonclub


    Name: Saria Gender: Female Appearance: Green Hair, green hat, green tunic. Weapon: Slingshot Backstory: lived normally in Kokiri Forest Sage: Sage of Forest
  21. pokemonclub

    Zelda Art The Official T-Shirt for Zelda Dungeon

    i think it should be epic, here is what i think the staff shirt should be!
  22. pokemonclub

    Pokemon Cards

    i used to trade my pkmn cards alot, but rarely did i have a battle!! i play a pokemon battle by me and my opponent get 50 cards each, then we play the game like the card game war except when someone draws out a better card then u, the lower-numbered is put in the "Dead Deck" which means that...
  23. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    Thanks alot for the support linknerd09! That helps alot!
  24. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    NOW Pokemonclub Makes Avatars!! hi, i am pokemonclub. i have been playing around with making sigs for a while and i tried out making an avatar. it looked pretty O.K. id have to say for it being my first time! and i would like to share that talent with you! Thx -Pokemonclub Most Recent:
  25. pokemonclub

    Signatures Made by Link222

    thats cool, u should check out some of mine, i have a forum that is my Gallery! most recent:
  26. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    heres where you find the code: http://members.webs.com/MembersB/editAppPage.jsp?app=photos&pageID=237088960&token=null#photos/photo?photoid=129938345 heres the pic:
  27. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    what do u want the sig to be about!!
  28. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    here is the website http://lumpyspaceprincess.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=129899012 and here is the sig,
  29. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    here is the photo, and here is the link http://zeldadungeonsigs.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=129941188
  30. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    please enjoy pokemonclub's masterpieces!
  31. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    thank u so much linknerd, that means alot to me, i actually am new to this so that support really helps!!
  32. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    NEW! Pokemonclub Now Makes Siggys i can make siggys (signatures) for $100 (just kiddin). u ask, i make right here, and if i dont get to u with in 3 days, you can private message me and i will be sure to get back to u soon. u can ask if u want to see a specific photo on ur siggy or if you want...
  33. pokemonclub

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    1 Majoras Mask 2 Wind Waker 3 ocarina of time 3d
  34. pokemonclub

    What Were Your Favorite Childhood Tv Shows You Used to Watch

    pokemon spongebob veggie tales (i agree why) rugrats tom and jerry MADtv
  35. pokemonclub


    yea i like mari, dk, ssbb, AND ALL OF THE OTHER WII, DS, AND 3DS GAMES!
  36. pokemonclub

    Ocarina of Time Finding the Hidden SS Poster on OOT 3ds!

    that is actually really cool gabe!!!!
  37. pokemonclub

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    none of them scare me, but the one that creeps me out the most is Death Sword
  38. pokemonclub

    What's Your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    i love the zelda books by Akira Himekawa!!
  39. pokemonclub

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    i just got the legend of zelda wind waker 4 game cube!
  40. pokemonclub

    Sign Ups!

    Name: Chinkuru Age: 12 Gender: Male Weapons: BAZOOKA Magic: power to control plants Backstory: Born to Gorons, at age 4 parents died and was set in a basket and set adrift, found by tetra and stowed away on her boat until age 12 (now). jumped out of boat and swam to Zoras Domain...
  41. pokemonclub

    Wind Waker - Saving on WII

    thanks athenian!!!! now i know what to do.
  42. pokemonclub

    Wind Waker - Saving on WII

    i bought wind waker for gamecube, and i used it in my wii, i got to Valoo's Mountain, and i couldnt save, even with my sd card in. i had to shut the system down so my sister could play wii. i just went on wind waker today to check it out, and it said, "there is no memory card inserted in slot A...
  43. pokemonclub

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    i know someone who does this, and its completely annoying: they jump up and down in their seats and say stuff like "ooh ooh ah yes i got it, i got it, ohh yea i killed him, oh no hes coming back"!
  44. pokemonclub

    Majora's Mask Romani Ranch Alien Minigame

    there is one hill i usually stand on and i dont have to turn around, the aliens are right in front of u.
  45. pokemonclub

    Guild Wars 3 *SIGN UP*

    yes i do confirm that i am in!!!!!
  46. pokemonclub

    Guild Wars 3 *SIGN UP*

    green goron admitted me to joining so im in
  47. pokemonclub

    3DS Mii Thread

    i have a few cool miis in my friend new group called "MII club". u should check them out and join!
  48. pokemonclub

    Who Likes Miis

    well then JuiceJ u should join the club. itll be fun!
  49. pokemonclub

    Who Likes Miis

    if u like Miis (on the wii + 3DS), than u should join gabesawakenings MII club. its very fun, we have a contest every month to see who can make the best mii under a certain subject. have fun, please rate, and enjoy! :zora: :deku: :goron:
  50. pokemonclub

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Mi-Kau-In-car-nay-te!!!!!! That's a hard one!!
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