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  1. Juxtor

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    There have been a lot of Let's Play videos on YouTube, and for games like Mega Man 1 - 6, there are MANY!!! It does take a while to get through them just to find one that is worth watching....and if they actually know what they are doing. I'm 50-50 with this poll, it would be awesome to get to...
  2. Juxtor

    The Hardest Videogame Boss Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dracula at the end of Castlevania dracula x I have spent YEARS trying to beat him, soooo impossible
  3. Juxtor

    Favorite Fighting Game

    Tekken 5 on PS2 and Soul Calibur 3 on PS2...Those games defined Fighters of the early naughties
  4. Juxtor

    Pokemon Button Holding Myth - Is It True?

    Hmm I'm not sure if it is true..... I know of many people who strongly stand behind that theory. At times when the battle is extremely close, i might press as a form of stress release but i don't expect anything to be happening...
  5. Juxtor

    What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

    Hmm this is a no brain'r for me. No Vitality Sensor!!!!! Once the vitality sensor gets into the Zelda game, it will go downhill. From what i have heard about it, it will be used to measure your fear when it comes to a boss battle. Now that is just stupid!!!!
  6. Juxtor

    Most Annoying Battles

    Umm the most annoying battle for me would have to be the first time i faced Dark Link in OoT. Mind you, back then when walk through's weren't easily accessible for a gamer, it did take me quite a while to figure out his weaknesses through many battles of trail and error.
  7. Juxtor

    Twilight Princess Hatred? Its NOT Fair

    It is a good game, don't get me wrong but when you are comparing it OoT and WW, and hear in reviews all the time that its the spiritual squeal to OoT. I just don't find it all that compelling when it comes to the storyline, which many of you guys have already said already. When it comes to the...
  8. Juxtor

    The Zelda ABC's

    W is for Wizzrobe. The enemies which transport around the room after they attack. The are found only in dungeons.
  9. Juxtor

    Zelda Wii Soundtrack

    If anything that i expect from this soundtrack, is some actual orchestrations, midi's just arent cutting it with Zelda anymore. If they can do such a good job with Super Mario galaxy, im 100% certain they can do better than Midi's for the next Zelda Title
  10. Juxtor

    What Is Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    OMG my favorite flavor is double choc chip mint. I'm just craving some right now!!!!!!!!
  11. Juxtor

    Which Game Do You Believe Goes First?

    Nah thats totally cool!!! Thanks for that, it does answer a few questions i had after finishing the game.
  12. Juxtor

    Which Game Do You Believe Goes First?

    FOr many reasons I am going with the Minish cap. But the most obvious reason is because we learn how Link first got his green cap, as he starts the game with no hat just like the hero of men, Gustav........hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Juxtor

    Favourite Metroid Game?

    I have sooooooo many memories of trying to bomb jump to find every single secret in that game. It is by definition what a adventure plat former should be!!! It will always be a favorite of mine and I will even show my kids this game!!!
  14. Juxtor

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Hey guys!! For anyone who has played FFXIII, what are thinking of the game so far? I have been playing it for about 30 hours or so and in Chapter 11 at the moment grinding my way through maxing out my character stats. The game is quite good and i do enjoy it. What do you guys think? I...
  15. Juxtor

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Tiesto - Adagio for strings
  16. Juxtor

    Windows 7 Questions

    Ok. With XP mode. All it is, is just a simple virtual operating system where you can run certain programs which do not run on Windows 7. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit edition and tbh i don't really use XP mode that much because 7 is pretty much compatible with A LOT of...
  17. Juxtor

    Zelda Wii = Last Game??

    I think they still have lots more to go in the series. They rack in SOOOOOOOOOO much money on this franchise. I do not see this series dying soo quickly. Give it another 20 or 30 years, then maybe.......
  18. Juxtor

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    I only have two things that annoyed me with the Zelda franchise. Tingle and Navi. Need i say moar................................
  19. Juxtor

    Did You Ever Pick the Potion Instead of the Heart in LOZ?

    LOL 16.32% decided to get the potion.... Good Luck guys with less health!!!! U will need it later on!!!
  20. Juxtor

    Did You Like AOL?

    It is a very fun game, I'll give it that. It just takes some time getting used to the mechanics but when they are down, it is very rewarding to play!!!
  21. Juxtor

    Next Nintendo System?

    Well concerning the new Nintendo console. I believe that after the alleged WiiHD, they are going to be looking at a more hardcore console which will be able to compete with the PS3 and 360... It's funny how SEGA was playing catch up with Nintendo back in the 80's and 90's and now the tables...
  22. Juxtor

    What instrument do you play?

    I have been playing the cello for about 12 years now. I am quite good (well i would hope so by practicing nearly 7 hours a day....HAHAHAHA) I am currently teaching myself how to play guitar and i can play piano quite well as well. I used to sing back in the day but then my voice grew up...
  23. Juxtor

    Games You Have Finished the Most!

    Umm other than OoT. The other game that i have finished the most would have to be between Mega Man 2 and Final Fantasy X. They are both excellent games and fantastic franchises!!!
  24. Juxtor

    Zelda Wii Items.

    You know what would be funny. They bring something like this, Sephiroth's single wing crossed with the dominion rod. Now that would be freaky and cool at the same time!!!!!
  25. Juxtor

    Best Item

    It would have to be the advanced hookshot. Like very much!!!
  26. Juxtor

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Imagine - John Lennon
  27. Juxtor

    Master Sword or Biggeron Sword?

    I would have to say that the Biggoron Sword is the better sword by far. But there is something about the Master Sword that just asks to be used...
  28. Juxtor

    Sony Is Clearly Dying for Zelda

    I really doubt Sony are dying for Zelda. If such a thing happened, the gaming world would go crazy. Sony can have darksiders, thats Zelda enough.....
  29. Juxtor

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    I had played the old Zelda games here and there but the first one that i got into was Ocarina of Time. Such a good game to start of 3D in the right direction!!!
  30. Juxtor

    Are There Any Good Wii Games?

    For any old school gamers who actually know all the versions of Street Fighter 2 on the SNES. A interesting game to look out for is Tatsunoko vs Capcom. This game its quite good for an Wii exclusive and well worth paying for. I can assure you it will bring back memories of playing SF2 Turbo on...
  31. Juxtor

    Do You Use The Wii Shop Channel?

    THe Wii shop is soo overpriced when it comes down to how much Wii points are translated into actual currency. There really is no point. But im a person who has all the games already on older consoles so I'm pretty good with playing them on their respective consoles.
  32. Juxtor

    What's Your Favorite Mario RPG?

    It has been so evident in the past 10 years or so but older games are just soo much better and more original. I dont see why so many game developers just go back to making games with the same quality that they used back in the 1980's and 1990's. Mario RPG is such a good game!!!
  33. Juxtor

    Mario Kart Wii

    dont get me wrong. Mario Kart Wii is an awesome game. No doubt about that. But the older games were sooo much more and hardcore, they just pwn MK WII sooo much!!!
  34. Juxtor

    2010 or 2011?

    It has been said by nintendo reps that it will see an 2010 release. i just hope its true!!!
  35. Juxtor

    Who is Your Favorite Character That Has Helped Link in Any Zelda Game

    HAHA dare i say Navi... Even though she said some really annoying things during mid game, the useful pieces of advice that she did say really helped you out at times.
  36. Juxtor

    What Game Had THE BEST !!! Soundtrack

    the opening theme to A Link to the past was just the best ever and it only just gets better throughout the whole game. That is a game where 16-bit was done right!!!
  37. Juxtor

    Legend of Zelda Tv Series.

    I have been meaning to find it at the stores, but now i should just look into getting it on ebay....
  38. Juxtor

    Any Closet Gamers?

    umm a game that i like very much but not many people (my friends) like is the final fantasy games, they are all into the FPS games but i like them aswell, but there is something about final fantasy that i enjoy very much as well
  39. Juxtor

    Navi Annoying?

    I found this youtube video where they had navi being repeated for about 10 minutes. rather annoying but very funny!!!
  40. Juxtor

    Stupidest Moment in a Game

    When the guy in MGS pissed himself, now something like that shouldn't be in a game. It was quite funny though...
  41. Juxtor

    If You Could Live in Any Dungeon/temple...

    If i could choose, I would say that living in the Castle in Twilight Princess wouldn't be a bad thing. It looks quite nice everything looks so elegant.
  42. Juxtor

    Hardest Boss in OOT

    The hardest boss for me would have had to been Bongo Bongo. Getting your balance when he was doing his stuff was hard at first, but after many years and practice, he is now very easy.
  43. Juxtor

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    That is just AWESOME!!!11!!one!!!! Seems like you got some awesome gifts there. A game, A top and a sword all Zelda related!! Just pure AWESOME!!!!
  44. Juxtor

    Is There Any Chance That Link Will Fly in the Next Console Zelda

    It would be a very weird concept to see Link flying. But there was talk that this game will have a fresh feel in terms of the Zelda formula, this might be the start of the sense of the new formula. Interesting
  45. Juxtor

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    The First Zelda to be released in my lifetime i think would have to be A link to the past... It would have been awesome to say that it was LoZ but its kool... :):):)
  46. Juxtor

    Navi Vs Midna

    As much as navi helped me on my first ever Zelda game.....I had to choose Midna Midna wasn't as annoying plus she was an integral part of the game for that reason i choose her
  47. Juxtor

    Pols Voice in LoZ

    On the Famicom...there is two controllers that are attached to the console and cant be released. Well the first controller is the standard controller setting (D-Pad, start, select, A and B), well the second controller also has the same buttons except for the start and select button's instead...
  48. Juxtor

    The Hero of Time - Online Release Date Revealed!

    this is awesome!! since i live in australia, its kinda hard to get to any screening of the movie, and im pretty sure they wouldn't come to the country down under for a screening!!! I'll be looking forward for this:):)
  49. Juxtor

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    hmm for me, i would have to also agree with the health warnings as well. The most annoying thing that would happen to me is when i play a zelda game for the first time and there are some puzzles in dungeons that i just stand there going ".........ok" but that gets sorted out quickly so yeah.
  50. Juxtor

    Most Hated Character

    I would have to say that the most annoying character would have to be Kaepora Gaebora, the Owl. He only pops up more 5 or so times in OoT, but he is really annoying and also when u have heard all that he has had to say, the game developers change the "yes" and "no" options around so it weren't...
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