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  1. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Lost Woods, a crossroads to different dimensions?

    The forest you travel through in the original LoZ is actually the same Lost Woods spoken of within OoT, Majora's Mask, ALttp, TMC, and more. Although it's referred to as simply the "forest maze" by the NoA translation, the Japanese name for it is the exact same one that the others use. Just...
  2. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Skyloft's Cloud Barrier

    Like I was saying, if it can survive an impact with earth going at terminal velocity (as well as possibly being superheated while passing through the sky) and come out unscathed, I hardly think it hitting rocks on the way down would hurt anything
  3. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Skyloft's Cloud Barrier

    Zelda also had nothing that could have broke her fall if she really had fallen all the way through that cloud barrier. My instinct tells me that since Ghirahim needed Zelda alive, he wouldn't have just snatched her away and let her fall to her death. Also as far as items go, falling from any...
  4. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Skyloft's Cloud Barrier

    Hearing the Japanese version would be nice but... I think that it's probably gonna be a while until we can get to hear anything.
  5. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Skyloft's Cloud Barrier

    Yeah, but I always considered the dangers of the thunderhead to be like, y'know... Inclement weather, lightning, hail, violent winds... I would kind say the same thing for the actual cloud barrier, if it weren't for the fact that you never really see it rain on the Surface. I would think that if...
  6. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Skyloft's Cloud Barrier

    As I'm sure everyone knows who's played Skyward Sword, one of the things that made it's sky world unique is it's cloud barrier. This cloud barrier prevents the denizens of the sky from being able to venture towards the surface, and protects said denizens from attacks from the surface. Now one...
  7. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Not bad, not bad! Just trying to keep up with the times

    Not bad, not bad! Just trying to keep up with the times
  8. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    If the sum total amount of bodies in there includes people that would have died during the war described by Lanayru, then I'm sure that there would be plenty of bodies, especially considering that the crypt is inscribed with whole quote of Hyrule "having a bloody past".
  9. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    We don't really know how long the civil war went on for. If the civil war was started for the reasons shown by Lanayru, it could very well have been going on for years in some form or another, even via tensions related to the Triforce being missing in TMC. "But Lord, Minish Cap is shown to have...
  10. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    I missed the quote relating to the horse jumps. My bad!
  11. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    Oh boy, I didn't realize this was supposed to be a for-real for-real real-life dungeon! I suppose all I can say is good luck!
  12. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    The Twili may very well have origins within the Sheikah, that I don't doubt. They both can use powerful magic, but if you wanted to go off that I like both versions of the translation tbh, but the Japanese has always seemed like it be the most qualified candidate to for the better translation...
  13. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Flying after Skyward Sword

    If flying came back, I'd really love to see the ways they could be used as an extension of you. You could upgrade it with bombs and teach it to drop them on hordes of enemies from above, have your loftwing hurl them in front of you to clear cliff side openings or release lava flows, shoot arrows...
  14. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Flying after Skyward Sword

    I think honestly that flying could definitely be implemented better in future installments. What make Zelda, "Zelda", to me is having this real feeling of wonder and excitement, this feeling of building yourself up and getting to adventure through it better and better. I don't think that all...
  15. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    I dunno about drawing you anything out, but I can give you a pretty standard list of tips I guess. (Note that not all of these are strictly Zelda-dungeon related tips.) -Keep in mind that about 4/5 people are right-handed. Righties tend to like to turn left at any kind of fork in the road...
  16. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    One of the great things about the Legend of Zelda is the fact that you can take just one game and build so many stories off what it has to offer. Like you said, your theory definitely has some holes in it, but I think I get the general gist of it. Maybe if you refined it you could have...
  17. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    I guess that's true. He's not really ethereal, just a spirit. One could argue that the Twilight Realm itself was the Twili's outside cause of evolution, but I do commend you for bringing that up!
  18. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker were both quoted by a delevoper as having been set 200 years apart from OoT. If a later source quoted something different, than that just goes to prove what I said about timeline quotes not being steadfast. Bongo Bongo is an ethereal spirit. He didn't need...
  19. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    Bongo Bongo was sealed in Kakariko's well, not the Shadow Temple. He wasn't sealed there and until Impa went there and tried to seal him herself. Also, we really don't know how many years passed between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. While quotes on how far apart the games are are nice, I...
  20. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Truth of the Shadow Temple

    As I'm sure everyone here has played OoT, I'm sure you will also remember the Shadow Temple. The Shadow Temple in OoT is the respective temple of the Sheikah, and Impa's chief designated temple. Entry is only afforded to the Sheikah, and those they deem worthy of entering: in OoT's case, this...
  21. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Zant and Midna are related by blood

    I believe going back, it said that Zant believed that he should have been picked as the rightful king because he had lead some kind of revolution against the former monarch that freed a large majority of his people. But when it came time to pick the next ruler, they glossed over him and decided...
  22. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Theory on Kafei

    I think some people may be taking the whole counterpart thing too seriously. Kafei to me definitely embodies a lot of the virtues that Link does, and has a lot of characteristics that seem to be based on him. There doesn't neccesarily have to be a Terminian counterpart for every character...
  23. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Lanayru's Vision and the creation of the Sacred Realm

    The Sacred Realm is never quoted as having always had the Triforce within it. Hylia's whole purpose in existing was to watch over the Holy Land and the Triforce. With her watching, there really was no reason to keep it sealed away. The arrival of Demise is what changed all that, and Hylia...
  24. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Lanayru's Vision and the creation of the Sacred Realm

    Excerpts from the link I gave for the direct translation: Quotes from Lanayru しかし、やがて聖地ハイラルを巡り争いが起こった But at length, a rivalry ensued over Hyrule, the holy land. 神々が最初に降り立った地は聖地と呼ばれ The place where the goddesses first landed is called the holy land. (Note: landed. In NoA's translation, they...
  25. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Zelda's Parents

    I'm assuming that Minish Cap is just kinda the odd one outta the bunch. Zelda's parents are probably just not that important to the narrative to need to be shown.
  26. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Mirror of twilight, Its origin , loss, and recovery

    I agree with Shironagi on the whole Arbiter's Grounds being used as an executionary place. The fact that the Gerudo are missing, the fact that most of the Twili don't actually seem to mind the Twilight, and the fact that they all have red hair (along with the fact that Midna resembles some kind...
  27. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Lanayru's Vision and the creation of the Sacred Realm

    The term "Dark Interlopers" is something I think NoA just came up with to kinda further paint the Twili as this (while somewhat human) very uncanny group of alien aggressors. Kind of what I was arguing though is that the Ancient Sorcerers (just a term I'm coining for convenience) were really...
  28. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Lanayru's Vision and the creation of the Sacred Realm

    I'm sure that everyone who posts here regularly are familiar with the vision provided by Lanayru in TP. However I'm curious as to what you all think of the original Japanese dialogue vs. NoA's translation. http://forums.legendsalliance.com/topic/17437-lanayrus-speech/ As shown in the...
  29. Lord_Cathaseigh

    What is Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

    Pumpkin is usually my favorite, followed by pecan, cherry, raspberry tart, coconut cream, and peanut butter :) Now that I think about it, key lime pie's basically a cheesecake with a crust... Key Lime Cheesecake anyone?
  30. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

    I want the whoooooole thing. I mean, if I had to choose, I'd pick wisdom. And if I picked the wrong one, at least I'd know!
  31. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Poptarts Vs Toaster Strudels

    Serious business right here. Which would you rather have? VS Both are great instant pastries. Both have gooie goodness inside. But only one can win.
  32. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Halloween Costume Thread

    ^You should get your brother to take you with him to a halloween party :D If he says no then you could guilt trip him into coming with you! Hoping to see some pics!
  33. Lord_Cathaseigh

    The Halloween Costume Thread

    With Halloween coming up, what do you plan to dress up as? If you can, include a picture of your character or your costume or even both :D Can't wait to see all your zany ideas! I plan as going as a Psycho Bandit from Borderlands, hopefully paper mache works for making masks....
  34. Lord_Cathaseigh

    If You Could Hack Life

    If I could hack life, I'd hack in the ability to do magic (like manipulate objects). I think I'll start with making JB disappear.
  35. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Your Favorite Candles?

    Apple cinnamon and cacao are great, especially when the cacao candle happens to be burning in your own room!
  36. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Favorite Trailers

    I thought the Borderlands 2 Doomsday trailer was pretty cool. The synth was just plain fun to listen to and some the taglines were just awesome. Borderlands 2 - Doomsday Trailer - YouTube P.S. What's the code tag for videos?
  37. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Want Vs. Need

    I think it all comes down to what makes someone happy. You may not need something to survive but you might "need" something to be happy. Also, if you think like survivalist, you're really an opportunist. Something that can get you info on a prospective mate or how to fix a problem (let's say...
  38. Lord_Cathaseigh

    If You Could Travel Back To An Ancient Culture...

    If I could, I'd like to meet with all the native-american tribes before the settlers came through. There's so much we don't know about them. It'd be cool to document what they actually did. Sure, we have accounts from of Spaniards of how they lived. But then again those reports are highly biased...
  39. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Graphic Style of Skyward Sword

    Just wondering, how much is the average new game in NZ? I think that's a big thing to consider. I also wouldn't consider it childish, it's more of a fantasy style world. Like DarkLink7 said, it's got a Starry Night look to it (as far as textures go). The art-style is actually based on...
  40. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Your Favourite Boss Fights?

    That second fight with Ghirahim was pretty cool. He presented a real challenge and the motion controls added a whole new depth to combat. He also didn't seem horribly slow, either. If they had made the bosses faster in Hero Mode, I'd be more than happy to play it through again.
  41. Lord_Cathaseigh

    WiiU and Exposure

    I hadn't heard about the pre-orders selling out, but that doesn't mean I live under a rock :p I'm glad to see it's doing well, though. I DO think they should be busting out the whole ad shuhbang ASAP. Ads can make those great sales even greater. Celebrity endorsements, ad-spots, sweepstakes...
  42. Lord_Cathaseigh

    WiiU and Exposure

    Do you feel Nintendo has done a good job of advertising the WiiU? With 2 months till launch, have they drummed up enough support? What improvements would you like to see? I think they can definitely improve. I can remember all sorts of talk about the original Wii: from the Ellen episode where...
  43. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Politeness on the Internet

    Personally, I see ZD as a very good role model. Most of the people who stay are very polite and there's always something interesting to discuss. I think by far Youtube is the worst offender. I really wish YT added filter options to combat this, maybe a reputation bar like on Ebay. Unfortunately...
  44. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Another MM Thread...

    It's like the Wizard of Oz. Random dead body hangin in the eyecatch...The artist probably just added it in to creep people out. But who knows?
  45. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Baby Loftwing in My Yard...

    Aw, sorry it died. I'm glad you cared enough to watch over it and gave it so much attention. At the very least, it didn't die lonely :)
  46. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Politeness on the Internet

    If someone is obviously trolling, I.E. "Nintendo sucks microsoft is the best!11!!1" then I agree that the best option is to ignore it and move on. The mods have the responsibility of locking or otherwise dealing with said person. People aren't always rude cause they want to "troll" though. Let's...
  47. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Politeness on the Internet

    What about the use of "troll"? If we pointed out that they're being rude and actually communicate about it, would there be a difference? Seems better than just labeling them (IMO) EDIT: Moderation and banning can work. Sure, there's no agency for hunting them down. And I don't think being...
  48. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Politeness on the Internet

    What's your opinion on how polite people are on the web? Do you find people ruder in real life or on the internet? Also, if you find people ruder on the internet, how can we help that? Do comments and forums simply need more moderation or is the answer more complex? Looking forward to...
  49. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Character Expectations for Smash Bros. 4

    Who do you expect to see in Smash Bros. 4? And who else has a good chance? First off, we can expect around 35 characters, quoting Sakurai himself. To me, Smash Bros represents Nintendo's most popular series's characters fighting it out. Unfortunately, since it's developed in Japan, whatever's...
  50. Lord_Cathaseigh

    Worst Series Directions

    People were mentioning the combat not being as fast-paced. The sky realm was also kinda shallow, especially compared to the great sea from the WW (I guess people were expecting a great sea 2.0.) A few people mentioned bosses being recycled, which I kinda agree with (Ghirahim was fine; to me it...
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