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  1. Raven

    Tunic Options

    As an alternative to different colored tunics I think there will be outfits. Like Skyloft clothes, the Hero's Clothes etc. that's not to say a Zora Tunic won't show up, but that too was like an outfit in TP. I hope there are a variation of these tunics that would change Link's entire costume in...
  2. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Music

    Either way the result would have been near the same, it was only the approach that was changed. At first they tried to program the music for the 3DS itself, but then they decided it might be more authentic if they tried programming the music like the way they did for the N64 OoT cartridge. Both...
  3. Raven

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Water Temple- Vortex Room

    There is a fairy you can catch in that room which would help you if you end up dying from a water vortex. though that fairy is near the end of the room so you'll have to make it that far for it to benefit you, also you can use the currents from some for the vortexes like a slingshot to get you...
  4. Raven

    The Magic Bar...

    I dislike the idea of unlimited magic so if they do give Link magic abilities than the best way to limit the amount of times he can use spells would be to put the meter back in place. For me it's not just about the meter but the whole aspect of magic in Zelda, in some games it's there and in...
  5. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Most Relaxing Place to Be in Ocarina of Time?

    The Fishing Pond or Zora's Domain, But Kakariko seems the most lively to me so I like that place too. in OoT 3D as a kid, if you wait for the sun to go down and just as the wolf howls enter Kakariko the people will still be awake but the music is gone and the sky is a vivid purple, the evening...
  6. Raven

    WW-Wii U Teleportation Cauldron

    I don't really like the cauldrons themselves but I like the idea of being able to warp around in dungeons. I think I would like it more if it was along the lines of the oracle games portals, for example when you beat a sub-boss a red space appears that will warp you back to the dungeons...
  7. Raven

    People Want "Mature" Zelda, We Already Have One!

    Those people should try playing other games like Darksiders, it's an alternative to Zelda but it still holds up really well, even though it copies Zelda in many ways. It's rated mature and has lots of blood and gore, the only thing it's missing are towns and villages. Or even Shadow of the...
  8. Raven

    Coke or Pepsi?

    I suppose Pepsi? because it's less syrupy if you can even call it that, i just find coke sticks to the back of your throat a bit more and has more bite, while pepsi goes down easier and doesn't stick in you mouth as much.
  9. Raven

    General Art Azure's Artwork

    I like it, it almost looks like he's thinking back to that time when he was turned into a deku child. As if it was one of the more ridiculous situations to have happened to him. and I've gotta say you are much better at drawing Link than I am, keep up the good work.
  10. Raven

    Could Ganon Have a Past Life in Skyward Sword?

    No I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any past lives before OoT, if anything I would only expect to see a Gerudo area in Skyward Sword, maybe there is a Gerudo King there, but it would not be Ganon or Ganondorf.
  11. Raven

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3D : Boss Challenge Mode - Post Your Times!

    I'll update this if anything changes. Gohma 19:73 King Dodongo 39:83 Barinade 1;32:60 Phantom Ganon 1:25:96 Volvagia 1:58:36 Morpha 3:32:43 Bongo Bongo 1:11:73 Twinrova 2:52:00 Gauntlet 17:53:73 My gauntlet time isn't very good yet. According to the individual times i could have beaten it a few...
  12. Raven

    Does Ghirahim Intimidate You?

    Not at all, he could be a hard boss that I might die fighting but I'm not intimidated by him. Like Vaati I look forward to the battle and know that eventually I will destroy Ghirahim. Although his creepiness does disturb me somewhat, that only makes getting rid of him that much more justified. I...
  13. Raven

    Spoiler Zelda's Harp/Lyre?

    In an earlier post I guessed that it would be the harp, just because I like OoA so much, I was thinking about the Harp of Ages though and at the time I never considered the harp Sheik uses. Either way I'm sure it will sound great, and I agree that it could be more difficult than the ocarina was...
  14. Raven

    Final Boss of Skyward Sword?

    It would be great to see Ghirahim or a transformation of him as the final boss. Maybe he fuses with an evil power, or gets the Triforce of Power in the end. I think Ghirahim might be be a part of the back lore of the Triforce, the sacred land will reflect the heart of the person who touches the...
  15. Raven

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Glitches Collection :)

    This happened in my game too, I was walking away from the water temple entrance and to the left I saw four small areas where the graphics were glitching out, I slashed the spot and it seemed to damage an enemy, like when you attack an invisible floormaster but it was certainly a tektite. I glad...
  16. Raven

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Glitches Collection :)

    you can also clip inside of Ruto in Jabu Jabu's Belly, just throw her at a wall, at the right distance away from the wall and she will bounce back and land back on top of you, but instead of bouncing off Link or whatever she falls through Link and you can then walk right through her body.
  17. Raven

    WiiU HD Zelda - E3 2011

    Aonuma said it was more along the lines of a the 2000 Spaceworld tech demo, and that it was meant to show off what they could do with the system thus far. The tech demo in question was not the work of Nintendo alone, so in that light I would say that we won't be seeing that sequence in the...
  18. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Easy Or Hard?

    At first it's really hard and the master quest version will surely be challenging for anyone. The maze like room with boulders in it was always hard for me to figure out, that room has quite a few secrets in it. Also the fire bats, they are pesky. If your not prepared, if you don't know what...
  19. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Where Would You Live?

    Kakariko village, I'd take Malo's spot when he is finally able to go back to Lon Lon Ranch after the AT is finished. Though I'm not sure if I saw the option for Kakariko in the poll above.
  20. Raven

    Ocarina of Time How Many of You Plan on Doing a Minimalist/ 3HC/Complete Run 4 Ur 1st Run in OoT 3D?

    I'll be going for a three heart run on both quests, that might not work out so well with the new master quest double damage system so I might give up and get the heart containers in that quest. Also I don't think I've ever found every single golden spider in the game, which is something I plan...
  21. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Should They Make the Great Fairy Good-looking in OOT3D?

    As far as I can tell they already have. She looks better than the 64 version, the fairy fountain itself will look much better too. those star like lights that scroll across the walls will most likely be affected by the 3D so that it looks like some lights are flush with the wall while other...
  22. Raven

    Ocarina of Time The Shard of Agony and the Mysterious Sword.

    I thought the same thing at first, but at the top of the screen there is the title GEAR, it's the items description again but from the equipment selection screen, instead of when you initially get it. GEAR is new text for the game so that's another new thing, and this item description system...
  23. Raven

    Scorpion Boss

    I'm all for it, I don't see why not. They could change the color scheme of the scorpion to make it look different or leave it as is. Either way I don't think that the people who went to E3 and those few other places where they showed the demo off should be the only ones to have faced that enemy...
  24. Raven

    3DS Mii Thread

    Here's my QR code thing hope it works and this is what my Mii looks like if i ever end up making another Mii i'll post it, but for now i only have the one.
  25. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Will OoT3D Be The Next Game You Buy?

    Here's a simple poll just for fun. Will OoT be the next video game you buy or do you intend to buy any other games before that. If you plan on purchasing other games before you get OoT, list those games. and if you only have your sights set on OoT let us know if your pre-ordering, buying on the...
  26. Raven

    Skyward Sword , More Like Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?

    The overworld and NPC characters might feel more like Wind Waker (without that expansive blue ocean), while enemies and the storyline should feel more like Twilight Princess. If they balance it out in that way I would be very impressed. Regardless I'm sure they'll find a near perfect balance for...
  27. Raven

    Skyward Sword on ''Wii 2'' ???

    Not gunna happen, Nintendo's next console will be HD, most likely 720p. The Wii isen't getting an HD version and there won't be any add-on that makes the Wii HD. That new console we've been hearing about won't be out for a year or two after Skyward Sword (2012?). This isen't like the Gamecube...
  28. Raven

    Will the Nintendo 3DS Be an Important Console for Zelda Games?

    I thnk it will be instrumental in introducing Zelda to the next generation of gamer who don't know about the series yet. In theory any (lucky) kid who gets a 3DS should end up hearing, seeing or playing Ocarina of Time 3D, and who knows they might even give LA a try. We might get MM as well, so...
  29. Raven

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought a Nintendo 3DS, Pilotwings and Rayman 3D. All together it ran me about $360 at Walmart and I'm really enjoying it so far. Rayman has a few Minor problems but manages impress me anyway and Pilotwings is awesome and very relaxing. Also I think I like all the built in features more than...
  30. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Gamecube OoT 3D Controls

    So i hear the new OoT 3D controls are: B - Sword A - Interact R - Shield L - Z-Targeting B is the bottem button and A is the right button on the button side on the 3DS. which is way different, B used to be on the left and A was below it. Also the Y and X buttons are like the right C and Up C...
  31. Raven

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Got this picture from the new Nintendo of Japan teaser site for the game. I can't stop looking at it.
  32. Raven

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I went to a local gamestore that's got some really old games just recently, everything from SNES to Dreamcast and more, it was called The Last Gamestore or something like that and I don't go there often but I was looking for a good GBA or GBC game to buy to test out on a Gameboy Player I got for...
  33. Raven

    Alternate Titles for Zelda Games

    - Zelda 3 or Triforce of the Gods - Zelda 64 - Zelda Gaiden - Mystical Seed of Power - Mystical Seed of Wisdom - Zelda Promo Disc - Zelda 64 DD (for the Master Quest Disc which was on Gamecube, the DD part is a joke about how the GCN plays disks, and Zelda 64 was almost made into a disc game...
  34. Raven

    Is the War Mentioned in Twilight Princess the Same One in Ocarina of Time?

    There are a few wars that are mentioned throughout the series (ALttP, OoT, and TP clearly outline the history of Hyrule with that war) and it is now my belief that all of those stories tell of the same battle. The Seal War. I think at some point we will see a game based in that time period but...
  35. Raven

    Ocarina of Time Could OoT 3D Be Ura-Zelda?

    I think it's likely that certain annimations and text that may have been meant for an Ura Zelda will make it into this game. I saw Mido perform additional annimations in the 3DS demo as he lets you by to see The Great Deku Tree, most characters should be getting this same treatment with...
  36. Raven

    Hoping-to-See Weapon/Item

    The lantern combined with Wii motion plus and, the net combined with Wii motion plus. Also I want the fire arrows back instead of bomb arrows. An ice wand could replace the ice arrows, then you could draw paths of ice on the water with the wii mote. and Zelda can keep the light arrows if she...
  37. Raven

    Later and Better?

    Later would certainly make it better, although at this point I'm guessing the game is already quite solid. Nintendo should be able to find that balance between holding it back and further promoting it, if they so choose we could finally get it in October or November. For me that would be a bit...
  38. Raven

    Countdown to E3

    I wouldn't start counting down just yet, maybe in a month but in the mean time I'd rather find a bunch of smaller countdowns to look forward to. I started my 3DS countdown at 65 days and that was way to long. If it's possible I'll try and occupy my mind with other things until there are only...
  39. Raven

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Darksiders for 360, I played the intro one time which was generic and boring, you just beat up a bunch of monsters and climb around the city using vines like Link, but I heard that once you get past the start it turns into a fairly good Zelda clone. The world opens up, you get a map and at some...
  40. Raven

    Brand New, Sealed Zelda Games!

    Any collectors like myself out there? I just thought I'd ask to see if there are any Zelda fans on the forums who buy Zelda games but never open them. If so what games do you have sealed? do you have an alternate copy for playing the game? tell us about your collection! pictures are encouraged...
  41. Raven

    Shield Meter!?

    The shield meter could in theory be upgradable like the magic meter was, it could double in length or we could gain a second bar on top of the first like that of a megaman boss, you know, the meter fills up twice. Also it could be used to perform moves like the shield bash. In TP, could defeat...
  42. Raven

    Favorite Bit of News?

    My favorite bit of news would have to be that they will be revealing more about the game at E3 2011. So far everytime they say something about the game or show something about the game it gets better and better, the progression so far with announcements and trailers and all that other stuff has...
  43. Raven

    Do You Want Tingle To Return??

    I liked Tingle in MM, but I wasn't so fond of his other counterparts. One is fine but a multitude? No thanks. He would have to be useful, he should really stick with the map buisiness. But in all fairness I enjoyed Tingle as a character because he was so random and wierd, in an obscure kind of...
  44. Raven

    Swimming Underwater

    I dont think we've seen Link swimming yet, do you think he will get the scales like in OoT or the flipper and blue tunic like in TP? I wish he didn't have to wear those flippers. Could there be another item that would let Link swim around underwater? I'm sure SS Link won't be all WW, I'm...
  45. Raven

    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    I'll end up buying and playing it no matter what but I'm not sure if I'll read a review before that. I usually only read reviews by chance. If it's a game I'd like to know more about before I consider buying it, than sure, but since I already know I want SS reading the review is totally...
  46. Raven

    Did They Anounce It Too Soon?

    I could have waited a while longer, not saying i would have liked it, but i could have waited a few more weeks. Then again im sooo glad they decided to let up and say something about the game and give us a peek with a new trailer. GDC is the perfect time to announce such things, I think its...
  47. Raven

    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    I guess this isent a new item but I want to see a new spin on the Lantern, I would like it to have a shutter that would filter the light in one direction, perhaps in the shape of a circle. its totally possible and it would put me in mind of the ALttP Lantern. in SS you would control the medieval...
  48. Raven

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    Gilded Sword - Don't think so but, I do see the resemblance people are talking about, and it may be that he is indeed the spirit of another sword but I don't think that sword would be the guilded sword. Vaati - no Majora in human form - no Dark Interloper - maybe =O Shiekah - very possible He...
  49. Raven

    When Do You Think the Realse Date for Skyward Is?

    Ocarina of Time came out on November 21st so there is that date to go by or ideally we would see out a month sooner than that so in October, let's say the 26th just for the heck of it. I believe somewhere inbetween that span of 25/26 days Skyward Sword will be In North America. The Ocarina date...
  50. Raven

    What Do You Normally Have Equipped?

    My C button set up usually looks like this: OoT Child Left C - boomerang/deku sticks/deku nuts Down C - slingshot/bombs Right C - orcarina/masks/bottles/event items OoT Adult Left C - bow/megaton hammer Down C - hookshot/bombs Right C - ocarina/bottles/event items MM Left C - bow/deku...
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