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  1. CrimsonCavalier

    Best Wii U Games

    Not really? I named 9 fantastic games, and there are a few that I haven't played yet. I haven't played Captain Toad or Tropical Freeze, for example, which I've heard are both really good. I'd argue that even if a console only has 5 true must-own titles, then it's a success. The Wii U has at...
  2. CrimsonCavalier

    Best Wii U Games

    Aside from the first two, which are the best and second best game on the Wii U, the list is not in order of best to worst. 1. Bayonetta 2 2. Splatoon Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Mario Kart 8 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Devil's Third The Legend of...
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