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  1. Randomlink7

    General Zelda Magic Spells

    What kind of magic spells would you like to see in new Zelda games? Personally I would like to see a full out magic bar again, and with many different kinds of spells, and more variety. I would like to see some of the spells from Zelda 2 again, like the thunder spell, and having that spell do...
  2. Randomlink7

    Any Youtubers Out There?

    I have one. I upload many types of different videos. I do some reviews and top 10s. I do some collection videos (where I show off some of the things I own), and other various videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/RANDOMIDKNESS
  3. Randomlink7

    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    I liked Zant a lot in this game. He seemed like a creepy villain for most of the game, until the end when you finally fight him and then he goes insane. I thought he was a pretty interesting villain.
  4. Randomlink7

    Whats Your Favorite Disney Channel Show?

    All the shows on now are not that great anymore. My favorite shows in the past are many. Here's a list! Sweet Life On Deck Kim Possible That's So Raven Recess Lilo and Stich
  5. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Cawlin Love Letter Side Quest

    In a point in Skyward Sword, you can do a sidequest involving Cawlin, which is one of Groose's side kicks. He is in love with a girl at the knight academy name Karane. He wrote a love letter to her, and he asks Link to give it to her. But there are two options with this sidequest, you could give...
  6. Randomlink7

    Web Browsers

    What Internet Browser Do You Use What Internet Browser do you use? And by internet browser, I mean Firefox, Internet Explorer etc... I use Google Chrome. I like it the best out of all the web browsers.
  7. Randomlink7

    Breath of the Wild Types of Dungeons

    What kinds of dungeons would you like to see in Zelda Wii U (like Forest, Fire, Water, etc...). I would honestly like to see completely new themes to the dungeons, and have multiple themes in some of them. Sure I would like to see a couple of traditional dungeons (I would want an Ice dungeon...
  8. Randomlink7

    General Zelda Does the Series Beneift from Its Scarcity?

    If they made more Zelda games then they do make, they would be not as great, as having only 2 or so on a console. The game time would drop, due to having to complete the game, the quality would drop, and it would be rushed, and not polished. I like to see how they are doing it, and take their...
  9. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Was the Shield Bash Too Strong?

    I didn't really use the shield bash to much in the game (only for the 1st Ghirahim fight). But It was too strong though. They should of not made it that strong. I definitely thought it was a good idea though.
  10. Randomlink7

    Link's Awakening Link's Awakening Is Underrated

    I don't hear much about Link's Awakening anywhere. I say it's an underrated game. It's one of the more underrated games in the series. I think it should get more credit then it deserves. Sure, it has some weird things in it, but that what makes the game unique and really funny and cool. There...
  11. Randomlink7

    A Link Between Worlds Touch-Screen Minigames

    Do you think A Link Between Worlds will have mini-games you can play, by using the touch screen? Or will we just see basic mini-games? I would like to see a mixture of both. I would like to see some basic mini-games that you don't have to use the touch screen, but on the other hand some that...
  12. Randomlink7

    A Link Between Worlds Should It Come with a Physical Map?

    I would love that, if they did that. But they probably won't.
  13. Randomlink7

    Breath of the Wild Would You Like to See a New Child Link in Wii U?

    I would like to see a new child Link, because to me, the children versions of Link are always underestimated.
  14. Randomlink7

    General Zelda How Easy is It for You to Play Zelda with an Unorthodox Control Scheme

    It took me a little bit to get use to the Skyward Sword motion controls, but after I got the hang of them down, it was easy to control Link. I never really had any promblems with the touch screen controls of PH, and ST.
  15. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Was Revisiting a Theme a Good Choice?

    I liked how there was the basic same theme, but the thing was there were totally different ideas in each of the temples. The Earth Temple was really the more fire based dungeon, you had to roll on this ball to avoid the lava. The Fire Sanctuary had cool concepts also, like getting water to make...
  16. Randomlink7

    General Zelda Should the Beetle Be a Stellar Item?

    I think the Beetle should just stay in SS. Sure it was a really cool item, and is used a good amount through the whole game, but I like the boomerang better (preferably the Gale Boomerang).
  17. Randomlink7

    General Zelda What is It About Water Themed Dungeons?

    I really like the Water Dungeons. I thought the Great Bay Temple was way harder then the Water Temple from OOT was. The Lakebed Temple was a good challenge to me also. I say, for me, the easiest water dungeon would be the Ancient Cistern from Skyward Sword, if you consider it a water dungeon.
  18. Randomlink7

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    I loved Demise. I found him as an interesting fight, and really intense battle in my opinion.
  19. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Did You Like the Orchestration?

    I loved the Orchestrated music. I love Skyloft music the most, then the Eldin Volcano music.
  20. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Favorite Region In Skyward Sword

    Yeah the Sky counts.
  21. Randomlink7

    Breath of the Wild Long Game

    I think that they are going to make Zelda Wii U a pretty long game. I think it's going to be packed with items, sidequests, and collectibles. Also I think there's going to be a lot of dungeons and long main story also to add to the time. I'm a fan of the longer Zelda games (like T.P, SS,). Do...
  22. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Favorite Region In Skyward Sword

    My favorite region in Skyward Sword would be the Lanayru Desert. I like it because it's on of the biggest area's in the game, so there is some more exploring to do in this area. Also I love the time-shift stone mechanic, and how the landscape changes due to activating the stone. I also love...
  23. Randomlink7

    General Zelda The Lone Wolf

    I agree with you about this! He basically takes on the evil by himself, with little help, but not much. I think that what makes him a cool guy, by taking on all the evil and winning by himself.
  24. Randomlink7

    Favorite Star Wars Movie

    I like all the Star Wars movies, but my favorite is episode IV A New Hope. It's my favorite, because it's a new era of time. The Empire has took-en over everything by this time, and there's not much hope around, until a young man name Luke Skywalker finds out about his destiny to defeat the Sith...
  25. Randomlink7

    PS1 Vs Xbox?

    I would say PS1 I haven't had any problems with any of my play station/Sony products. I feel like even PS1 had a good collection of great games.
  26. Randomlink7

    What Are Your Favorite Sports?

    Yeah same with me I think I'm going to get someone right in the torso, and end up hitting the ground 3 feet away from them, and then by some miracle I may hit someone when their not paying attention. And somehow sometimes I'm the last one standing, and like 5 to 7 people still on the other team...
  27. Randomlink7

    What Are Your Favorite Sports?

    I don't even try to catch the ball, because I know I'll drop it, and when I think i'm going to get someone out, they always end up catching it.
  28. Randomlink7

    Favorite Non-Nintendo Game Console

    My favorite non Nintendo game console would be the ps2, I loved it because It has a ton of my favorite games on it (Kingdom Hearts 2, Sly Cooper 2, Spyros etc...) I still play it to this day! I also like how I can watch DVDs on it, it's a 2 in 1 kind of thing.
  29. Randomlink7

    What Are Your Favorite Sports?

    I totally forgot about Dodgeball, that's another one of my favorites, even though I'm not that great at it :)
  30. Randomlink7

    What Are Your Favorite Sports?

    Favorite Sports I personally love to watch and play Basketball, and Football. What are you guys favorite sports to play and to watch?
  31. Randomlink7

    General Zelda Difficulty Settings

    There is a big debate about if the modern Zelda games are easy or hard. Well what I think would help to all the different Zelda gamer's, would be a difficulty setting. Before you start you adventure, you could chose how hard the game is going to be, Easy-for beginners, Medium- For basic Zelda...
  32. Randomlink7

    A Link Between Worlds Agahnim?

    I would like to see him as himself.
  33. Randomlink7

    General Zelda How Would You Incease Difficulty?

    It would be harder if they made the monsters take more hits to kill, and they give some good damage. Also even by making the puzzles harder would up the difficulty. I would like it if they had the option to change what difficulty you want.
  34. Randomlink7

    General Zelda What's Up with the Linearity Hate?

    I don't think the problem is the inside dungeon linearity, it's the outside, the overworld. In the recent Zelda titles, the overworld has been really linear and there's not much exploration (SS had a big problem about this).
  35. Randomlink7

    General Zelda More Interactive Transport

    Not a big fan of transportation. They need to have the classic get up and walk everywhere again (with some warps). It would bring more exploration back.
  36. Randomlink7

    General Zelda Returning Rings

    I've never played the Oracal games, but I've heard about the rings before, and I think they should make them return.
  37. Randomlink7

    General Classic Is There a Separation Line Between Classic and Modern Zelda for You?

    I say after MM then it's more into the modern titles, anything behind MM are classics.
  38. Randomlink7

    Majora's Mask Zora Solution

    Maybe she doesn't know how to write.
  39. Randomlink7

    Do You Get Nosebleeds?

    I get a pretty good amount during the Winter. One year it was so bad, I had to get a humidifier, and ever since, really has helped me. I turn it on when I'm sleeping, and even helps with nose congestion.
  40. Randomlink7

    Favorite Type Of Food

    There are many types of food like Mexican, American, Italian, Mongolian, Chinese, Korean etc... My personal favorite is Mexican food, I love burritos, Tacos, and other stuff like that. What's your favorite type of food?
  41. Randomlink7

    Childhood Board Games

    I use to and still play these games Hi Ho Cherry O Sorry Memory Mousetrap Life Trouble And many more that I can't think of right now.
  42. Randomlink7

    Breath of the Wild Upgrade System

    In Skyward Sword, we see an upgrade system, where you had to get the right materials and a given amount of that type and some money to upgrade your items. You could upgrade your bug net, Slingshot, Bow, Beetle, even potions! I think in Zelda Wii U they could even make it better! They could make...
  43. Randomlink7

    A Link Between Worlds Collectibles

    I know for sure there will be Heart Pieces, but what other kinds of collectibles could be in this game? They may do an upgrade system or something like that like they did in skyward sword. If they did that, then you could collect treasure from defeating enemies, and even by opening chests. I...
  44. Randomlink7

    Favorite Old Disney Movie

    What are you guys favorite old Disney movie. By old I mean around the time of the Lion King and Aladdin and all of those. My favorites would be Goofy Movie, Aladdin, and the Fox And the Hound.
  45. Randomlink7

    New To Pokemon

    Honestly, I haven't even play a single Pokemon game in my life. I really want to though, I've seen some videos on some, and think they look pretty good! I have a D.S and a classic Gameboy. Which game's would you suggest I play first?
  46. Randomlink7

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I actually hate Cawlin From Skyward Sword. Even though he's a minor character, he just makes me mad by his cocky attitude (I thought he was worse than Groose). I just didn't like him, so when that sidequest showed up about his love letter, I gave it to the hand in the restroom, just because I...
  47. Randomlink7

    Breath of the Wild Companion in Zelda Wii U?

    I think that in Zelda Wii U we will see another companion. Now I say that it's going to be a totally new one, that we have never seen before. And this time I think it'll be like another humorous one (like Minda), and not really an informal one (like Fi). I really enjoy Minda and the humorous...
  48. Randomlink7

    A Link Between Worlds Do You Think A Companion Will Be Present?

    I don't think there will be any companion for this game. They need to take a break from it for at least one game, and go back to the old style ways for this one game at least.
  49. Randomlink7

    Skyward Sword Adventure Pouch

    In Skyward Sword, we were introduce to a new concept, the Adventure Pouch. You get it right after you get the goddess sword, and Fledge gives it to you. At that time, you only had 4 slots in your pouch, but as you go on, you can buy them from Beatles's Airshop, and from a goddess chest. I...
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