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  1. BadRebelWolf

    How Many Times in Your Live Did You Move? And What Do You Like/dislike About Moving?

    I've had to move wayyy more times than a person should have to.. Ever since my family started (before even I was here), it has been estimated we've moved more than 50 times! (Although that may be an exaggeration, idk. It's still more than 25 though...). I like: the new place and having a new...
  2. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Dungeon Logo Revamp: Opinions?

    Now. ---------------------------------- New? Thoughts?
  3. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Fi/Master Sword Piece (& Impa Piece)

    I haven't even played Skyward Sword yet, but I like Fi's design. She looks cool. :fi: Why thank you. (My sister's thank you as well.)
  4. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Fi/Master Sword Piece (& Impa Piece)

    Well, that's just because it's a looped gif in an image. The piece I'm working on now is a late Valentine's Day-themed LoZ one. :) <3 :zelda:
  5. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Fi/Master Sword Piece (& Impa Piece)

    This is my art piece I made last week. Hope you guys like it.------------------------Also, this is my older sister's art: Also, I am working on a Link/Zelda piece right now. Follow me on Tumblr? Or Twitter?
  6. BadRebelWolf

    So... What Do You Guys Think of the New Legendaries (so Far)?

    I watched the trailer once, and already love Xerneas! <3
  7. BadRebelWolf

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Yep, using the new wallpaper. :)
  8. BadRebelWolf

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz.
  9. BadRebelWolf

    Dr Who, Anybody Like This Show?

    I haven't watched all of the new Who yet, but I've seen most of it. I'd have to say Ten, that had "emotional" written all over it. I don't dislike Eccleston or Matt, but I'm not as fond of them as I am Tennant. I really liked Rose. And now I know I'm going to <3 Clara! "It's smaller on the...
  10. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Reference in Nikita Episode

    Thank you for letting me know, wasn't sure if the Facebook upload would work. Now it's via YouTube. :)
  11. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Reference in Nikita Episode

    Wasn't sure where to place this, but I thought it should be mentioned to LoZ fans that Zelda was referenced in the latest Nikita episode, "Intersection." (So was Star Wars :D) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VovA0t4d0I&feature=youtu.be
  12. BadRebelWolf

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I just began my InuYasha watchthrough 2 days ago, marathoning later today ^_^
  13. BadRebelWolf

    How Do You Study?

    I dont. (Lol, actually, usually I don't have to study, I have a bit of a photographic memory, which I guess helps out.) :)
  14. BadRebelWolf

    What Time Do You Go To Bed And Wake Up

    Oh myy... ummm, I'm all over the place. I was just in a nocturnal state of waking up in the late evening and going to bed in the morning. This morning I corrected my schedule and awoke at 6. Though, I do love nighttime.
  15. BadRebelWolf

    Which Game Was Your First?

    If I recall correctly, my first was Pokémon Yellow.
  16. BadRebelWolf

    Earliest Memory of Gaming

    I still really like that game as well, I think we still have a copy too. At one point we lost the first one, but later on bought another. In fact, look at what I just found: :clap:
  17. BadRebelWolf

    Snow: Yay or Nay?

    For me, a definite Yay! :) I <3 winter (and snow of course!). Unfortunately, where I currently live, we rarely have snowfall :(
  18. BadRebelWolf

    Earliest Memory of Gaming

    What was your earliest memory pertaining to video games? (e.g. the first game you played, first time you saw someone playing a game, first purchase, etc.) My First Memory: I believe was in 1996, at the store with my Dad (and possibly my older sister), we were purchasing our first Nintendo 64. :)
  19. BadRebelWolf

    How Old Are You?

    User Ages I simply want to see the age ranges that use ZD most. :) If you'd like, you may also post your age. So everyone knows - I am 19. (Don't know if there is a similar thread.)
  20. BadRebelWolf

    Pen or Pencil?

    Both, actually. Pen for writing. Pencil for drawing. But mostly pen.
  21. BadRebelWolf

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Right now... That would be... Crushcrushcrush by Paramore ♥
  22. BadRebelWolf

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    My current wallpaper is this: In anticipation of the Archer season 4 premiere on the 17th!
  23. BadRebelWolf

    Do You Prefer Summer Or Winter Weather?

    Winter no doubt about it! Summer is dreadful, I love the cold. You can always add layers when you're too cold, but you can't take off enough when it's too hot.
  24. BadRebelWolf

    The First Thing You Do in the Morning

    My day differs sometimes, depending on my sleep pattern. Recently, I stay up late and wake up in the afternoon, I get up and go check the mail right away (before I'm hardly awake). If I wake up at 7-8 AM like normal, I either use the bathroom or go online (cause I'm an internet addict like...
  25. BadRebelWolf

    Movies Seen on Their Release Day?

    All movies I've ever seen on their release date: (from earliest to most recent) -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -Twilight -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -New Moon -Eclipse -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 -Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 -The Avengers I think...
  26. BadRebelWolf

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    I <3 your middle name! It's the first name of a character in a novel I'm writing. :)
  27. BadRebelWolf

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    I figured it'd be cool to learn the origin of ZD usernames. Didn't see a thread, so here! :) I came up with mine after watching Doctor Who and loving the Bad Wolf entity. Since the name "BadWolf" was always taken (in most places), I decided to add a word to it. I like the term "Rebel" (as...
  28. BadRebelWolf

    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 movie) Friday and The Amazing Spider-Man about two days before that. The new Spider-Man truly is amazing :) Almost forgot, I also finally got to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
  29. BadRebelWolf

    How Tall (short) Are You?

    5' 2" (157 cm), wish I was a little taller (like 5' 6", but oh well. :)
  30. BadRebelWolf

    Disabled Gamers

    I just posted about Brawl in the What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment? thread. For me, it's nice to hear of others difficulties, that way I can relate and discover more about other illnesses. I just remembered when I was in 6th grade and had a class called "Entrepreneurship." I didn't...
  31. BadRebelWolf

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Just started playing SSBB again, although I really want to play Pokémon White. Last 2 times I played the game froze on me :(
  32. BadRebelWolf

    What is Your Preferred Search Engine?

    Google prevails! :) No better search engine around :D
  33. BadRebelWolf

    What Size is Your Computer's Hard Drive?

    Mine is 1 terabyte :D About 916 gb capacity. It has 703 gb free at the moment :)
  34. BadRebelWolf

    Which Programming Languages Do You Know?

    I don't really know a lot of programming, just a little basic HTML. Anyone here that knows programming very well? I'd love to learn. Also, anyone know things about (ethical) hacking techniques?
  35. BadRebelWolf

    Fan Made Board Games Based on Popular Series

    When I played Loz:TP for the first time, I was considering making a board game of the map and making it like how you play Mario Party (2, specifically). I did actually make a Pokémon board game, but no longer have it... maybe I'll remake (& revamp) it and show you guys :) Now this makes me want...
  36. BadRebelWolf

    End of the World Poll

    Theoretically, let's say the world is going to end... If you were the only person able to stop it, but in order to save the world you'd have to sacrifice your life, would you do it? - Yes, of course, for the sake of human existence. - No. (In which everyone dies and you become immortal, living...
  37. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Toys

    This is a toy my Dad has, it's out of the box, but it is still amazing :)
  38. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Zelda's Secret

    Zelda's Secret by momentovitae (my sister). :)
  39. BadRebelWolf

    What is Your Favorite Pokemon?

    I have several favourites, but I really <3 Mew and I treasure my Ancient Mew card!
  40. BadRebelWolf

    Hardest Game You're Played?

    Well, all games tend to be difficult for me, but the hardest game I've come across would have to be... Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I just attempted playing it when over a friend's house recently, it was a bit frustrating not being able to last more than 5 seconds in the game. >.<
  41. BadRebelWolf

    Any Shows on Now You Recommend?

    My Recommendations: - Nikita - Doctor Who - Psych
  42. BadRebelWolf

    Book and Movie Quotes.

    "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery." — Hermione Granger.
  43. BadRebelWolf

    What's Your Favorite Anime?

    I love InuYasha and Ouran High School Host Club. :)
  44. BadRebelWolf

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    So, What Does It All Mean? by Shane West.
  45. BadRebelWolf

    Disabled Gamers

    Are there other gamers out there (or in these forums ^^), who may have a disability that inhibits playing games as well as others? I am a gamer, and I play every video game one-handed (I even type one-handed). If you want to know more about my condition, feel free to PM me.
  46. BadRebelWolf

    OoT Vs OoT3D

    I have played the classic 64 version many times, but never beat it. Christmas 2011 we bought the special Cosmo Black Zelda 3DS with Oot 3D, I was the first to play it. I beat it after a month (taking my time to enjoy the new awesomeness), making it my first time ever. I'd say that I enjoy...
  47. BadRebelWolf

    Skyward Sword Countdown Screensaver

    Does anyone still have this screensaver and if so, would you be willing to e-mailing me the ZIP file? :)
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